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Is gender anarchy God's judgment for abortion?

 by Linda Harvey
 Coddling Communications With Russia 
By Mark Alexander: If you want to contain rather than coddle Russia, you certainly would not do what Barack liar-nObama did ahead of his 2012 presidential election. Recall if you will, liar-nObama told then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that incoming President Vladimir Putin needed to "give me space" on missile defense and other major policy and security matters ahead of the 2012 presidential election, and that after the election liar-nObama would have "more flexibility." Medvedev said he would "transmit" the message to Putin.
          So as opposed to liar-nObama's weak and subservient sop to Moscow, let's examine if Donald Trump's policy is promoting or containing Russian power. There are a couple of key elements:
          First, Russia's anemic economy is totally dependent on oil and gas prices, so what has Trump done — opened the gate on oil exploration to keep the price down. And in general, to ensure dominance over totalitarian and dictator states, Trump is taking action to rekindle America's economic might.
          Second, Trump is following Ronald Reagan's playbook to rebuild our military to contain threats like Russian expansion into Ukraine, which got a yawn from liar-nObama.
          Make no mistake, liar-nObama and his secretary of state, liar-Hillary "Reset Button" Clinton, were soft on Russia. Trump, on the other hand, is restoring America's standing in the world.
          And as for the Demo claims that Jeff Sessions perjured himself in confirmation testimony, that's all political theater designed to derail Trump's momentum after his congressional address Tuesday night. ~The Patriot Post
Trey Gowdy With A Bill To Stop
liar-nObama’s “Slush Find” Policy
by A D
{} ~ Trey Gowdy is one of the good guys, dedicated to DESTROYING the corruption in Washington. And we all know who is at the top of the corrupt ladder – Barrack liar-nObama - one of the most corrupt presidents EVER... liar-nObama’s destructive policies harmed the American people more than any other president. He promoted racial division, ruined the economy, neglected our military, and let thousands of undocumented migrants into our country that are killing and raping people each day. But President Trump has some strong allies and advisers on his side, and Trey Gowdy is one of them. He is doing everything in his power to shut down the liar-nObama regime’s policies. Under Gowdy, the House Judiciary Committee passed a bill to stop an liar-nObama “slush find” policy, reports Freedom’s Final Stand. The bill, called H.R. 732, was co-sponsored by Trey Gowdy, who worked overtime to get it passed...
Whiny White House Press Corps Can’t
Keep Up With President Trump
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Lou Dobbs offers a “few thoughts on the ‘news’ organizations that President Trump has dubbed as ‘fake news’ and ‘the enemy of the people.’ He’s referring of course specifically to five members of the left-wing national media in particular, the... as he puts it ‘failing New York Times,’ CBS, ABC, NBC  ‘news’ and CNN.” Dobbs notes, “The Washington Post, today, an organization that some argue should also be in that group, posing this question, ‘Can President Trump outlast the White House press corps?’ Now that, is a laugher. Do you have any doubt about that? Talk about the left-wing bias and fake news. That is the wrong headline altogether, it is the wrong question altogether. It should have been, ‘Can the White House press corps even remotely keep up with President Trump?'” “Reporters are already grumbling,” says Dobbs, “about President Trump’s work ethic. It’s too strong and it is too demanding. And they’re furious about the fact he keeps a furious pace, every single day...
Andrea Mitchell Physically Forced To Leave Like
The Nobody She Is At State Dept
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Andrea Mitchell gets her beak all bent out of shape when she isn’t “properly acknowledged” as she rudely shouts questions to Secretary of State Tillerson who was hosting the Ukraine Foreign Minister... She conducts herself as if she believes she’s some sort of media royalty, entitled to behave like a BLM agitator in the office of the Secretary. As the two men are shaking hands, Mitchell blurts out loudly and rudely, “Mr. Secretary, China has said there will be consequences for the deployment now of anti-missile defenses in South Korea. Can you, can you respond.” Of course he can, and it appears he’s chosen not to. The staffers can already be heard attempting to nicely shuffle the old bird out the door. They announce ‘thank you,’ the code words for “it’s time to leave,” and position themselves between the obstinate reporter and the Secretary. As the staffers continue to herd the reporters out, Mitchell turns to the Ukrainian with a question that was clearly intended to provide ammunition for the leftists attacks along the fake Trump Russia collusion hoax. She shouts, “Mr. Minister are you sure the Trump administration will be strong against Vladimir Putin?” He ignores her as well...
How Close-Minded Liberals
Have Ruined Higher Education
by Walter E. Williams
{} ~ While college administrators and professors accept disgraceful behavior, we as taxpayers, donors, and parents should not foot the bill. Let’s look at some of that behavior... A University of Washington Tacoma Writing Center press release told students that expecting Americans to use proper grammar perpetuates racism. The University of Nebraska Omaha will host a workshop for “anti-racist allies” to develop “action plans” that confront America’s “foundation of systemic oppression” in the context of “the current political climate.” The workshop was inspired by professor Tammie Kennedy’s recent book, titled “Rhetorics of Whiteness.” She will lead a discussion on “taking action against white supremacy.”...
Now We Know WHO Signed Off on Wiretapping Trump...TREASON
{} ~ That trail reveals that then Attorney General Loretta Lynch must have signed off on the warrant allowing the liar-nObama Administration to wiretap Donald Trump, via ABC News... Two separate applications for the warrant were made, and Lynch had to put her name on both of them. The first was denied. In and of itself, the denial of the first application means that Lynch must have some exceptionally bad judgment. She was the ONLY person that signed off on FISA warrants over the last year or so of liar-nObama’s terms, so now we know who the rat is. And you know what happens to rats…liar-nObama also knew.
Is gender anarchy God's judgment for abortion?

 by Linda Harvey
{} ~ When certain families raise their children in today’s culture to be God-honoring, productive, respectful young adults, it’s an astounding accomplishment.

It still happens, praise God, and many of you are still trying to do this.

But the forces allied against such happy outcomes are growing, metastasizing through the disease of secular American culture.

To keep protecting our children, we must recognize honestly what’s going on, even if it is a deeply sobering, heartbreaking picture.

It’s all-out war, one that God is possibly allowing for a time as part of judgment on America.

The left calls the transformation of America “progress.”

But no, it is instead an insane race toward the crumbling temples of ancient barbarism, leading our children by the hand as the sacrificial victims brought willingly to the pagan feast.

Can God “turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children”? (Malachi 4:6)

It may be a divine consequence, if not judgment, of America’s callous slaughter of 60 million unborn lives. God has a habit of giving us what we want.

We are reaping the fruit of abortion: marriage abolition via the homosexual and gender confusion agendas. “Don’t want the blessing of faithful husband/wife love – new human life? OK, take the emptiness of fruitless pleasure instead.”

Sexual promiscuity and cohabitation before marriage were just the beginning. The severe spiritual disorientation that results in the disintegration of male and female norms is being visited on the next generation as we fail to guard their hearts, their eyes, their bodies.

Corruption is “cool”; protectiveness is stifling. The bar of “education” in sexual matters is moved ever lower until Ph.D.s in anti-Christ mythology are dragging youth through a gutter of horrific abominations in grade school. Students are tutored in masturbation as a child, then mutual masturbation as a pre-teen, then experimentation in all directions as a teen. Abortion is always a “health care” option.

And sometimes, adults break a sacred trust and violate children themselves.

The result? More children who exhibit the classic signs of demonic oppression.

Many are behaviorally unhinged, some unaccountably anxious. Others are perennially dissatisfied, proudly rebellious, even self-destructive through cutting, drug use, eating disorders. And then there are those with violent impulses – teen rapists, looters, vandals.

Gender anarchy is one of the last stops on this nightmare trail, a natural outcome of rejecting the sanity and beauty of male and female God-designed identities. Homosexuality was the stop before. And while homosexual desires arise from some level of gender confusion, many stop short of a complete repudiation of the anatomical reality of masculinity and femininity. Or at least, they used to.

Satan is not done with our precious sons and daughters yet. He wants us to hand our children over willingly, believing it’s for their own good, and scream in outrage at any who try to issue warnings.

It’s now “cruel” not to let boys dress in skirts and eyeliner and disrobe in the female locker rooms at school.

Watching this descent into the hell of child corruption for four decades, it’s difficult to understand why more people who call themselves Christian are not radically upset. Some are – that’s our hope and promise.

But for instance, America’s most fervent pro-life activists often avoid any stand on this issue. It may be fear, or it may be that they resist connecting the dots about where decades of sowing disrespect for the fruit of marriage takes us.

After killing millions of our own offspring, Americans are jaded and desensitized to the sexual corruption of our children. Many believers now contend, unbiblically, that it’s un-Christian not to cooperate with these diabolical delusions.

This blindness may also be God’s judgment.

We are more afraid of the worldly label of “hate” than the divine label of “unfaithful.”

Parents allow schools to teach children detailed elements of sexual perversion in sex education. Should 11-year-olds learn, inaccurately, that anal sex is a manageable “genital” activity? Do we not weep in despair at the smashed innocence in a sensitive child?

Friendly librarians hand our children “young adult” literature selections that include pornographic passages. Parents trust that what a school recommends will have no negative effect. This category of literature has exploded in the last 15 years – complete with rape scenes, homosexual sex, masturbation, oral sex, gender fluidity – only because parents are not the watchdogs they used to be. The healthy skepticism that once accompanied parental oversight is quickly vanishing.

So we have porn-obsessed boys who crave sex with other boys – but are willing to accept sex with a predatory adult male.

We see teen lesbians who hate males flirt with witchcraft and think abortion is a sacrament.

And highly disturbed middle schoolers are exploited by social media and radical teachers and threaten suicide unless parents support them in identifying as the opposite sex and beginning hormone “treatment.”

Does any parent bring a baby home from the hospital and proclaim, “Oh, I can’t wait until he is a 17-year-old drag queen who begs to have castration surgery!”

Do any parents pray that their adorable baby girl grows into a foul-mouthed, tattooed “gender-queer” who damages her breasts permanently through chest-binding?

Of course not. America is drowning in parental tears. “I never thought this would happen!” “What did I do wrong?”

Sometimes parents do bear some responsibility. But sometimes it’s the corrupt world that is increasingly impossible to screen out.

We must change it.

What can America do to turn this around? First, we must face the war that is being waged and search our own hearts, with repentance and conviction.

Read and study Scripture about the nation that turns from the Lord:

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
Because you have rejected knowledge,
I will also reject you from being priest for Me.
Because you have forgotten the law of your God,
I also will forget your children. ( Hosea 4: 6, NKJV)

Can we save our children? Yes. But first, we must save ourselves.

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Newsweek’s Headquarters
Raided By The NYPD

The headquarters of Newsweek was raided by the NYPD Thursday morning. Police reportedly took photos of the magazine’s servers.

New York Post reports:

About two dozen NYPD officers and investigators from the Manhattan district attorney’s office raided the offices of Newsweek and its parent company, IBT Media, on Thursday.

IBT Media was co-founded by Jonathan Davis and Etienne Uzac. The IRS placed a $1.2 million federal tax lien against Uzac in December 2017.

The agents were said to be photographing servers in the offices, but not downloading any files at the offices on 7 Hanover Square, according to sources.

Few details have emerged from the raid.

“Looking into reports that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office @ManhattanDA raided Newsweek/IBT Offices today….sources say police have been there for hours. The DA has declined to comment,” tweeted reporter Avi Asher-Schapiro.

Newsweek is also in the news Thursday after an “insider” told The Wrap editor Jon Levine that the magazine has abandoned journalism for “rage clicks,” in the Trump-era.

“Newsweek was once a premiere media organization and an incredible springboard for young journalists hoping to grow a name for themselves,” the source told Levine.

“The company culture has turned the newsroom into a toxic work environment, while the publication has descended into a content farm for last-resort clickbait,” the source added.


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