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Trump and liar-nObama's Third Term
by Caroline Glick
Pence Walks Out On NFL To
Reignite Public Outrage Over Disrespect Of US
{} ~ It seems pretty obvious that Vice President Mike Pence walking out of the NFL game between the Indianapolis Colts Vs San Francisco 49ers was a preplanned statement... Back during his original comments in Alabama a couple of weeks ago, President Trump encouraged Americans to do exactly what the Vice President just did, walk out of a stadium if the players disrespected our nation by kneeling or sitting during our national anthem. It’s worth noting that in the photos taken of this event and which is already the background on Pence’s Twitter account, he’s seen standing next to a military man, sending the message of support. He’s also not tucked away in a box seat somewhere, the type of positioning one would typically expect for a Vice President to view a ballgame...
EPA to repeal liar-Obama's 
Clean Power Plan on Tuesday
by John Siciliano
{} ~ Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt will sign a proposed rule on Tuesday to repeal the liar-nObama administration's Clean Power Plan restrictions on coal plants... he announced Monday morning in the coal-mining state of Kentucky. "Regulatory power should not be used by any regulatory body to pick winners and losers," Pruitt said alongside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. The plan has been on ice since February 2016, when the Supreme Court blocked it as it worked its way through the courts. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments from more than two dozen states and over 100 industry groups challenging the liar-nObama-era rules in September 2016, but has not ruled on the case...
How the US Gov’t Funds Terror
by Gregg Roman
{} ~ With the entire nation seemingly engaged in a heated dialogue about neo-Nazis and white supremacists, now seems like a good time to begin discussing how best to combat extremism... I have previously written about the need to engage with minority communities, work with moderates of all stripes and begin the process or marginalizing extremists. This work is critical to building a constructive future for our nation. But what if I told you there was a charity that receives federal funding and uses it to support extremist ideology and to indirectly bankroll terrorism? Seems pretty far-fetched, right? Well, buckle up. Established in England in 1984, an organization called Islamic Relief is the largest Islamic charity in the Western world, comprising dozens of branches around the globe. Its officials have dined at the White House, received awards from the British monarchy and enjoyed millions of dollars of funding from Western governments, including from the United States...Wake up USA.
Soiled ISIS Fighters Surrendering 
In Droves: ‘It Really Means This Is The End’
{} ~ Nearly a thousand Islamic State fighters have surrendered to Kurdish forces after the terror group lost its last major city in Iraq, The New York Times reports... Many of the dejected fighters reportedly have soiled themselves and await interrogation and trial by Kurdish authorities. The mass surrender of the terrorist group is particularly unusual for ISIS, who’ve made a point of fighting to the very last man. In many cases the group made the last days of battle painful  for the opposing force by deploying waves of suicide bombers. One fighter recalled to The NYT that the ISIS governor of the town of Hawija himself gave the order to surrender in mass. “I believe if the governors are telling us to surrender, it really means that this is the end,” he lamented..
After Pence Walk Out Cowboys Owner
Announces Emergency Patriotism Policy
{} ~ Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has come to an epiphany of the kind that only the threat of a huge financial hit could have brought him to... He’s realized the spoiled brats that suit up every week don’t have the right to ruin his billion dollar NFL franchise with their cheap, self-serving, Democrat Party race-baiting and social engineering.  Jones has come a long way since September 25th when he squatted to new lows on the field in Phoenix, aligning himself with the anti-Americans on what was once referred to as America’s team, locking arms and showboating in a bid to tell the American people that he and his team were going to disrespect this nation whether we liked it or not. Calling Americans racists before the national anthem rather than during it was an idiotic stunt that appropriately backfired. We’re not as stupid as the elites think we are. Jones isn’t stupid either. He’s worked hard to acquire and expand the brand of the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL. He’s taking emergency action now to stop the bleeding and suddenly listening to what the fans are demanding...

Trump and liar-nObama's Third Term
by Caroline Glick
{} ~ In an interview with Walla news site Tuesday, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that “the more active the US is in the Middle East, the better it will be for Israel.”

On paper, Liberman’s sentiments seem reasonable enough. President Donald Trump is far friendlier than his predecessor Barack liar-nObama was. The tone of US-Israel relations has vastly improved since Trump took office.

The problem is that substantively, there is no real difference between the two administrations – not in the Middle East and not anywhere.

Take Iran’s nuclear program for example.

In accordance with the US Nuclear Agreement Review Act (2015), on October 15, Trump is obligated to make his quarterly report to Congress certifying or decertifying Iranian compliance with the terms of the nuclear deal it concluded with liar-nObama two years ago.

The issue of whether or not to certify Iranian compliance has been the beginning, middle and end of all US policy discussions on Iran’s nuclear program since Trump entered office.

Despite Trump’s stated opposition to the deal, his top advisers Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have pressured him into twice certifying Iranian compliance.

On the face of it, the debate about Iranian compliance ought to be about competing interpretations of Iran’s behavior. In practice, though, facts play little role in the discourse.

The Iranians announced as soon as the deal was concluded that they would not permit UN inspectors to enter any nuclear site they define as a “military installation.”

This hollowed out the entire inspections regime.

After all, if Iran can bar inspectors from its nuclear installations, there is no way for inspectors to know if Iran’s nuclear operations accord with or breach of the restrictions it agreed to in the agreement.

In other words, neither liar-nObama nor Trump has had any way to credibly certify Iranian compliance, because the US has no idea what Iran is doing.

And everyone knows this.

Since everyone knows this, the debate about presidential certification of Iranian compliance clearly is not about Iranian compliance.

Instead, the debate has been about one thing only: reality.

Specifically, does reality have a place in US policy regarding the nuclear deal with Iran? Because if reality does have a role to play, obviously, Trump cannot certify Iranian compliance.

To date, proponents of barring reality have won the debate. In testimony Tuesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Mattis said that in his opinion, maintaining the nuclear deal is the US interest. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen.

Joseph Dunford told lawmakers that “Iran is not in material breach” of the accord.

According to an AP report Tuesday, national security officials involved in the recertification process now aim to change the Nuclear Agreement Review Act in a manner that would deny Trump the power to determine whether or not Iran is complying with the deal.

According to AP, the issue is being framed as a way to free Trump from the embarrassment of having to certify the deal every three months.

The worst thing about the entire debate about certifying Iranian compliance is not that it is delusional.

It is that it is irrelevant.

liar-nObama’s nuclear pact is yesterday’s news.

liar-nObama’s nuclear deal with Iran gave the Iranians all the benefits up front. In exchange for a handshake, Iran received a $100 billion in cold hard cash and foreign direct investment. The international arms markets opened to them. The international financial markets opened to them.

Non-certification won’t bring back the money.

More important than the financial advantages Iran has already won, and will not lose if the US decertifies, is the fact that due to the deal, Iran has had two years to freely advance its nuclear program without meaningful inspections and without sanctions.

And again, while the Iranians have advanced, the US has debated the two-year old deal over and over again as if it matters. This instead of constructing a strategy to block Iran’s entrance into the nuclear club.

This brings us to Iran’s ally North Korea, which thanks to feckless US policy-makers of previous administrations, is already a member of the nuclear club.

During Mattis’s testimony Tuesday he said that despite the fact that he and Trump are threatening to annihilate North Korea and Tillerson is trying to appease North Korea, there is no contradiction in the administration’s policy.

Substantively he is right. Since both of the policies being discussed are imaginary, whether the administration talks about military action or diplomacy, its statements are meaningless.

The fact is that unless the US is willing to see tens of thousands of South Koreans vaporized in a North Korean artillery assault on Seoul in response to a US military strike on Pyongyang, the US has no viable military option for dealing with North Korea. Since the Trump administration has given no indication that it is willing to see that sort of destruction in South Korea to achieve the goal of denuclearizing the Korean peninsula, its threats to annihilate North Korea are not credible.

As for Tillerson’s search for a diplomatic solution, this too is futile. For 24 years, three US administrations reached “historic deal” after “historic deal” with Pyongyang, and Pyongyang breached all of them as it raced to the finishing line of its nuclear weapons program.

Now, with Kim Jung Un testing hydrogen bombs and ICBMs and threatening to nuke Guam, there is no chance that US diplomacy will fare any better than it did in the past.

And so the US is back where it has always been. It has one card to play with North Korea: China.

China is the only actor that can end North Korea’s nuclear brinkmanship without war. But to compel China to act the US requires far more leverage over the Chinese than it has presently mustered or brought to bear.

So the only way for the US to avert war with North Korea is to escalate its competition with China on America’s terms.

Unfortunately, once Trump’s senior strategist Stephen Bannon left the White House in August, no senior administration official has been working on building leverage over China.

Back to Iran. As bad as North Korea is, at least it’s a Chinese client state. If Trump can make China an offer it can’t refuse, he can achieve the US’s strategic goals without a devastating war.

Iran on the other hand is no one’s client. Iran has its own client states.

And just as the Trump administration is unable to extricate itself from liar-nObama’s legacy of delusion and failure with respect to Iran’s nuclear weapons program and North Korea, so it cannot – or will not – shift away from liar-nObama’s delusional policies toward Iran’s client states.

Consider Syria.

In Syria the Trump administration has maintained liar-nObama’s policy of pretending that the most dangerous actor and gravest threat to the US and its interests in Syria is Islamic State.

Although under pressure by Israel, the administration has begun to talk about the threat of Iranian expansionism in Syria, it has no policy for blocking Iran’s empowerment. The same is the case with relation to Russia’s rise as a regional power broker – at the US’s expense – through its deployment in Syria.

As bad as the US’s Syria policy is, its Lebanon policy is even worse.

In Syria the US is simply pretending its enemies do not exist, or if they exist, that they do not threaten the US.

In Lebanon, the US is collaborating with its enemies.

In June Liberman told the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, “Today the Lebanese army is a subsidiary unit of Hezbollah and Lebanese President Michel Aoun is another Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah operative.”

Liberman’s assertions were not a theory. They were grounded in statements made by Aoun himself and by Lebanese military commanders.

But the Americans will not listen to what the Lebanese say or see what they are doing.

Instead, they remain devoted to their fantasy that the Lebanese government is independent and the Lebanese Armed Forces is not a subsidiary of Hezbollah. In support of this lie, this year the US pledged and delivered the bulk of $100 million worth of sophisticated weapons to the Hezbollah- controlled LAF.

In August, the US delivered eight M1-A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles. According to US Ambassador Elizabeth Richard, they were the first of 32 set for delivery by the end of the year. The US had also delivered M-4 assault rifles, howitzers, grenade launchers, machine guns, mortars, hellfire missiles, night vision devices and thermal sight technology to Hezbollah’s proxy force.

As Middle East analyst Tony Badran noted, the weapons the US supplied to the LAF “have been on Hezbollah’s shopping list consistently for almost a decade.”

And the US is not only arming Hezbollah through its surrogate. It is also fighting alongside Hezbollah through its surrogate.

In August, US special forces fought alongside LAF forces to wrest control of the Lebanese border with Syria from Islamic State-associated Sunni militia.

The battle was a joint LAF-Hezbollah operation – commanded by Hezbollah.

Quoting a source “close to Hezbollah and the LAF,” Al-Monitor’s Nour Samaha wrote, “US Central Command called the Lebanese army chief and asked him to deny any cooperation with Hezbollah, telling him that while they are aware of cooperation, it has to be denied publicly.”

In other words, it isn’t that the Pentagon isn’t aware it is empowering Hezbollah. It knows what it is doing. It just doesn’t want the American public to know what it is doing.

This brings us finally to the Palestinians. On Tuesday Jerusalem Affairs Minister Ze’ev Elkin was the first senior minister to publicly criticize the Trump administration’s policy toward Israel and the Palestinians.

Elkin told Yediot Aharonot that despite the friendly tone of administration officials and the fruitful cooperation Israel enjoys with the administration on a host of other issues, on the issue of Jewish property rights in Judea and Samaria, “they are walking on the same path as the liar-nObama administration.”

The same of course can be said of the Trump administration’s policy toward Fatah and the Palestinian Authority. No matter how open PA President Mahmoud Abbas is about his cooperation with Hamas and no matter how many hundreds of millions of dollars he transfers to the bank accounts of terrorists, the Trump administration continues to treat Abbas and the PA as moderates and peace partners. Even worse, the administration is coercing Israel to do the same.

No matter where you look around the globe, in the Middle East, in Asia, in South America and in Europe, you see the same thing. The Trump administration has changed America’s tone in foreign affairs.

But substantively, there has been little change.

Trump may be the anti-liar-nObama. But his policies indicate that all the same, he is the second liar-nObama.

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“Stop Mass Hysteria”  Michael Savage On Current Media Frenzy: It’s Like A Virus, An Epidemic… It Will Die Of Its Own Oxygen Deprivation 

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed Dr. Michael Savage on his latest book “Stop Mass Hysteria” this weekend.

“Stop Mass Hysteria” COULD NOT come at a better time. And our discussion with Dr. Savage on this subject was timely to say the least.

Dr. Savage discussed the history of mass hysteria in America from the Salem witch trials to the Trump-Russial collusion witch hunt.

Michael Savage also shared his thoughts on the mass hysteria surrounding the Brett Kavananaugh confirmation hearings.

Dr. Michael Savage: Let me just say starting from the beginning that there is a huge difference between mass hysteria and justified concern. And this is something we have to understand. There are imagined threats and then there is real danger as we all know. And this is an imagined threat – That Kavanaugh poses a threat to all women on the planet that he’s a mad rapist. That he will be on the Supreme Court running around and making the climate of rape more acceptable. This is the greatest example of mass hysteria since the Trump derangement syndrome. And it is a continuation of course, of the hatred of Trump and their hatred for those of us who supported Donald Trump, and Donald Trump’s agenda more than Donald Trump. It’s really not about Donald Trump it’s about the agenda which is largely based on modern nationalism that I offered for many, many years.

Dr. Savage is truly brilliant. He publishes a book on mass hyteria and the the Kavanaugh confirmation comes along.

Dr. Savage goes on to say the number one greatest threat facing America today is radical Islam. “For the last 1,400 years radical Islam has been at war with the world. This is not Islamophobia as the mainstream media would have you believe. It is history.”

Michael Savage took some time to bash CNN in his chapter titled “From Salem to CNN” where he compares the two asking, “They’re not too different are they?”

Michael Savage   @ASavageNation


Michael went on to describe the real “war on women” is the radical feminists who are actually debasing feminists and debasing women across America with false accusations, or exaggerated accusations.

Dr. Savage talked about the danger of mass hysteria, “It’s like a virus. As a trained epidemiologist it’s really like an epidemic. It’s almost a medical situation, this madness is very similar to an epidemic that continues to spread though a population without discriminating who it attacks. That’s the point. And so in stopping mass hysteria I try to bring real history to the discussion rather than straight polemics.”

Near the end of the interview I asked Michael about what will eventually the end of mass hysteria. Michael offered this, “We have to believe at the end reason will trump hysteria. We have to believe. I believe this mania we are living through will die of its own oxygen deprivation.”

Let’s hope Dr. Savage is right. He usually is. God help us.

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