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Why don't we care about the
slaughter of Christians?
by Minister Michael Brown
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Despite record collections, 52,062,499 filers paid no income taxes in 2014. (CNS News)
Islamist murders three in Fresno while yelling "Allahu Akbar," says he "hates white people." (Fox News)
FBI investigating radical terrorists in all 50 states as threats hit peak. (The Washington Free Beacon)
liar-nObama political spying scandal: Trump associates were not the first targets. (National Review)
A month after dismissing federal prosecutors, Justice Department does not have any U.S. attorneys in place. (The Washington Post)
Trump administration orders review of Iran nuclear deal sanctions. (NBC News)
California again leads list with 6 of the top 10 most polluted U.S. cities. (USA Today)
UCLA conservative professor may be fired from job for refusing to cave in to political correctness. (Heat Street)
College activists: Searching for truth makes you a racist. (The Federalist)
Hump Day Humor: SJWs clip of the week, compliments of the Simpsons. (YouTube)
Policy: Time to say "au revoir" to Paris climate deal. (The Heritage Foundation)
Policy: Address Medicaid spending before trying to reform health care. (The Hill~The Patriot Post
Maximum Mouth Maxine Lies – Claims
She’s Never Called For Trump Impeachment
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Rep Maxine Waters is a caricature of what a dishonest, lying, hypocritical Democrat is, and would be so extreme as to be humorous if the situation weren’t what it is... She’s got power in her elected office, misplaced as it might be, so her lack of credibility or principles is a concern. In her interview she illustrates that point, after being introduced as “one of the President’s most vocal critics these days,” which brings a contrived smile to her hideous mug. The host reads her most recent tweet from earlier that morning which stated, “The President is a liar, his actions are contemptible, and I’m going to fight every day until he’s impeached.” He asks her point blank, “What are the impeachable offenses, Congresswoman?” She then engages in a fleet-footed shuffle that would make the guy who previously owner her hat, James Brown envious. She starts reciting the false Democrat talking points that are nothing more than assertions with no basis of fact to hold them up. Because she claims the Russians hacked into the DNC the question then becomes one of whether or not there was collusion...
Trump Keeps his Promise to Support Veterans
by Alice Greene
{} ~ Amid much confusion regarding the state of America’s healthcare system, President Trump plans to sign a bill that will temporarily extend a program that gives military vets access to private-sector healthcare... The bill, which Trump will sign on Wednesday, is designed to provide temporary services while Veterans’ Affairs (VA) Sec. David Shulkin develops a long-term plan that will enable vets to easily secure healthcare outside the VA medical system. The legislation allows the VA to operate its Choice program until funding runs out. The Choice program has about $1 billion in its account; it would have expired in August without the bill...
Communist China Opens
“Global Governance” School
by Alex Newman
{} ~ At a newly established “School of Global Governance,” one of the most brutal and murderous dictatorships on the planet is training what it hopes will be the managers and leadership of the emerging “global governance” system... That dictatorship is the one enslaving Communist China, responsible for murdering more people than any other government in human history. But as the regime proudly celebrates its growing role in what it openly touts as the “New World Order,” humanity must resist before it is too late, or freedom may be extinguished worldwide. The Chinese regime is shouting about its new “School of Global Governance” from the rooftops. In an article published this month by Beijing's propaganda and espionage apparatus Xinhua headlined "China opens new college to train professionals of global governance," the regime said the school would train “more multilingual professionals with global vision and cross-cultural communication proficiency.” The school for indoctrinating and training future globalist-communist leaders was inaugurated this month at the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), known as the “cradle of diplomats” for Communist China and international communism more broadly...
'All lies!' Furious Coulter goes public
on war with U.C. Berkeley
by Garth Kant
{} ~ A defiant and furious Ann Coulter explained to WND in detail why she is vowing to show up and give a scheduled speech at the University of California at Berkeley... even though the university had canceled her appearance just hours earlier. “I AM speaking,” she proclaimed in an email to WND. Coulter made clear she is livid about the cancellation and the university’s apparent disregard for creating a safe environment for her scheduled speech. That was evidenced by her use of all capital letters to make the point that she has not agreed to the cancellation. “THEY’VE CANCELED — ALTHOUGH I MET EVERY ONE OF THEIR SILLY DEMANDS. I’M STILL SPEAKING,” she vowed...
Confirmed: John Brennan Colluded With
Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump
by George Neumayr
{} ~ An article in the Guardian last week provides more confirmation that John Brennan was the American progenitor of political espionage aimed at defeating Donald Trump... One side did collude with foreign powers to tip the election — liar-Hillary’s. Seeking to retain his position as CIA director under liar-Hillary, Brennan teamed up with British spies and Estonian spies to cripple Trump’s candidacy. He used their phony intelligence as a pretext for a multi-agency investigation into Trump, which led the FBI to probe a computer server connected to Trump Tower and gave cover to Susan Rice, among other liar-Hillary supporters, to spy on Trump and his people. John Brennan’s CIA operated like a branch office of the liar-Hillary campaign, leaking out mentions of this bogus investigation to the press in the hopes of inflicting maximum political damage on Trump. An official in the intelligence community tells TAS that Brennan’s retinue of political radicals didn’t even bother to hide their activism, decorating offices with “liar-Hillary for president cups” and other campaign paraphernalia...
Why don't we care about the
slaughter of Christians?
by Minister Michael Brown
{} ~ A United Airlines passenger is violently hauled off a plane, and there is national outrage, rightly so. Press Secretary Sean Spicer says that Assad is worse than Hitler, and again, there is national outrage, rightly so. Forty-five Egyptian Christians are slaughtered by ISIS while attending church services on Palm Sunday and scores of others are wounded, and there is barely a national yawn. How can this be?

You might say, “That’s easy. The first two events took place right in front of our eyes, here in America. The third event took place in Egypt, and as tragic as it was, it’s a matter of out of sight, out of mind.”

I understand that. But what about the Islamic terror attack on the Brussels airport last year, killing more than 30 people? That was covered by our media day and night, with footage from the blast shown over and over by the hour.

And what about the Islamic terror attack in France, when a driver plowed his truck into hundreds of people in Nice, killing more than 80? That, too, received day and night coverage, with the bloody footage, including dead children lying in the streets, put before us by the hour.

But when it’s Christians being slaughtered by Islamic terrorists while worshiping the Lord in the safety of their church buildings, it only receives passing mention on our networks. Why?

We have the video footage of the attacks, which took place in two different locations in Egypt. We see the bomber being directed to walk through the metal detector, and then we see the massive explosion. And we see the carnage within one of the church buildings – blood all over the floor; corpses scattered in the debris; wooden pews torn apart; the sound of people moaning and crying.

The video footage is compelling and agonizing, just as much as any of the footage from Brussels or Nice. Yet most of us have not seen this footage on major TV networks, or if it has been aired on these networks, it has received a fraction of the coverage that the other attacks have received. Why?

I’m not the only one asking this question, nor is this a new question. For the last decade, a Christian genocide has been taking place in the Middle East, representing one of the ugliest chapters in recent human history, yet most Americans remain sadly uninformed. The secular media are complicit.

As expressed by none other than Piers Morgan, “Unfortunately, if it happens in the Middle East, this kind of atrocity, it just does not seem to attract the kind of media attention in America that it would if it happened, as we’ve seen in attacks in Sweden the last few days, in London two weeks ago. I was there for that. Huge attention in the American media. In Paris and Nice. These get huge attention. Yet what happened in Egypt was unbelievably significant.

“If you look at what ISIS really stands for, what they are carrying out now in the Middle East and the East in particular, is that it (sic) kind of genocidal attack on Christians and Christianity. They want Christianity eradicated, and they want to convert all Muslims to their crusade. They want it to be a holy war. They want Christians gone. And I don’t think that narrative is getting the attention it should get in the American media and, I have to say, I think in other media around the world.”

These are strong words: What happened in Egypt is a “genocidal attack on Christians and Christianity.” These Islamic terrorists “want Christianity eradicated. … They want Christians gone.”

Morgan added, “I think this is a huge story. This is the kind of story that ought to be dominating cable news in America. It should be dominating headlines around the world. ISIS have declared war on Christianity. I’m not seeing that being covered enough.”

He is absolutely right, and somehow, the secular media are barely covering one of the most important humanitarian stories of the age. Again I ask: Why?

We’re talking about multiplied hundreds of thousands of Christians being displaced, exiled, attacked, maimed, tortured, starved and killed. We’re talking about a crisis of epic proportions, yet the news coverage of this ongoing tragedy receives is negligible. Why?

Whatever the reason, there is a solution to the media’s relative silence.

All of us can raise our voices and draw attention to the suffering of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East and elsewhere. And all of us can pray for their protection, their courage and their comfort. In the words of the letter to the Hebrews, “Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies” (Heb. 13:3 NLT).

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Bill and Hillary Clinton Brutally
Mocked After Defending

View image on Twitter

Crooked Bill and Hillary Clinton were brutally mocked Monday after defending the Clinton Foundation on social media.

The Clinton Foundation’s official Twitter account tweeted Saturday, “ICYMI: President @BillClinton wrote on Facebook this week about our work improving lives in the United States and around the world, from fighting climate change to combating the opioid crisis.”

Former President Bill Clinton’s Facebook post served to correct the record about so called fake news smearing the Clinton Foundation. Naturally, he linked to far left sites such as Snopes and Politifact to debunk the smears.

After touting all the charity the Clinton Foundation brings to hurricane victims, farmers in East Africa and combating Climate Change, Bill Clinton unleashed on Breitbart News for spreading conspiracy theories and false information about the Foundation.

Nevertheless, spreading false information about the Foundation continues, apparently as part of an ongoing strategy to distract attention from real problems and, over the long run, to completely erase the line between fact and fiction.

For example, just a few weeks ago on MSNBC, during a discussion of the President’s disparaging remarks about Haiti, his designated defender repeated the ridiculous assertion that I had taken money raised for Haiti for personal use and was responsible for the apparent suicide of a Haitian who knew all about it. Thankfully, the host cut her off, refusing to provide a forum for known false conspiracy theories. I’m proud of the work the Foundation and I have done in Haiti and will give you a more detailed report on that soon.

These attacks on the Foundation began in earnest with the 2015 publication of the Breitbart-inspired book, Clinton Cash. I thought the Foundation staff did a good job debunking the book’s charges, but they were published as written even in “mainstream” outlets, and even now the charges continue to be repeated online and in forums favorable to those who make them.

I have never responded personally to these charges, but out of respect for our donors, partners, and those who work at the Foundation, I think I should—because as we see, attacks, no matter how outrageous, can have a long life.

Bill Clinton also argued Chelsea’s wedding wasn’t paid for by Clinton Foundation donations nor do any of them receive salaries.

No, Foundation funds were not used to pay for Chelsea’s wedding. It’s not only untrue, it’s a personal insult to me, to Hillary, and to Chelsea and Marc. It was a wonderful day that Hillary and I were grateful to be able to pay for.

Clinton also argued the foundation was given 4 out 4 stars from Charity Navigator, Platinum from GuideStar, A from Charity Watch, and a 20 out of 20 score for meeting all of the Better Business Bureau’s good practice standards.

Hillary Clinton tweeted: Want to hear the real story of the @ClintonFdn? Read this: 

 Trump supporters savaged the Clintons.

How about when Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman donated MILLIONS to your foundation when you were Secretary of State and then you conducted official US business with them? 

What about how Haitian villages that you raised money for are STILL without the homes, schools and infrastructure you promised for them? Where did it go Hillary? Where's that money? Why did you plunder the great people of Haiti? 


Unless it explains

Benghazi 33,000 missing emails  Haiti  Destroyed electronics  Missing money
Uranium One Etc

Then no. Nope.  
Not on Presidents day.  

Care to tell us how much the Foundation pays out in salaries each year? 


Slush fund? Pay-to-play? Salaries for Sid Blumenthal?
Fraud in Haiti?  The vast majority of funds don't reach people in need?
That's the real story, right?   



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