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Israel and liar-nObama's Political War
by Caroline Glick
 Alabama Gov. Resigns Over Scandal 
Becoming a politician is a "dirty job" that even Mike Rowe would avoid. The now former governor of Alabama proves once again that the average American's expressed disgust for politicians is often justly deserved.
          On Monday, Alabama Republican Governor Robert Bentley resigned from office. A little over a year ago, accusations came to light of an attempted cover-up of an alleged affair between Bentley and one of his top aides. As the scandal further unfolded, revelations of potential campaign finance violations as well as misuse of state police and intimidation tactics convinced the Republican-controlled state legislature to pursue impeachment proceedings. Now, Lt. Governor Kay Ivey will become only the second woman in Alabama history to serve as governor as she replaces Bentley.
          Sex scandals are nothing new when it comes to politics. But whether it brings down those involved often depends on the politician's party affiliation. Years ago another governor from a southern state was able to survive as he hushed up numerous allegations on his way to winning the White House. Bill liar-Clinton, who committed perjury during his attempt to cover-up his affair with Monica Lewinsky, was impeached and yet retained his presidency, infamously setting a precedent. Democrats, having no moral compass, thus rallied around an arrogant serial adulterer for partisan purposes. Alabama Republicans weren't going to repeat that abuse of power.
          While the Bentley scandal may bear some similarities to liar-Clinton's many scandals, it truly pales in comparison, both in the level of corruption and in the consequences. Put simply, Bentley leaves office in disgrace still facing legal issues, while liar-Clinton not only survived but thrived afterwards, becoming a hero of the Left and a multimillionaire on the speaking circuit. Because liar-Bill got away with it, others may assume they can too. Sometimes they can. Arguably thanks to liar-Bill, Donald Trump was able to survive his own sordid personal history, including sexually lewd comments revealed as an October surprise.
          On a final note, it's worth remembering the words of the Gipper. Ronald Reagan famously opined, "It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first."  ~The Patriot Post
Secretary Mattis Defends Syria Attack,
Lays “Trust Me” Groundwork...
by Rick Wells
{} ~ With all due respect to the military career and achievements of General James Mattis, General Colin Powell had a distinguished military career as well and he was either wrong or deliberately misled the world in 2003 in the United Nations... Former Secretary of State Powell told the Security Council and the world that Iraq had WMDs and was moving them around the desert to keep them hidden. As it turns out, America went to war,  took Iraq, had access to the entire country and verified there were no WMD’s. We had attacked on a false pretext. Forgive us for being a little skeptical, particularly when there is a refusal on the part of the planning generals to allow independent third party verification by the UN of their claims it was Assad and not the butchers of ISIS who gassed the innocent Syrians. We had to attack immediately and it required the destruction of the planes that supposedly carried the agent so that no forensic examination would be possible. We were in a hurry then and we seem to be in an awful hurry still. What’s wrong with a little investigation to make sure we’re not being led astray by somebody with a hidden agenda?...
Facts Point to liar-nObama as
the REAL Russian Puppet
by Wilmot Proviso
{} ~ In an op-ed for the New York Post, National Review’s Rich Lowry declared that there really was a Russian puppet in the White House — and his name was Barack liar-nObama... In the Monday piece, Lowry wrote that “circumstantial evidence is mounting that the Kremlin succeeded in infiltrating the U.S. government at the highest levels,” but that it was done during the liar-nObama administration. “He re-set with Russia shortly after its clash with Georgia in 2008,” Lowry wrote. “He concluded the New START agreement with Moscow that reduced our nuclear forces but not theirs. When candidate Mitt Romney warned about Russia in the 2012 campaign, liar-nObama rejected him as a Cold War relic...
Trump Begins To Deconstruct Corrupt
by Conor Coughlin
{} ~ Last year our US Attorney General was threatening to file criminal racketeering charges against private citizens for mockery of state science... Last week the new administration announced the repeal of the ENERGY STAR mandate, essentially shutting down the EPA’s Department of Junk Science. Elections have consequences! President Trump has officially begun the deconstruction of the ENERGY STAR program, ending one of the most corrupt federal programs in US history. Repealing the ENERGY STAR mandate represents one of the most significant government reforms in decades, and a huge boost for science, education and commerce. The EPA owns the ENERGY STAR brand, which is allegedly producing multi-billion dollar revenues in Global markets from ‘certified’ energy-efficiency. Just don’t ask to see the evidence, or the government might throw you in jail. And I mean that literally!. Thankfully President Trump just took Draining The Swamp to a whole new level. The repeal of the ENERGY STAR mandate is historic, which is why mainstream media must be in a complete state of panic...
Rice – FBI Helping Her Hide, Syria Kept Her
Off The News, But Not Forgotten
by Rick Wells
{} ~ With the focus of national attention shifting to Syria and concerns over the escalating tensions between the United States, Syria, Russia and others as well as the North Korea situation... the espionage activities of Susan Rice have pretty much fallen off of the news reports of the last week or so. Bill O’Reilly asks a duo who were among the first to get the Rice story out, the Fox team of Adam Housley and Malia Zimmerman, for an update on the status of their investigation as well as the Rice espionage issue in general. Housley says they’ve been told that members of the Intelligence committees say the investigation is expanding, that they’re looking into allegations of other Americans, including politicians being targeted, possibly unmasked and had their information collected, similar to what they did with the Trump team...
France's War to Delegitimize Israel

by Yves Mamou
{} ~ Officially, France prohibits any form of boycott against Israel. In 2015, the Court of Cassation confirmed a 2013 decision regarding the illegality of boycotts and the call for boycotts in France... Under the law, in 2013, BDS France was fined €28,000 (USD $30,000) by a local French court, after a call made in 2010 by 14 activists to boycott Israeli products in a supermarket. In addition, each of the 14 activists was fined €1,000. However, according to a report recently released by NGO Monitor, the French government continues to fund NGOs openly hostile to Israel and to fund NGOs that support and promote boycott campaigns against Israel. The French government is also supporting NGOs (French and non-French) campaigning to stop relations between French and Israeli banks that have branches in the settlements. In practice, this would result in divestment from all major Israeli banks. The main protagonists of this campaign are Al-Haq, FIDH, CCFD-Terre Solidaire, and Association France Palestine Solidarité (AFPS)...

Israel and liar-nObama's Political War
by Caroline Glick

{} ~ Eli Lake from Bloomberg set off a firestorm in the US this week with his revelation on Monday that in the last six months of the liar-nObama administration, Susan Rice, former president Barack liar-nObama’s national security adviser, requested that the US intelligence community enable her to use foreign intelligence collection as a means of gathering information about Donald Trump’s advisers.

According to Lake’s story, during the course of the US presidential campaign, and with steadily rising intensity after President Donald Trump won the November 2016 election, Rice used her access to intercepted communications of foreign intelligence targets to gather information on Trump’s advisers. Some of those reports were then leaked, injuriously, to the media in violation of US criminal statute.

Whereas in the normal course of events, the identities of American citizens whose conversations with foreigners are intercepted by the US intelligence community are shielded, in the final months of the liar-nObama administration, Rice repeatedly – on “dozens of occasions” – asked that the identities of Americans who conversed with foreigners be exposed.

The Americans in question were Trump’s advisers.

Lake’s scoop both confirmed and expanded House Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes’s charges from two weeks ago against the liar-nObama White House. Nunes said that he had seen evidence that the liar-nObama administration collected information on incoming Trump administration officials that had no intelligence value. In other words, Nunes alleged that the data gathering was not for national security purposes.

This week’s discovery that Rice played a central role in the intelligence collection regarding Trump’s advisers brings Nunes’s allegations that the outgoing liar-nObama administration conducted surveillance of the Trump team to the highest reaches of the administration. Now that Rice has been exposed, it is impossible to claim that in the event such surveillance occurred, it did not reflect the liar-nObama administration’s concerted policy.

With the exceptions of liar-nObama and his top adviser and confidante Valerie Jarrett, Rice was the top official in the White House.

Lake’s story and subsequent stories have obvious implications for the public’s assessment of Trump’s March 4 allegation on Twitter that liar-nObama spied on him. But the Rice story is equally, if not more, important for what it teaches us about liar-nObama’s mode of governing.

The Rice story strengthens the assessment that for eight years, liar-nObama and his associates weaponized the federal government to wage a political war against their domestic political opponents in a manner that is simply unprecedented.

On Wednesday, Lee Smith noted in Tablet online magazine that the liar-nObama administration’s apparent exploitation of intelligence reports to harm the Trump team was not the first time that the liar-nObama administration acted in this manner.

As Smith recalled, in December 2015 The Wall Street Journal reported that during the domestic political battle surrounding the nuclear deal the liar-nObama administration struck with the Iranian regime, the administration used intelligence intercepts of conversations of Israeli officials to spy on its domestic opponents inside the pro-Israel community and on Capitol Hill.

In the latest iteration of the liar-nObama White House’s abuse of intelligence data, administration officials collected and leaked information about members of the incoming Trump administration to undermine its ability to chart a new course in foreign affairs.

The liar-nObama administration’s campaign against the incoming Trump administration was wildly successful.

Due to their efforts, Trump’s national security adviser Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Mike Flynn was forced to resign in a cloud of controversy just three weeks after Trump took office.

Revelations by Lake and others exposed that Flynn was targeted in the liar-nObama White House’s abuse of intelligence. The administration used its intelligence intercepts and unmasking of Flynn to cultivate the sense – with no evidence – that Flynn was a Russian plant.

On January 12, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius published that Flynn had spoken numerous times to Russia’s US Ambassador Sergei Kislyak after liar-nObama levied sanctions on Russia on December 26.

Ignatius reported that in their conversations the subject of those sanctions arose, but that Flynn made no policy determination regarding how the Trump administration would view the sanctions upon entering office.

In other words, Flynn did nothing wrong. He did his job.

But immediately after the story was published, Flynn was tarred and feathered as a Russian agent. He entered office with Trump on January 20, but was declared “controversial,” “embattled” and “compromised” from his first day in office.

The innuendos followed Flynn like a cloud until he was forced to resign, less than three weeks after entering the White House.

Regardless of whether or not Flynn did anything wrong – and no evidence has been proffered to suggest that he did anything wrong – his loss was a severe blow to the Trump administration. In one fell swoop, the liar-nObama administration’s weaponization of foreign intelligence intercepts had brought down the national security adviser.

This brings us to 2015, and the fight in Washington and throughout the US about liar-nObama’s nuclear deal with Tehran. In the 2015 operation, the White House allegedly used intercepted communications between US citizens and Israeli diplomats and between Israeli diplomats in Washington and Jerusalem to defame opponents of the nuclear deal. Lawmakers and private citizens were repeatedly subjected to condemnations in the media where unnamed administration sources questioned their loyalty, alleged that they were serving the interests of a foreign power against the US, and that in the case of lawmakers, they were bought and paid for by rich Jewish donors.

Speaking to Smith, a pro-Israel activist who had participated in the battle against the nuclear deal explained how the White House operation worked.

“At some point, the administration weaponized the NSA’s [National Security Agency’s] legitimate monitoring of communications of foreign officials to stay one step ahead of domestic political opponents....

“We began to notice that the White House was responding immediately, sometimes within 24 hours, to specific conversations we were having. At first, we thought it was a coincidence being amplified by our paranoia. After a while, it simply became our working assumption that we were being spied on.”

Weaponizing intelligence reports was only one way that the liar-nObama administration abused its power to weaken, silence and criminalize its domestic opponents.

Weaponizing the IRS was another way.

And just as liar-nObama’s IRS was used to hound conservative groups that opposed liar-nObama’s domestic agenda, so it was used to discriminate against pro-Israel groups that opposed liar-nObama’s Middle East policies.

The most well-known case of such abuse was the IRS’s failure to approve the request for nonprofit status submitted by Z Street, a pro-Israel educational organization.

After being told by the IRS that its application for nonprofit status was being subjected to “special scrutiny” due to its Israel-centric agenda, and the fact that it advocated views that “contradict those of the administration,” Z Street sued the IRS for viewpoint discrimination.

The IRS attempted to get the case dismissed, but a panel of three irate federal judges rejected its request.

After slow rolling its response to the lawsuit, ahead of liar-nObama’s departure from office, the IRS suddenly approved Z Street’s request for nonprofit status, seven years after it was first requested.

At the same time, the IRS continued to refuse to provide Z Street with the documents that informed its decision to discriminate against it. And it refused to explain how its decision to discriminate against US citizens in its tax policies on the basis of their political opposition to the administration’s policies was legal.

There are several aspects of the story of liar-nObama’s abuse of power, and the fact that Israel and its US allies were key targets of that abuse, that are important beyond the domestic discourse in the US.

First, the liar-nObama administration’s abuse of foreign intelligence to wage political warfare against pro-Israel activists and lawmakers who support Israel during the Iran battle tells us that the liar-nObama administration viewed supporters of a strong US-Israel alliance as its political enemies. This is remarkable.

Moreover, the fact that Z Street and other US nonprofit groups that espouse positions on Israel at odds to the liar-nObama administration’s views were specifically targeted for discrimination by the IRS indicates that the liar-nObama administration’s political war against US support for Israel was all-encompassing. It wasn’t limited to the realm of foreign policy. It related as well to the ability to Americans to educate their fellow citizens on the need for a robust partnership with a strong Israel.

The second thing that we learn from our deepening understanding of the liar-nObama administration’s apparent weaponization of the federal bureaucracy as a means to defeat and undermine its political opponents is that apparently, liar-nObama’s top aides deliberately acted to undermine Trump’s ability to govern. This is particularly apparent in everything related to foreign policy.

As Adam Kredo from The Washington Free Beacon has documented, in its last months, the liar-nObama administration ensured that the National Security Council’s budget would be depleted, in order to deny the Trump administration the ability to hire new staffers. It hired political appointees into the civil service and then burrowed them in the National Security Council and other key government departments, to undermine and discredit the Trump administration from within.

For instance, in its waning days, the State Department extended Yael Lempert’s tenure at the National Security Council for two years. Lempert is a foreign service officer notorious for her rabid opposition to Israel.

In another example, last July, liar-nObama moved Sahar Nowrouzzadeh from his National Security Council, where Nowrouzzadeh served as Iran director, to the State Department, where he is now in charge of policy planning on Iran and the Persian Gulf.

As professional foreign service officers, both Lempert and Nowrouzzadeh are essentially impossible to fire or move.

In an interview with PBS following Nunes’s revelations, Susan Rice falsely denied that the liar-nObama White House had “unmasked” incoming Trump administration personnel whose conversations with foreigners were intercepted by the intelligence community.

After denying the charges, Rice was asked her view of Trump’s foreign policy so far. Rice responded derisively.

She noted that despite Trump’s criticism of the liar-nObama administration’s lackadaisical and stalled campaign against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, the policy the Trump administration is enacting against ISIS on the ground is essentially the same policy that the liar-nObama administration implemented, “as it should be,” she added, with a smirk.

In reality, if indeed Trump is implementing liar-nObama’s ISIS policy, his failure to enact a new policy there, and indeed, the perceived chaos and disarray of his foreign policy across the board, is not a function of Trump’s incompetence or of the inexperience of his advisers. To the extent that Trump has failed to date to enact a clear foreign policy, this week’s disclosures strengthen the sense that his failure owes primarily to the deliberate subversion of his administration by his predecessor.

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