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Prohibitionism in a Civil War of Values
by Daniel Greenfield 
Representative Matt Gaetz Confronts Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein
About Signing FISA Application Against U.S. Person Carter Page
by sundance

{ } ~ Within the issue of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein signing the FISA reauthorization application renewal #4 Congressman Matt Gaetz confronts Rosenstein... DAG Rosenstein obfuscates his answer and uses the opaque nature of FISA to avoid direct response. However, interestingly Rosenstein says the public information shared about the FISA application does not match the briefing he received about the application content. This central “spygate” evidence now looks like it is going to become a bigger issue for the FBI and DOJ. .
dummycrats-Democrats Keep Interrupting 
Jim Jordan As He Grills Rosenstein 
by Robert Donachie
{ } ~ dummycrats-Democrats repeatedly interrupted Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan during his questioning of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein... at a House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday. dummycrats-Democratic Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and Eric Swalwell of California interrupted Jordan multiple times during Thursday’s hearing, calling the House Freedom Caucus co-founder out for his statements about Rosenstein’s leadership and his questioning of what he perceives are missteps on the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) part. Swalwell first stopped Jordan roughly one minute into his allotted time to make statements or ask questions of the deputy attorney general. “Mr. Chairman, can we allow the witness to answer?” Swalwell asked House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte. “Mr. Chairman, point of order. We can go to Mr. Jordan’s press conference and hear from him. But we came here to hear from the witnesses.”...
DOJ Was Negotiating Julian Assange Immunity-Cooperation 
Deal But James Comey Killed It, WHY?
by Jeff Dunetz
{ } ~ Reporting from John Solomon at The Hill on Monday sheds light on a little-remarked episode in the Russiagate saga from February and March 2017... It may hold the key to a lot. Solomon’s sources say that during negotiations with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, from which the Justice Department hoped to get an immunity agreement and some cooperation with Assange on redacting information from upcoming WikiLeaks data dumps, FBI Director James Comey spiked the whole process. Because of Comey, negotiations were shut down. And, of particular interest to the Russiagate narrative, Assange was also offering to explain why the source of the John Podesta email data released by WikiLeaks in 2016 could not be the Russian hackers suspected by the FBI. Assange was not offering to disclose his source; only to discuss why his information indicated it could not be the Russians. After Comey shut the negotiations with Assange down, attempts to revive them were unsuccessful. The end result was the devastating WikiLeaks release on 7 April 2017 of a CIA-developed hacking framework with which to build custom malware. This wasn’t just information about the kind of capability the CIA had; it was code-level data...
European Terrorism: The 'Batman Syndrome'
by Giulio Meotti 
{ } ~ The European Union lost €180 billion (USD $210 billion) in GDP due to terrorism between 2004 and 2016... The United Kingdom (€43.7 billion) and France (€43 billion) suffered the highest losses, followed by Spain (€40.8 billion) and Germany (€19.2 billion), according to a Rand Corporation study. New statistics  have also come from the Britain's anti-terrorism office. 441 people have been arrested in the UK for terrorism in the last year alone, and 4,182 since the attacks of September 11, 2001. The threat of terrorism is exhausting Europe. According to the Spanish "black book" of terrorism, 658 Europeans have been murdered in terror attacks on European soil, while 1,029 Europeans have been killed by them abroad. Half of the French army has been deployed within the French Republic to protect the civilian targets, such as schools, monuments, and religious sites. Europe's armies are exhausted from patrolling the streets, to the point that NATO planners now fear that, over time, European armies "may get better at guarding railway stations and airports than fighting wars". An officer who recently returned from Afghanistan for guard duty in Belgium said: "We are standing around like flowers pots, just waiting to be smashed". Germany also sent troops into the streets for the first time since the Second World War...
Supreme Court deals blow to unions, 
rules against forced fees for government workers 
by Bill Mears
{ } ~ In a major legal and political defeat for big labor, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Wednesday... that state government workers cannot be forced to pay so-called "fair share" fees to support collective bargaining and other union activities. The conservative majority said a union's contract negotiations over pay and benefits were inextricably linked with its broader political activities, and concluded workers had a limited constitutional right not to underwrite such "speech." The case specifically examined union fees paid by non-members. “This procedure violates the First Amendment and cannot continue,” Associate Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the majority opinion. “Neither an agency fee nor any other payment to the union may be deducted from a non-member’s wages, nor may any other attempt be made to collect such a payment, unless the employee affirmatively consents to pay.”...
Senator’s Video Celebrates Legal Immigrants, New Citizens
by Katherine Rohloff
{ } ~ In response to what he calls “noise surrounding illegal immigration,” Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., added his own voice to the subject... by releasing a video Friday celebrating those who legally entered the United States and became citizens. “This afternoon, if you wanted to apply for any job in the country, you can,” Lankford says in the video, speaking in an Oklahoma City courtroom filled with new citizens waving miniature American flags. “You’re an American. … Be the American that you’ve always said Americans are, and enjoy living the American dream with us.” The 2-minute video was shot at a citizenship ceremony the previous Friday. Released on the Oklahoma Republican’s website and social media pages, the video follows the senator as he welcomes a new group of citizens. It’s a ceremony Lankford has enjoyed attending for years, his communications director, Darrell “D.J.” Jordan, told The Daily Signal...
The Remains of Our American 
Servicemen Will Soon Be on U.S. Soil
by Kyle Becker

{ } ~ The military remains of servicemen missing in action or who died fighting in the Korean War... are coming back to the United States. And very soon now, at least to start: The U.S. military in South Korea said Saturday it had moved 100 wooden coffins and U.S. flags to the border with North Korea to prepare for the repatriation, The New York Times reported. That’s a direct result of the historic meeting in Singapore several weeks ago between President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. “The United States and the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified,” the joint statement noted. It was one of the summit’s four main points of agreement...
Prohibitionism in a Civil War of Values
by Daniel Greenfield 

{ } ~ “Prohibitionism never works” is a cliché. And like most clichés, it’s true and not true at the same time. 

Everyone believes that prohibitionism works and never works. The progressive advocating for drug legalization believes just as fervently in the power of gun control as in the futility of banning pot. He doesn’t see the contradiction, because he knows that the drug laws never stopped him from getting high. But he would never want to buy guns, legally or illegally. So banning them should work. 

The first law of prohibitionism is that banning things other people want seems easy. But banning the things that you want appears impossible. Prohibitionism never works for you, but works for him. 

We ban all sorts of things. Many of them, like nuclear bombs or lethal toxins, are things that few would want. So prohibiting possession of them works fairly well. But when there’s significant demand, then no amount of legal and social sanction can stop a black market from continuing to operate in the shadows. 

Prohibitionism won’t entirely wipe out that black market. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. 

Nothing is as reviled in our society as the sexual abuse of children. Hardly anyone in the United States, on the left or the right Some of Europe’s Green parties have tried to legalize pedophilia, and the New York Times and Gawker, in its glory days, had pieces defending it will advocate legalization. 

Operation Broken Heart recently made 2,300 arrests for everything from child pornography to child trafficking. The investigation, which ran from March to May, received 25,000 tips. Those are horrifying numbers. And they show that, as the cliché goes, prohibitionism doesn’t work. It hasn’t stamped out traffic in the vilest crime that we can possibly imagine. But that also shows the limits of the cliché. 

No law will ever entirely wipe out certain crimes. But prohibiting them limits their prevalence. And it reduces the number of innocent victims. 2,300 or 25,000 are both horrifying numbers. But imagine how high they would be without prohibitionism. The laws we take for granted today weren’t always there. 19th century moralists campaigned hard for them by exposing the abuse of children in London and Paris. 

Prohibitionism has a strong moral component. That’s why it doesn’t work without social sanction. 

Social sanction and law enforcement can banish a behavior to the shadows. But without social sanction, the behavior reemerges into the daylight. And the calls for legalization swiftly follow. The enforcement of laws that aren’t backed by social sanction turns hollow and becomes a curious historical relic. 

Like Prohibition era cops raiding speakeasies and smashing barrels of moonshine with sledgehammers. 

The left dismantled social sanctions on drug use and gay marriage, but has spent three times as long trying and failing to impose social sanctions on gun ownership. That’s because dismantling social sanctions is easy. All it takes is demonstrating that a significant section of society practices the sanctioned behavior with no consequences. And is perfectly happy to go on doing so indefinitely. 

Social sanctions can’t be imposed on a divided country. And that’s just as true for the left’s sanctions. 

The left has failed to realize that it is much harder to build values in a divided society than to take them apart. If Kansas can’t change Hollywood, why should Hollywood be able to change Kansas? The cultural elites wanted immunity from the community values of the heartland. But having won all those battles, they hypocritically turned around and tried to impose their own values on the heartland. 

Hollywood has replaced the Hays Code that governed what could be shown on the screen with its code that, like the Hays Code, is designed to socially engineer values throughout the entertainment industry. This Hollywood Code, with its codicils about diversity, environmentalism, hostility to the military and endorsement of progressive values, is only faintly codified. But virtually everything you see projects it. 

But it is even more difficult to embed values remotely than it is to govern a country from far away. Making policy for the whole country in the Washington D.C. bubble backfires. Making values for the country in the Hollywood, Harvard and Manhattan bubbles is an even more doomed political project. 

The left’s moral panics, over gun control or global warming, are amplified through the megaphones of popular culture, academia and the media. They are dressed up in the traditional images of victimized children and total catastrophe. Not to mention the lab coats of science. But each time the panic comes up against the existence of the gun owners and truck drivers of the other half of the country. 

Our values reflect how we live. And people in Iowa and Nebraska are not going to live like New York or San Francisco no matter how much they’re scolded and hectored by their bicoastal betters. 

Moral panics are directed at populations, not behaviors. Prohibition targeted liquor at a time when that was the substance of choice for those on the lowest rung of the ladder. These days it’s drugs. But it was the social problems caused by that population living on the lowest rung that was the real issue. 

When a society is united, then its moral panics are aimed at pockets of misbehavior in the lowest and highest social spheres. But when it’s divided, then the moral panics are aimed broadly at the way the other half lives. And these panics serve only to reinforce the sense of superiority of the panickers. Every failed gun control bid ends with blue state lefties sighing in relief at their infinitely better way of life. 

Punitive prohibitionism in a divided society is just tyranny. All it does is deepen the existing social divide. 

Social sanctions don’t work when a society can’t agree on a common set of values. Attempting to impose them anyway leads to a social civil war of the kind that made President Trump a reality. 

"A house divided against itself cannot stand," Lincoln famously observed. Political divisions can be endured, but sustaining moral divisions in a single country requires an even greater compromise. And the left is not about to accept the same moral libertarianism that it had demanded throughout the twentieth century. It is convinced that it won. And winners don’t compromise. They take everything. 

But the left didn’t actually win. It just wrecked the house. It didn’t unite the country under its values. Instead its social catastrophes are destroying the very idea of values around the country and the world. 

Our values originated in religion. And that is declining across the country. They originated in communities that are being fractured by nationalization, globalization and the internet. And the left’s ideology will never replace religion and community for more than a tiny fraction of the population. Its experiments in the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, Cuba and Europe have shown that. 

While the 1% of the leftist cult actually run a society, the other 99% retreat into hollow pursuits. Birth rates fall, suicide rates rise, alcohol and drug abuse run rampant as people lose any sense of purpose. 

We are beginning to see the same situation in the United States of America. 

While the left rants about gun violence, suicides far outnumber homicides. Our suicide rate continues to rise for reasons having nothing to do with the left’s moral panic about gun owners, but everything having to do with a lack of purpose and meaning. The loss of purpose and meaning is killing Americans. 

Prohibitionism represents a failure of values. Sometimes these failures are local. Other times national. 

Even the most morally divided society can still occasionally agree on things so reviled that they must be prohibited. But our society is losing its values and those we have are increasingly not the ones we have in common. The civil war tearing apart this country has its origins not in violence, but in values.

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Comment by Rudy Tirre on June 29, 2018 at 7:07am


yes civil war is coming and the liberals are trying act on it by lying and covering up the truth.

Comment by Bonnie Somer on June 29, 2018 at 3:24am




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Rudy Fires Warning Shot – Going to Release Evidence on the Biden’s Millions in Corrupt Deeds!

President Trump’s personal attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped a bomb this morning warning that he is going to start revealing documents related to the Biden Family’s corrupt and criminal dealings in the Ukraine and elsewhere around the world.

Rudy tweeted:

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

Rudy Giuliani    @RudyGiuliani

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

It’s time to take these criminals from the Obama Administration to task.  The Bidens, Obamas and the Clintons were criminal enterprises.

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