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Socialist Climate Policies Drive France's Riots
by Louis DeBroux  
DC, Maryland AGs subpoena Trump Org, 
Pentagon in lawsuit over DC hotel
by Samuel Chamberlain  
{} ~ The attorneys general for Maryland and the District of Columbia filed subpoenas Tuesday seeking records from the Trump Organization... and a dozen other entities linked to President Trump as part of a lawsuit accusing him of profiting from his presidency in violation of the Constitution. The subpoenas came one day after U.S. District Court Judge Peter J. Messitte approved a brisk schedule for discovery in the case alleging that foreign and domestic government spending at Trump's Washington, D.C. hotel amounts to gifts to the president in violation of the emoluments clause. The Article I clause, also known as the Title of Nobility Clause, prohibits federal officeholders from receiving "any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State" without the consent of Congress. The subpoenas target 37 entities, including the Department of Defense, General Services Administration, Department of the Treasury, Department of Commerce and the Department of Agriculture, all of which have spent taxpayer dollars at the hotel or have information on Trump's finances relevant to the case. The other Trump entities targeted include those related to the D.C. hotel and its management. The attorneys general also subpoenaed 18 entities that compete with the Trump Hotel in an apparent effort to determine how their business has been affected since Trump's election and inauguration. The subpoenas focus on answering three questions: which foreign or domestic governments are paying the Trump International Hotel in Washington, where that money is going and how Trump's hotel is affecting the hospitality industry in the District of Columbia and Maryland...
dirty cop-Mueller Memo’s Key Takeaways: 
No Collusion, Flynn is a Good Man
by Sara Carter
{} ~ Special Counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller released his highly redacted and anticipated memo Tuesday... recommending a lenient sentence for former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and no jail time. The memo noted that “the defendant’s substantial assistance and other consideration” was the reason dirty cop-Mueller recommended the lenient sentence for the retired Army three-star general. The six-page memo went on to state that ‘a sentence at the low end of the guideline range, including a sentence that does not impose a term of incarceration – is appropriate and warranted.”According to the memo, Flynn sat for 19 interviews with the Special Counsel but the dirty cop-Mueller memo didn’t disclose what “substantial” information the former short-term National Security Advisor provided to the Department of Justice.Rep. Mark Meadows, R-NC, who has been at the forefront of Congressional investigations into the FBI’s handling of the Russia probe, told this reporter late Tuesday that it’s what’s not in dirty cop-Mueller’s recommendations that reveal “they didn’t have anything in the sentencing guidelines that show Flynn colluded with Russia.” “It took nearly two years for dirty cop-Robert Mueller to come to the same conclusion that President Trump got to several months after Flynn was charged – that Flynn is a good man and didn’t collude,” said Meadows. Meadows noted that the term “substantial cooperation” is a legal phrase that is necessary to include in the sentencing recommendation “in order to get a reduced sentence from the court.”...
Trump's impromptu China trade deal unravels
by Dave Boyer and S.A. Miller 
{} ~ Skepticism mounted Tuesday about President Trump’s impromptu trade agreement with the president of China... as Mr. Trump threatened new penalties against Beijing if the deal falls through. Stock markets plummeted. White House officials acknowledged that China hasn’t fully committed to eliminate auto tariffs, as Mr. Trump announced Sunday in a tweet. Officials downplayed expectations about reaching a broader trade deal that would end the tariff war. “It hasn’t been signed and sealed and delivered yet,” said White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who added later in the day that “I have no assurances” China will change its trade behavior. Declaring himself “Tariff Man,” Mr. Trump warned China to make a trade deal — or else. He said negotiations already were underway on the commitments made with Chinese President Xi Jinping over dinner Saturday during the Group of 20 summit in Argentina. “President Xi and I want this deal to happen, and it probably will. But if not remember … I am a Tariff Man,” Mr. Trump said in a series of tweets...
Daniel Krauthammer discusses his late father’s
legacy and final book with Fox’s Bret Baier
by Ben Baird
{} ~ There weren’t any state funerals to honor the passing of the late political theorist, syndicated columnist and frequent Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer in June... Yet, much like the 41st U.S. president is currently being honored for his character, Charles Krauthammer was an extraordinary man whose incredible legacy is worth remembering. His son, Daniel Krauthammer, has immortalized his father’s legacy by completing the conservative commentator’s final book, The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors. Krauthammer’s son sat down in the very seat his father once occupied on Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier” to discuss the book and elaborate on Charles’ extraordinary life...
Explorer: Ark of the Covenant May Have Been Found
by Michael Foust
{} ~ The head of an exploration institute that searches the world for biblical relics says the Ark of the Covenant... and the Ten Commandment tablets may be resting in a church in Ethiopia.  Bob Cornuke, president of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (BASE) Institute, wrote in a blog post that a recent investigation led him to Ethiopia, where tradition says the Ark of the Covenant -- and the Ten Commandments that it housed -- were taken following events described in the Old Testament. The  Ark allegedly is housed at St. Mary’s of Zion Church in Axum, Ethiopia, where a “Guardian of the Ark” spends his entire life protecting it. No one else is allowed to see it. “This man, reportedly, lives his entire life inside a fenced-off area surrounding St. Mary’s of Zion,” Cornuke wrote in the blog. “He will not leave this fenced-off compound until he dies -- when he will be replaced by the next Guardian of the Ark. In the chapel of the church, 30 robes from 30 previous guardians are on display -- and every one of those 30 professed that the object they protected was the true Ark of the Covenant.” Cornuke isn’t the first person to investigate the church’s claims. Smithsonian Magazine  conducted its own investigation more than a decade ago. But Cornuke’s newest blog has been quoted in newspapers and websites worldwide...
How to Rebalance US Global Security 
Cheaply and Easily
by Stephen Blank and Peter Huessy
{} ~ The US renunciation of the 1987 United States-Soviet Union Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF)... has generated much skepticism in the arms-control community –particularly in much of Europe, and from Japan. These countries hoped not only to keep Russia and the United States in the 1987 treaty, despite Russia's major violations of the INF treaty but also to persuade China to become a party to the treaty and thus be forced to eliminate the multiple hundreds of INF-range missiles China has deployed in Asia ranged against US and its allied interests. Given the fact that the Russian and Chinese threats are present and growing, the US decision to withdraw from the treaty and deploy weapons such as more missiles to counter these threats, actually strengthens – not weakens – both deterrence and the defense of America's allies. Specifically, Russia, evidently not restrained by the agreement, is already building missiles outside the INF treaty, according to an October 29, 2018 report from the Congressional Research Service. Without a parallel United States and NATO response, the missile imbalance in Europe could expand to the detriment of the security of the US and its allies, thereby undermining the very deterrence that the INF treaty enhanced when both parties were compliant...
Socialist Climate Policies Drive France's Riots
by Louis DeBroux:  In recent weeks, images of “Yellow Jackets” (a reference to the reflective yellow vests, required to be carried by all French drivers, worn by protesters) have dominated media — angry French citizens rioting in the streets, vandalizing monuments, and setting Paris aflame. To be fair, only a small percentage of the nearly 300,000 Frenchmen who have taken to the streets have engaged in violence.

             And fewer still seem to appreciate the irony of these protests because, despite the anger, the French are getting exactly what they voted for: socialism.
               Last year the French elected socialist Emmanuel Macron in a 66-34 blowout over the nationalist Marine Le Pen, following that up months later by giving Macron’s La République en Marche! (LRM) party complete control of France’s government with 377 of the French National Assembly’s 577 seats.
               Today Macron’s approval rating stands at an abysmal 26%, far below that of U.S. President Donald Trump. Yet Macron has repeatedly rebuked Trump for his pro-American “nationalism.” Trump’s nationalism certainly stands in stark contrast to the globalism of world leaders like Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel, who responded to criticism of migration and climate change policies by declaring, “Countries must give up their sovereignty … in an orderly fashion of course.”
               The catalyst for the recent protests and riots — the worst in France since the 1968 uprising that led to the downfall of President Charles de Gaulle — was an increase in the gas tax. Why the tax? To force French citizens off of diesel and gas-powered cars and into electric cars so as to combat the ecofascist hobgoblin of “climate change,” which, we’re incessantly told, is a cataclysmic problem that supposedly justifies extreme policies.
               For the French, who drive more diesel vehicles than any other European nation, this meant a tax hike that resulted in fuel prices of nearly $7 a gallon. This is extremely painful for the average French citizen struggling to get by in a sluggish French economy.
               In an attempt to quell the anger driving the riots, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced this week that the government will suspend the tax for six months.
               Of course, it’s an open secret that the war to end “climate change” is really a proxy war to destroy free-market capitalism and replace it with globalist socialism while curtailing individual rights.
               In 2015, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of UNIPCC (the global governing body on climate change), declared that the real goal of the “global warming” agenda is not avoiding ecological disaster but destroying capitalism. Figueres said, “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”
               If the goal was to reduce CO2 emissions, France and the world would emulate America, which has reduced CO2 output more than any other country in the last 30 years, and by a wide margin (a 14% reduction in U.S. emissions from 2005-2017 alone, versus a 21% increase for the rest of the world), despite rejecting both the Kyoto and Paris climate treaties.
               But much like socialist Sen. commie-Bernie Sanders — who owns three houses and a high-end sports car — the French people want to enjoy the feeling of moral superiority of embracing socialism (who can be against equality for all?) without actually having to deal with the consequences of socialism, which is, and always has been, government oppression and widespread poverty.
               Even as the French protest and riot over the increase in the gas tax, they reject proposals to cut spending in social services and welfare. As reported in The Washington Post, “A key priority for Macron’s administration has been to honor France’s European commitment to keep its budget deficit below 3 percent of gross domestic product. Suspending the carbon tax will mean that billions of euros will have to be saved elsewhere, possibly in the form of spending cuts that could affect the social services that many yellow-vest protesters also cherish. … But Macron’s political opponents rejected out of hand the suggestion that social services might be cut in any way.”
               The Washington Times further reports, “The demonstrations have unexpectedly morphed into a general expression of discontent over living conditions in France. … Specifically, many of the protesters want higher salaries and pensions, jobs, better services and tax cuts.” In other words, more generous wages and benefits at someone else’s expense.
               The French do not seem to grasp cause and effect. France is already the second-most heavily taxed of all Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, and while Macron has implemented some pro-business policies, the economy continues to be bogged down by high taxes, burdensome regulations, and massive welfare costs, all of which drives France’s 8.9% unemployment rate (21.5% for youth) and sluggish, sub-2% GDP growth.
               It’s not just France, though. These same types of violent protests have spread to Belgium and the Netherlands and continue to build throughout Europe. We saw this occur in Greece when austerity measures were implemented to stave off complete bankruptcy.
               American socialists and global-warming hysterics — free to preach their secular gospel while living free of its consequences — take note. America’s commitment to individual rights and the free market have made it the undisputed global leader. Tamper at your own peril.  

~The Patriot Post  

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Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


CRIME!! -> Clinton Nightmare! Chief Financial Officer Of Clinton Foundation Turns Government Informant On Crime Family

Donations to the Clinton Foundation plummeted by 90% over a three-year period since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to President Donald Trump.

But that may be the least of the her worries.

John Solomon from The Hill dropped another bombshell that will keep the Clintons up at night.

The former Chief Financial Officer of the Clinton Foundation has turned on the crime family and is now working as a government informant.

This could spell doom for the Clinton Crime Family.

American Thinker reported:

John Solomon of The Hill reveals the story that has been percolating for a long time but kept tightly under wraps – because that is what serious prosecutors do, especially when grand juries are poring over evidence and issuing indictments that remain sealed until the right moment comes. The trigger for the story coming out now probably is a House subcommittee hearing scheduled next week by Mark Meadows, chair of the House Freedom Caucus, while the GOP still can set the agenda of House hearings.

[A] GOP-led congressional subcommittee, led by Rep. Mark Meadows (N.C.), is planning to hold a hearing next week to review the work of John Huber, the special U.S attorney named a year ago to investigate all things Clinton.

It turns out that whistleblowers inside and outside the Clinton Foundation have amassed “6,000 pages of evidence attached to a whistleblower submission filed secretly more than a year ago with the IRS and FBI.” Among that evidence can be found:

Those reviews flagged serious concerns about legal compliance, improper commingling of personal and charity business and “quid pro quo” promises made to donors while Hillary Clinton was secretary of State.

The submission also cites an interview its investigators conducted with Andrew Kessel that quotes the foundation’s longtime chief financial officer as saying he was unable to stop former President Clinton from “commingling” personal business and charitable activities inside the foundation and that he “knows where all the bodies are buried.”

Their own investigation! That’s hard to put down as politically motivated.

Having the chief financial officer of the Clinton Foundation turn informant is a nightmare for the Clintons. The CFO has to process all the cash, and because that person usually is on the hook for any criminal violations, there is ample incentive to turn state’s evidence.

That evidence was assembled by a private firm called MDA Analytics LLC, run by accomplished ex-federal criminal investigators, who alleged the Clinton Foundation engaged in illegal activities and may be liable for millions of dollars in delinquent taxes and penalties.

In addition to the IRS, the firm’s partners have had contact with prosecutors in the main Justice Department in Washington and FBI agents in Little Rock, Ark.

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