The New Stealth Trolls—Faux-Conservatives!

Posted on The Patriot Update-By Ann-Marie Murrell-On April 29, 2011:

Being one of the mega-page Facebook types, I think I can justifiably say I’m an expert at detecting Trolls.  In case you’re not familiar with the term, it’s basically a word used for the instigator-types who sneak around Conservative websites trying to start fights.  They know exactly which buttons to push; they know what to say to spark a debate and then they sit back in their Evil Troll basements laughing maniacally at the chaos they’ve induced.  (At least that’s the way I picture them…)

The ‘old school’ Trolls were pretty straightforward and easy to spot.  It’s sort of like they spoke their own brand of Trollaneze, dropping in key liberal phrases like “evil capitalism” or “Bush lied, people died!” or “No war for oil, man!”   Everyone could tell who the Troll was, usually resulting in any number of people writing ‘Troll alert!” resulting in a mass Troll attack, ultimately causing the Troll to either suddenly disappear or and/or drop-kicked and blocked forever.  Their type is more annoying than dangerous—sort of like gnats.

But folks, times have changed.  The Left is getting desperate and they’re resorting to different measures.

I’ve discovered a brand new breed of Troll and they are much sneakier and much more dangerous to Conservatives.  I’ve even coined a new term for them:  Faux-ConTrolls—a Liberal blend of fake Conservative and Troll, resulting in that favorite Liberal word, ‘control’.  (Oh–and “faux” because it’s French.  Enough said.)

I’m not sure exactly when they switched over to this new stealth-mode of trolling.  It’s almost like they all got together and had a huge Liberal Troll meeting, probably someplace like San Francisco, and led by Troll leaders like George Soros and his Media Matters.  They realized they had to use another tactic than simply showing up in the middle of Conservative conversations and blatantly causing arguments; it was too easy to get kicked off sites that way.

No, they needed to find a way to infiltrate undetected; sneak in the back door, and find new ways to instigate and cause chaos.

It’s interesting that these Faux-ConTrolls are very much in line with Cass Sunstein’s book, “Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness.” Basically, “Nudge” is a Liberal how-to about how to be sly and inconspicuous in getting your Liberal views across without alarming all of us easily-alarmed Conservatives.   So on Conservative websites, instead of the usual Troll MOA of shoving everyone into mayhem, they are now gently, subtly nudging.

I recently discovered a few ConTrolls-types on my own Facebook page.  They had been posting the same type of provocative statements–almost verbatim– on almost every link I posted.  Each time, they would instigate extremely negative discussions on my page, resulting in people beginning to cry ‘Troll alert’—yet they kept insisting they were ‘one of us.’  I checked out their Facebook pages and at first glance they seemed perfectly normal–had all the correct Conservative Pages and Groups ‘liked’, including key Conservative catchphrases like “Constitution” and “Fox News.”  But looking deeper, I knew immediately who they really were and what they were trying to do.  On their pages, I was able to see dozens and dozens of negative comments they’d been leaving on almost every Conservative site on Facebook (including my own).  It was as if they were cut-and-pasting the same statements all over Facebook—“He’s a RINO!” or “She’s too stupid to win!” or “He voted against (_______) so he’s a RINO!”  After following their trails and seeing the debates they were inciting all over the place, I knew I’d caught myself a few ConTrolls.

Don’t get me wrong; just because you’re passionately for or against a politician doesn’t mean you’re considered a ConTroll.  We all have gripes about almost every politician, myself included.  No politician is perfect nor has perfect voting records on every issue–and we can’t all like everyone equally.  But every Conservative I know has at least ONE politician they respect other than President Reagan; on the contrary, the ConTroll rarely if ever says anything good about any Conservative.  If asked straight-out, he will usually either try to divert attention away from the question or, if desperate not to blow his cover, will mention someone’s name with a back-handed swipe to undermine THAT person, too.  Remember:  the ConTroll hates all Conservatives so the last thing they want to do is elevate anyone on our side in any way.

What the ConTroll is ultimately looking for is cracks on our Conservative veneer through which they can squish their poison.  All they need to do is sprinkle a little seed of doubt here—a little piece of “concern” there—while subtly mentioning every negative side of every issue.  The ConTroll rarely talks badly about the Liberal side unless they feel they absolutely have to—but mostly, their job is to tear down OUR side, to make us feel doubt and concern about people on our side.  And all they have to do is jump into a conversation disguised as “one of us,” point out all those bad things and then disappear.  They want to take advantage of our concerns, exploit our fears, propagate our frustrations, deflate any ideas or solutions to problems and possibly even to incite violence.  Bottom line, they want to break us down from within—and they are counting on our side imploding.

And when you think about it, that’s really all they have to do to win in 2012, isn’t it?

The GREAT thing about ConTrolls (and all Liberals-in-general) is that they’re not very smart.  They remind me of a Simpson’s episode called “The Prisoner.” A female mad scientist tries to capture Homer by releasing a giant balloon (which Homer promptly pops).  Her partner asks, “Why did you think a big balloon would stop people?”  Her response, in typical Liberal form:  “Shut up, that’s why!”

Now, personally I understood her rationale (because of my irrational fear of balloons).  But the Simpson’s/ConTroll analogy totally explains their ultimate reasoning for almost everything they believe when cornered with actual facts, truth and light:  “Shut up, that’s why!”


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