Curious of what the Mark of the Beast meant, I went to the Internet for the answer.  I learned that it had to do with 2008, the beginning of the end.  That meant the Mark of the Beast had to do with Barack Obama.  In November 2008, the month and year Obama was elected, Saturn, the learning planet, went into its worst alignment with Pluto, the generational planet.  With Obama President, what you see is what you got.  I’d say Obama is a bad omen.  

Iran’s leadership is wrapped up in the Mark of the Beast. Is the Mark of the Beast about to bring about the end of our world?  If you believe the leaders of Iran, we are going end in a blood bath.  If America’s current leadership has anything to do with it, yes, we are very near the end of the world we have known.

The picture is of my mother holding me shortly after my birth in 1925, six years after the end of World War I.  Conservative Republican Coolidge was President of the United States, following liberal Democrat Wilson’s short lived depression.  The nation was prospering, but not for long. Congress gave the IRS the authority in 1925 to ignore the Fourth Amendment for the greater good.  The IRS was authorized to look though our personal papers for income tax purposes, just because we might be cheating on our taxes. In other words, we are guilty until proven innocent.  With the income tax, the chicken comes before the egg.    Alas, with the United States back in a Depression,  liberal Democrat Roosevelt became President, with an “inherent duty” to the individual.  It has become out-of-control government, with Obama as our leader.  A lot has happened since I was born.

On December 7, 1941, I was in the car with my father listening to the radio. We were being informed of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. We were driving to my father’s farm investment twenty-five miles north of our home in Dallas, Texas.  The nation was in a long-lasting depression.  My father paid his farm labor fifteen cents per hour. Neighboring farmers came to my father and complained that he was ruining them. They could only afford to pay ten cents per hour.

On September 17, 1943, I celebrated my eighteenth birthday. On October 12, 1943, I was inducted into the Army Air Corps.  In March 1946, I was given honorable discharge . After liberal Roosevelt’s eleven-year depression, the economy was booming. It took World War II to bring America out of her hard times.

I was in my car in a traffic jam in Dallas caused by President John Kennedy’s motorcade. I was listening to the Stamps Quartette on the radio singing “Give the world a smile each day, helping someone on life’s way,”  when the music was interrupted for an announcement that President Kennedy had been shot. (“Give the World a Smile” ) Kennedy’s executioner was a Marxist.  The American people didn’t take to the streets in protest of Marxism.   At the time of Kennedy’s assassination, my sister was on a visit to New York City.  When her waitress learned that she was from Dallas, she refused to serve my sister.   

On September 11, 2001, I was living full time in our RV. Retired and nothing better to do with my time, I was writing my memoirs.  Something biblical came to mind, I don’t remember what.  I was reading  The Scofield Study Bible’s introduction.  I had underlined, “The saying that ‘anything may be proved by the Bible’ is both true and false—true if isolated passages are used; utterly false if the whole divine revelation is in view.”  I had underlined, “The Dispensation are distinguished, exhibiting the majestic, progressive order of the divine dealings of God with humanity, ‘the increasing purpose’ which runs through and links together the ages, from the beginning of the life of man to the end in eternity.”

The telephone rang.  It was Karen calling from Rogue River RV Park’s office in Shady Cove, Oregon where she worked as a temporary clerk. Her job ended in November. Home was wherever we were. We planned on heading to South Florida for the winter.  Karen told me to turn on the TV.  The scene on TV left me numb.

In the interest of saving us from ourselves, at the tenth anniversary memorial of 9/11, Vice President Joe Biden said the attacks “galvanized a new generation of patriots”—patriot, a liberal buzz-word for idiot.  AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, singling out certain groups against him, and calling them hate-mongers, typical Marxist dogma, gave us his advice.

Responding to my Tea Party blog, “In Earth as It Is in Heaven,” Rev. Jerry L Robertson said, "I'm looking forward to your publication, coming forth! (In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012)  You have acquired some keen incite.  May I suggest that you acquire a copy of the book , 'The Harbinger' by Jonathan Cahn.  It just released on January 31,…"  Jonathan Cahn is a prominent rabbi.  I tweeted this blog. Rabbi Shrifren, the conservative choice for California’s 26th District, decided to be my follower. I’m giving you the lead. There is a groundswell building that is going to sweep the world.  

The news of what is to become of Obamacare is coming from the Supreme Court in June. It will not be the answer. The answer will be in my book, also coming in June.

The end of the world is thought to be coming this year, which will usher in a new world. You will get an idea in my book of what your new world will be like.

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1 Billion Dollar Net Worth!!! Oberlin College Claims Poverty To Avoid Paying Punitive Damages To Gibson’s Bakery

Although IRS reports show the university is worth around $1 billion, Oberlin College still claimed poverty to avoid paying punitive damages to Gibson’s Bakery.

As Breitbart News reported this week, the far-left Oberlin College lost a defamation case filed by Gibson’s Bakery after a local jury found the university liable for falsely accusing the family bakery of racism.

The jury ordered Oberlin on Friday to pay Gibson’s $11.2 million in compensatory damages for defamation and intentional interference with a business.

Legal Insurrection reported on Thursday that “the jury awarded a total of $33 million in punitive damages, which will probably be reduced by the court to $22 million because of the state law cap at twice compensatory.”

Legal Insurrection has been following the case for two years — since the beginning — and reports that the school’s only defense against a sizable punitive award is to pretend it is poor, despite holding assets that amount to a billion — with a “b” — dollars and despite paying some of its staffers more than a half-million dollars a year:

Oberlin College was so hellbent on getting the message out that their cash liquidity was in such dire straits — as the eight-person jury was figuring out if they wish to add $22.4 million to the school’s legal verdict bill — that they brought out the school’s president, Carmen Twillie Ambar to the stand to tell that part the story.

“We’ve created deficits … and over the next ten years, if this continues, that is unsustainable and we will not exist,” Ambar told the jury. She even indicated the school’s grants — about $60 million a year from the school, and lots of students get those scholarships as only 10% of them pay the full $70,000 a year — were important to preserve as “the accessibility of education” was a key component of the school’s purpose.


The college has more than $1 billion in funds and net assets according to the latest IRS 990 form, an endowment fund that had grown from $440 million to $887 million in the last 20 years, and because of its non-profit status, pays no taxes on any property it owns.

It also had 18 members of their administration making more than $100,00 a year. The president and chief financial officer of the school were both making more than $500,000 a year.

Grifters gonna grift…

The day after Donald Trump won the presidency, this nutball school apparently decided to take out its impotent woke-rage on this poor bakery, which has been part of the Oberlin community for more than a century.

It all started when three Oberlin students (who would later plead guilty in a plea deal) attempted to steal bottles of wine.

The proprietors caught the students and, while attempting to hold them until police arrived, were allegedly roughed up by the shoplifters. But because the students are black and the proprietors white — and with no respect for due process or facts — Oberlin staffers and students decided some vigilantism was in order and did everything in their considerable power to destroy this local bakery forever, to smite it off the map.

Classes were canceled so hundreds of students could protest in front of the small store while enjoying free food and drink, courtesy of the school. School staffers handed out fliers that basically described the family-owned bakery as the local branch of the KKK.

As a result, the bakery had to lay off almost all of its employees and barely avoided bankruptcy.

In the end, the three shoplifters said race had nothing to do with what happened.

For those of you interested in incurring $200,000 in debt before you even enter the workforce, it looks as though you can major in Mob Justice at Oberlin.


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