This is just hilarious, and oh-so-right on!  This man is a gift from God.  Rush Limbaugh just has a way of putting things, of coming up with such basic common-sense ideas that it amazes me.  Read on, friends---

It's Time Democrats Pay Their Fair Share for the Mess They Created
September 19, 2011

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RUSH: Try looking at it this way. The reason that we are in the fiscal position that we're in in this country so that people who work in government have been irresponsible, totally and 100% irresponsible. Now, being honest you could lay a majority of this blame to the Democrat Party. They live and breathe off the notion of ever-expanding government, government running more and more of people's lives. It is they who came up with all of these entitlement programs, most of them. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, they're not the only ones. The list is on and on and on. Why in the world should we -- any of us, collectively or individually. Why should it be up to us to pay for their mistakes, which just allows them to keep on making mistakes?

And they're not even mistakes. They're doing all of this on purpose. Remember they fined BP $20 billion for that oil spill. They didn't pay it all out. What happened to that? All of the money that they have, and they still tell us that we are not paying enough in taxes! When the problem with this government is not that they don't have enough revenue, it is that they are the ones who refuse to live within their means. Now, after Obama spends $5 trillion that we don't have, now we get the "We gotta live within our means" speech, as though he had nothing to do with this; and now somehow all of this is the result of people who are cheating, scheming, "getting away with not paying their fair share;" which is a crock. 

There is nobody of any consequence not paying their fair share. That is the wrong way to look at this entirely. This is a spending problem. It's an irresponsible management of money problem. It is an ideological problem. It's a lot of problems rolled into one that are not ours except for the one main mistake many of us made -- sorry, many of you made -- and that is, if you've ever voted for a Democrat, you have a greater share of blame for this than those of us who never have. I didn't say total blame; I said greater share. If you voted for Democrats your whole life, you are the one that ought to be paying more taxes, regardless how much you make. 

If that's how we're gonna look at this, if we're gonna look at this and be fair, if that's gonna be the definition: Who helped create this mess? Whoever elected Democrats, over and through the years, they are the people. (interruption) That doesn't sound fair, Mr. Snerdley? Why not? Why? Well, no wait a minute. I'm trying to make a point here. Why is that "unfair, but"? Just because some people earn more than others, they ought to be paying? How is one fair and the other is an insult to your sensibilities? If I were to go make a speech, "Yep, we are in this situation..." Obama just said that the reason we're in this situation is that high-income earners aren't paying their fair share. I maintain we're in this position because too many Democrats have been elected, okay? 

So I want to punish the people who elected Democrats. Obama wants to punish people who make too much money. Why is punishing people who make too much money fair and punishing people who voted Democrat somehow, "I don't know, Rush. That kind of makes me nervous"? Well, I'm making a point here. Using taxes to punish people can never be fair, but it's a constant of the Democrat Party. Class envy is something they own, exclusively. They own class envy. They own class warfare. They own "the rich aren't paying their fair share." They own all of these entitlement programs that have destroyed people's lives. You know, if I had been a person voting Democrat all my life, and in the last five or ten years had had a change of heart, I don't know if I'd get through the guilt of what I've done. 
By electing Democrats, by electing liberals, by putting them in charge, what it's done to the moral fabric of the country, what it's done to the social fabric of the country. So I want to change the focus here. I want to change the way we look at this. Rather than "it's time for the rich to pay their fair share," it's about damn time the Democrats paid their fair share. If we're gonna start assigning blame, and Obama started it and that's what this is all about, okay, let's be honest about the blame. Anybody with a capital D after their name got elected, guilty. Anybody voted for 'em, responsible. Therefore, your taxes ought to go up! Besides, you've been voting all these years for other people's taxes to go up. 

That's what the Democrats have been telling you: They're gonna raise somebody else's taxes but yours. It's about time you found out what it's like. Doesn't sound fair, does it? I don't care. It's right. In my world, that's fair... In my world, this is what it takes here to fix the mess we're in. You Democrats created it. Our country's broke because of who you elected. The responsibility is yours. It's time you paid your fair share of the mess. The point is no matter who you go after this way, it just doesn't sound right, does it? You hear me, and I know some of you are applauding. I know that and I'll take the applause. 

Some of you are applauding and think it's a brilliant idea (and, frankly, it is), but at the same time some of you are saying, "No, Rush. No, no. I don't know. That's just not fair." Right, okay. So for those of you look at it that way, why is it so easy to go along with the rich not paying their fair share who I have tell you the rich as Obama defines them are the only people paying anything? Where's the thanks? Where's the thanks for people who are paying for everything? No. Instead of gratitude and thanks, all the Democrat Party wants for you to do is to continue to hate these people. 

They want to ratchet up your resentment, your hatred for your fellow citizens. Okay! So let's just change who we hate. Let's change from hating the rich to hating the Democrats. Works for me, and it's probably a little bit more valid. We'll call it The Jackass Tax, a tax increase on Democrats -- and that's one tax I might put my name on. You know Buffett's got his, Buffett Tax. I'll put my name on the Limbaugh Tax, exclusively on Democrats. I don't care what you make, you're paying it. I don't care if you make anything, you're gonna come up with some way to pay it because you gotta give it back if we're gonna start assigning blame here. 

He's talking about $1.5 trillion of new taxes, $1.5 trillion in new taxes, under the belief, the premise that somehow it's our fault that this country's finances are in the bad shape that they're in. It's not Obama's fault. It's no other politicians' faults. Not at the end of the day, really. It's not the Washington establishment's fault; it's ours. We have to pay for it. He's continually wanting us to feel responsible, continually wanting us feeling guilty for creating this mess. So Obama's jobs plan is $1.5 trillion in new taxes. New, $1.5 trillion in new taxes. That's the president's jobs plan. Cool. If you support that, you deserve to have your taxes raised. 


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