The Companies and Organizations Supporting La Raza

La Raza Has Called For All Of It's Partners and Associates

To Join In The Boycott Of Arizona.

Below is a list of La Raza's major partnerships:

The National Council of La Raza invites our
member corporations large and small and Hispanic
entrepreneurs to join in its mission to empower
current and future generations of Hispanic Americans.
We encourage individual Hispanic entrepreneurs to
become an NCLR partner as well. Partners like you
have firsthand knowledge of the hard work and dedication
it takes to achieve the American Dream. We would deeply
appreciate your involvement in our institution and welcome
your membership participation.

The Companies and Organizations Supporting La Raza

Allstate Insurance Company
American Airlines
American Express Company
Bank of America
Bridgestone Firestone
Trust Fund
Cardinal Health
Caterpillar Foundation
Catholic Healthcare
West Chevron Corporation
The Coca-Cola Company
Comcast Corporation
ConAgra Foods, Inc.
Coors Brewing Company
Cox Communications
Corporation Fund
Darden Restaurants Foundation
Eastman Kodak Company
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Fannie Mae
Ford Motor Company
General Mills, Inc.
General Motors Corporation
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Harrah’s Entertainment
Hess Foundation, Inc.
J.C. Penney Company, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
Kraft Foods, Inc.
The Kroger Co.
McDonald’s Corporation
The McGraw-Hill Companies
Mercedes Benz
MetLife Foundation
MGM Mirage
The Microsoft Corporation
Miller Brewing Company
Morgan Stanley
Northrop Grumman Corporation
PepsiCo, Inc.
Prudential Financial
Qwest Communications
Rockwell Automation
Schneider National
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
State Farm Insurance Companies
Time Warner Inc.
United Parcel Service (UPS)
Verizon Communications
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Waste Management, Inc.
Wells Fargo
Wilmer Cutler Pickering, LLP
Xerox Corporation

Institutional Corporate Partners

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) recognizes
those corporations that have invested in NCLR’s long-
term strategic efforts with multiyear, multimillion-dollar
commitments, including NCLR’s 'Empowering An American
Community Campaign.'

The Allstate Corporation
Bank of America
The Coca-Cola Company
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
Ford Motor Company
General Motors Corporation
MBNA Corporation
PepsiCo Foundation
The PMI Group, Inc.
State Farm Insurance Companies
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Corporate Programmatic Supporters

NCLR depends on our corporate partners for a variety
of programmatic support in areas such as Education,
Community Development, Health, Youth Leadership
Development, Civil Rights and Advocacy, Workforce
Development, and Affiliate Member Services.

Chevron Corporation
Lockheed Martin
Lucent Technologies Foundation
Marathon Oil Corporation
Rockwell Automation
State Farm Insurance Companies
Toyota Motor Corporation
Verizon Communications, Inc.

Housing and Wealth Building
The Allstate Corporation
Chase Home Finance
Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.
E*TRADE Financial
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation
Wells Fargo & Company
Washington Mutual, Inc.
Health Belrex Inc.
Eli Lilly and Company
Metropolitan Life
Novo Nordisk
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Pfizer Global
PepsiCo Foundation

I don't think I have to mention WE need to avoid doing business,
as best we can, with these companies till this BOYCOTT is recalled/over.

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Comment by Diane Dees on July 1, 2010 at 6:41pm
I am very familier with how La Raza works. They are bullies and blackmailers! This country is too afraid to stand up to what we fear will be perceived as a "politically incorrect" position. The sad fact is I work for one, am insured by another, my mortgage is with a third, and I drive a product from a fourth supporter. It is nearly impossible to boycott every company on this list, but I will let them know my displeasure at their position! God help the US, we are in trouble! La Raza has no reason in which to view illegals as just that. All they see is racism!
Comment by Jack Coe on June 13, 2010 at 11:02am
How can these companies and states boycott arizona when the same law applies in their own states . What is wrong with police asking for ID . It is ok in California but our whimp Mayor and politicians don't inforce their own laws . Everyone should boycott LA for not enforcing the Law
Comment by marcella wills james on June 12, 2010 at 9:38am
seems that covers just about everyone ! It reminds me of revelations in the bible where it says if you don't wear the mark of the beast you can't conduct business.
Comment by Barry 'Bigbare' Carson on June 11, 2010 at 7:38pm
Carol thanks for commenting to my post "La Raza"
Your question of "how can these companies" is easily answered.
La Raza took the Jessie Jackson Rainbow Coilition Playbook an
used it to threaten the Corporate Boards of Americas leading
companies with racism and boycots if the didn't pay their
ransom demands. It's just too bad these companies didn't
learn their lesson after 15 years of Jessies blackmail.

There is a great moral to this situation though.
once you surrender to evil you can never stand as tall again.
We need to remember that lesson as our evil government
attempts to blackmail us into surrendering our God given Rights
Comment by Carol Harper on June 11, 2010 at 7:20pm
How can these companies with any degree of conscience support illegals in our nation when they are hurting our economy so badly? Of course WalMart and I'm sure others, are notorious for hiring illegals. This is so sad for our nation.
Comment by Peggy j Phy on June 9, 2010 at 7:47am
I agree and I will do so Some of them I am tied to through finances and will not be able to avoid ,but I can protest to the business strenously!!!! What is going on when these businesses are supporting a group like Laroza whom I think is determined to take land that pioneers worked and died to make it prosperous and now this group wants to take something that others have worked to build? What about Mexico? why turn a beautiful Country over to druglords and others and just walk away? the Founders of America overcame hardships that are indescribable to some, to establish this nation. I believe in legal immigration and anyone that wishes to become an American and assimilate into American culture and is willing to fallow our Constitution is welcome


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BREAKING: Hillary Admits She Was Wrong About ‘Deplorables,’
White Nationalists Only ‘0.15%’ Of U.S. Population

( – Hillary Clinton, the failed liberal presidential candidate who sealed her fate by slamming half of U.S. voters as a load of racist, sexist, xenophobic “deplorables,” just came out and admitted she was wrong, Breitbart reports.

Speaking with Hugh Hewitt on his radio show about her book “What Happened,” he asked her if she actually believes that half of the American population are white nationalists and racists.

“Of the 62.9 million people who voted for President Trump, do you have a number in your mind that you think are actually white nationalist racists of that 62.9 million, a real number?” he asked.

“No, I don’t,” she said.

Still have any doubts? Later in the conversation, Hewitt asked the same question again. “Do you think there are more than a half million, you know, honest-to-God white nationalists running around the United States?”

Clinton: “Probably not, no.”

A white nationalist would like to establish a sovereign country for people of white European heritage, an idea everyone across the political spectrum finds unspeakably intolerable and offensive. Now, the woman who declared that this was the desire of more than half of Americans is saying that virtually nobody wants it. On both counts, she’s completely wrong.

There’s no doubt that Clinton is probably going to try running again for president in 2020 – if she’s even alive that long – and might be trying to absolve her guilt and pander to all those “undecideds” who instantly went MAGA the second she blasted them as no-good racist deplorables for not voting Democrat.

However, Clinton did later admit that there were more white nationalists in America than she had thought. Expressing her worries that the internet and the presidency of Trump is giving them a voice and a platform, she hinted that under her iron scepter, she will attempt to silence them.

“Unfortunately, their views, which used to be quite beyond the mainstream, you know, have a much broader audience now, because you know, of being online and having outlets and media presence that can promote those attitudes,” she said.

How many white nationalists are there in the United States? That’s a question with troublingly few answers, since for some mysterious reason the liberal mainstream media – even though it claims all the time that white supremacy is on the rise – hasn’t actually bothered to take polls and just ask people whether they are white nationalists.

Actually, there’s a simple answer to that. If such a poll were to be taken, our bet is that liberals would be very disappointed to discover that almost nobody is actually a white nationalist, and so there would be no way they could continue scaring people with those fears. A tactic Clinton has apparently given up on.

Left-wingers are entirely convinced that some vague but large majority of people who say they aren’t racists or white nationalists, actually share a lot of views with them – which is why Nazi and white supremacist have become interchangeable with Republican and libertarian.

An article by Newsweek, which polled around 5,000 in order address this very question, came up with this response:

About 70 percent of respondents strongly agreed that people of different races should be “free to live wherever they choose” and that “all races are equal,” and 89 percent agreed that all races should be treated equally. At the same time, 31 percent of respondents said they strongly or somewhat agreed that the country needs to “protect and preserve its White European heritage,” while 34 percent strongly or somewhat disagreed and 29 percent said they neither agreed nor disagreed.

Reality is, it’s a little true that some Americans do have overlapping views with white nationalists, but the overwhelming majority of respondents STRONGLY believe that the races should be free, are equal, and should be treated equally. Sounds like none of these respondents would be joining a lynch mob or waging a second Holocaust any time soon – trying to equate the preservation of white heritage with support for slavery and genocide is obviously one of the Left’s biggest lies, and the very reason why 39 percent of people in this same survey believe white people are under attack.

So Clinton changes her mind, and now says she believes less than one percent of the American population are white nationalists – did she believe there were even LESS than that during the campaign trail? Either way, she’s either just lying or plain stupid.


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