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The Collapse of a Constitutional Society - Why the Democrats continue to win at the polls


  Since the late seventies the Democrat Party has been slowly taken over by anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-constitutional left wing radicals. During this time they have matured into a combined party of both Progressive Socialists and anti-capitalist Marxists. They have moved completely away from their original constitutional ideals of a limited government and guaranteed freedoms to embrace a Marxist Philosophy and socialist model of an all-encompassing welfare nanny state. Their recent spread the wealth ideals and nationalization of healthcare mirrors the Euro-socialist political archetypes embraced by Greece, Spain and so many other of the economically faltering countries around the world today. They have even managed to elect a Marxist Ideologue as president of the United States.

The success and complete takeover of the government by Democrats can be attributed to two things.  First the  Democrats have now learned how to manipulate and divide the American people by invoking Marxist class rules to an uneducated, ill-informed and easily manipulated constituency. All Americans have become victims according to Obama. They have all been either discriminated against, mistreated or ripped off by the nonexistent “straw men” he has created simply because of their race, sexual preference, religion, economic class, or place of birth. They enjoy using terms such as "leveling the playing field" and "spreading the wealth". It appeals to the envy and greed so evident in their party and in our society today. After fifty years of indoctrination by our public education system and liberal colleges the final product of their teachings has come to bear fruit.  We now have a full blown society of young Americans who have been conditioned like sheep to become nothing more than ultra-politically correct, anti-capitalist, eco-system friendly left wing drones.  All of America is now forbidden to speak negative or disagree with the President because he is black. Race baiting Democrats like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who have made careers out of extorting corporations and municipal governments have now made the color of peoples skin an important issue in America. Disagreeing with Democrats implies you are a racist in the simple mind of a Progressive liberal.  Because Obama is a minority no one will question his judgment; although he is actually less than half black; nor will they challenge him on his policies and failures. Political pollsters and media consultants have been telling candidates that doing this would be political suicide. Americans have now become reduced to nothing more than an overly hyper-race conscious, race fearing non-prejudiced society of lethargic wimps. This is why the Republicans are losing elections. Not because of their conservative ideals and policies but because of how Obama, the Democratic Party and liberals in general are portrayed by themselves and their paid media hacks. They claim to be the party of minorities and supporters of the downtrodden, disabled and their children. However, when they are attacked they are quick to use them as human shields, portraying their critics as heartless, indecent and of course racist. 

The second most important reason Democrats have become so successful in their takeover of the government is cash and lots of it. Radical takeovers throughout history have always had one thing in common. They were each promoted and financed by upper class elitists.  Karl Marx was sponsored by a capitalist factory owner; The French Revolution was instigated by French nobles. Their ability to control the news, media, education and talking points of their detractors proved even more valuable than guns and bullets in subduing their hosts. Billionaires like George Soros and Peter Lewis have given tens of millions of dollars each to liberal 527s nonprofits and have also helped to bankroll a huge progressive infrastructure that includes groups like the Center for American Progress and Media Matters. David Gelbaum, a successful investor, has donated huge sums to two of the most important liberal organizations -- $94 million to the American Civil Liberties Union and more than $200 million to the Sierra Club. The Democracy Alliance, a liberal money distribution group that was formed in 2005, now has hundreds of partners who jointly give millions of dollars a year to progressive groups. Nearly half of these groups did not exist ten years ago. Today’s Democrat Party has over ten times the wealth of the Republicans.  This money has been flowing like water into U.S. Media outlets, the non-profit political action groups and foundations that advance their Statist ideals. With all that money Obama and his new Progressive Democrats they are poised to complete their task of radically changing America into their utopian Marxist Nanny State.

 The real truth their drive by media likes to hide is the fact that this president and his majority Democrat congress have created more poor people than all the presidents since World War II put together. Today, 46.7 million Americans are on food stamps and over 150 million are on some type of government dole. The total unfunded liabilities of the U.S. government under Obama have risen to over $1 million per person. In Democrat controlled cities like Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Washington DC and a dozen other major slums, left wing liberals have damaged and destroyed the lives of more African Americans than all the Republicans since the creation of the United States. And every single election cycle these same Democrats are able to persuade voters that they are the defenders of minorities and the poor. How do they do it? Not by actually helping minorities and the poor, but by attacking the rich. They portray rich people as the enemies of minorities and the poor who refuse to pay their fair share. They demonize wealth. That is what allows them to pretend they are friends of the poor.

If the GOP wants to win elections they are going to have to find a way to explain these truths to all Americans. No more lies or straddling the fence.They will have to de-program and re-educate an entire society that gets most or all of its information from the lib media or the left wing internet experts. They will have to learn how to articulate to the American public all the pitfalls of high taxes, a government dependent Nanny State and an anti-capitalist society. Before the GOP can even begin they will have to purge their own house of those who have moved too far to the left and embraced the anticonservative ideals of Democrats and voted with them simply to win elections. An finally they are going to have to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to finance the media and grass roots political support they will need to spread their message.

Our Constitutional Republic is collapsing and time is running out !

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Comment by Merle F Preedom Jr. on January 15, 2014 at 5:47pm

Yes, Martin, cash, and a lot of it, not only of their big donors, but also from every American tax payer, where money is funneled through a federal bureaucracy of agencies directly to their approved, gov't subsidized associates, businesses. A clutter of gov't  agencies with tentacles within the states, which too sets up a cash system, unseen, and unquestioned, having taken full opportunity of law being passed, "of the people", to provide opportunity for the people, and nation. The peoples "checks, and balances" no longer exist, being controlled by regulators whose foremost agenda is to prosper, remain viable, and insure the political powers that be, are secure at the helm. A socialized structure of government that maintains the lefts power, and wealth, while "the people", themselves, pay them to do so. I'm of the mind, Col Riley, and Operation American Spring, is a perfect avenue to address this situation, while in, and at it, for the long run, with a combination of support from all who have gone to battle in DC. Combined, and for the pride, glory of our United States, we unite, and never let up. A constant rotation of a Taxed Enough Already force, with constant supply, and support of the battle that wins the war on the marxist's.

Comment by Frankmusic on January 2, 2014 at 1:41pm

Comment by Virgil Earl Koon on December 28, 2013 at 11:52am

Yes, and why did not America wake up when we had Tom Cruise; Michael J Fox; and others make anti-American and anti-Asian movies in support of the worst? John Wayne made an honorable movie to support us and Asia and it was followed by lies or incidents that were few or non-existent with 4 movies from corrupt and immoral Hollywood! Is it not that Hollywood loves immorality more than freedom? They are ignorant of this, but it is real and should be in their face, if they have any wisdom from their minor IQ!

Comment by M16ark58 on December 28, 2013 at 5:58am

The majority of the dumbass sheeples/libtards are smoked up on marijuana, and don't know what the eff is really going on!  The dopeheads in da "hood" sitting around in drunken stupors will give a vote to whoever is enabling their useage of such things. The cocaine, narcotics and opiates, along with a sidebar of xanax, keeps the stupid, as dumb as the stumps that they are. 



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