Teachers Union Contract Blatantly Discriminates Against Christians

Teachers Union Contract Blatantly Discriminates Against Christians

It is common knowledge among millions of Americans that the current driving force behind public education has increasingly led the charge to indoctrinate the next generation with leftist ideology. Teachers unions have amassed considerable control over the school system, using their sway to shape the direction of an institution children are required by law to attend.

One of the latest outrageous reports emanating from this bastion of leftism, however, indicates just how dedicated unions are to the cause of whitewashing America’s founding principles and values.

One Michigan school district’s teachers union boasts a contract that unequivocally states that “special consideration shall be given to … those of the non-Christian faith” in filling open positions within the school system. It appears that this inclusion not only violates a previous passage in the contract but also a state law that prohibits religious discrimination in employment decisions.

The contact, which governs teachers in the community until 2017, guarantees similar advantages for minorities and women. Though millions of Americans consider such considerations antithetical to the selection of the best candidate, regardless of race or gender, the emphasis on hiring non-Christians is especially distasteful.

Ann Arbor’s Thomas Law Center President Richard Thompson expressed his concern regarding the contract’s language.

“Why would they be discriminating against Christians?” he asked. “They are not supposed to be discriminating against people for their religious beliefs. It’s outrageous – and I believe it’s unconstitutional.”

He concluded that the document could clearly result in a religious litmus test for current and future teachers in the district.

“Are people going to hide their faith so they can get a promotion?” he wondered. “There is a subtle persecution of Christians.”

While Thompson’s organization generally champions traditional causes, even the overwhelmingly leftist American Civil Liberties Union found fault with the contract.

Rana Elmir of the state’s ACLU chapter indicated that “public schools themselves should not be in the business of promoting particular religious beliefs or religious activities over others and they should protect children from being coerced to accept religious or anti-religious beliefs.”

The fact that Christianity is specifically denigrated in the contract offers a stark insight into the level of disdain today’s left has toward the morals and values found in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Though this particular passage is outrageous on its own, research has shown that Michigan’s teachers unions as a whole have a long history of including contract stipulations in violation of the law. Six in 10 of these contracts reportedly contain such passages.

–B. Christopher Agee





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Comment by Donnie Lowe on March 22, 2014 at 8:23pm

I total agree with your points.

Comment by Louis Blasiotti on March 22, 2014 at 4:59pm

The real reason that Christians are being sidetracked is because they might bring to bear in their work their moral conscience which overtime would result in the money corruption which is occurring to come to an end.  The corrupt money spigot would be turned off, i.e., the easy money would not be available and those corrupt individuals within the system would have to get to work to earn their income.  Sincere and believing Christians who have had their "formation of conscience" developed by their Church/religious group would be a disruptive force to those who are exploiting the taxpayer with their never ending requirements for more money to educate American children.  The American taxpayer is being tricked and fooled into believing that their children will learn  more by throwing more money into the school environment.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Don't believe it ...look at the current level of stupidity in the public school test results and that many of the children cannot read well and have not a clue with regard to math.  WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE THEY BANKRUPT YOU THE TAXPAYER.  What is needed is parental involvement and parental responsibility to ensure that their children are getting enough home work to prepare for their classes and they are actually doing their homework.  Back in the 50's it was commonplace to have 2 to 3 hours of homework preparation for the next day classes and much more on weekends.



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