Stopping Executive Lawlessness: A "No-Confidence" Vote or Censure?

Gen. Paul Vallely of Stand Up America US, who is also helping to spearhead "Operation American Spring" beginning May 16th in DC, has suggested that to counter Obama's imperious overreaching that Congress should tender a vote of "no-confidence" against him.

Alternatively, a person on another conservative site recommended that the House censure Obama. For me at least, "censure" seems more impactful, more significant than merely a vote of no-confidence. So, perhaps censure is the better route to take.

In any event, I researched the matter of censure and found that while the process is, per intra- congressional rules, limited to members of Congress, in 1834 Pres. Andrew Jackson was censured by the Whig-dominated Senate. When the Democrats reclaimed the Senate in 1837, the censure was officially expunged from the records, suggesting to me that censure is of no small consequence to the parties affected. The net legal effect of the Jackson censure was nil; however, from a public relations standpoint, the evidence suggests it was, indeed, impactful.

It is interesting to note that to avoid the disgrace of impeachment, Pres. Clinton actually agreed with his Democratic supporters to accept being censured in lieu of the historical embarrassment of impeachment. Net effect: he was impeached anyway, only the second president, Andrew Johnson being the other in 1868, to have endured this shame. Neither, of course, was convicted and removed from office.

Censure is a formal public reprimand/rebuke for an infraction or violation. It appears nowhere in the Constitution and is, as said, an internal creation of Congress intended to deal with its own members--not sitting presidents, et. al. government officials.

That said, for those who opt to censure Obama, the precedent is there. The question is which poison would have the greater impact on public opinion and support for the president. A no-confidence vote or censure? I would say censure. It certainly can't hurt, and might actually further diminish Obama's credibility as Chief Executive and substantively impair his ability to govern or to otherwise perpetrate more unbridled mischief against the Republic, the Constitution and the American people.

My view is that to stem what appears to be a veritable flood of federal usurpations, we should commit to a multitude of remedies. As said, we can, after all, walk and chew gum at the same time. While censure is certainly a compelling action to take, we must also think in terms of what will actually stop this Progressive tyranny cold.  The obvious answer is, of course, State Nullification of all federal actions (legislation/court rulings/bureaucratic regulations/executives orders) which do not comport with the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land.

Realistically, all peaceful remedies should be on the table and vigorously acted upon until such time that constitutional order is restored, the doctrine of separation of powers is fully practiced, and co-equality of the States with the Federal Government is achieved.

Going forward, the most compelling remedial grassroots action we should all get solidly behind is, of course, "Operation American Spring" which will be launched in earnest on May 16th. I urge readers to check it out on the Patriots for America site. You have the option of participating in the protracted occupation or volunteering your services and talents in support of the operation.

Finally and very importantly, if all of these peaceful remedies fail to achieve our constitutional goals, then ALL other remedies sanctioned by our Founders and "natural law" must necessarily be relied upon by the American people. Let the Founders ALWAYS be our guide.

Postscript: Earlier this week, Mark Levin called on Congress to boycott Obama's State of the Union address this month. Boycott, censure, State Nullification. An unbeatable combination! 

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Comment by Lori Denham on January 19, 2014 at 2:14pm

One man...ruling the country by executive power...think about it!

Comment by Ron Hardy on January 19, 2014 at 1:11pm

They have no BALLS and will not defend the Laws of the Land.

Comment by Joyce M Cascio on January 19, 2014 at 1:00pm

Our corrupt Senate is responsible for ALLOWING him to get away with everything he wants, no matter how far reaching it is.  We need to target these RHINO senators and get them voted out.  McCain, McConnell, Lindsay Graham, need to be replaced because they vote along with Obama a lot of the times.  We are in dire straits in our Country.  We have only one VOTE but who we give it to SHOULD STAND FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE IN.

Comment by Steven G. Elliott 1SG USA (RET) on January 19, 2014 at 12:47pm


Comment by Thomas Laman on January 19, 2014 at 12:30pm

And who will lead us in this effort? McCain? Boner? McConnell? This seems to be the leaders of the Republican party and the big buck behind them. As for Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul they are stymied at every turn but the good old boys club.

Comment by AtvRider48 on January 19, 2014 at 11:48am

All the rhetoric.  Obama is bad.  We need to do something about him.  Yada, Yada, Yada.  The real question is:  How many of you are willing to die to take your country back? 

Comment by Dwight Carmichael on January 19, 2014 at 11:14am

I think we all agree. Something needs to be done to Obutthead. It has to be public and seen worldwide. Do away with electing the Senate, give it back to the states. The people don't need to elect everybody and there was a reason for the states to be represented by the Senate.

Comment by John H. Briggs, Sr. on January 19, 2014 at 11:13am

No confidence?   YES

Censure?            YES

Impeach?            YES

Go to OAS?          YES

Help OAS?            YES

INvolve with OAS? YES

Any questions?      NO

Comment by Jim Delaney on January 19, 2014 at 10:48am


We are all fed-up, scared, angry and feeling hopelessly betrayed, but let's not lose our minds at a critical moment when we need our wits the most.

Let's begin by vigorously exercising meaningful and peaceful remedies. And ONLY if those remedies fail us should more convincing remedies--those endorsed by our Founders and sanctioned by "natural law"--be bravely, single-mindedly and fearlessly applied.

Let's aim for success--that being the full restoration of Rule of Law and Constitutional Order. Expressing our anger and bravado is understandable. But, in the final analysis, we either do this right or resign ourselves to failure. It's that simple.

So, step up! Become actively engaged in Operation American Spring--and any other meaningful and patriotic pushback. Anger and bravado alone will achieve nothing.

Comment by Gray Jones on January 19, 2014 at 10:32am

Nope, swishing up to our communist-in-chief in tutu's of censorship, waving poofy white frilly handkerchiefs of no confidence, like little faggot bitches, does nothing for my American image.  The world needs to see televised RICO and subsequent heads on a pike (literally) equaling the magnitude of covert treachery we've endured these past 13 years at the hands of the elitists...Semper Fi Vietnam 66-67



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And half of FOX News too, by the way.

CNS News reported:

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In the national voter survey, conducted November 12-13, 53% of all voters said most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump:

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