Jan 8,2012

Andrew Curtiss

Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner

I just received another one of those "Forwarded" emails from a friend. The email suggested that U.S. aviation companies were omitted from bidding for the contract to build the United State's next fighter plane. Instead the email states that priority would be given to the Brazilian company Embraer. At first thought , I was concerned  because it hasn't been  two years since Obama gave Gulf oil procurement rights to another Brazilian company Petrobas.

Embraer the brazilian company has a merger with another Chinese avaiation company Hainan. They created Harbin Embraer Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd, which is owned by George Soros. To clarify Soros is an owner of Hainan and Harbin Embraer Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. Essentially he has interests in this project. Lets not forget after the Gulf Oil Spill Obama placed a moritorium on oil production in the U.S. Coincidentally he gave the oil rights to that region to  a company ... another Brazilian company, that Soros is a share owner of. Coincidence that Soros funded Obama's campaign? Coincidence that Soros has supported Obama even when he was a candidate for the New Party in 1996? Hmmm.

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