SAY WHAT? ALBERTA Christian Academy being ordered to stop teaching what some (Muslims?) find “offensive” scripture

SAY WHAT? ALBERTA Christian Academy being ordered to stop teaching ...

( Muslims do not assimilate! They infiltrate! )

A Battle River School Board member went though a Bible with a black marker and crossed out ALL words she finds “offensive” (to Muslims, though they don’t admit to this). And yes, a lot of Muslim parents send their children to Christian schools which they find less “progressive’ than Canadian public schools.


How long until the teaching of Sharia will replace the Bible?

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Comment by Philip D. Steenbergen on June 18, 2017 at 12:32pm

To hell with sharia, dont cry to the US when they take you over. Isnt multiculturalism wonderful? Canada joined the stupidity of europe and listen to them cry in europe. I cannot believe people give in so easily when islams heads can roll also. People neither have the stomach to fight for their family and their beliefs, its like the free stuff they are cowards, lazy and want someone else to do it for them. those that dont work should not eat, those that will not fight should die. Those that will not contribute to freedom deserve to be slaves to islam. 



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