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The Student Data-Mining Scandal Under Our Noses 
by Michelle Malkin  
Plurality of Democrats Credit Trump, 
Not liar-nObama, for State of Economy 
by Haris Alic 
{ } ~ A plurality of Democrats believe President Donald Trump deserves credit for the current state of the economy... rather than former President Barack liar-nObama, according to a new poll. The Quinnipiac University poll, released on Wednesday, found that 46 percent of Democrats believe Trump is more responsible for the current state of the U.S. economy, compared to 43 percent who believe liar-nObama deserves credit. The results also showed that a majority of Republicans, 67 percent, and nearly half of Independents, 49 percent, agree. Overall, 54 percent of respondents said Trump is more responsible for the state of the economy, while 34 percent said liar-nObama is more responsible...These who believe liar-nObama deserves credit for the economy are not living in reality.
Rand Paul: “President Trump Needs to 
Declassify The Shenanigans”
by sundance

{ } ~ Oh, heck yes.  This is exactly what we have been talking about... In an interview with Neil Cavuto, Senator Rand Paul shares his opinion that President Trump should respond to the coordinated political attacks by FBI and DOJ operatives by declassifying the information underneath all their shenanigans. Good advice.  Without interfering with the IG Horowitz and parallel Proseuctor John Huber approach, President Trump should immediately begin declassifying the documents surrounding the FISA abuse scandal. Start by declassifying the 99-page opinion of FISA Court Presiding Judge, Rosemary Collyer. Remove all the redactions and let us see who the FBI/DOJ officials were allowing to have access to the NSA database to conduct searches. Then declassify the full FISA Title-1 surveillance application used by the FBI and DOJ against U.S. person Carter Page...
FBI Director Officially Announces McCabe Replacement
by Chris Agee
{ } ~ In a statement Friday making it official, the FBI announced Acting Deputy Director David Bowdich will permanently retain the position... he has held on an interim basis since his predecessor’s ouster. Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was fired last month by Attorney General Jeff Sessions just over a day before he would have been eligible for his full pension. Though McCabe had been a frequent target of ridicule by President Donald Trump, Sessions cited a yet-to-be-released inspector general’s report indicating that the high-ranking official improperly relayed information to reporters as the reason for his decision... 
What’s at stake in Syria 
by Clifford D. May 
{ } ~ Syria is a far-away land about which we know little. But we do know this... Over the past seven years, more than a half million people have been slaughtered there, with an estimated 150 murdered by chemical weapons just last weekend in a town outside Damascus. We also know who’s committing these crimes: dictator Bashar al Assad and those who have propped him up for their own purposes, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s neo-tsar, and Ali Khamenei, “supreme leader” for life of the Islamic Republic of Iran. When Mr. Assad used the nerve agent sarin to kill no fewer than 1,400 of his subjects in 2013. President liar-nObama drew a red line -- and then abruptly erased it, apparently in deference to the Iranian theocrats with whom he was negotiating a deal he intended to be his major foreign policy legacy. The point I believe they will emphasize: Syria is one piece, albeit an important one, in a strategic puzzle. The question I hope Mr. Trump will ask is not “What’s the exit strategy?” but “What’s the theory of victory? What should Americans want to achieve and what will be required to achieve it?”... 
Mueller ends attorney-client 
privilege and U.S. justice under the law?
by Sher Zieve

{ } ~ We have now reached the crisis point in the United States of America. No longer will attorney-client privilege be recognized by the US government... if one is not a member of the Deep State. What was once used only against the most despicable of drug lords and other organized crime groups is now being liberally used against those who support the president of the United States...and now the president himself. The presidency of Donald J. Trump has been fraught with opposition as has no other presidency in the history of our country. The leftist and increasingly criminal US chapter of the global Deep State is fighting with every illegal chicanery it can muster and is using the most devious and duplicitous group of hard-liner and even legally-sanctioned not the 'good' sanction group of cutthroats that ever darkened a courtroom. The frustrated Special Counsel Robert Mueller assigned to investigate potential collusion not a crime by the way between Russia and the Trump presidential campaign has not produced anything. Therefore, Malevolent Mueller – who has been involved in his own crimes in the past but has been allowed to get away with them – "Time to end Mueller's Wild Reign of Malfeasance?"...
The Student Data-Mining Scandal Under Our Noses 

by Michelle Malkin 
{ } ~ While congresscritters expressed outrage at Facebook's intrusive data grabs during Capitol Hill hearings with Mark Zuckerberg this week, not a peep was heard about the Silicon Valley-Beltway theft ring purloining the personal information and browsing habits of millions of American schoolchildren.

It doesn't take undercover investigative journalists to unmask the massive privacy invasion enabled by educational technology and federal mandates. The kiddie data heist is happening out in the open -- with Washington politicians and bureaucrats as brazen co-conspirators.

Facebook is just one of the tech giants partnering with the U.S. Department of Education and schools nationwide in pursuit of student data for meddling and profit. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Pearson, Knewton, and many more are cashing in on the Big Data boondoggle. State and federal educational databases provide countless opportunities for private companies exploiting public schoolchildren subjected to annual assessments, which exploded after adoption of the tech industry-supported Common Core "standards," tests, and aligned texts and curricula.

The recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act further enshrined government collection of personally identifiable information -- including data collected on attitudes, values, beliefs and dispositions -- and allows release of the data to third-party contractors thanks to liar-nObama-era loopholes carved into the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.

And the so-called school-to-work pipeline creates endless avenues into taxpayer coffers for firms pitching data-gathering initiatives to "align" student learning with "skill sets" and "competencies" desired by corporations.

Facebook, for example, joined with the Department of Education's federally sponsored Digital Promise initiative last fall to develop a system of "micro-credentialing" badges for adult students in digital marketing. You can be sure it's not merely out of benevolence and public interest that Zuckerberg's empire is training thousands of these students to learn "Social Media Marketing Basics," "Marketing with Facebook Pages," "Marketing with Facebook Ads" and "Marketing with Instagram."

As parent and educational privacy advocate Cheri Kiesecker reported, the Facebook/Digital Promise partnership is "a wonderful data collection and marketing tool for Facebook and the US Department of Ed, but it is incredibly alarming for students' privacy and security."

Facebook is on the march from luring adult students into its orbit to encroaching on secondary and elementary school-age users through its Messenger Kids app and "whole-child personalized learning" programs funded through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. CZI, a "philanthropic investment company" funded with up to $1 billion in Facebook shares over the next three years, is headed by Jim Shelton. He's a former program officer at the Gates Foundation and a key Common Core champion in the liar-nObama administration.

"Personalized learning" is an edutech buzz phrase for hijacking the classroom and hooking students and teachers on branded software and hardware -- iPads, smartboards, computerized portfolios, homework apps, you name it -- without any evidence that such shiny objects improve academic performance.

Under the guise of customizable assessments, public and private preschools in Colorado experimented with toddlers whose student activities and social/emotional behaviors were tracked using the TS Gold (Teaching Strategies Gold) system -- funded with $30 million in Race to the Top subsidies under the liar-nObama administration. As I reported in 2014, parent Lauren Coker discovered that TS Gold assessors in her son's Aurora, Colorado, public preschool had recorded information about his trips to the bathroom, his hand-washing habits and his ability to pull up his pants.

Sunny Flynn, a mom with kids in Jefferson County, Colorado, asked all the right questions: "What security measures are being used to protect this data? Who exactly has access to this data? How long will the data be stored? What is the proven benefit of a kindergarten teacher putting all of this data into a database?"

With little public oversight, Google has infiltrated schools through its "free" Google Apps for Education suite. As I've reported previously, Google is building brand loyalty through its questionable certification program that essentially turns teachers into tax-subsidized lobbyists for the company. GAFE enrollees are "trained" on Google products, earn certification, and then open up consultancy businesses and bill their school districts (i.e., the public) to hawk Google's suite of products to other colleagues.

And this week, 23 parent and watchdog groups filed a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission alleging that Google is violating child protection laws by collecting personal data of and advertising to those aged under 13.

Over the past four years, Google has admitted "scanning and indexing" student email messages sent using GAFE and data mining student users for commercial gain when they use their accounts for noneducational purposes. Google can collect student/family data to target ads through related services outside the GAFE suite, such as YouTube for Schools, Blogger and Google Plus. These are not covered under the already watered-down federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Under the liar-nObama years, Grand Canyon-sized loopholes in federal student and family privacy protections opened data mining to third-party private entities. Those have yet to be closed by the Trump administration. Why not? It's time to drain the student data-mining swamp and their facilitators in Washington. For the children.

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Comment by Rudy Tirre on April 16, 2018 at 7:39am


I have known for so long that the liberals where going to over take the educations system going back in the earily 60s. And we didn't do anything to stop it.(Our parents) Started to watch Levin but didn't finish. meuller should be fired along with rosenstein.

Comment by Bonnie Somer on April 16, 2018 at 5:12am

if we do not do what we need to now it is going to be worse believe me

if anyone watched life; liberty & levin last night u need to.  colleges and universities are not only becoming but are just about done being the bastions of non conservative speech.  they liberal teachers are in there for the long haul are we?  if we are not we are in deep trouble.   

that is one of the bigger problems we have.    mueller is a disaster and the left is desperate they show it everyday.   

the truth is there and thank God the pres tweets he tells what is happening.   time to be our own solution or we won't have one not a good one anyway



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