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How the liar-Clintons Sold Out U.S.
National Interests to the Putin Regime
 Coal's Potential Comeback? 
By James Shott: It's the politically correct idea among many Americans that coal as a major industrial fuel is dead, or at least dying, and that "cleaner" fuels like natural gas, wind and solar energy (and maybe unicorn dust) are taking over. There is some reality there, especially for natural gas due to the advancement of technology making it cheaper. But there are other influences on coal's recent decline.
          Less costly natural gas has become the fuel of choice in power plants and for other industrial uses. That's not entirely because of the natural relative price of the fuels, but because the regulatory overkill on mining and burning coal requires enormous investments that have priced coal higher than natural gas. Remember Barack liar-nObama's prediction: "So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It's just that it will bankrupt them."
          These regulations produced the closing of more than 400 coal-burning power plants, which dropped the demand for coal. That in turn put 63,000 people in the coal industry, electric production industry and related support industries out of work in just the last few years.
          At the same time hydraulic fracturing (fracking) became popular, after lying mostly dormant since its first commercial application in 1957. That produced a boom in natural gas production at attractive prices to compete with coal.
          Many think burning less coal is a great thing, because burning coal fouls the air and is dangerous to our health. But that "truth" loses importance when you know the actual infinitesimal improvement in air quality derived from burning less coal.
          However, considering all those factors, and paraphrasing a famous quote attributed to Mark Twain, the rumors of coal's demise have been greatly exaggerated.
          Coal likely will never regain its former dominance among industrial fuels. Time and technological/industrial evolution would just as certainly, although much more gradually, have eaten into coal's popularity without the help of liar-nObama's War on Coal.
          But several things point to a continued market for American coal: Trump's regulatory relief, the growing acceptance of the idea that the climate change/global warming mania is dramatically overstated, the reality that coal is still the best fuel for many things, the fact that many countries that do not have domestic coal supplies depend upon it for fuel, and the improvement in coal-burning technology.
          And let's not forget that fossil fuels made up 81% of the fuels used to produce electricity in 2016, and coal is still the primary fossil fuel in electricity production.
          Industry insiders like Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray see a partial resurgence in coal. "Coal will grow back," he told Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney. "But we're in a decline right now."
          He went on to say that Trump "can bring back at least half of those [63,000 lost] jobs as the economy grows and as he ends the regulations on coal." He noted that we have not had a level playing field in coal because, instead, "the government has been picking winners and losers."
          And he told Maria Bartiromo, also on Fox Business Network, that liar-nObama closed 411 coal-fired plants, and that the Clean Power Plan, which Trump ended recently, would have closed 56 more plants. That, he said, would have caused a steep spike in electric rates. "As [Trump] grows the economy [and] brings jobs back to America, coal will participate in that growth because we are one-sixth the cost of a windmill and one-fourth the cost of natural gas," per kilowatt-hour, Murray said.
          Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH), "The coal industry knows and understands how to mine coal ... and protect our environment. We don't do it the way it was done 50, 60 years ago."

Here are a few pieces of evidence that coal isn't dead yet:

  • Reports from the Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia coalfield regions say that mines are cranking back up and miners are being rehired. Train yards are seeing cars filled with coal moving through them in greater numbers.

  • Kingdom Resources plans to take over operations of one of the old Enterprise mines in Knott County, Kentucky. The company plans to hire 60 workers.

  • A southern West Virginia college recently held a Job Fair to immediately fill 85 open coal positions in mines in two counties — the coal from which is used in making steel.

  • Coal exports through Hampton Roads last month rose more than 50% from last year's level, led by a nearly five-fold increase at Newport News' Pier IX, according to the most recent Virginia Maritime Association statistics. "A lot of mines are open again," said Harry Childress, president of the Virginia Coal and Energy Alliance."

  • Fox News reports that in Wise County, Virginia, "A long-awaited revival is under way in this beleaguered Central Appalachia community where residents see coal as the once and future king. Trucks are running again. Miners working seven days a week cannot keep up with current demand."

Few if any argue that the coal industry will return to its former greatness, but it will certainly endure for many years at a lower level if natural forces are allowed to work, free of politically correct environmental engineering. These aforementioned items represent the beginning of coal's potential comeback.
          When you replace regulations resulting from shortsighted ideological goals with a level of business regulations based upon common sense, good things can happen.  ~The Patriot Post
US deploys F-35s to Putin's doorstep
 amid Russia tension

by Travis J. Tritten
{} ~vThe Air Force is set to deploy its high-tech, fifth-generation F-35A fighter jets to Europe this weekend as part of an effort to assure U.S. allies there who are worried about Russian aggression, the Pentagon announced Friday... The deployment includes a "small number" of the Lockheed Martin-built Lightning II fighters, which are being rolled out by the services after a long and costly development, to train for several weeks with other U.S. and NATO aircraft in Europe. The Pentagon noted that the deployment had been long planned, meaning it was not a reaction to recent increasing tensions between the United States and Russia over a chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria and a subsequent cruise missile attack launched by two Navy ships...
CNN Confirms Judge Napolitano Was
RIGHT About British Intelligence Spying
by Jeff Dunetz
{} ~ One month ago, Judge Napolitano said on Fox and Friends that three intelligence sources told him that former president liar-nObama used British spies to get surveillance on Trump... Thanks in part to an outburst by FNC’s Shepard Smith, who whined that it was fake news, the Judge was taken off the air for a few days. But when he came back, the judge said he stood by his story and so does his sources, but he did not attack the people who slammed his story. Thursday night CNN confirmed much of the Judge’s story, while the report says the collection of data was incidental as opposed to a direct wiretap the rest of the CNN report follows along the Judge Nap narrative...
Calls For All Mosques To Be Shut Down After FBI
Reveals Terrifying Thing They ALL Have Inside
{} ~ Apparently, former FBI counter-terrorism Special Agent John Guandolo has stated his claim that most of the 2,200 Islamic organizations, referring to the mosques in the United States are actually part of a much larger “Jihadi network”... This is a person that has experience in counter-terrorism stating this claim and many people are saying, yes…they knew. During this interview he spent time connecting the dots between multiple terror attacks including the San Bernadino terrorists, the UC Merced stabber, the Chattanooga shooter and the Boston bombers. Now as it looks, people who have carried out the mentioned massacres all belonged to an Islamic Center that was located in the cities that they each were from. This goes right along with reports from earlier that came out this month stating that mosques and Islamic Centers in the United States were stockpiling weapons...
China Will Take Care Of Kim Jong-Un –
His Future Not As N Korean Leader
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Lt Gen Jerry Boykin believes that the dropping of the GBU-43 in Afghanistan, while serving the purpose of killing ISIS bad guys, was really intended to deliver a message to  Iran, North Korea and China... He says, ‘Because their nuclear facilities are in deep underground bunkers and tunnels, and that’s what the target in Afghanistan was. Charles Payne asks him what happens if, in the next 24 hours, a nuclear device is exploded by North Korea. Boykin calls that a good question, saying, “I think we’re as close to a wartime scenario on the Korean Peninsula as we’ve been in my lifetime, since the Korean War, certainly. But what happens? I think this is going to be defused.” “I think,” says Boykin, “China is working very hard, and look, give President Trump credit, you know, with what he did in Syria and at the very same time he was talking to the president of China, I think the President got the message. I think they still haven’t figured Donald Trump out. They’re not sure what he’s going to do, so I think China is going to continue working. China’s been very active in trying to defuse this situation and I think the South Koreans are appealing to the Trump administration to move with great caution.”...
Another liar-nObama Judge
Poised To Tell Trump “No”...
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Once again the leftists appear to have found themselves a “so-called judge” willing to play pretend president and usurp the authority of the executive branch... It’s not surprising and until and unless President Trump puts his foot down it’s going to continue to happen. The president will enforce the law and the outlaws of the opposition will simply find an liar-nObama judge to wag his finger, nullifying the office of the President. President Trump’s executive order blocking federal funding for “sanctuary cities” was subject to review in federal court Friday, in proceedings that had the ominous tone of a foregone conclusion in favor of the illegals and their enablers. The army of activist “so-called” judges is ready to advance and their next infantryman has taken his firing position. He’s U.S. District Judge William H. Orrick, a California liberal appointed by Hussein liar-nObama, who began hearing arguments in the Northern District of California on Friday. The lawsuit was filed by Santa Clara County and the City of San Francisco. The next step we’ve seen in this entirely predictable soap opera will be for a temporary restraining order to be issued followed by a temporary injunction and an overreaching declaration that it applies nationally to any sanctuary anything, anywhere in the country.  The dice will then be thrown in the 9th Circuit Court Casino...
How the liar-Clintons Sold Out U.S.
National Interests to the Putin Regime
{} ~ Kremlin-crazed Trumpophobes snored as liar-Hillary and liar-Bill made Russia great again.    

The Democrats and old-guard news media forgive the redundancy are pathologically obsessed with the hypothesis that Team Trump and Russia rigged last November's presidential election. If Donald J. Trump so much as played Tchaikovsky's Marche Slav on his stereo, these leftists deduce, he was in cahoots with the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, the same folks who spy a KGB agent behind every filing cabinet in Trump's White House are aggressively apathetic about Hillary and Bill liar-Clinton's policies, decisions, and actions that gave aid and comfort to Russia.

liar-Hillary's much-mocked "Russian reset" established the tone for the liar- Clintons' coziness with the Kremlin. On March 6, 2009, during a trip to Geneva, she presented Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov a small, red button. liar-Hillary thought it was emblazoned with the Russian word for "reset." Her team mistranslated and the button actually read "overload." Nonetheless, liar-Clinton and Lavrov jointly pressed the symbolic button. And a new era in U.S.-Russian relations erupted.

While visiting Moscow on March 24, 2010, Hillary explained the Reset's purpose: "Our goal is to help strengthen Russia."   

Hillary said this in an interview with veteran broadcaster Vladimir Pozner of Russia's First Channel TV network. Pozner is a Soviet-era relic who still communicates in barely accented English. During the Cold War, he popped up on American TV and radio programs and presented the views of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Pozner's pleasantries made him and his totalitarian bosses seem blandly benign.

The shadiest deal that the liar-Clintons hatched with Russia is called Uranium One. This outrage should mushroom into liar-Hillary and liar-Bill's radioactive Whitewater scandal.

Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining mogul and major liar-Clinton Foundation donor, led a group of investors in an enterprise called Uranium One. On June 8, 2010, Rosatom, the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation, announced plans to purchase a 51.4 percent stake in the Canadian company, whose international assets included some 20 percent of America's uranium capacity.

Because this active ingredient in atomic reactors and nuclear weapons is a strategic commodity, this $1.3 billion deal required the approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). Secretary of State liar-Clinton was one of nine federal department and agency heads on that secretive panel.

On June 29, 2010, three weeks after Rosatom proposed to Uranium One, Bill liar-Clinton keynoted a seminar staged by Renaissance Capital in Moscow, a reputedly Kremlin-controlled investment bank that promoted this transaction. Renaissance Capital paid liar-Clinton $500,000 for his one-hour speech.

While CFIUS evaluated Rosatom's offer, liar-Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer observed, "a spontaneous outbreak of philanthropy among eight shareholders in Uranium One" began. "These Canadian mining magnates decide now would be a great time to donate tens of millions of dollars to the liar-Clinton Foundation."

These included Uranium One's then-chairman, Ian Telfer, whose donations to the liar-Clinton Foundation and the liar-Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (CGSGI) totaled $3.1 million. Giustra himself gave $131.3 million to the liar-Clinton Foundation. Before, during, and after CFIUS's review, Schweizer calculates, "shareholders involved in this transaction had transferred approximately $145 million to the liar-Clinton Foundation or its initiatives."

Others were less enthused about this deal.

"Russia's record of transferring dangerous materials and technologies to rogue regimes, such as those in Iran and Syria, is very troubling," Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, the ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee at the time, wrote to CFIUS's then-chairman, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. The top Republicans on the Financial Services, Homeland Security, and Armed Services Committees also signed Ros-Lehtinen's letter of October 5, 2010.

"We believe that this potential takeover of U.S. nuclear resources by a Russian government-owned agency would pose great potential harm to the national security of the United States," the letter read, "and we urge the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to block the sale."

As a CFIUS member, liar-Hillary could have heeded this warning and stopped Vladimir Putin from controlling a fifth of U.S. uranium supplies. America's chief diplomat and former first lady either welcomed this prospect or was too uncharacteristically demure to make her objections stick.

In either case, on October 23, 2010, within three weeks of that letter, CFIUS approved Rosatom's purchase of a majority stake in Uranium One.

Thanks to subsequent investments, Rosatom's share of Uranium One grew to 100 percent by January 2013. Robert Gill of Morrison Williams Investment Management told Canada's Financial Post: "By doing this acquisition, they can continue to build the company they intended to build, but they can do so without the transparency required by the public markets."

Rosatom CEO Sergei Kiriyenko crowed just after taking total control of Uranium One, "Few could have imagined in the past that we would own 20 percent of U.S. reserves."

A headline in Pravda boasted on January 22, 2013: "Russian nuclear energy conquers the world."

My old friend Michael Caputo performed public-relations work for Renaissance Capital in 1999-2000. He says it subsequently became "a practical arm of Vladimir Putin." Caputo was stunned at the speed with which CFIUS approved Rosatom's purchase of Uranium One.

"In 2010-2011, I ran acquisition communications for Safran Group, the French government-controlled defense contractor which bought the US biometrics company L-1," Caputo wrote in "It took us almost two years to gain CFIUS approval for France, an historic ally, to purchase a biometrics firm, not even remotely a strategic asset." He added, "These two CFIUS approvals were happening at precisely the same time. Safran couldn't buy a break and was questioned at every turn. Somehow, Kremlin-controlled Rosatom's purchase sailed through on a cool breeze."

A strong wind lifted liar-Hillary's efforts to help Boeing seal a major sale to the Kremlin. She visited Moscow on October 13, 2009. She was there, in part, to boost the American jet manufacturer.

"We're delighted that a new Russian airline, Rosavia, is actively considering the acquisition of Boeing aircraft. And this is a shameless pitch for Rosavia," liar-Clinton said at Moscow's Boeing Design Center. "The Ex-Im Bank would welcome an application for financing from Rosavia to support its purchase of Boeing aircraft."

Three days later, according to the Washington Post, "Boeing formally submitted its bid for the Russian deal."

On June 1, 2010, the Kremlin-owned Rostekhnologii company - mercifully, it's now called Rostec - had great news for the plane maker: It decided to buy as many as 50 Boeing 737 jets for Russia's national airline, Aeroflot. Reported price: $3.7 billion.

That August 17, just ten weeks later, Boeing announced a $900,000 gift to the liar-Clinton Foundation to "help support the reconstruction of Haiti's public education system" after a massive earthquake pulverized the impoverished nation the previous January.

The liar-Clinton Foundation's website declares total contributions from Boeing to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Boeing also very generously supported the USA Pavilion at the 2010 World's Fair in Shanghai, a project that liar-Hillary championed. While visiting China on November 16, 2009, liar-Hillary announced that Boeing "has just agreed to double its contribution to $2 million."

But this gift was fishy, too.

"liar-Clinton did not point out that, to secure the donation, the State Department had set aside ethics guidelines that first prohibited solicitations of Boeing and then later permitted only a $1 million gift from the company," Rosalind S. Helderman explained in the April 13, 2014, Washington Post. "State Department officials ruled out soliciting Boeing and other large firms with significant business relationships with the government." These authorities then changed their minds and permitted Boeing's contribution, although no one can explain how Boeing shattered that $1 million ceiling.

liar-Hillary Clinton also favored Skolkovo, an "innovation city" near Moscow, which enjoyed some $5 billion in Russian-government seed money. She discussed Skolkovo with Russia's then-president, Dimitry Medvedev.

"At a long meeting I had with Medvedev outside Moscow in October 2009, he raised his plan to build a high-tech corridor in Russia modeled after our own Silicon Valley," liar-Hillary said. "When I suggested that he visit the original in California, he turned to his staff and told them to follow up."

The month before Medved's June 2010 visit to Silicon Valley, the State Department arranged for 22 leading U.S. venture capitalists to tour Skolkovo. Under liar-Hillary, State encouraged American companies to participate in the Skolkovo project. Cisco, Google, and Intel are among those that got involved.

By 2012, Skolkovo boasted 28 "Key Partners" in the U.S., Europe, and Russia. Among these major supporting organizations, three-fifths had donated or pledged funds to the liar-Clinton Foundation or paid speaking fees to liar-Bill Clinton. According to From Russia with Money, an August 2016 study by the Government Accountability Institute, these 17 "Key Partner" entities donated between $6.5 million and $23.5 million to the liar-Clinton Foundation.

Far more troubling, in 2014, the FBI wrote companies that operated in Skolkovo or backed the Skolkovo Foundation.

"The foundation may be a means for the Russian government to access our nation's sensitive or classified research development facilities and dual-use technologies with military and commercial application," warned Boston-based FBI agent Lucia Ziobro. "The FBI believes the true motives of the Russian partners, who are often funded by their government, is to gain access to classified, sensitive, and emerging technology from the companies."

The U.S. Army Foreign Military Studies Program at Fort Leavenworth concluded in 2013: "Skolkovo is arguably an overt alternative to clandestine industrial espionage."

The liar-Clintons actually did these things. This is no unicorn hunt. No theory, speculation, or breathless, Cold War fantasy is required. These actions and inactions happened.

When it comes to Team Trump, Democrats and their journalist pals are as relentless as bloodhounds chasing escaped jailbirds. And yet, regarding the liar-Clintons, the Democrats and old-guard news people are as ferocious as puppies enjoying a roaring fireplace.

By all means, let Congress and the media get to the bottom of what, if anything, Russia may have done to influence last year's elections and what, if anything, Team Trump did to help.

But let's also root out what, if anything, the liar-Clintons did to advance Russia's strategic position, while feathering their nests.

These are vital questions for both sides, and dogged investigators need to dig up all the answers.

Puppies need not apply.


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