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Who Determines Universal Values?
Conservative Confusion About Who and What We’re Fighting
{ } ~ At this moment, Ohio dummycrats-Democrats and their Beltway masters are diligently working to steal the state’s 12th Congressional District from Republican Troy Balderson... Balderson’s dummycrats-Democratic opponent, Danny O’Connor, refused to concede after narrowly losing the special election and a few hours later — the county where he works — miraculously “discovered” 588 uncounted votes in a “routine audit.” When they were counted, Balderson’s lead shrank by 190. Similar skull duggery will accompany the count of provisional and absentee ballots, which will inevitably lead to an automatic recount, which will ultimately lead to an O’Connor “victory.” What does this have to do with conservative confusion? It’s a timely reminder that the dummycrats-Democratic Party is little more than a criminal conspiracy and that any conservative who sits at home during the midterms, griping about “GOPes,” will be complicit in the destruction of the republic. If this sounds over the top, think about who will take over the leadership of crucial committees if the dummycrats-Democrats flip enough seats to regain a majority in the House: scumbag-Adam Schiff will probably become the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee — scumbag-Adam Schiff! Before we go any further, think about that. This buffoon is still braying about Russian collusion even as he covers up the crimes of Barack liar-nObama and liar-Hillary Clinton. scumbag- Schiff’s first order of business as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee will be to halt any ongoing investigations into liar-nObama administration abuses of power — particularly the illegal deployment of the FBI, CIA, and IRS against domestic political opponents of the dummycrats-Democratic Party, including the Trump presidential campaign. scumbag-Schiff will likewise close down all inquiries into Mrs. liar-Clinton’s copious catalogue of crimes. Having thus enabled liar-nObama administration officials to escape justice, scumbag-Schiff will then pivot to his primary goal — destroying the Trump Presidency. Just three months ago, he wrote the following in the New York Times... 
dummycrats-DNC Chairman Led scumbag-Soros 
Group Lobbying for Illegals to Vote
{ } ~ The dummycrats-Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman, Tom Perez, previously headed an organization funded by globalist billionaire scumbag-George Soros... that lobbies for giving illegal aliens and noncitizens the right to vote in American elections. Perez, who now heads the dummycrats-DNC, gloats on his website about his work with the scumbag-Soros-funded “CASA De Maryland” organization, which most recently successfully lobbied a local Maryland town to extend voting rights to illegal aliens and noncitizens. “In 2002, Tom started as board president at CASA de Maryland, an organization that provides services to immigrants,” Perez’s website notes. “Under his leadership, CASA experienced monumental growth – from the basement of a church to a $7M headquarters that opened without a lease – and grew from a service provider to one of the largest immigrant advocacy organizations in the country.” Most recently, CASA De Maryland was influential in pushing local public officials in College Park, Maryland to approve noncitizen voting rights, claiming the move will make for a “stronger democracy.”...No it will not, its illegal. They know it is.
A Most Expected Backlash
{ } ~ There is an essential read by Steve Sailer at Taki’s Magazine from a week ago which might well explain the cultural and political landscape... better than anything else you’ve seen in recent vintage. It’s entitled “A Half Century of Amnesia,” and you should take the time to have a look. Sailer makes several important points, which could very easily be lost to readers not courageous enough to wade through obvious, though perhaps politically incorrect, facts, in recognizing the current cultural atmosphere which has not only given us Donald Trump in the White House but an apparent brewing sea change in the culture which the academic and media-elite Left simply isn’t recognizing Caitlan Flanagan’s surprising piece on Jordan Peterson’s growing celebrity at the Atlantic  notwithstanding. Chief among those is Sailer’s central point; namely that the Left has declared war on straight American white people for decades — and there is a natural price to pay for that hostility. That sounds like a wild accusation, and it certainly feels strange to levy it, but how can anyone disagree? This is a season, after all, in which the New York Times has gone totally off the deep end — embracing as part of its editorial staff a stunning mediocrity of a writer named Sarah Jeong whose Twitter is a fountain of anti-white racism so dependable as to put half of Yellowstone to shame, and which not so long ago ran a piece in its sports section decrying The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball, decrying the fact that Major League rosters contain a proportion of white players which conforms to the population as a whole. This is, in case you’re not aware, the purported newspaper of record for the United States of America — and in its pages can be found practically daily expositions of virulent bigotry toward the nation’s majority population...
Far-left millennial with hopes of becoming nation’s 
first Muslim governor loses Michigan primary 
{ } ~ El-Sayed, who is a doctor and the former head of Detroit’s health department, lost the race by nearly 20 points to Whitmer... who captured half the vote. El-Sayed split the other half with Shri Thanedar, a self-funded millionaire who also ran as a progressive. Trump-backed Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette beat out Lt. Gov. Brian Calley to become the Republican nominee. If Whitmer beats him in November, she will be the second female governor in Michigan’s history. El-Sayed followed up his defeat by calling for unity ahead of the November election. Speaking to supporters at a concession rally, El-Sayed promised that the socialist movement was not over and urged supporters to rally behind Whitmer. “I like to think that even though I’m not going to get the opportunity to serve, now we’ve ignited a belief of what’s possible in young people,” El-Sayed said at the Cobo Center in Detroit on Tuesday...
Rubio Goes Nationalist
{ } ~ In June 2016, Marco Rubio changed his mind and announced that he would not be retiring from the Senate as he had planned... A major reason he was seeking a second term, Rubio said, was to help the Senate exercise what “could end up being its most important role in the years to come: the constitutional power to act as a check and balance on the excesses of a president”—whether that would be President liar-Clinton or President Trump. After rattling off his concerns about liar-Hillary Clinton, Rubio said: “The prospect of a Trump presidency is also worrisome to me. It is no secret that I have significant disagreements with Donald Trump. His positions on many key issues are still unknown. And some of his statements, especially about women and minorities, I find not just offensive but unacceptable. If he is elected, we will need senators willing to encourage him in the right direction, and if necessary, stand up to him. I’ve proven a willingness to do both.” Rubio then defeated a populist, Trumpian primary challenger that August by 54 percentage points. He went on to win by 8 points in the general election that November, while Donald Trump defeated liar-Hillary Clinton in Florida by 1 point. Other conservative GOP senators outperformed Trump in the key battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. And Trump’s approval rating today is mired in the 40s despite a roaring economy. Yet the lesson of 2016 for many Republicans is that they need to be more like Trump. One of those Republicans appears to be Marco Rubio. The Florida senator fully backs Trump’s trade war with China. “The most catastrophic thing that could happen is not a trade war, but that we lose one, or that we back down from one,” Rubio tells me in an interview... 
More Suspicions Confirmed: 
Glenn Simpson Lied During Congressional Testimony
by sundance
{ } ~ Newly released Department of Justice records appear to conflict with testimony that Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson... gave to Congress in 2017 about the timeline of his interactions with top DOJ official Bruce Ohr. Simpson claimed in testimony to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on Nov. 14 that he did not have contact with any FBI or DOJ officials regarding the infamous Steele dossier until after the 2016 election. But Ohr’s emails, which have been provided to Congress, show that he and Simpson were in contact as early as August 2016. […]  The Washington Examiner reported on Wednesday that Simpson sent an email with the subject line “Can u ring” to Ohr on Aug. 22, 2016. Ohr’s log shows he had contact of some sort with Simpson on that day. Here’s how we noted the Glenn Simpson, Chris Steele and Bruce Ohr conflict in February: Within the HPSCI Memo release there is an aspect that directly conflicts with the prior release of Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson in his testimony to the committee...


Who Determines Universal Values?

{ } ~ Is it any of Canada’s business whether Saudi women have the right to drive? Well, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland just made it her business.

Repeatedly denouncing Riyadh’s arrest of women’s rights advocate Samar Badawi, Freeland has driven the two countries close to a break in diplomatic relations.

“Reprehensible,” said Riyadh of Freeland’s tweeted attack. Canada is “engaged in blatant interference in the Kingdom’s domestic affairs.”

The Saudis responded by expelling Canada’s ambassador and ordering 15,000 Saudi students to end their studies in Canada and barred imports of Canadian wheat. A $15 billion contract to provide armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia may be in jeopardy.

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, who has been backsliding on his promises to modernize the kingdom, appears to have had enough of Western lectures on democratic values and morality.

A week after Pope Francis denounced the death penalty as always “impermissible,” Riyadh went ahead and crucified a convicted murderer in Mecca. In Saudi Arabia, homosexuality can get you a death sentence.

Neither President Donald Trump nor the State Department has taken sides, but the Washington Post has weighed in with an editorial: “Human Rights Are Everyone’s Business.”

“What Ms. Freeland and Canada correctly understand is that human rights … are universal values, not the property of kings and dictators to arbitrarily grant and remove on a whim. Saudi Arabia’s long-standing practice of denying basic rights to citizens, especially women – and its particularly cruel treatment of some dissidents – such as the public lashes meted out to Ms. Badawi’s brother – are matters of legitimate concern to all democracies and free societies.

“It is the traditional role of the United States to defend universal values everywhere they are trampled upon and to show bullying autocrats they cannot get away with hiding their dirty work behind closed doors.”

The Post called on the foreign ministers of all Group of Seven nations to retweet Freeland’s post saying, “Basic rights are everybody’s business.”

But these sweeping assertions raise not a few questions.

Who determines what are “basic rights” or “universal values”?

Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy that has never permitted women to drive and has always whipped criminals and had a death penalty.

When did these practices first begin to contradict “universal values”?

When did it become America’s “traditional role” to defend women’s right to drive automobiles in every country, when women had no right to vote in America until after World War I?

In the America of the 1950s, homosexuality and abortion were regarded as shameful offenses and serious crimes. Now abortion and homosexuality have been declared constitutional rights.

Are they basic human rights? To whom? Do 55 million abortions in the U.S. in 45 years not raise an issue of human rights?

Has it become the moral duty of the U.S. government to champion abortion and LGBT rights worldwide, when a goodly slice of America still regards them as marks of national decadence and decline?

And if the Saudis are reactionaries whom we should join Canada in condemning, why are we dreaming up an “Arab NATO” in which Saudi Arabia would be a treaty ally alongside whom we would fight Iran?

Iran, at least, holds quadrennial elections, and Iranian women seem less restricted and anti-regime demonstrations more tolerated than they are in Saudi Arabia.

Consider our own history.

From 1865 to 1965, segregation was the law in the American South. Did those denials of civil and political rights justify foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the United States?

How would President Eisenhower, who used troops to integrate Little Rock High, have responded to the British and French demanding that America end segregation now?

In a newly de-Christianized America, all religions are to be treated equally and none may be taught in any public school.

In nearly 50 nations, however, Muslims are the majority, and they believe there is but one God, Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet, and all other religions are false. Do Muslims have no right to insist upon the primacy of their faith in the nations they rule?

Is Western interference with this claim not a formula for endless conflict?

In America, free speech and freedom of the press are guaranteed. And these First Amendment rights protect libel, slander, filthy language, blasphemy, pornography, flag burning and published attacks on religious beliefs, our country itself, and the government of the United States.

If other nations reject such freedoms as suicidal stupidity, do we have some obligation to intervene in their internal affairs to promote them?

Recently, the Independent reported: “Since last year, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of innocent Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region in northwest China have been unjustly arrested and imprisoned in what the Chinese government calls ‘political re-education camps.’ Thousands have disappeared. There are credible reports of torture and death among the prisoners. … The international community has largely reacted with silence.”

Anyone up for sanctioning Xi Jinping’s China?

Or do Uighurs’ rights rank below those of Saudi feminists?

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Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


ALERT --> Minnesota Elects First Muslim Congresswoman In US History!!!

Minnesota voters sent Somali immigrant Ilhan Omar of the DFL party to Congress on Tuesday night after she defeated Republican candidate Jennifer Zielinski by a 78-22% margin.

Omar and Michigan House candidate Rashida Tlaib (D) both became the first two Muslim-American women to serve in Congress after their election victories on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

View image on Twitter
Laura Loomer@LauraLoomer

Yesterday Ilhan Omar won her election in Minnesota, becoming the first Muslim woman elected to Congress.

Today, she had to appear before a judge for her hearing regarding ethics violations.

It’s been less than 24 hrs since she won and she’s already in court for her corruption.

2,159 people are talking about this

Omar, along with being the first Muslim women elected to Congress is also the first Somali-American member of Congress, a seat in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district which was previously held by Keith Ellison, who was the first Muslim ever elected to US Congress. Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district has not elected a Republican to Congress since 1962. The district includes Minneapolis and its surrounding suburbs.

The Minnesota state congresswoman ran a progressive platform which included “Medicare for all,” criminal justice reform and abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Omar, a Somali refugee, came to the U.S. at 12 years old, which is why she often attacks President Trump‘s travel ban against a number of Muslim-majority countries which happen to be terror hotbeds.

In August, Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer confronted both Ilhan and Tlaib, who have both expressed hatred for Jewish people and who are campaigning with pro-HAMAS Linda Sarsour and CAIR, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.

When Loomer confronted Tlaib at one of Ilhan’s campaign events, Tlaib assaulted Loomer, and a police report was filed.

Omar’s campaign and election, however, are still clouded in controversy. Omar has been accused of marrying her brother and committing immigration fraud.

The day after her victory, Omar appeared in court to face a judge about the campaign finance violations she has been accused of.

Ilhan Omar was also arrested in 2013 for trespassing.

View image on Twitter
Laura Loomer@LauraLoomer

This is Ilhan Omar.

She won an election last night & is now the first Somali woman elected to US Congress.

This is her mug shot.

Along w/ being a criminal, as you can see, she committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother so he could get a green card.

Good riddance.

Laura Loomer@LauraLoomer

Yesterday Ilhan Omar won her election in Minnesota, becoming the first Muslim woman elected to Congress.

Today, she had to appear before a judge for her hearing regarding ethics violations.

It’s been less than 24 hrs since she won and she’s already in court for her corruption.

Omar has also faced criticism for her ties to CAIR, campaigning with jihadi activist Linda Sarsour, Keith Ellison, who has been accused of domestic violence, and her public display of anti-Semitism, all of which has been either under-reported and ignored by the local Minnesota media.

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