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'Green New Deal' Is 
Just Repackaged Socialism
by Michael Swartz  
New Evidence Emerges of Possible 
Wrongdoing by Trump Inaugural Committee
by Justin Elliott 
 {} ~ Federal prosecutors in New York are circling Donald Trump’s inaugural committee as part of a wide-ranging investigation into possible money laundering... illegal contributions and cash-for-access schemes. Now, WNYC and ProPublica have identified evidence of potential tax law violations by the committee. A spokesman confirmed that the nonprofit 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee paid the Trump International Hotel a rate of $175,000 per day for event space — in spite of internal objections at the time that the rate was far too high. If the committee is deemed by auditors or prosecutors to have paid an above-market rate, that could violate tax laws prohibiting self-dealing, according to experts. Tax law prohibits nonprofits from paying inflated prices to entities that are owned by people who also control or influence the nonprofit’s activities. “Every legitimate nonprofit is very concerned with this,” said Doug White, a veteran adviser to tax exempt organizations, speaking generally. “You’re benefiting a private person, and you’re using the nonprofit to do it.” The inaugural committee also spent at least $1.5 million at a hotel in which the investment firm of the committee’s chairman, Tom Barrack, held a small stake. In addition, the inaugural nonprofit appears not to have disclosed multiple gifts to the committee on its tax return, as required by law...
Nancy Pulosi Mocks commie-Alexandria
Ocasio-Cortez and Her Little ‘Green Dream’
by Rusty
{} ~ Nancy Pulosi wasted little time in mocking the “Green New Deal,” one of the major policy platforms touted by New York socialist commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez... The so-called Green New Deal has been the crown jewel of commie-Ocasio-Cortez’ radical new plan that will impose costly environmental regulations to the detriment of Americans businesses. While the Democrat has been working for months on this signature effort, hoping against hope to prove she’s got the skill as a lawmaker to back up her empty-headed rhetoric, it took Pulosi all of two sentences to dismiss it as … empty-headed rhetoric. The House Speaker tossed it on a pile of other proposals that the chamber may or may not get to someday, then mocked its name and those who support it. “It will be one of several or maybe many suggestions that we receive,” Pulosi told Politico on Wednesday. “The green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it right?” The only word missing from Pulosi’s insult would be ‘pipe,’ since commie-Ocasio-Cortez’ plan amounts to little more than a ‘green pipe dream.’...
Matthew Whitaker’s ‘Not Acceptable’ Judiciary
Hearing Responses Set Off Sheila Jackson Lee  
by Molly Prince
{} ~ Democratic Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee expressed outrage on Friday after acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker did not answer her questions in the fashion she saw fit... “Mr. Attorney General, we’re not joking here and your humor is not acceptable,” Jackson Lee told Whitaker while holding a copy of the U.S. constitution. “Now you’re here because we have a constitutional duty to ask questions and the Congress has the right to establish government rules.” “The rules are that you are here, so I need to ask the question and I need to have my time restored so that you can behave appropriately,”  Jackson Lee continued. “I will behave appropriately as a member of the judiciary committee.” Jackson Lee’s response was triggered after she asked the House Judiciary Committee if her time to question the witness was restored and Whitaker replied that he was not sure. The contentious line of questioning continued after Whitaker refrained from answering her question with a simple “yes” or “no”, a demand which she expressed repeatedly. “You have the responsibility of answering the question,” Jackson Lee told Whitaker... 
President Trump Announces 
U.S. Trade Delegation to China
by sundance
{} ~ The White House announces the primary trade negotiators who will be heading to China next week for another round of trade discussions... In the background, yesterday President Trump announced there was no planned meeting between himself and Chinese Chairman Xi, which would indicate there is still a considerable distance between the trade delegations. USTR Robert Lighthizer is the tip-of-the-spear, and has been very direct about his approach. Lighthizer stated that without very specific, actionable and measurable deliverables included in the terms of agreement, the March 1st tariff increase will proceed without impairment. Notably the biggest Chinese trade critic from the administration, White House trade policy adviser Peter Navarro, is not included in the delegation. Additionally, it is suspected that President Trump may sign an executive order banning the American use of Chinese 5G telecom equipment sometime between next week and an upcoming telecommunications conference, MWC Barcelona, formerly known as Mobile World Congress, which takes place February 25-28. However, with the U.S. delegation trip to Beijing Feb 14 and 15, there is a question of whether President Trump will delay any executive order until after the trade team conducts their scheduled negotiations. The distance between the negotiations and the executive order could likely be an indicator of how trade discussions are proceeding...
scumbag/liar-nObama’s Energy Secretary
Shoots Down Green New Deal: ‘It’s Just Impractical’
by Andrew Kugle  
{} ~ Ernest Moniz, former energy secretary for President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama, weighted in on the newly introduced Green New Deal during a Friday interview with NPR, calling the plan "impractical."... "All Things Considered" host Ari Shapiro asked Moniz if the Green New Deal's goal of eliminating the U.S. carbon footprint in 10 years is attainable. Moniz said a version of  the Green New Deal, one that pursues "very low carbon and social equity," is "exactly what we have to do," but he said the plan introduced by Democrats this week is "just impractical." "Now, when we come to the Green New Deal, I'm afraid I just cannot see how we could possibly go to zero carbon in the 10-year time frame. It's just impractical," he said. Self-described democratic socialist Rep. commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) and Sen. Ed Markey (D., Mass.) released an outline of the Green New Deal on Thursday. The 14-page document  outlines numerous goals like providing every resident of the United States with a federal job that includes paid vacation and retirement benefits, "adequate housing," "healthy food," and "access to nature." The plan would also aim to achieve "net-zero greenhouse gas emissions through a fair and just transition for all communities and workers."...
'Green New Deal' Is Just Repackaged Socialism
by Michael Swartz:  It’s a little over 13 pages, but this week the long-awaited framework and philosophy for the “Green New Deal” (GND) was unleashed onto Congress. Described by House sponsor (and shiny new object) commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) as “national, social, industrial and economic mobilization at a scale not seen since World War II,” the measure sets an ambitious timetable for weaning ourselves off our carbon dependency. Of course, it doesn’t get into the specifics of cost, either in dollars or in freedom.

As Mark Alexander has noted, the so-called “climate change” agenda is all about socialist economic control, as evident in the insane requirements of the GND. According to Alexander, “It may be green on the outside, but is is red on the inside.”

Written as a resolution rather than a bill, the GND reads as a laundry list of socialistic changes attached to the overriding goal of combating climate change by making America 100% dependent on “clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources … by dramatically expanding and upgrading renewable power sources [and] deploying new capacity.” Along the way, a second chief goal of the GND is to empower “frontline and vulnerable communities,” also known as the victim class.

While those on the extreme Left — including Vox writer David Roberts, who in December authored an extremely long treatise on the GND’s origins and eventual goals — were  pleased to see the concept come to life, Roberts and others like him also know that the resolution left a lot of blanks to be filled by actual legislation.

One comparison for the GND could be made to the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which is described by author Michael Grunwald as its own “ginormous energy bill.” A significant part of that “stimulus” money went to renewable energy and efficiency projects. But while best known for its support of failed green-energy companies like Solyndra and Ener1, it also created a large funding pool that lifted the solar- and wind-energy industries to the modest market share they now own.

Most of the 2020 Democrat presidential contenders were already behind the Green New Deal in concept, but its introduction allowed them to prove their environmental bonafides. Sen. scumbag-Cory Booker was “excited” to join in, adding, “Our history is a testimony to the achievement of what some think is impossible — we must take bold action now.” Fellow Senator and GND co-sponsor lowlife-Kamala Harris insisted, “We must aggressively tackle climate change which poses an existential threat to our nation.” Not to be outdone, Sen. Elizabeth dinky-Warren chimed in, “Climate change is real, it threatens all of us, & we have no time to waste to address it head-on.” She’ll also co-sponsor the resolution, which becomes a perfect palette from which these contenders can paint their own proposals to oppose President Donald Trump.

There was one contender with a more serious policy idea, though. Former Congressman John Delaney, who came from a business background and left Congress at the end of last term to concentrate fully on his long-shot Oval Office run, made the case that “the right answer on climate is to do whatever big thing can get done ASAP. … That’s why I support my bipartisan carbon tax-dividend proposal.” In fact, revenue sources such as a carbon tax aren’t being discussed in this rendition of the GND. Nor does the resolution explicitly call for the elimination of fossil fuels as some extremists would prefer. Adding the aspect of “clean” energy allows the inclusion of natural gas, which is generally accepted as a clean fuel. Fracking for it, on the other hand…

While there were compromises and large parts of the plan open for interpretation, the GND is still getting a cool reception from Democrat leadership. “The green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it right?” asked House Speaker Nancy Pulosi somewhat dismissively. “Quite frankly, I haven’t seen it,” she added, “but I do know it’s enthusiastic and we welcome all the enthusiasm that is out there.”

Translation: She knows it’s pretty extreme, so just wait for her moderated “compromise” offer. By the way, Pulosi also pointedly did not choose commie-Ocasio-Cortez for a new committee on climate change.

Last month, our Brian Mark Weber called out the Green New Deal for what it really is: “a dangerous scam to destroy the country as we know it.”

Republicans, for their part, should certainly lampoon the GND’s most laughable parts — such as its promise of “economic security for those unable or unwilling to work” or “upgrading all existing buildings in the United States … to achieve maximal energy efficiency” or “build out high-speed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary” or to “replace every combustion-engine vehicle” (emphasis ours) — but they must be on guard for those aspects that seem somewhat reasonable by comparison.

We can’t dismiss the chance that some portions of the GND will make it through Congress or be executive-ordered by a future president. After all, people thought scumbag/liar-HillaryCare didn’t stand a chance when it was unveiled in 1993 and failed in a fully Democrat-controlled Congress. But a quarter-century later, Republicans controlled both houses and the White House and still couldn’t get rid of its successor. If nothing else, history shows that leftists are masters of incrementalism, especially when they conjure up a crisis and claim that only they can solve it.

Let’s be mindful of that history when the sun comes out tomorrow and provides its live-giving (albeit unevenly applied) brand of global warming.  ~The Patriot Post

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper said during an interview with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos that he found the demographic decline of white people “exciting”.

“The idea that, you know, whites will not be the majority, I mean, that’s — it’s an exciting transformation of the country, it’s an exciting evolution and you know, progress of our country in many different ways,” said Cooper.

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Anderson Cooper barely able to contain his excitement about Whites becoming a minority.

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