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Trump Stood Up to Putin,
liar-nObama Appeased Him
by Daniel Greenfield 
Socialist Venezuela’s Inflation to Hit 1,000,000%
as Country Continues Collapse 
by Jarrett Stepman
{ } ~ Venezuela’s inflation may hit 1 million percent by the end of the year... the International Monetary Fund announced on Monday. This incredible hyperinflation is reminiscent of Weimar Germany during the years immediately after World War I, in which wheelbarrows full of cash were required to buy bare essential items, like a loaf of bread. That pile of cash is the Venezuelan equivalent of one US dollar. Behold the power of socialism. To counter the hyperinflation problem, Venezuela’s answer is to lop off five zeros from its currency value and launch a state-backed cryptocurrency. It wasn’t that long ago that the left praised socialist Venezuela as a model country, a good comparison to the mean, ruthless system of the United States...dummycrats-Dems think the United States is going to be a socialist country have just lost their minds.
Here are the 35 potential witnesses
Robert Mueller is calling in Paul Manafort’s trial
by Kelly Cohen
{ } ~ Special counsel Robert Mueller could potentially call 35 witnesses in the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort... The trial begins on Wednesday in Alexandria, Va., where Manafort faces 18 charges of bank and tax fraud stemming from his lobbying work in Ukraine. The witnesses were named in a late Friday court filing: 1. Ali, Hesham   2. Ayliff, Philip   3. Brennan, James   4. Day, John    5. DeLuca, Douglas    6. Devine, Tad    7. Duggan, Donna    8. Evenson, Darin    9. Gates, Richard    10. Holland, Wayne    11. Jacobson, Stephen    12. James, Melinda    13. Katzman, Maximillian    14. Kirimca, Irfan    15. Laporta, Cindy    16. LaPorte, Kevin    17. Liss, Paula    18. Magionos, Morgan    19. Maxwell, Joel    20. Metzler, Amanda    21. Miceli, Peggy 22. Michael, Renee    23. Mikuska, Matthew    24. O’Brien, Conor    25. Opsut, Daniel    26. Rabin, Daniel    27. Raico, Dennis    28. Regolizio, Michael    29. Rodriguez, Taryn    30. Seferian, Gary    31. Sullivan, Stacey    32. Trusko, Alex    33. Wall, Ronald    34. Washkuhn, Heather 35. Welch, Michael. Manafort’s defense is also asking the judge in the case, T.S. Ellis III, for 12 blank subpoenas for possible testimony. That amounts to just six possible witnesses.
Why Tikkun Olam Can’t Fix American Judaism
{ } ~ This past spring, Rabbi David Wolpe dared to banish politics from his pulpit... The denunciations in these pages of his principled stand again revealed American Jewry’s massive political bias. Headlines proclaimed: “What You Call Politics, We Call Torah” and “A ‘Politics Free’ Pulpit Is an Empty Pulpit.” The articles made it clear that there’s only one form of kosher Jewish “politics” in America: worshiping at the altar of tikkun olam. How odd. Those who believe evangelical Christians — and Israeli politicians — corrupt democracy by not separating church and state, freely mesh synagogue and state. Those who mock settlers for treating the Bible like a modern real estate manual, proclaim God is a liberal dummycrats-Democrat. Sinai Temple’s Wolpe bravely suggested that it’s arrogant to decide “the Torah points in only one political direction.” More practically, it’s counterproductive in a Jewish community that loves paying homage to “diversity” to then hate those who dare deviate from American liberal groupthink. The American Jewish house is on fire. People are fleeing synagogues — in fact, any affiliation with organized Judaism — as if these institutions were aflame or toxic. The non-Orthodox are intermarrying at a pace that makes the naughty thrill and comedic misfires of the TV sitcom “Bridget Loves Bernie” look like a relic from the 1700s not the 1970s. Today, Bernie and  Bernadette so don’t care about Judaism — or may have been so alienated by official Jewishdom —  that political correctness commissars such as Michael Chabon use Reform graduation ceremonies to target intramarriage as the real problem — creating “a ghetto of two.”...
The NY Times' "Three Surprising Energy Trends" Editorial:
Surprising Because They Aren't True
by Jonathan A. Lesser
{ } ~ There is a memorable line from Seinfeld when George tells Jerry, “Remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”... Perhaps this explains the New York Times’ July 14th paean to renewable energy generation. In the piece, the editors state, “The fact that the United States has been able to reduce emissions from the power sector while keeping prices low shows that the world can address climate change by ushering in an era of abundant, affordable and clean energy.” It’s not a lie if the Times believes it. The Times crows that electricity prices, adjusted for inflation, have decreased by 17%since 2007. It also points to the seven-fold increase in wind generation in Texas, and the rapid decreases in the price of wind and solar power, as well as battery storage.  The hard truth about renewables is far less rosy, and the Times’ claim that the world can be fueled by renewable energy alone is laughable. Let’s start with electricity prices. The editorial acknowledges that “electricity prices vary a lot from state to state, for many reasons. For example, prices in California, which has made reducing emissions a priority, have gone up in recent years…But they have fallen in New York, which has set similarly ambitious climate targets.” What the Times fails to mention is that the states with the most ambitious renewable generation and climate mandates, including New York, California, and many New England states, have the highest electricity prices in the continental US...
In Just the Last Two Weeks,
Dozens of Children in Iowa Have Vanished 
{ } ~ A young University of Iowa student made headlines recently after she disappeared during an evening jog... but she is just one of the dozens of people who have been reported missing in Iowa in the last 10 days, and the overwhelming majority of the disappearances are children. Mollie Tibbetts, 20, has become the latest face of the missing person database this week after she was last seen going for a jog near her boyfriend’s house on the evening of July 18, and she seemingly vanished. Dozens of people of have pitched in to help search for the college student, and as she appeared to have no motive to flee, and her closest friends and family members have cooperated with police, it raises troubling questions about whether she was abducted. However, Tibbetts is not alone. According to the Missing Person database published by the Iowa Department of Public Safety, 48 people have gone missing in the last two weeks, and 34 of those people are children. Each one of these children has a family and friends who are heartbroken by their disappearance and who are actively looking for them, and unfortunately, they are just a few of the approximately  2,000 children who are reported missing every single day in the United States—more than 100 of which are cases of stranger abduction...


Trump Stood Up to Putin,
liar-nObama Appeased Him
by Daniel Greenfield 

{ } ~ “How did we get into this mess?" liar-nObama asked Putin.

It was the summer of ’09 and the two men, one a former community organizer and the other a former KGB officer, were sitting on the veranda of Putin’s dacha. While liar-nObama noshed on three types of pricey caviar, Putin took a bite out of his junior colleague by delivering an extended denunciation of America. 

liar-nObama listened without a word of protest to Putin’s attack on America. According to Michael McFaul, his point man on Russia who has been attacking Trump prominently in the media, "the history lesson was even rather helpful because it enabled him to emphasize to Putin: well, I'm different, I'm new." 

Putin’s litany of American foreign policy crimes was cunningly fitted to the politics of the left. On that summer day, Russia wasn’t an enemy, but a victim of the Bush administration’s cowboy diplomacy. And liar-nObama was seeking common ground with Russia, Iran and the Brotherhood against the Republicans. 

By different, liar-nObama meant that he didn’t care about traditional alliances or national interest. Selling out American allies like Poland had gotten Barry a taste of Vladimir’s beluga. The cost of the caviar was missile defense for Eastern Europe. America wanted it there and the Russians didn’t. 

The caviar followed liar-Hillary Clinton’s comically disastrous reset button push. Both liar-Hillary and liar-nObama needed these photo ops. Putin didn’t need the photos. He wanted concessions. And he got them. 

The betrayal and abandonment of Poland was only the first of liar-nObama’s many concessions to Putin. 

The architects of liar-nObama’s appeasement of Putin have been some of the most militant voices denouncing Trump. McFaul among them. Trump has been accused of making concessions to Putin. But, unlike liar-nObama, Trump made zero concessions to Putin. Not on missile defense. Or on anything else. 

Instead President Trump has steadily reversed liar-nObama’s tide of concessions to Putin. 

The media is outraged over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But when that happened, Ukraine asked for weapons and the only aid that liar-nObama offered their country was MREs. It took months for liar-nObama to come through with boots and tires. Meanwhile Trump has delivered actual weapons. 

Why did liar-nObama refuse to provide Ukraine with weapons? According to senior officials, to avoid antagonizing Moscow. Trump isn’t afraid of Russia. liar-nObama however was shaking in his loafers. 

While Trump approved anti-tank missiles for Ukraine, liar-nObama slow-walked shipments of boots, putting them on trucks instead of planes so that they took months to arrive, so as not to upset the Russians. Meanwhile the Trump administration cut the red tape by dipping into its own European stockpiles. 

In the time it took liar-nObama to ship boots to Ukraine, Trump shipped Javelin missiles. 

liar-nObama shelved missile defense for Poland and the Czech Republic. Trump cut a multi-billion deal for selling Patriot missiles to Poland. When liar-nObama provided Patriot missiles to Poland, he neglected to mention that the batteries would not actually contain missiles. The ambassador to Poland, had noted, "The Poles have not been told that the battery will rotate without actual missiles... but it will also not be operational, and certainly interoperable... this will be a question of basic definitions for the Poles: is it a Patriot battery if it doesn't have live missiles?" Trump’s missile deal comes with actual missiles. 

When liar-nObama’s old foreign policy hands crowd the green rooms of CNN and MSNBC, when they pen editorials for Foreign Policy and the Washington Post, accusing Trump of betraying Eastern Europe to Russia, remember these are same people who sent fake missiles on Poland to go with the fake news. 

Every new president is entitled to the occasional foreign policy blunder. But sacrificing Poland to Putin wasn’t a singular event. Three years later, liar-nObama was caught on a hot mic assuring Medvedev, Putin’s political flunky, that he needed space on, “missile defense” until the Republicans were defeated. 

“This is my last election," liar-nObama wheedled. "After my election I have more flexibility.” 

“I understand," Medvedev offered. "I will transmit this information to Vladimir.” 

liar-nObama was conspiring with Putin against the American people. He was assuring Putin’s man that he would have more flexibility to appease Russia after he had fooled America. 

The media has been screaming that Trump was a traitor, when it was their man who sold out to Putin, while President Trump held the line on missile defense without caring about what Moscow thought. 

And it wasn’t just missile defense in Eastern Europe. 

liar-nObama’s obsession with dismantling our national defenses led him to ignore Russian violations of the INF treaty. Not only did liar-nObama ignore the violations which had been going for an entire term, but he and his political allies helped cover them up. The motive was a mix of appeasement and cover-up. 

“We’re not going to pass another treaty in the U.S. Senate if our colleagues are sitting up here knowing somebody is cheating," hanoi-John Kerry said. 

liar-nObama officials lied about Russian treaty violations to Congress while pushing new treaties with Russia. Then they went on to pull the same trick over their fake WMD deals with Russia’s allies in Syria and Iran. Each time, violations were ignored and a fake agreement was trumpeted by liar-nObama for political gain. 

The caviar conference in ’09 set the template for eight years of liar-nObama’s sellouts of America. 

The liar-nObama administration hid the Russian violations, not only from Americans, but from NATO. When a formerliar-nObama official piously lectures Trump about the importance of NATO, he ought to be asked why his administration put Putin ahead of NATO. The media ought to be asked why it ignored the violations. 

In the winter of last year, the media buzzed with stories about Russia deploying a new cruise missile in violation of the INF. And, as the New York Times put it, “challenging Trump”. But when Russia was violating the INF under liar-nObama, the media accepted the Ben Rhodes spin about smart diplomacy. All the smart appeasement in the world though failed to get compliance or punish the Russian violations. 

Instead liar-nObama sold out America by unilaterally complying with a treaty that the Russians were violating. 

The Russians rolled liar-nObama on the INF and START treaties. Then they rolled him on Assad’s chemical weapons. And then they went for a triple score by rolling him on Iran’s nuclear program. 

That’s how we got into this mess. 

liar-nObama did not care about missile defense. The diplomatic outreach of the newly selected leader traded resets with enemies for the betrayal of allies. In Egypt, liar-nObama would abandon Mubarak to the Muslim Brotherhood. When democracy protests broke out in Iran,liar-nObama urged waiting for the dust to settle. The resets were paid with the blood of Iranian protesters, with Christian churches in Egypt and with the Russian expansionism that would lead to the loss of Flight MH-117 and the annexation of Crimea. 

The media has spent a day losing its mind because of what President Trump said or didn’t say. Yet liar-nObama not only obsequiously praised Putin, “I am aware of not only the extraordinary work that you’ve done on behalf of the Russian people in your previous role as prime minis-, uh, as president, but in your current role as prime minister,” not only failed to stand up for America when Putin lashed out at the United States, but betrayed us in deeds. 

We are being lectured on appeasement, treason and weakness by the very people who dismantled our nuclear defenses, who sold off our uranium to Russia, and who rewarded Iran for its nuclear program. 

None of their speeches will wash away their appeasement, their cowardice and their treason. 

Unlike liar-nObama, President Trump sold weapons to Ukraine. Unlike liar-nObama, he bombed Assad and took on Russian mercenaries. Unlike liar-nObama, he provided Poland with working Patriot missiles. Unlike liar-nObama, he didn't base his foreign policy around fearing to offend Moscow. Unlike liar-nObama, he stood up to Russia.

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Pay-Back !!! Pedophile Who Assaulted Nearly 200 Kids Stabbed To Death In Prison

A convicted pedophile who abused almost 200 children was stabbed to death in North Yorkshire, England, on Sunday.

Richard Huckle, 33, from Ashford, Kent, was given 22 life sentences in 2016 after he admitted to sexually abusing 71 kids whose ages ranged from six months to 12 years between 2006 and 2014, according to the BBC.

The report said Huckle was attacked with a makeshift knife while inside his cell at the Full Sutton Prison.

At the pedophile’s trial in 2016, investigators said they found over 20,000 indecent photos and videos of his assaults, which were shared with other pedophiles via a site on the dark web called The Love Zone.

Reports said that prior to his arrest, Huckle posed as an English teacher and Christian volunteer worker in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he groomed impoverished children.

In one of his online posts, Huckle reportedly wrote “Impoverished kids are definitely much easier to seduce than middle-class Western kids.”

Reports said he attempted to make money from his crimes by crowdfunding the release of the photos.

“Huckle also created a 60-page ‘how-to’ guide for other pedophiles seeking to evade being caught, and kept a scorecard and points system regarding the children who were abused — leading investigators to speculate he may have as many as 200 victims,” a Fox News report stated.

At his sentencing in 2016, Judge Peter Rook condemned Huckle for his heinous crimes he said had become routine for the pedophile.

Rook commented:

Your offending behavior became entrenched in your everyday life. Your life revolved around your sexual activities with young children. Your distorted beliefs in respect of children are deep-seated. Your self-delusion knows no bounds. It is also clear that, had you not been arrested, you planned to continue the same lifestyle using the expertise that you were keen to show off to and share with other abusers so as to continue your sexual exploitation of the children of such communities.

Reports said prior to his death, Huckle refused to cooperate with authorities when they tried to unlock a cache of encrypted files he had access to that may contain the names of victims and other pedophiles, according to Fox News.


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