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Trump Acts to Protect Free Speech at 
America's Universities
Thomas Gallatin
AG Barr aims to release dirty cop-Mueller report 
'top-line' conclusions Saturday night, won't 
'parse words, play games,' source says
by Gregg Re  
{} ~ Attorney General William Barr is pushing to reveal the principal conclusions of Special Counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller's report as early as Saturday night... an administration official familiar with the process tells Fox News. “The Attorney General wants to get this out tonight," the source said, noting that some procedural hurdles could delay Barr's release.  “It will hit what is on everyone’s minds — no parsing of words, no games." A separate source told Fox News that Barr is likely to report on dirty cop-Mueller's primary conclusions between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. ET. dirty cpo-Mueller is not recommending any further indictments as part of his inquiry, which effectively ended Friday, according to a senior Justice Department official. Barr notified key congressional leaders in a letter Friday evening that dirty cop-Mueller finished his investigation, adding that a summary of the probe’s findings may be provided to lawmakers as soon as this weekend. It will likely take longer for the facts supporting the conclusions to come out, Fox News is told, because there may be materials that are either classified, or subject to executive privilege in the factual material. Fox News is told that Barr may run the conclusions past White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and Emmett Flood, who are currently in Mar-a-Lago, before they are released -- but that Trump's personal attorneys are unlikely to be notified...
The Metaphysics of FBI Bias
by Tadas Klimas
{} ~ The release of congressional testimony by FBI headquarters personnel last week once again focused a light upon bias at the FBI. The left countered using the following arguments... Bias always exists; everyone is biased. Therefore evidence of bias is immaterial. And: Even if there is bias, this does not mean that actions taken were illegitimate. If this is true, then, no matter the evidence of bias, investigations and prosecutions that have the color of law are fair, including any of the recent FBI/DOJ investigations such as those concerning the FISA warrants, scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton's exposure of classified material, and of course regarding “Russian collusion”. One attempted response to the left's argument was made by Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, who argued that the evident bias of high-ranking FBI personnel “poisoned any chance that the FBI’s investigation of Trump could ever be viewed as neutral, objective and fair.” But Jarrett's analysis only weakly addresses the left's argument. It leaves room for a rejoinder that whether an investigation appears fair is a question which lies in the eye of the beholder and is thus a partisan matter, subject to a “political charade.” It also does not address the relevance of bias to the correctness of actual investigative steps or prosecutorial actions...
Mainstream media, celebrities stunned as 
dirty cop-Mueller report filed with no 
new indictments planned
by Joseph A. Wulfsohn  
{} ~ The mainstream media seemed to suffer a collective  shock Friday evening... after the office of Special Counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller handed its final report of its Russia investigation to the Department of Justice. MSNBC host Chris Matthews seemed livid that neither President Trump, his children, nor his “henchmen” would face any criminal charges from the special counsel. “Maybe he missed the boat here,” Matthews said of dirty cop-Mueller. “Because we know about the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, we know about the meeting at the cigar bar with Kilimnik [Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian political consultant]. My God, we know about all of those meetings with Kislyak [Sergey Kislyak, a Russian diplomat] at the Republican convention in Cleveland. All these dots we’re now to believe don’t connect.” The liberal cable news host was particularly upset that the president wasn’t indicted on obstruction of justice and never sat down for an interview with the special counsel. “Why was there never an interrogation of this president? We were told for weeks by experts, ‘You cannot deal with an obstruction-of-justice charge or investigation without getting the motive. ... How could they let Trump off the hook?” Matthews asked. “He will not be charged with obstruction of justice or collusion without having to sit down with the Special Counsel dirty cop-Mueller and answer his damn questions. How could that happen?”... 
Banning Plastic Straws Isn’t Enough; Now Envirokooks Want To Ban Straw Emojis, Too  
by Madeline Osburn  
{} ~ First they came for our gun emojis. Now they’re coming for our keyboard straws... Bacardi announced their new “The Future Doesn’t Suck” campaign on Friday, taking a brave stance against emojis depicting straws and single-use plastic cups. The drink company teamed up with ocean activist organization Lonely Whale to announce they are dedicated to eliminating all plastic straws, even the digital ones. “We think if humans are going to get used to the idea of using less plastic straws, they should use less emoji straws, too,” the company said in a statement.“Be cool and delete all emoji straws.” The eco-war against straws began in 2018 as multiple states and municipalities passed laws and ordinances against restaurants serving plastic straws to customers. But corporations have taken the environmental trend to a new level of woke marketing and virtue signaling. Last July, Starbucks announced they would remove straws from all of their stores, replacing their lids with an “adult sippy-cup.” Airlines and hotel chains like Hyatt and Hilton shortly followed suit...
Muslims Who Stand Up To Mullah's 
Are No 'Islamophobes'
by Tarek Fatah
{} ~ On Sunday March 17, Hassan Sajwani, an active Twitterati in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) quoted a warning his country's foreign minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan... had delivered to Europe at the "Tweeps Forum" in Saudi Arabia in 2017. The UAE foreign minister had  cautioned Europe about the rise of Islamic extremists within the continent: "There will come a day when we see far more radicals, extremists and terrorists coming from Europe because of (a) lack of decision-making, and European politicians trying to be politically correct." Sajwani's tweet recollecting the UAE minister's 2017 warning turned out to be quite prophetic. The very next day, on Monday, Turkish-born gunman Gokmen Tanis brought the Dutch city of Utrecht to a halt when he fired on a tram streetcar killing three people and injuring three others. Dutch prosecutors investigating the attack say, "So far a terrorist motive is being seriously taken into account. Among other things a letter found in the getaway car and the nature of the facts give rise to that," a statement said in Dutch, without detailing the contents of the letter. The Utrecht killing of non-Muslims by a Turkish terror suspect cannot be seen outside the recent massacre of Muslims inside two New Zealand mosques by a white nationalist and earlier massacres carried out against Christians inside and outside churches in The Philippines and Nigeria as well as in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Egypt...
Trump Acts to Protect Free Speech at 
America's Universities
Thomas Gallatin:  “Under the policy I announced today, federal agencies will use their authority under various grant-making programs to ensure that public universities protect [and] cherish … the First Amendment rights of their students, or risk losing billions and billions of dollars in federal taxpayer dollars,” President Donald Trump stated on Thursday as he signed his executive order directing America’s colleges and universities to protect free speech. By signing the executive order, Trump made good on the promise he made at CPAC earlier this month.

Trump defended the need for his order by noting, “Under the guise of speech codes, safe spaces, trigger warnings, these universities tried to restrict free thought, impose total conformity, and shut down the voices of great young Americans. … Taxpayer dollars should not subsidize anti-First Amendment institutions — and that’s exactly what they are, anti-First Amendment. Universities that want taxpayer dollars should promote free speech, not silence free speech.”

Trump’s order is low on specifics, but it does note that only research grant moneydoled out by the federal government to colleges and universities every year would be affected and not aid programs for federal student loans. As Reason’s Robby Soave observes, Trump’s EO “mostly serves as a declaration of support for the First Amendment, and a sign that the Trump administration is looking at doing something to help graduates drowning in debt.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a nonpartisan free-speech-promoting watchdog organization that rates America’s colleges and universities for their adherence to free speech, gave guarded support for the spirit of order while voicing a wariness to federal overreach. “FIRE will watch closely to see if today’s action furthers the meaningful, lasting policy changes that FIRE has secured over two decades — or results in unintended consequences that threaten free expression and academic freedom.”

When Trump first brought up issuing an executive order on protecting campus free speech, we too agreed with his sentiment but were concerned that it could run into the realm of executive overreach. Upon seeing the order, those concerns are somewhat alleviated, as the order appears to be more of a symbolic gesture designed to publicly highlight the growing problem of silencing speech on many of America’s college and university campuses. Trump is using the presidential bully pulpit to shine a national spotlight on the problem that much of the mainstream media has ignored and that many leftist university professors deny even exits. As he has constantly done in highlighting the leftist bias in the MSM, Trump is similarly seeking to expose the massive leftist bias that exists within the halls of America’s institutions of higher learning.  ~The Patriot Post

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Rudy Fires Warning Shot – Going to Release Evidence on the Biden’s Millions in Corrupt Deeds!

President Trump’s personal attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped a bomb this morning warning that he is going to start revealing documents related to the Biden Family’s corrupt and criminal dealings in the Ukraine and elsewhere around the world.

Rudy tweeted:

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

Rudy Giuliani    @RudyGiuliani

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

It’s time to take these criminals from the Obama Administration to task.  The Bidens, Obamas and the Clintons were criminal enterprises.

Trump Speaks At March For Life Rally

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