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scumbag-Booker's 'Spartacus' Circus Act 

by Thomas Gallatin
Palestinians: Spitting in the Well
by Bassam Tawil
{ } ~ Once again, the Palestinians are conveying conflicting messages about their attitude towards US President Donald Trump's administration... On one side, they are condemning the Trump administration for its decision to cut all US aid to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA); on the other, the Palestinians are opposed to any plan by the US administration to provide them with financial aid and improve their living conditions. This Palestinian stance is not only bad-faith double-dealing, it also reflects the state of confusion and uncertainty among the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah in particular and the Palestinian public in general. In reality, the Palestinians have one main message for the US administration: We hate you and incite against you, but we fully expect that you will continue providing us with cash, to the tune of billions of dollars. And, when you do try to help us, we reserve the right to spit in your face. This is the message -- despite much duplicitous obfuscation -- that the Palestinians have long sought to communicate the US. Now to the facts. Earlier this week, Palestinians staged a protest in Ramallah against the Trump administration's decision to halt US aid to UNRWA. During the protest outside America House the educational and cultural center belonging to the US Consulate General in the de facto capital of the Palestinians, Ramallah, the Palestinians burned photos of Trump and some of his senior representatives, including US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and presidential advisors Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt. The protesters chanted slogans condemning the Trump administration as being "fully complicit" with Israel in its "aggression and war" on the Palestinians...
Atlanta Mayor Ends City’s Relationship With ICE
by Melanie Arter
{ } ~ Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms issued an executive order Thursday to permanently end the city’s relationship with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)... In June, the mayor issued an executive order preventing the city from accepting new illegal immigrant detainees for ICE. The executive order Bottoms issued Thursday officially ends the ICE agreement. “We will no longer be complicit with a policy that intentionally inflicts misery on a vulnerable population without giving any thought to the fallout,” Bottoms said. “As the birthplace of the civil rights movement, we are called to be better than this.” The city stands to lose millions in revenue from the federal government. It received $78 per day per detainee, amounting to $7.5 million in the last fiscal year from the arrangement...
CNN, MSNBC Go After scumbag-Cory Booker 
For Lying. scumbag-Booker Gives Insane Response 
{ } ~ Sen. scumbag-Cory Booker (D-NJ) received intense scrutiny from CNN and MSNBC on Thursday after he was caught in an apparent lie earlier in the day about documents... he released that were connected to Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearing.  scumbag-Booker, in a show of political theatrics, claimed that he was breaking Senate rules by releasing "confidential" Kavanaugh emails. Not only did the move completely backfire as the documents showed that Kavanaugh opposed racial profiling and racial bias, officials revealed that they had cleared the emails for  scumbag-Booker to release at his request and that they gave him the green light to release them.  scumbag-Booker's actions were so bad that MSNBC and CNN both slammed scumbag-Booker multiple times Thursday afternoon and then pressed him in interviews Thursday night. In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, scumbag-Booker refused to answer whether or not he knew that the documents were released before pulling his stunt.  scumbag-Booker bragged that he was taught growing up that he has "an obligation" to "stand against" what he deems to be "unjust" laws. scumbag-Booker then repeatedly bragged about how he thinks he violated the rules of the Senate, even though he didn't... You can forget about running for President.
Sixty Day DOJ/FBI Election Window Closes Today
by sundance
{ } ~ The 2018 Mid-Term elections are sixty days away. Today, September 7th, if traditional institutional protocols are followed... is the technical end of any opportunity for FBI and DOJ to publicly release any investigative material that would influence the political landscape. While it is unknown if Special Counsel Robert Mueller will follow the customary tradition within the 60 day window, it is virtually guaranteed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will.  This means that any presumed to exist investigations that can collaterally damage the 2018 election -for either party- will be put on hold until after November 6th.  The investigation activity may be running in the background, but there will be no public action. Any ongoing investigations -if any- will likely continue; however, the public release of any information from within the institutions of the DOJ and/or FBI will not happen. There’s no written rule about this, just a general custom and protocol. If this custom is followed we should not anticipate any public releases that would support indictments or accountability toward former political officials and/or politicians participating therein. That said, there’s a solid argument that Robert Mueller’s team will take the opportunity to pay-back the perceived FBI political violation of this custom October 2016 regarding the public announcement of the re-opening of the liar-Hillary Clinton investigation, and break the protocol to deliver a retaliatory hit toward President Trump in October 2018...
Gowdy RIPS Dems who used SCOTUS hearing for personal gain,
has a special message for ‘Spartacus’ scumbag-Booker 
by Frieda Powers
{ } ~ Rep. Trey Gowdy slammed grandstanding by dummycrats-Democrats whom he felt used Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings to position themselves for 2020 politics...  Kavanaugh faced intense scrutiny by dummycrats- Democrats in another day of questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, getting grilled by potential 2020 contenders like California Sen. lowlife-Kamala Harris and Sen. scumbag-Cory Booker of New Jersey. Gowdy was especially disappointed in scumbag-Booker’s antics who compared himself to “Spartacus” as he threatened to release confidential documents andchallenged the Committee to penalize him. “That’s not the scumbag-Cory Booker that I know, that I watched on television,” the South Carolina Republican said on Fox News’ “The Story” Thursday. “That is not the scumbag-Cory Booker that I discuss criminal justice reform with. That is someone that is trying to position himself as the front-runner, so he can take on Donald Trump.” After dramatically blowing hot air during the hearing Thursday, scumbag-Booker eventually did release 12 pages of emails online which were marked “committee confidential” and included Kavanaugh’s post 9/11 discussions related to racial profiling...

scumbag-Booker's 'Spartacus' Circus Act 

by Thomas Gallatin:  “I am going to release the email about racial profiling and I understand that the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate,” Sen. scumbag-Cory Booker (D-2020) dramatically announced on Thursday, the final day of the hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. He further opined of these Kavenaugh records and his actions, “I hope that they will bring charges against us and I am ready to accept with full responsibility what I have done.” In what might best be described as the climax of scumbag-Booker’s disingenuous theatrics, he waxed eloquent, “This is about the closest I’ll probably ever have in my life to an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment.”

             Before nominating him for an Academy Award, there’s just one problem: Soon after the performance was over, the claims of scumbag-Booker’s “rebellion” quickly began to fall apart.
               First, regarding the “confidentiality” of the emails, a representative from the George W. Bush library records, Bill Burck, stated, “We cleared the documents last night shortly after Senator scumbag-Booker’s staff asked us to.” He added, “We were surprised to learn about Senatorscumbag-Booker’s histrionics this morning because we had already told him he could use the documents publicly. In fact, we have said yes to every request made by the Senate dummycrats-Democrats to make documents public.” And the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmed that “restrictions were waived before 4 a.m. this morning and made ready for release. The senators were notified of this before speaking began this morning.” So, in short, the emails were not confidential and scumbag-Booker was fully aware of this fact before he introduced them as such.
               Second, scumbag-Booker’s claim that the emails seemingly revealed that Kavanaugh had expressed racial bias by having approved of the practice of “racial profiling” proved to be unfounded — in fact, they showed exactly the opposite. In commenting on racial profiling following the government’s response to national security issues after the 9/11 attacks, Kavanaugh wrote, “The people who favor some use of race/natl origin [sic] obviously do not need to grapple with the ‘interim’ question. But the people (such as you and I), who generally favor effective security measures that are race-neutral in fact DO need to grapple — and grapple now — with the interim question of what to do before a truly effective and comprehensive race-neutral system is developed and implemented.” Clearly, Kavanaugh was concerned about race in profiling.
               Finally, the real reason behind scumbag-Booker’s theatrics is his posturing for a 2020 presidential run. In an interview on Fox News, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) observed, “That’s not the Cory scumbag-Booker that I know that I watched on television. That is someone that is trying to position himself as the frontrunner so he can take on Donald Trump.” This explains why in a CNN interview,scumbag-Booker continued to stick to his demonstrably false narrative, repeatedly insisting, “I am breaking the rules. … I am breaking the sham rules.” You see, he needs to maintain his “street cred” as a resistance warrior or risk losing his leftist base.

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TOTAL BULLSHIT!: FBI Arrests Leader Of Militia Group Stopping Illegal Aliens In New Mexico

The FBI on Saturday arrested Larry Hopkins, the leader of the militia group that is stopping ‘asylum seekers’ after they illegally cross over the US border into New Mexico.

Hopkins was arrested shortly after the anti-American ACLU accused the militia group of kidnapping and illegally detaining the aliens.

Reuters reported:

Hopkins, 69, also known as Johnny Horton, was arrested in Sunland Park, New Mexico, on a federal complaint charging him with being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a statement.

“We’re not worried about it, he’s going to be cleared,” said Jim Benvie, a spokesman for the United Constitutional Patriots (UCP), blaming his arrest on political pressure from Lujan Grisham.

Hopkins is the “national commander” of the UCP, which has had around half a dozen members camped out on a rotating basis near Sunland Park since late February.

More than 300 ‘asylum seekers’ trying to illegally cross the US border this weekend surrendered to an armed militia of New Mexico citizens comprised of ex-cops and veterans.

This is what happens when the US government doesn’t even uphold its most basic commitment to the American people, to secure the borders from invaders.

The militia then handed over the detained aliens to US border patrol.

The militia immediately came under attack — PayPal and GoFundMe banned the group of armed citizens from being able to raise money.

In a statement to BuzzFeed, PayPal claimed that the group violated their “Acceptable Use Policy.”

“The account associated with United Constitutional Patriots has been closed due to a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy,” the spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. “We do not allow PayPal services to be used to promote hate, violence, or other forms of intolerance that is discriminatory.”

Mark Cheney, who identified himself to BuzzFeed as the “commander” of the militia, said that the bans have “killed” their efforts.

“They killed us,” Cheney said. “I have to find some other way for people to donate.”

There is a crisis at the US-Mexico border and the Democrats and activist judges are fighting President Trump at every turn.

In March alone, over 100,000 illegal aliens were detained by US border patrol.

According to reports, over 1.5 million illegal aliens will enter the United States in 2019 if the surge continues at the current rate.

Instead of arresting the illegal alien invaders, the FBI arrests an American man who is defending the borders. Let that sink in.


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