On Executive Lawlessness: What MUST We Do?

Friday, November 14, 2014

On Executive Lawlessness: What MUST We Do?

Of and by themselves, whining and studiously explaining the blatant unconstitutionality of Obama’s pending immigration executive order is a foolish exercise in futility.

The answer is to isolate and debilitate Obama. Cut him off at the knees.

If Obama recklessly carries out his threat to issue a sweeping and illegal immigration executive order, our congressional representatives--with tens of thousands of American patriots at their sides--must encircle the White House and demand his resignation! Such assertive, unified action will bring it all to a head one way or the other. This lawless Chief Executive will either resign or pull his lawless executive order. Chastened, perhaps he will then behave like a law-abiding President of the United States until his merciful departure in 2016.

In any event, merely chest-pounding and complaining will no longer be enough to stop the tyranny. Clearly, Obama's achieving his alien ideological goals--not upholding his oath of office or ensuring the Rule of Law--remains the menacing driving force behind all he does. A demonstrably serial liar and neo-Marxist, it is now time to stop him!

Congressional representatives should also use their bully pulpits by appealing directly to the States and to federal employees to ignore all such orders forthwith. Congress should also withhold any funding used to execute any illegal executive orders.

Better the temporary shutdown of a corrupt government than the complete collapse of our constitutional republic.

This is about so much more than simple-minded politics. It’s about safeguarding the doctrine of separation of powers and the very survival of our republic. If Obama–or any Chief Executive– is permitted to routinely get away with such brazen acts of lawlessness, the precedent, like a malignant cancer, will render the Constitution moribund and the Rule of Law an irrelevancy. We would, indeed, become a "banana republic". Are we really willing to accept that?

P.S. I understand the Constitutional Sheriffs Association is planning to descend on DC if Obama commits this crime. If so, then perhaps the Association can lead this effort. Sitting on our hands and hoping for the best or leaving it to fate alone is utterly irresponsible and suicidal.

"The most basic reason for a community or a nation to set up a system of government is to assure its inhabitants that the rights of the people shall be protected and preserved." Thomas Jefferson

"In the face of tyranny, always permit our Founders to be our guide. To prevail, we must be fearless, tenacious and unequivocal in our steadfast defense of Liberty."

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SICK: Leprosy On The Rise In Los Angeles 

Ahh, the joys of open borders and Democrat leadership.

California is not just a public toilet but now there is evidence that leprosy is on the rise in Los Angeles County.

Barack Obama changed US law in 2016 and allowed immigrants with blistering STDs and leprosy to migrate to the US.

Medscape reported:

Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, is rarely seen in the United States, but cases continue to emerge in Los Angeles County, a new report says.

“Hansen’s disease still exists, and we need to educate medical students and physicians,” coauthor Dr. Maria Teresa Ochoa from Keck Medical Center of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, told Reuters Health by email.

Dr. Ochoa and colleagues identified 187 patients with the disease in a review of medical records from their leprosy clinic spanning 1973 to 2018. Most patients were Latino, originating from Mexico, and they experienced a median delay in diagnosis of more than three years, the team reports JAMA Dermatology, online August 7.

Multibacillary leprosy (MB) cases outnumbered paucibacillary leprosy (PB) cases by nearly eight to one (88.6% vs. 11.4%, respectively), and Latino patients were more likely than non-Latino patients to have MB, as were patients from Central or South America (versus other regions).

Most patients (80.7%) received multidrug therapy, and most (92.6%) received antibiotics for more than two years, especially if they had MB.

Only about half of patients (56.7%) had World Health Organization (WHO) grade 0 disability (no signs or symptoms suggestive of leprosy or disability) at the one-year follow-up, whereas 16.0% had grade 1 disability (loss of protective sensation) and 26.2% had grade 2 disability (visible deformity) at the last follow-up.

Among the patients who lost protective sensation, 87.7% (50/57) did not regain it following therapy.

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