Think there is no way that Obama will serve a third term? Think again.
Let’s start with what this administration has already done. Rumors of FEMA Camps have been proven true. The U.S. Army has a manual lately leaked called FM3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations. A portion of the manual describes how internees will be “re-educated” for an appreciation of “ U.S. Policies. The Posse Comitatus Act has been bypassed and the military involvement in domestic law enforcement without congressional approval. But how can we expect Congress to fight when they have let this administration rule by executive order and his “phone and pen”.
And what of the U.N. Multinational troops training for in this country. Why is the UN taking over the enforcement of orders by a Treasonous thug that is the President of this country? How do we know this? There is a job opening for the United Nations for a disarmament and demobilization position Job # 14-SEI-DPKO-34627-R-New York. And Obama has gotten rid of the generals and those in command who would not do as he commands.
There are plans now being promulgated in the U.S. Army manual under the title of “confiscation of Firearms and Supplies” and “Civil Disturbance Operations” including up to and including the killing of Americans on U.S. Soil if there should be civil unrest. It is based on the Department of Defense training manual of a “domestic extremist”. Who are these people who are such a threat” According to the manual they are described as :
Americans who are reverent of individual liberty, suspicious of centralized federal authority would be considered as “extreme right wing terrorists. People who embrace “individual liberties, and honor states rights.
There are a few more unconstitutional aspects of what Obama will get done in the time he has left. The repeal of the 2nd Amendment is first and foremost for the progressives. The childish sit in of a week ago showed nothing but the progressives ignorance of the rule of law. Take our guns, and this administraton will run roughshod over all its citizens.
The ignorance of the progressives is there to see in such symbolic idiocy as Democrat Rep. Jose Serrano of New York proposing a bill to repeal the 22nd Amendment so the Muslim in Chief we have now will be able to finish the job he has started of turning the United States into a banana republic. This is the same 12 term Congressman who applauded Hugo Chavez as a Truly Revolutionary leader.

It is a combination of what this administration has done to the country, the decisions being made by a global elites, and charlatans like Soros and his paid activists like Black lives Matter that are pushing harder than ever before to destroy the foundations that this country are founded on. The next step they plan is a racial war this summer centered around the political conventions. Obama has already planted the seeds, and I would almost bet the UN Forces will assist in fomenting violence this summer. Along with Government agencies arming themselves including the Post Office and Social Security have purchased millio0ns of rounds of ammunition including armor piercing ammunition not available to the ordinary citizenry. Why would government agencies stockpile such great amounts?
Perhaps the answer lies in Executive Order 13603 signed by Obama is March 2012. According to this Order, the President or the head of any federal agency that he designates can conscript “any person of outstanding experience and ability without compensation”. This is translated to the fact that Obama or any fellow communist he designates and seize any resource, property or person at any time for any reason. That person will be compelled to perform the duties required of him without any payment.
Portions of EO13603 makes no mention of keeping families together, and requires acceptance of contracts other than contracts of employment, making any and all citizens subject to the whims of the State. The Executive Order signed by Obama is intentionally vague, and covers all government agencies. In essence it gives these agencies unlimited power and control in a Broad definition of “national emergency”. It gives the administration total control over all resources and commodities, all forms of energy, all forms of transportation, health resources and military conscription. If you are storing food for a national emergency, that food will now belong to the government, if you have a well, that water will no longer be yours. You will be dependent upon the federal government for everything. Your children will be taken from school to force you to comply.
In the body of the executive order is alist of what the Federal Government will control:
“All commodities and products that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or Animals”
“All forms of energy”
“All forms of civil transportation”
“All usable water from all sources”
“All health resources-drugs, biological products, medical devices, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment.”
Forced labor- induction and regulations to allocate resources (meaning people)
So if Obama was to create the atmosphere of chaos in this country that he has been working toward with the help of globalists like George Soros, and declare a “national emergency.” Executive Order 13603 informs the country that there will be no elections and King Barak would rule.

Is it any wonder why there are U.N. troops arriving in the country, and why they are being spread throughout the United States. Jade Helm 15 and the upcoming Jade Helm 18 are training for those who will have to do what our military will not. If it ever comes to this there will be a civil war. Lock and load patriots.

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