Our Muslim Marxist President is doing his best to take the guns away from patriots in our country. He has tried over the past six years to force Congress to do his bidding to violate the 2nd Amendment. Congress, to its credit has pushed back and allowed the law abiding people of this country to continue to keep the right given to them in the Constitution.

After San Bernardino, a city 30 miles from my home and the hometown of my wife, it did not take long for the Democrats to bring out the response they always do. It was the guns fault, and therefore, no one should have one.Knee jerk responses to be sure, and even with the assistance of a front page editorial in the New York Times, could not change the thinking of the American people that they have a right to self defense.  Petula Dvorak of the Washington Post even went so far as to claim the “Evil Republicans” because they respect the 2nd Amendment.

Of course, according to Ms. Dvorak more gun free zones are the answer. If only everyone would turn in their guns, all would he sweetness and light with unicorns and rainbows. I don’t know what neighborhood this lady lives in, but in any neighborhood I ever lived in, the people I know are very happy to be able to keep their guns. Gun free zones work according to the Progressives and socialists. Should we ask  the children at Sandy Hook, or the writers at Charlie Hebdo, of the county workers in San Bernardino how well that works? Obama, that fine bastion of constitutional law proclaimed that the US is the number one purveyor of these attacks. Actually no, Norway is first, followed by Finland, Slovakia, Israel, and Switzerland. Sorry, Evergreen, you numbers lie again.

We have had seven years of the truth being a far distant cousin of the Democrats, but they all agree that they need to take our guns. Obama has already issued 23 executive actions which were never voted on and are clearly unconstitutional being rights that can not taken away without changing the founding documents of our country. The National Instant Criminal Background Check, (NICS) is being used by the federal government as the implementation of a national database. This has been admitted by federal officials and openly reported in the news.

The newest step being pushed by Obama is to try and cause gun manufacturers to fail. Gun sales have skyrocketed, and Obama has now used his federal power in a vendetta against Smith and Wesson using the Security Exchange Commission.  Our Marxist in chief is using the advocate of the state of New York asking federal regulators to investigate if the manufacturer Smith and Wesson had made adequate disclosures in its financial statements. The public advocate, Letitia James has stated that the SEC “should investigate whether Smith and Wesson misrepresented or omitted information about how often its products are involved in crimes and what it has done to keep its product out of the hands of criminals”.

I would appreciate anyone who can tell me how any company, selling any product, can be forced to be responsible for the misuse of their product? Smith and Wesson does infact provide training and a gun lock with each gun sold, and no one can explain what more they should do.

This is nothing more than a witch hunt and nothing more. It is this President attempting to circumvent Congress with a targeting of a business that he does not feel is subservient to his agenda as a tyrannical king who can make proclamations for what he desires to be so. The final question is what business is next. Obama has a year to go, and now is the time to draw a red line in the sand (Obama might understand that) and say no more.


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Comment by Roy Patterson on December 19, 2015 at 7:16pm

I live in the Arizona the most gun friendly state in the union. We don't need permits to own or carry guns. Hell will have to freeze over and it won't for Obama and his left-wing liberals like Hillary Clinton to get my guns. Long time member of NRA and Donald Trump supporter for President,



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“Stop Mass Hysteria”  Michael Savage On Current Media Frenzy: It’s Like A Virus, An Epidemic… It Will Die Of Its Own Oxygen Deprivation 

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed Dr. Michael Savage on his latest book “Stop Mass Hysteria” this weekend.

“Stop Mass Hysteria” COULD NOT come at a better time. And our discussion with Dr. Savage on this subject was timely to say the least.

Dr. Savage discussed the history of mass hysteria in America from the Salem witch trials to the Trump-Russial collusion witch hunt.

Michael Savage also shared his thoughts on the mass hysteria surrounding the Brett Kavananaugh confirmation hearings.

Dr. Michael Savage: Let me just say starting from the beginning that there is a huge difference between mass hysteria and justified concern. And this is something we have to understand. There are imagined threats and then there is real danger as we all know. And this is an imagined threat – That Kavanaugh poses a threat to all women on the planet that he’s a mad rapist. That he will be on the Supreme Court running around and making the climate of rape more acceptable. This is the greatest example of mass hysteria since the Trump derangement syndrome. And it is a continuation of course, of the hatred of Trump and their hatred for those of us who supported Donald Trump, and Donald Trump’s agenda more than Donald Trump. It’s really not about Donald Trump it’s about the agenda which is largely based on modern nationalism that I offered for many, many years.

Dr. Savage is truly brilliant. He publishes a book on mass hyteria and the the Kavanaugh confirmation comes along.

Dr. Savage goes on to say the number one greatest threat facing America today is radical Islam. “For the last 1,400 years radical Islam has been at war with the world. This is not Islamophobia as the mainstream media would have you believe. It is history.”

Michael Savage took some time to bash CNN in his chapter titled “From Salem to CNN” where he compares the two asking, “They’re not too different are they?”

Michael Savage   @ASavageNation


Michael went on to describe the real “war on women” is the radical feminists who are actually debasing feminists and debasing women across America with false accusations, or exaggerated accusations.

Dr. Savage talked about the danger of mass hysteria, “It’s like a virus. As a trained epidemiologist it’s really like an epidemic. It’s almost a medical situation, this madness is very similar to an epidemic that continues to spread though a population without discriminating who it attacks. That’s the point. And so in stopping mass hysteria I try to bring real history to the discussion rather than straight polemics.”

Near the end of the interview I asked Michael about what will eventually the end of mass hysteria. Michael offered this, “We have to believe at the end reason will trump hysteria. We have to believe. I believe this mania we are living through will die of its own oxygen deprivation.”

Let’s hope Dr. Savage is right. He usually is. God help us.

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