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scumbag/liar-nObama's Benghazi 
Body Bags No Mere Conspiracy Theory
by Daniel John Sobieski
Congress ready to call Trump’s bluff on shutdown threat
by Susan Ferrechio
{ } ~ President Trump this week threatened to partially shut down the federal government unless it approves funding for his border wall... but lawmakers from both parties say that isn't going to happen. Publicly, Trump is keeping people guessing, as he made a few threats late in the week to reject spending bills for fiscal 2019 that don't include border wall money. "I would do it because I think it’s a great political issue," Trump told reporters on Air Force One on Friday when asked about a shutdown. But Republican leaders are desperate to avoid the last-minute spending fights that have plagued Congress for years. The GOP has worked with dummycrats-Democrats to move 2019 funding bills faster than any time in decades, and they are reasonably sure they have a deal with Trump to fund the government without a big fight over the border. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., told reporters that despite Trump’s threats, he is certain the president will sign the 2019 spending bills because of private discussions held with the GOP leadership...
Trump Reportedly Close To Declassifying
Carter Page And Bruce Ohr Documents
by Chuck Ross
{ } ~ President Donald Trump is reportedly on the verge of declassifying documents... related to the government’s surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and FBI documents regarding Justice Department official Bruce Ohr. House Republicans have recently pressed Trump to declassify the documents, which they claim undercuts the FBI and Justice Department’s rationale for opening an investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government. Axios reported on Sunday that Trump’s allies say that he is close to declassifying the documents. Sources familiar with Trump’s thinking have told The Daily Caller News Foundation over the past week that they believed Trump was close to releasing the documents. Trump himself told The Daily Caller in an Oval Office interview on Sept. 4 that he is “very seriously” considering declassifying the documents. One source told TheDCNF on Sunday that they expect Trump to declassify the documents “this week or next.” The source originally believed that the documents would be released last week but revised that assessment for reasons unknown. “I’ve come to expect these things to take more time than expected,” the source told TheDCNF...
Unlikely Allies, Israel and Egypt Face Joint Challenge in Gaza
by Jacob Nagel & Jonathan Schanzer
{ } ~ The winds of war are blowing in Gaza. The last several months have been replete with rocket barrages, drones, incendiary balloons and kites flaming or containing explosives flying into Israeli airspace, and border breaches... Israel is working on solutions, but it is also looking to find help from an unlikely ally: Egypt. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met secretly earlier this month with Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. A few days later, Egypt’s intelligence chief, Abbas Kamal visited Israel as a guest of the Israeli National Security Advisor and probably also met Netanyahu. The conversations continue to focus on ways to tackle the crisis in Gaza – a territory that borders both countries. Netanyahu and Sisi have a strong relationship, one based on both trust and mutual interests. They don’t hide this fact. Indeed, they meet publicly and have even allowed themselves to be photographed together, which is a marked shift from the Hosni Mubarak era. The list of mutual interests for Egypt and Israel is considerable. This includes a mutual antipathy for Hamas. Egypt views the anti-Israel terrorist group as a threat because of its alliance with the previous Muslim Brotherhood regime of Mohammed Morsi. The two countries also work together to prevent the smuggling of arms from the Sinai Peninsula into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The Egyptian efforts to stymie smuggling via subterranean tunnels has been nothing short of remarkable...
Turkey: Torture, Sexual Abuse Rampant in Prisons
by Uzay Bulut
{ } ~ In the early 2000s, after the Justice and Development Party (AKP) first came to power in Turkey, its leader, then Prime Minister now President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan... proclaimed a policy of "zero tolerance" for torture. In June of this year, Turkish Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül repeated the same mantra. "We -- as the AKP government -- are implementing a policy of zero tolerance for torture," he said. Statements by many prisoners, their lawyers and human-rights defenders, however, tell a much different story; victim and witness accounts reveal that torture and other forms of unlawful abuse are increasingly widespread in Turkish jails and prisons. Inmates in a jail in Şanlıurfa in southeast Turkey, for example, tell of the plight of 27-year-old Uğur Yeloğlu, who they say has been isolated and tortured so badly since his imprisonment seven months ago that his level of functioning is like that of a baby. He has apparently lost his memory and is unable to walk, or even eat, on his own. In addition, these inmates said, the prison's healthcare staff are lax in their treatment of him. Yeloğlu was arrested in Istanbul in January for allegedly "aiding a terrorist organization." His lawyer, Abdülkadir Aslan, said that in spite of the many months his client has been in jail, his indictment has not yet been prepared by prosecutors. "We have officially appealed to authorities for my client to be transferred to a full-fledged hospital," Aslan said. "But we have not received a response yet. The investigation file is also marked 'confidential,' so we do not know what it contains."...
ISNA Speaker Decries Focus on Palestinian
Incitement as "a Form of Islamophobia" 
{ } ~ Like most Islamist gatherings, "Islamophobia" was a big topic at the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)'s annual convention during Labor Day weekend... For example, author Khaled Beydoun linked Islamophobia's origins to white supremacy, while pollster Dalia Mogahed cited concern over Islamic honor crimes as a form of liberal Islamophobia. But commentator and comedian Amer Zahr – an adjunct law professor – broadened the concept of "Islamophobia" dramatically, using the often ambiguous and blanket label to describe any criticism of Palestinian incitement that encourages anti-Semitism or terrorism. Invoking Investigative Project on Terrorism founder and Executive Director Steven Emerson, Zahr alleged that "...for 70 years the pro-Israel lobby has been saying things like the Palestinians teach their children to hate. That's a form of Islamophobia. That they send themselves out to kill people. That is a form of Islamophobia." To make such claims, Zahr must completely dismiss the overwhelming body of evidence showing Palestinian factions and officials systematically engaging in violent incitement, or he must believe that any criticism of Palestinian society is genuinely bigoted. Pointing out real examples of Palestinians teaching youth to hate Israelis is a form of anti-Muslim bigotry? When Palestinian summer camps actively indoctrinate young children with radical jihadist ideology and prepare them to conduct terrorist attacks, Zahr thinks the best thing for people to do is look away?...
scumbag/liar-nObama's Benghazi 
Body Bags No Mere Conspiracy Theory
by Daniel John Sobieski

{ } ~ The arrogance of the man who lied to the parents of the Benghazi dead in front of their sons' caskets as they were returned to the country they fought for is mind-boggling. As he attempted to rewrite many chapters of his failed presidency in a speech at the University of Illinois, he called the accurate and documented reports of the criminal negligence of secretary of state liar-Hillary Clinton and himself during the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on our Benghazi compound a mere "conspiracy theory."

Conspiracy theories don't produce body bags, sir, but perhaps you don't remember that night all too well because you spent the time four brave Americans were being killed under your command in Libya readying up for a Las Vegas fundraiser.

Kris Paronto, former Army Ranger and CIA contractor who fought with his colleagues on the roof of the CIA annex in Benghazi, remembers that night and tweeted his response to the then-president's arrogant and dismissive ridicule of their sacrifice and your incompetence:

Benghazi is a conspiracy @Barackscumbag/liar-nObama ?! How bout we do this,let's put your cowardly ass on the top of a roof with 6 of your buddies&shoot rpg's&Ak47's at you while terrorists lob 81mm mortars killing 2 of your buddies all while waiting for US support that you never sent

scumbag/liar-nObama and liar-Hillary had plenty of warnings that the security at Benghazi was woefully inadequate, that the compound was swimming in an ocean of terrorist training camps. They ignored these warnings, and when the attack happened, they did nothing when a rescue mission could have been mounted.  Instead, stand-down orders were given to would-be rescuers, and following the attack, the infamous video lie was concocted and spread over the airwaves, with President scumbag/liar-nObama repeating it no fewer than six times in a speech before the United Nations.

Hicks, the last man to speak to Ambassador Chris Stevens, has exposed the video lie, documenting how he told liar-Hillary's State Department what was happening in real time that fateful night and how her State Department ignored warnings from Chris Stevens and others about the gathering terrorist storm and the woeful lack of security.

Now retired, private citizen Hicks goes farther, telling Fox News liar-Hillary Clinton broke laws while condemning four Americans to death at the hands of terrorists:

Just as the Constitution makes national security the President's highest priority, U.S. law mandates the secretary of state to develop and implement policies and programs "to provide for the security ... of all United States personnel on official duty abroad."
This includes not only the State Department employees, but also the CIA officers in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. And the Benghazi record is clear: Secretary liar-Clinton failed to provide adequate security for U.S. government personnel assigned to Benghazi and Tripoli.
The Benghazi Committee's report graphically illustrates the magnitude of her failure. It states that during August 2012, the State Department reduced the number of U.S. security personnel assigned to the Embassy in Tripoli from 34 (1.5 security officers per diplomat) to 6 (1 security officer per 4.5 diplomats), despite a rapidly deteriorating security situation in both Tripoli and Benghazi. Thus, according to the Report, "there were no surplus security agents" to travel to Benghazi with Amb. Stevens "without leaving the Embassy in Tripoli at severe risk."

Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, who fought and died for his country at Benghazi, spoke of liar-Hillary's callousness at the 2012 GOP convention. Smith focused in her riveting convention speech on liar-Hillary's disregard for the families of the Benghazi dead:

I know a few things could've been done to prevent it.  But nobody's admitting to anything. Right now, my understanding is liar-Hillary didn't do a damn thing. And I wonder what she did as Secretary of State, because she disavows everything. She disavows the fact that she even got any call for security[.] ... If this is her Department, she certainly doesn't know how to run the Department. And she lied the whole time. She lied to me and called me a liar on TV.

The movie 13 Hours is based on the book, in which the three CIA contractors, Kris Paronto, John Tiegen, and Mark Geist, who fought at Benghazi, tell the tale of the battle they fought with Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods in the terrorist attack that claimed the life of Ambassador Chris Stevens, whose name liar-Hillary could not remember.

It confirms that Benghazi was not a spontaneous demonstration gone bad due a video, despite liar-Susan Rice repeating that lie on five Sunday talk shows, and President scumbag/liar-nObama repeated six times before the United Nations. liar-Hillary Clinton knew that it was a lie, telling the truth to daughter Chelsea and an Egyptian diplomat before she lied to the parents of the Benghazi dead. It confirms that rescuers were told to stand down.

liar-Hillary and her State Department had warnings, including from Ambassador Stevens himself, that Benghazi was an unsecure trap in the face of a growing terrorist threat. As Investor's Business Daily editorialized on documents unearthed by Judicial Watch:

The documents describe Libya as hardly the poster child for the Arab Spring, and echo warnings sent to State by Stevens himself. He was aware of an attack on a convoy carrying the British ambassador to Libya and a June 2012 attack where an improvised explosive device blew a hole in the Benghazi consulate wall. Nowhere in the 486 pages is mention of or concern for the effects of a video.
On Aug. 8, 2012, Stevens sent a two-page cable to the State Department entitled "The Guns of August: Security in Eastern Libya" and noted a dangerous "security vacuum" in and around Benghazi, as well as the presence of terrorist training camps. He was ignored.
The documents reveal that, early on the day after the attack, the Pentagon received intelligence briefing slides detailing that the June 6, 2012, attack was tied to al-Qaida-linked terrorists seeking an Islamic state in Libya and who threatened to attack U.S. interests there. It also said the June 6 attack "came in response to the 5 June 2012 drone strike on senior al-Qaida leader Abu Yahya al-libi."
That Sept. 11 was a terrorist attack was known before, during and after it took place.
"I personally ... think the U.S. Africa Command very quickly got to the point that this was not a demonstration, this was a terrorist attack," Gen. Carter Ham, head of the Command, testified behind closed doors in June 2013 before the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.
And that, Ham said, was the "nature of the conversation" he had with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey moments before a 30-minute meeting withscumbag/liar-nObama prior to the president resting up for his fundraising Las Vegas trip.

liar-Hillary Clinton ignore the pleas for added security at Benghazi, the terrorist threat that was building, and then let pleas for a rescue fall on deaf ears. Could a rescue attempt have been mounted? According to Hicks, yes, it could have:

Hicks says he believes "if we had been able to scramble a fighter or aircraft or two over Benghazi as quickly as possible after the attack commenced" – around 9:30 p.m. that night – "I believe there would not have been a mortar attack on the annex in the morning because I believe the Libyans would have split. They would have been scared to death that we would have gotten a laser on them and killed them."

Hicks, who was in Tripoli that night, relates how the Libyan prime minister called and told him that the U.S. ambassador had been killed, after which "the Libyan military agreed to fly their C-130 to Benghazi and carry additional personnel to Benghazi as reinforcements."

A Special Forces team was ready to go along but was forbidden from doing so by the U.S. Special Operations Command in Africa.

When Patricia Smith testified before Congress, most dummycrats-Democrats walked out of the room, turning their backs on the mother of one of those patriots abandoned by scumbag/liar-nObama and liar-Hillary at Benghazi, refusing to hear her grief as she condemned what scumbag/liar-nObama now calls a mere "conspiracy theory":

With the exception of ranking member scumbag-Elijah Cummings, D-Md., and Jackie Speier, D-Calif., 12 other dummycrats-Democrats on the Committee shamefully left the room and refused to listen to the testimony of Smith ...

Mrs. Smith testified how President scumbag/liar-nObama, Vice President loose lips-Joe Biden and Secretary liar-Clinton, among other top administration officials, approached her at the casket ceremony when her son's body was returned to the U.S.

"Every one of them came up to me, gave me a big hug, and I asked them, 'What happened, please tell me?' And every one of them said it was the video. And we all know that it wasn't the video. Even at that time they knew it wasn't the video. So they all lied to me."

Judging from scumbag/liar-nObama's speech, they're still lying.

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YUP: President Trump Signs Great And Beautiful Trump Border Wall During Tour In San Diego

Embedded video

President Donald Trump visited the San Diego border on Wednesday to show off a newly constructed portion of the wall after a fundraising trip in California.

“It’s an amazing project,” Trump said, pointing to the 30-foot high barrier constructed with steel and concrete, noting that it also went six feet underground.

“If you think you’re going to cut it with a blow torch, that doesn’t work, because you hit the concrete, and then if you think you’re going to go through the concrete, that doesn’t work because we have very powerful rebar inside,” Trump said.

The president traveled via motorcade after a fundraiser to Otay Mesa, a community outside San Diego on the United States -Mexico border to review the latest constructed physical barrier.

He pointed out the new wall structure to the press, which was 24 miles of primary and secondary wall at the border.

“We have it covered underground, we have it covered overground,” Trump said.

The president was joined by acting Department of Homeland security Kevin McAllen and several other border security officials.

He said that over 44,000 bollard panels had been set up for the wall, which was then filled with concrete and rebar.

Trump admitted that he envisioned a solid concrete wall when he campaigned for president, but he was told by border officials that they preferred a wall constructed by concrete-filled bollards so they could see through it.

“It’s hardened concrete, very powerful concrete,” Trump said, pointing to the structure.

He added that the steel wall was designed to retain heat, making it harder to climb, plus having an anti-climbing system at the top.

“You can fry an egg on that wall,” he said. The president also acknowledged to reporters that he wanted the wall to be painted black and have spikes but said it was cheaper to let it remain naturally rust-colored.

“We can paint it later,” he said.

The president discussed his growing understanding of border barriers, noting that the Southern border would not need much more than 500 miles of wall to secure the border. He cited the existence of natural mountain and river barriers that prevented criminals from crossing. He did not rule out building additional barriers in the future but said it would depend on whether it was needed.

One border patrol agent spoke about the importance of the border wall to all of the agents, thanking the president for pushing forward on construction.

Trump said he met with Border Patrol prior to constructing the wall, picking the most effective structures to protect the border.

One border security official scoffed at the idea that the wall was a “vanity” project for the president.

“There’s a false narrative out there that this wall is the president’s vanity wall,” he said. “I’m here to tell you right now that that is false.”

He thanked Trump for listening to border patrol agents during the planning and construction process.

“You listened to the agents and you gave them exactly what they asked for,” he said.

One official with Trump confirmed that the structure was funded with regular Congressional appropriations in the FY 2017 and FY 2018 and that that the new wall replaced an inferior structure.

Trump said that he still considered the situation on the border a national emergency, but as more wall went up he could withdraw military forces.

“I hope you’re impressed,” he told reporters as he took questions about the project.

One worker told Trump of a tradition of workers signing the wall if they worked on the wall.

“I’ll sign it,” Trump said, and went to the wall and signed the steel barrier with a marker before encouraging other officials present to do the same.

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