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Rush to execute the guilty and innocent
by Cal Thomas
 Progressive Child Abuse 
By Allyne Caan: Trying to understand the logic of cultural leftists is an exercise in futility. After years — decades, actually — of downplaying and essentially denying any difference between the sexes and claiming gender roles are social constructs, they've done an about-face. Not only are certain characteristics indicative of gender but the sexes are so different that those who dislike their own can and even should claim another! Because there is no uniqueness between the sexes. Except when there is.
          It's bad enough that supposedly rational adults embrace such confusion, but now they're seeking to validate their position by conducting medical and psychological experiments on children as young as kindergarten-age.
          In a recent New York Times guest column, Yale School of Medicine Research Fellow Jack Turban praises the medical (mal)practice of giving children who dislike their birth-gender implants to block the onset of puberty so they can prepare to "transition" to their chosen gender. He tells the story of 14-year-old "Hannah" — born a boy — who "is using a puberty-blocking implant and getting ready to embark on the path of developing a female body by starting estrogen." The implant, Turban writes, is a "hard rod" just beneath the skin of "Hannah's" arm which "releases a drug that turns off the brain cells that would otherwise kick off puberty. ... [It's] been in place for two years, preventing the process that would have deepened her voice and given her an Adam's apple."
          In other words, beginning at age 12, "Hannah's" parents, with the complicity of medical professionals, began giving this child drugs to stunt his brain cells and the natural progression of biology.
          It's absurd that the obvious even requires saying, but for the record, this kind of medical experimentation on children is not a mark of a civilized society. In fact, one might argue it's child abuse. Then again, a nation that dismembers its in-utero children can hardly become queasy at blocking brain cells. That would be a bit incongruous, now, wouldn't it?
          In a fashion typical of those who embrace transgenderism and other manifestations of gender disorientation pathology, Turban has hardly a negative word to say about any harmful effects of chemically altering children's brain cells to deliberately stunt natural development. Instead, he paints a rosy picture, points to "Hannah" as "happy" with the implant, and calls him a "thriving teenager." And he erroneously claims that "[o]ver the past few years, it has become clear that if we support these children in their transgender identities instead of trying to change them, they thrive instead of struggling with anxiety and depression."
          Putting aside for a moment the fact that the only ones trying to "change" children are those implanting drugs in their arms to botch brain cell activity, "thrive" is hardly an accurate word for thousands of individuals who bought into the deception that if only they could become the gender they wanted, they would find joy.
          An astounding 46% of transgender men and 42% of transgender women have attempted suicide, according to one study from the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Among transgender individuals who underwent hormone treatment, the suicide-attempt rate was 45%. By comparison, less than 5% of the overall U.S. population reports attempting suicide in their lifetime.
          In fact, the study authors specifically write, "Overall, the most striking finding of our analysis was the exceptionally high prevalence of lifetime suicide attempts reported by ... [transgender and gender non-conforming adults] across all demographics and experiences."
          This finding would not surprise Walt Heyer, who underwent a sex-change operation and lived as a woman for eight years without finding the peace he craved. "Changing genders is short-term gain with long-term pain," he writes, "Its consequences include early mortality, regret, mental illness, and suicide." Heyer isn't alone. His website,, shares the stories not heralded by the media — the stories of what happens to people like "Hannah" weeks, months and even years down the road.
          In a brand new column, Heyer writes, "Doctors jam trans kids with puberty blockers and trans adults with cross-gender hormones, then recommend irreversible genital surgery, all without having long-term systematic studies of the effectiveness of such invasive treatment. Parents of trans kids don't have the benefit of trustworthy information on the probable outcomes of up to 90 percent of gender changers." That's because the vast majority of post-trans surgery subjects are what's called "lost to follow-up," so no studies account for them. Some of that is intentional — just not counting those who transition back to their birth sex — because, according to Heyer, "LGBTQ studies purposefully exclude anything that would reflect badly on their overblown trans agenda."
          "Hannah" is searching for an identity that will never be found in medical inducements or surgical constructions. By telling him otherwise and applauding those who damage children psychologically and physically in the name of gender progressivism, the Jack Turbans of the world — never mind the parents and mad scientists who hurt these kids — aren't giving hope; they're endorsing child abuse. ~The Patriot Post
Former Goldman Sachs Head Cohn Joins
Pence As Trump Closest Adviser
by Rick Wells
{} ~ The introduction by Poppy Harlow, unfortunately, says it all, or most of it, “So the millionaire advising the billionaire... The President’s dramatic shifts in economic policy are really stunning some of his core supporters this week and now more and more people are pointing to former Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn as the man who may be behind the President’s increasing move to the middle.” She mentions that Cohn heads the President’s council of economic advisers and that some even see him as potentially next in line for Chief of Staff.  She doesn’t mention that he’s a Democrat, but lately that doesn’t seem to be a consideration in this White House. Stephen Moore and Austan Goolsbee join her for a discussion of the goings on inside the Trump White House, with Harlow saying, “Let’s start with the gossip about Gary Cohn,” and noting that a “breathtaking shift” is underway, that he “identifies himself as not being either a Democrat or Republican, just a guy who likes to get things done.” Funny, that’s how Ivanka identifies herself too...
Murder Americans Abroad:
You Will Be Hunted by the FBI
by Brian Thomas
{} ~ Two Islamic terrorists sitting in an Israeli prison for murdering an American Christian woman, Kristine Luken, and attempting to murder dual Israeli/UK citizen Kay Wilson in 2010, have now been charged by the US Department of Justice... If they are ever released for any reason, the FBI will be waiting outside the prison to take them off to face American justice for their heinous crimes. The Justice Department and FBI have also done the same thing to the Ahlam Tamimi, the Arab terrorist who drove a suicide bomber to a family-friendly Sbarro pizza restaurant in Jerusalem in August 2001 where he murdered 15 and maimed many others. One of the victims of that attack was Malki Roth, a dual US Israeli citizen. Ahlam was released from Israeli prison as part of the exchange of more than a thousand terrorists for one Israeli soldier (Gilad Shalit). She now resides, comfortably, in Jordan. Only this week, after numerous reports, did Twitter shut down her account. Despite having an extradition treaty with Jordan, the Kingdom is refusing to extradite her...
North Korea's latest missile test fails,
South Korea says

{} ~ North Korea attempted to launch a missile from an eastern coastal city, but the launched ended in failure, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said Sunday. U.S. Pacific Command said the missile “blew up almost immediately.”... U.S. and South Korean officials were unsure what type of missile Pyongyang was attempting to launch. “U.S. Pacific Command is fully committed to working closely with our allies in the Republic of Korea and in Japan to maintain security,” Cdr. Dave Benham said in a statement.
Flipping the script: Refugee crisis as
chance to bring Gospel to Muslims
{} ~ The seemingly endless wave of Muslim “refugees” into Europe is causing chaos throughout the continent. Some say it is an act of demographic conquest. Others argue it is a product of a failed American foreign policy... But one of America’s best known apologists says the crisis for the Christian West could be a new opportunity to win converts to the faith. Joel Richardson, New York Times bestselling author of “The Islamic Antichrist” and the new book “Mystery Babylon,” says missionaries should not overlook the unique opportunity they’ve been given with the current wave of Muslim immigrants. “Throughout history, the Lord has always used catastrophes for His own redemptive purposes,” he told WND. “This is exactly what He is doing now with the current Syrian war and the global Muslim refugee crisis...
Kim Can’t Back Up His Threats...
by Rick Wells
{} ~ A North Korea Missile Launch can sometimes be a lot like shooting yourself in the foot. Lately the most dangerous place to be during a missile test has proven not to be near the target, but rather in the general proximity of the launch area... That reality held true once again today as there are reports of the fulfillment of a promised ballistic missile launch by North Korea, which then quickly blew up. Somewhere there are some North Korean generals and engineers saying goodbye to their families for what is probably the last time. As much as his appearance might argue to the contrary, Kim Jong-un doesn’t like being made to look foolish and he’s invested an awful lot of time and effort into his bravado and threats against the West. As recently as a day earlier Kim had brashly threatened to use nuclear weapons against the US and our allies...
Rush to execute the guilty and innocent
by Cal Thomas
{} ~ Nearly three dozen men sit on death row in Arkansas, where capital punishment has been suspended since 2005. Unless clemency is granted, seven of them, an eighth man was granted a temporary reprieve, will be given lethal injections all within a 10-day period, between April 17 and 27.

Why so many? Why the rush?

The New York Times reports that the unprecedented pace is "brought about by a looming expiration date for a drug used by the state for lethal injections." The drug is midazolam, "which has been used in several botched and gruesome lethal injections in other states in recent years." Because of the controversy surrounding midazolam's use, "a number of pharmaceutical companies have restricted their drugs from use for capital punishment."

Anti-death penalty groups are upset and the state is having difficulty acquiring a sufficient number of witnesses, as required by law.

These are "bad hombres," as President Trump might describe them. Many of them have been on death row for more than 20 years while the appeals process ground on and relatives of their victims have waited for justice to be served.

Don Davis, now 54, was sentenced to death in 1992. He is to be executed April 17. Davis was convicted of shooting 62-year-old Jane Daniel in the back of the head while robbing her home, even though she complied with his demands to hand over her valuables.

Bruce Earl Ward, 60, is also slated for execution April 17. He's been on death row since 1990 after being convicted of murdering 18-year-old Rebecca Doss at a Little Rock convenience store where she worked the night shift. The court heard testimony that Ward drove around town looking for a victim and strangled the young woman in the store bathroom.

In 1993, Stacey E. Johnson, now 47, raped, beat, strangled and then slit the throat of Carol Heath, a mother of two. Heath was attacked in her home. TheSun newspaper reported her daughter, Ashley, then six, "was found staring out her bedroom window the following morning ... having spent the night knowing her mother was dead in the room next door."

The list goes on, but this is their common profile.

Now for the innocent.

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, 3,771 abortions took place in the state in 2015, a slight drop from the previous year, part of the more than 59 million abortions performed in the United States since the passage of Roe v. Wade in 1973. Where is the anti-death penalty crowd's compassion for those babies and the many women who say they regretted their decision to terminate their pregnancies and would have made a different choice had they received additional information?

Those opposed to capital punishment can certainly gin-up outrage and sympathy for convicted murderers and rapists, but seem to offer very little sympathy to the relatives of their victims and not an ounce of outrage for the innocent unborn who have been aborted.

Is this an unfair comparison? Not at all. Consider this. Many oppose the death penalty because they claim all human life has value. Then is not an innocent unborn human life? How is an unborn baby any less valuable than a convicted rapist or murderer?

For secular-progressives, opposition to the death penalty appears to be based largely on sentiment, not on the intrinsic value of life. Yes, there are reasons to oppose the death penalty. It can often be unequally applied. I get that. But I'm speaking of the larger moral issue.

In the end, capital punishment is a matter of justice and just deserts. It is justice for the dead and his or her relatives and it is just deserts for the murderer. On several occasions I have offered people opposed to the death penalty a deal. I will oppose capital punishment for the guilty, if they will oppose "capital punishment" for the innocent unborn.

I am still waiting to hear from them.

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