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The Second Amendment Tech Threat
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‘You Do Not Have To Go To Venezuela To See Socialism, You Can Go To Compton’  
by Christopher Bedford
{} ~“You do not have to go to Venezuela to see socialism,” Star Parker tells The Daily Caller News Foundation. “You can go to Compton.”... Star lost her youth “believing the lies of the left” and spent her days with “criminal activity, drug activity, sexual activity, in and out of abortion clinics, living on welfare.”Then, she tells TheDCNF, she found  Christianity, remade her entire life, founded the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), and devoted her life to bringing her lessons to the world. “Go into every single Congressional Black Caucus member’s district and you can see socialism right there,” she charges. “We don’t have to go to Cuba.” “So I don’t want that. I want freedom.”
How a Special Counsel Disgraced 
Himself and the US Government
by Spike Hampson } ~ In his recent public statement, Robert Mueller admitted he was on a witch hunt. He didn't mean to do so, but his own words reveal as much...
 And as set forth in the report after that investigation, if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime. By talking about whether or not the president was guilty of committing a crime, Mueller revealed the fact that he was not investigating whether or not the president committed the crime. Mueller would never confess to trying to pin any old crime on the president, but the way he expressed himself in those two sentences is a dead giveaway: he failed to identify the specific crime being investigated and thus telegraphed the fact that for the purposes of his investigation, any crime would do. It is good to remember that every governmental system — no matter how democratic — retains absolute power when it comes to investigating criminal activity and meting out punishment for it. Even for an enlightened government, this potential for evil is a specter that can never be eradicated. For those who believe that power corrupts, the absolute power that resides with any government must be constrained. If it is not, some of the humans who work for the government may exploit their power to serve their own personal beliefs and interests. This is one reason why our legal system is not supposed to ever search for a crime to attach to a person. That Mueller was willing to do so in his investigation of Trump is a clear sign of corruption. The wages of corruption are pain and sorrow for others. In this case, Mueller knew in advance that his investigation would impose financial costs and deliver blows to the reputation of anybody caught in his dragnet. An honorable investigator would know this and would subject such bystanders to as little inconvenience as possible. Only if compelling evidence suggests that some of these bystanders were implicated in the crime being investigated should it be thought acceptable to use strong-arm techniques to get the truth from them...
White House Deploying DHS Agents 
To Guatemala-Mexico Border: Officials  
by Jason Hopkins } ~ The Trump administration is sending Homeland Security agents and other law enforcement officers to the Guatemala-Mexico border... part of the White House’s ongoing efforts to reduce illegal immigration to the United States, officials familiar with the plan said. Dozens of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agents and investigators will work alongside Guatemalan law enforcement to fight drug-trafficking and better prohibit the flow of illegal migration from the country, according to a report from The Washington Post. The U.S. agents will work as advisers for local Guatemalan forces. The plan, which has not yet been formally announced, will reportedly involve a number of Homeland Security Investigations agents and intelligence analysts, several agents from Enforcement and Removal Operations, and other law enforcement personnel. A senior DHS source for CNN said the entire plan will last for two years. News of the deployment comes after DHS Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan signed a memorandum with the Guatemalan government that calls on both countries to work together to fight crime and reduce unauthorized immigration. “I am proud to sign this agreement with Minister Enrique Antonio Degenhart,” McAleenan said on Tuesday. “Through our continued collaboration and partnership, the U.S. and Guatemala are formalizing a number of initiatives to improve the lives and security of our respective citizens by combating human trafficking and the smuggling of illegal goods, helping to limit ‘push’ factors that encourage dangerous irregular migration to the U.S., perpetuating the ongoing crisis at our border.” The U.S. government has agreed to help Guatemala fight local crime. In return, the Latin American country has agreed to beef up its own border security...
Jeanine Pirro takes on Mueller stunt: ‘Sheer 
lunacy … a serious case of seller’s remorse’
by Vivek Saxena } ~ In her latest monologue Saturday, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro denounced special counsel Robert Mueller’srecent press conference as nothing but a political stunt designed to restore his damaged reputation... with liberal Democrats and “rally the troops i.e., congressional Democrats around impeachment.” “The reason that Robert Mueller spoke publicly this week is because he was more worried about his legacy than he was in protecting this country,” she said on FNC’s “Justice with Jeanine.” “This is counter to everything he was taught and supposedly stood for, and is not only disappointing but politically damaging.” Ever since the release of Mueller’s redacted report in April, he’s faced criticism from liberal Democrats upset by his decision to effectively exonerate President Donald Trump of Russian collusion but leave the obstruction of justice decision up to Attorney General Bill Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. “Robert Mueller failed to do his duty,” reads one blunt headline at The Washington Post from liberal commentator Ronald A. Klain, who previously served as a senior White House aide in both former Presidents Barack scumbag/liar-Obama and scumbag/liar-Bill Clinton’s respective administrations: “Mueller had a case of seller’s remorse,” Pirro continued. “When the seller regrets what he’s already sold. It seems Bob is afflicted with a serious case of this remorse. The original report didn’t hurt Trump enough. Ask yourself one question. Why after 10 weeks, after the special counsel report is submitted, does Mueller unilaterally decide to hold a press conference to say he’s closing shop?” “And why does Mueller do a scumbag-Jim Comey and say I didn’t charge but only because dot dot dot? He does it to rally the left because the Mueller report didn’t hurt enough.” Back in 2016 the FBI chose to not pursue charges against former Secretary of State scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton over her illicit use of a private email server to transmit State Department intelligence...
Mick Mulvaney -vs- Chris Wallace
by sundance } ~ Acting chief-of-staff Mick Mulvaney appears on Fox News to answer Chris Wallace question about whether President Trump is serious about punishing Mexico with tariffs for their lack of action on illegal central American migrants... Mulvaney skewers Wallace and predicts the tariffs will hit. Additionally Mulvaney sets the record straight on the impact of tariffs on consumers. Generally, watching a Chris Wallace segment is worthless; however, Mulvaney’s linguistic Ginsu delivery is so good, this one is worth watching.  
The Second Amendment Tech Threat
Culture Beat:  Salesforce, the San Francisco-based business software company, has been working behind the scenes to pressure retailers to stop selling “military-style” firearms — or stop using their software. The Washington Post reports, “The pressure Salesforce is exerting on those retailers — barring them from using its technology to market products, manage customer service operations and fulfill orders — puts them in a difficult position. Camping World, for example, spends more than $1 million a year on Salesforce’s e-commerce software, according to one analyst estimate. Switching to another provider now could cost the company double that to migrate data, reconfigure systems and retrain employees.”

Mark Oliva, Second Amendment advocate and public-affairs director of the National Shooting Sports Foundations, called Salesforce’s anti-firearm ultimatum a “corporate-policy virtue signal” that discriminates against gun owners. “It is a very chilling effect when a company as large as Salesforce puts out a policy like this,” Oliva stated. Then again, he added, “A policy like this is not surprising from a company based in that part of the country.”

Salesforce’s new policy bars customers from using their software to sell semiautomatic firearms, “magazines capable of accepting more than 10 rounds,” and “multi-burst trigger devices.”

This kind of corporate crackdown is a growing problem  that clearly threatens First and Second Amendment rights. That companies may now begin dictating how their products are to be used after having been lawfully purchased introduces a slippery slope that goes far beyond the selling of firearms. For example, it isn’t hard to imagine a company dictating what types of beverages a retailer can sell using its software product. Like Citibank and Dick’s Sporting Goods before it, Salesforce has fired just the latest salvo in a new era of “progressive” business discrimination.  ~The Patriot Post  

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Trump National Diversity Coalition's Bruce LeVell: President’s Support Among Blacks, Hispanics Will ‘More Than Double’ In 2020

Bruce LeVell, the National Diversity Coalition for Trump executive director, said on Sunday evening he predicts President Donald Trump will win even higher levels of support in the black and Hispanic communities in 2020 than he did in 2016.

“Pastor Darrell Scott is the CEO, we started this back in 2015,” LeVell said on Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel on Sunday evening about the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. “It is the largest diversity coalition platform in history for a Republican candidate, not to mention a sitting president, and there are millions of guests that sign on and sign up that are part of this. If you look on the website, you see African Americans for Trump, Haitian Americans for Trump, Korean Americans for Trump, Chinese Americans for Trump, Hispanic Americans for Trump–all very large. They all stand in one agreement that they believe in this great president and that he is here for all and wants everyone to be successful. It’s pretty flattering, honestly, to be a part of this. It just totally debunks everything that they try to make him out to be–a racist, which he’s not. The numbers prove that he’s not. You can see where he’s rising in terms of the Hispanic vote, and the African American vote. It’s just really going to be mind-boggling on the next go-around. I guarantee it. It’s going to more than double because people are happy; they’re working.”

LeVell, when asked for his rationale on why he thinks Trump’s support in 2020 among blacks and Hispanics will more than double, attributed it to the results President Trump has gotten for those communities.

“Sometimes you have to speak things into existence,” LeVell said. “The president said, ‘What do you have to lose?’ That challenge, especially in the underserved communities, well, yeah, what do we have to lose? We tried it this way for 30 or 40 years. Some of these cities and municipalities were under Democrat rule, as you might say, for many years, and then you say, ‘You know what? Let’s make the ask.’ You know, the president made the ask. Sometimes, you just have to ask, ‘Hey, what do you got to lose? Try this.’ Let’s try one of the biggest, strongest bills that he’s signed, that was so beneficial, called the Opportunity Zones. This bill right here alone is bringing a lifeline to some of these underserved communities and is projected to bring in over hundreds of billions of dollars in these underserved communities, which are predominantly African American communities. For example, in Atlanta, there are minority business contractors teaming up with other business contractors building a hotel in an Opportunity Zone. This community has just been blighted for God knows how long. These are the things that people are starting to see–the light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s a businessman that understands what I call a balance sheet, a P & L sheet of profit and loss. The president wants to see the country profitable, not losses. So that’s what he does. He says, ‘Okay, where can we improve? What can we do?’”

He continued, “Like I said earlier, I think the Opportunity Zones is a sleeper; it has so many moving parts to it where you can sell a piece of property for $2 million and instead of paying that very high capital gains [tax] you can identify those funds over the zone, and then, you can build another little hotel or a shopping center for economic empowerment for that community. So there’s so many initiatives out there for people of color, like myself, who see opportunities. You know, how about this? You live in a black community under the Trump administration, you walk down the street and say, ‘Wow, 98 percent who live in the community are African American,’ and you say, ‘Why don’t you build that grocery store? Why don’t you build that gas station?’ Wow, you’re right. I can. The programs that are out there, like in the Small Business Administration, you get as little as five or ten percent down, and they can maturize it to 30 years, and if you’re a veteran, they waive the fees. There are so many tools out there, and you saw the president when he adjusted Dodd-Frank last year; that was a terrible, terrible deal they did in 2009 and 2010 that literally almost just choked and killed the business community because of the Dodd-Frank, going in there and regulating these small community banks, which were life support for these small communities especially in the African American community, where he readjusted that last year and made it work. These are the things this president understands that as a businessman he can bring his lifelong talents to the White House and can help America. The biggest thing about this is, remember, the president is not beholden to any special interest group; this is a very key part of this conversation right here because he can go in there and govern without having to worry about paying back favors.”

According to NBC News analysis in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 election, Trump actually outperformed now-Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT)–then the former governor of Massachusetts–in the 2012 election when it came to both the black and Hispanic communities.

“Trump claimed 29 percent of the Hispanic vote on Tuesday, compared to Romney’s 27 percent in 2012,” NBC News wrote. “With blacks, exit polls show Trump claimed 8 percent of the vote to the previous Republican nominee’s 6 percent.”

If Trump is able to double support in the black and Hispanic communities in 2020, as LeVell predicts he will, no Democrat will stand even close to a chance of defeating him; the margins they would need for victories in a number of states would be significantly eroded. Perhaps that is why the Democrats are now attempting to paint Trump as a racist amid his battle with the so-called “Squad” of socialist Reps. Alexandria Ocasi0-Cortez (D-NY), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). The new faces of the Democrat Party, the “Squad,” in other words, is worried they may lose the election in 2020 if LeVell and other Trump backers are right. But the scurrilous accusations of racism for quick political gains, which have also been leveled at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Vice President Joe Biden in recent weeks, LeVell warns, may undermine the ability to stand up to actual racism where it exists.

“At first, it was kind of bizarre,” LeVell, who knows Trump well and has known him prior to his run for president, said of the false racism accusations. “Now, it’s just plainly un-American. It’s so anti-patriotic. You know, the interesting thing about it for me as a black conservative or Republican–I like to define myself as a Frederick Douglass Republican–most of the name-calling comes from people who actually look like me, 90 percent of it. It’s bizarre, and it’s because our thinking process is not lining up with theirs. It’s the only playbook they have, like I said earlier, which is, ‘Let’s just use the race card.’

LeVell went on to say, “Getting back to the president, I’ve been around him–I was just with him at the rally–in very intimate settings, behind the scenes at the rally, and you’re right: I’ve traveled with him, been on the plane with him. I’ve been in private meetings with him. I’ve talked with him, and you know–let me tell you something: I’m 55 years old, I’ve lived my whole life in the South, and I’m world-traveled. Let me tell you: I know racism when I see it. This man is nowhere near being a racist. It’s so sad because it does such a disservice to this great nation that they would throw that name and throw those words around. I mean, you have people calling Biden racist. They’re calling Pelosi racist. They’re calling the dog-catcher racist because he impounded the black dog instead of the white dog. Come on. What’s next? You know, it’s kind of sad because it’s pretty much watered down things that are legitimate, to where people are just going to get so numb with it, and people are just being like, ‘Wow, are you serious?’”

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