Desperate to appease Muslims, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed an order eight years ago that lifted a Bush-era

One of Ramadan’s accusers, a partially disabled woman who requires a crutch to walk, reportedly claims he raped and sexually assaulted her at a hotel room in the French city of Lyon in 2009.
Ramadan’s other accuser likewise claims he raped her in a Paris hotel in 2012. She reportedly told French media outlets that Ramadan had invited her to his hotel for a talk, but that once she arrived, he “literally pounced on” her “like a wild animal.”

This brings us to this past week, when the judge presiding over Ramadam’s case declined his request for bail, saying he wanted “to prevent any pressure on witnesses and victims,” as reported by CNS News.

As of Saturday, Feb. 10, Ramadan therefore remains behind bars in France, thousands of miles away from the United States, no thanks to the efforts of sexual abuse enabler Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Let’s be clear here: When Clinton reversed the Bush administration’s ban on Ramadan in 2010, she gave this monster an opportunity to sidle into the United States and hurt women just like those in France.

Moreover, given Clinton’s proven habit of automatically dismissing the complaints of women who’ve allegedly been sexually harassed and/or abused, one can’t help but wonder whether her decision to unban Ramadan was really motivated by a desire to pursue “a new relationship with Muslim communities.”

Was that really the reason, or was it rather because she has a special place in her heart for sexual abusers like Tariq Ramadan and, wouldn’t you know it, her own husband, former President Bill Clinton?

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