Is it important to understand the Marxist assault on the foundations of our system?

After having some time to experience and/or evaluate President Obama’s governing of our country for approximately twenty-eight months, I am now convinced that since taking office this President, his Administration and allies, to include those Democrats in Congress and the Courts, with the help of the Main Stream Media, have intensified their transformation of our country into a socialist nation, which I believe has been in play in our country for some time now. This transformation includes the destruction of our American sovereignty and capitalist system and the creation of a New World Order in which the U.S. plays a subservient role.

In order for them to be able to finalize their transformation of our country President Obama must be re-elected in 2012 because I believe that the next step in the transformation process includes bringing on the next collapse that will be accomplished by suffocating and smothering our economy, which is already built into all the recent legislative reforms and regulatory changes that will take effect in 2013 or shortly thereafter.

I also believe that part of their transformation strategy includes the use of Hispanics, African Americans, union thugs and our youth as pawns to push their unrelenting racial and/or class propaganda as a means of dividing our country to the point of causing civil unrest and an uprising because this would allow the President to declare “Marshal Law”, as a means of completely doing away with our “Constitution Of The United States Of America” and/or “Bill of Rights”, and take over as our country’s dictator, which would be the final step in their transformation process. 

As a military Veteran, I’ve always prided myself as being intelligent, level headed and normally don’t listen to conspiracies, but my gut tells me that something reeks and we, as God, family and country loving Americans, must keep our eyes on the ball and not be distracted by the relentless propaganda being fed to us on a daily basis as part of their transformation strategy.

Note: The following article and/or blog post is shared with you as a means of supporting my statement above-You Decide:

The Real State of the Union!

Posted on USA Survival News-By Zubi Diamond-On January 26, 2011:

These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:

Key points:

  • The Republicans can only show they are serious about changing Washington when they take on the Managed Funds Association’s power and influence.
  • If the Republicans persist in the idea that tax and spending cuts will solve our economic crisis, the economy will never recover and we will continue operating in the “new normal” of high unemployment rates and slow economic growth until another and more serious collapse occurs.
  • The hedge fund short sellers have unrestricted access to your invested capital and can steal it at any time. This is the killer virus in the stock market that must be exterminated. It is the impediment to investor confidence.
  • The Democrats want more government. The Republicans want less government. What we need is the right kind of government that exists to protect private property rights and the value of our homes.
  • The problem is in the White House. You have not heard your President say that he wants to restore capitalism. You have not heard him say that wealth and methods of producing wealth should be privately owned, operated and traded for profit. Instead, his emphasis is on state control and management of the economy. His “compromise” with the Republicans on tax cuts will not deter him from his ultimate goal.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, will lead six major investigations, including what the media call “the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission’s failure to identify the origins of the [financial] meltdown.” An investigation is certainly warranted into why this body failed to reach a consensus on the causes of the economic collapse.

But the facts are already quite clear: the economic crisis was deliberately engineered by the hedge fund short sellers that comprise the Managed Funds Association (MFA). 

The MFA is the hedge fund industry’s lobby and is the most powerful special interest group in the nation’s capital. These people have the resources and power to subvert entire sectors of the economy, such as the housing sector, which still has not recovered. They bet on a housing market collapse and made tons of money from the falling prices and values of our homes. They were able to do this because they had influenced the regulators to change the rules in the middle of the game to their favor. That is fraud and it must be rooted out and punished.

The Republicans can only show they are serious about changing Washington when they take on the MFA’s power and influence. But one of their own, former Republican Rep. Richard Baker, is now MFA President and CEO.

I anticipate these comments will prompt accusations from attack dogs funded by George Soros, one of the biggest hedge fund short sellers, that I am a “conspiracy theorist.”  That is false. I am simply bringing you verifiable facts on past events, an analysis of current events, and a forecast of future events with recommendations and solutions to solve the problems. The media should do their job and stop being cheerleaders for Obama and the Democrats. They should lift their self-imposed censorship and investigate and report, so the truth gets to the American people.

I have documented that the MFA, which represents George Soros and the other hedge fund short sellers on Wall Street, successfully lobbied Christopher Cox at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to remove the underpinnings of capitalism -- the safeguard regulations which protected the capital of the investors and the corporations. These include the uptick rule, circuit breakers and trading curbs. Taken together, they are collectively designed to prevent stock price manipulation and curtail extreme stock market volatility, so as to prevent the unusual swings in the markets, such as the “Flash Crash” that still has not been adequately explained.

MFA also succeeded in getting the SEC to impose an asset devaluating regulation on the banks and financial institutions called mark to market accounting through the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). These changes caused the economic collapse of 2008 and would lead to the next one. Americans’ borrowing habits or investors and capitalist corporations taking risks did not cause the economic crisis.

The elimination of the rules that protect invested capital enabled George Soros and the MFA and their strategic partners to achieve a regime change in America. The hedge fund short sellers of the MFA, who are mostly Democrats but include so-called RINO (Republicans in Name Only) Republicans who supported Barack Obama, were more than happy to participate in this looting with MFA strategic partners to bring about the transformation. It was characterized by the destruction of the housing market, devaluation of our homes, collapse of several banks and corporations, massive job losses, lay-offs, rising unemployment, home foreclosures and government takeovers sustained with wasteful stimulus spending and massive debt and deficits.

The Democrats want more government. The Republicans want less government. What we need is the right kind of government that exists to protect private property rights and the value of our homes.

This regime change was financially violent.  There were deaths by suicide from the devastating loss of net worth that many experienced.

I remember Geraldo Rivera saying it seemed as though some terrorist somewhere was using a computer to attack the country. Bill O’Reilly said that his stock investment portfolio, which took him 8 years to build, was wiped out in 2 weeks.

What happened was not an ordinary turn of the business cycle, from which tax or spending cuts will save us. America was attacked.

Financial Weapons:

What the major media have not adequately explained is how this was done. The hedge fund short sellers’ weapon was the imposition of asset devaluing regulations on the banks and financial institutions and the use of unrestricted short selling with no circuit breakers and trading curbs to manipulate stock prices lower to near zero in some cases. They put downward pressure on the stocks and they were joined by other speculators to bet on the decline and collapse of an entire sector of the economy or all sectors of the economy with any stock market exposure. They were relentless.

The stock market was primed for manipulation, looting, and a crash.

The suffering and wreckage of the calamity are still all around us. Nothing that Obama has done has stemmed the carnage. Look at the headlines in the news: “Housing Recovery Stalls,” “Home-price dip casts pall on economy,” “U.S. home prices drop 1.3% from September to October,” and  “2010 worst year for bank failures since 1992.”

Look at another of the latest headlines: “Housing Market Plunge Passes Depression’s.”

The situation will get even worse unless steps are taken now to rein in the power of the hedge fund short sellers who are holding the economy and the country hostage.

Obama’s attacks on “tax cuts for the rich” -- and the recent debate that resulted in an Obama/GOP tax deal -- divert our attention from the real problem.

The problem is in the White House. You have not heard your President say that he wants to restore capitalism. You have not heard him say that wealth and methods of producing wealth should be privately owned, operated and traded for profit.

Instead, his emphasis is on state control and management of the economy. His “compromise” with the Republicans on tax cuts will not deter him from his ultimate goal.

That goal was put in place by Obama’s puppet master, George Soros, a member of the founder’s council of the Managed Funds Association. Soros and other hedge fund short sellers do not want these safeguard regulations restored because those regulations will prevent them from manipulating the stock market and looting investor’s capital, and will free the nation and its economy from being held hostage by stock market manipulators.

Restoring these rules would effectively halt George Soros’ economic transformation of America, the march to socialism, and the destruction of global capitalism. Ordinary investors sitting on the sidelines out of fear of losing their investments and wealth will get back into the market in a big way, signaling the restoration of confidence in American capitalism.

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Note: The following article and/or blog post seems timely and extremely appropriate today-You Decide:

Freshman Representative Says Prayer Needed to Solve America’s Problems-Posted on Penny Starr-On May 5, 2011:

Note: If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog posts, please copy the web site and paste on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial is being censored-what happened to free speech?-You Decide.

“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

Semper Fi!


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