IRS Employees Cashing Paychecks for Phantom Work

Dear Congressman Issa:


Have you ever known a firefighter to get paid for putting out a fire that never existed?  Taxpayers need to prepare themselves for another sucker punch to their stomach courtesy of corrupt Internal Revenue Service employees. Last April I caught the IRS with their pants on the ground.  I set my trap in September of 2012 to confirm whether IRS employees were engaging in fraud.  It took eight months but I was able to prove that IRS was taking credit for conducting phantom investigations and for issuing fictitious results on work that was never performed.  


This should outrage every American who is forced to work for Uncle Sam between January until May to pay their income taxes.  Granted, the IRS employee also goes off to work but instead of putting in an honest day’s work they spend their day fabricating jobs to justify their government paycheck.  The web becomes further tangled when IRS employees prepare reports on the results of investigations that never took place.  The government defines embezzlement as the “unlawful conversion or misappropriation of any voucher, money, or item of value of the United States”  


Currently the IRS is using fraud technology that is 20 years old.  Do you still use the cell phone you purchased in 1993?  Do you still use the cell phone you purchased three years ago?


Statistics released by the IRS show that electronic audits are 10 times more efficient than IRS field agents.  I offered to test 30 million tax returns in 30 minutes and the IRS informed me that my idea of testing tax returns in real-time lacked innovation. The IRS would rather plod along hiring more government workers which places a tremendous burden of having to create more phantom jobs.


Americans are tired of being bullied by an unscrupulous agency that has morphed into a giant fraud.  If Congress were to embrace technology from the 21st century they could reduce the IRS workforce -50% and put the remaining 50% on notice that continued advancements in technology may eliminate their positions. 


Randall Sorensen CPA CFF


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Comment by Randall C. Sorensen on August 30, 2013 at 9:26am

James I'm definitely not an attorney.  Growing up I wored on a in North Dakota and picked rock for a $1 an hour.  I learned the value of a dollar.  It makes me sick to think of IRS employees making $150,000 a year for getting another $50,000 put into a cushy government pension and fabricating stories of working.  That is truly pathetic.


The IRS is a complete fraud and I concur James that it needs to go away. 


Last, what do you call 100 hundred attorneys at the bottom of the ocean?   

A Good Start!


Have a Great Day,




Comment by James C. Watson DC on August 29, 2013 at 12:48pm

Sniff sniff


The IRS needs to be disbanded not improved or changed !

Tax law needs to go away too.

Return to pre 1913 tax systems and rates.



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