How many times have you heard, "Fiscal Cliff!"?

The tool of fear being beaten to death by the democrats....FISCAL CLIFF!.....we have heard it thousands of times to date....fear mongering at it's worst and no specific details to back up the phrase.

Fear is the primary tool of choice for the communist liars.

Concentration on every word of God removes fear from the scene rendering it harmless just as a hissing snake without venom must crawl away in defeat.

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Comment by M16ark58 on December 31, 2012 at 6:42am

Over 16 trillion times since the sandy hook massacer murders took place! Almost as many times as I heard the gunnbanners along with that Fgassed Piers Morgan trumpeting for Gun Bans! Fk that limey bastard, he needs to be deported, and he can take his fantasy love with him, Dianne Fienstein/Frankenstein.



EXPLOSIVE Press Conference w/ McConnell


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