My wife, after reading Shirley MacLaine’s I’m Over All That, said to me, “Shirley sounds a lot like you.”  Curious, I’m reading the book. Shirley says she is over the expectation of the external world.  That’s me.


Says Shirley, “ I have a guiding sense of curiousity. I will never get over asking Why. . .As I grow older, I find myself reevaluating experiences on my walls and relating to them in the spirit of synchronicity. . . Somehow in each of our lives is evidence of the scenario and destiny we have outlined for ourselves in order to  discover who we really are, why we did what we did, and where our souls have actually been. These memories (and so many others, including those from past lives) are part of my consciousness now. . . I have come to understand that spirit and soul are the only permanent truths that matter.”


“I never cease to be amazed at how far religious people will go in order to turn their destinies over to God rather than take charge of them themselves. . . In fact, everywhere I’ve traveled in the world, the conflicts I’ve seen stemmed from organized religion in one way or another. . .Nothing is as important as zeroing in my passionate ability to be content with myself, the land, the pain, my intentions and the power of allowance. . .I felt in touch with the rhythm of nature for the first time. . .Maybe we choose  our destiny but we never know exactly what we’re getting into  until we are actually there. So my journey in this lifetime with all its success, failure, fame, searching for my true identity, and exploring new lands, is a mirror of my soul’s journey through time to understand not only who I am but who I was, and most important, what is my relationship with the Creator. . .What I was learning about religion around the world as I traveled was that it offered each denomination and culture an opportunity to bypass responsibility for itself and assign that task to God. . . We invented this outside evil and could justify any behavior toward him by saying were trying to protect our God. . .Therefore, I gave up religion a long time ago. “


Shirley says, “One may not reap what one sows in the same lifetime, but he or she will reap what has been sown eventually—even Hitler.”  Shirley visited Mother Teresa in India at her home for the dying. Mother Teresa said her reason for devoting her life to helping others was when she realized she had played a part of Hitler in her. Shirley says, “She became a saint because she exercised her self-responsitility, not because she was completely good and pure.” Shirley: “If I feel physically sick, I ask my higher self what caused it. And I always get some kind of answer. I’ll take that over fear-based religion any day.”


Shirley: “We know that more killing has occurred in the name of God than any other.  Did the Devil make us do it? Let’s investigate who we really are in relation to our beliefs, because if we don’t we are going to be forever manipulated by the real ruling elite in this world—the international banking community. In effect, ‘they’ understand the real polarities governing our live are not Good versus Evil, but rather Materialism versus Spirit.”


Yep, Shirley thinks a lot like I think.



P. S. This thought: The Constitution grants that you have personal and private rights, one of which is the right to your own personal God.  America's political orthodoxy has given government the authority to enter your home and examine  your personal records, and to use those records to tax you, and to give your rightful property to others in the name of fairness.  It is hard to determine which is the nuttier, the political orthodoxy or the religious orthodoxy.  



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Comment by Jerry Morris on September 21, 2011 at 4:59pm
Ivy, as an Atheist, I do not beleive in prayer. In regards to illness of a family member, I put my faith in the expertise of the medical proffession, knowing that sometimes it may not be enough to conquer the disease.  I except life as it is, sometimes it can be harsh. I don't think life was intended to be easy, all the time. I beleive we are best off controlng what we can, and bracing ourselves for what we can't.

I have nothing against others praying, if that's what floats your boat.
Comment by Ivy Pastore on September 21, 2011 at 4:01pm
But when matters are beyond your control (ie a sick family member or child) don't you hope for miracle or pray for one. I am not very religious but in times of need it's nice to believe he's listening.
Comment by Jerry Morris on September 21, 2011 at 11:15am
It has been my contention, for the past couple of decades that, "Gods", past and present, were inventions of mans imagination for the prupose of controling the masses. To a great extent, it has worked well in developing human morals. Governments have also been constructed , by man, for the same purpose.

What most people fail to recognize is that both Government and organized religion are both based on the conclusive analyses of human nature and human behavior. This analyses is the longest running observational study known to man. NO one knows when it began, but we do have evidence (the writings of the ancient philosphers) that it's been going on for a very long time. And when we compare the earliest recorded observations of the ancients with all that have followed, right up to present, we find that nothing has ever changed about the subject.



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