Geoengineering Dangers: NWO Depopulation!

Wanted to share the following eye-opening audios, videos and articles that reveal the geoengineering dangers, to include chemtrails and HAARP’s connection to hurricanes and earth quakes world-wide, along with their connection to the Illuninati and/or New World Order depopulation agenda-You Decide:

I. Geoengineering Dangers:

What follows is a three part series of videos that contain a national radio interview with a well known researcher and activist Dane Wigington, who reveals that he has been documenting disturbing changes in the environment known as geoengineering, which includes various weather modification techniques such as chemtrails and HAARP. Through efforts such as chemtrails that place metal particulates in the atmosphere, we are now experiencing “global dimming,” in which 20% of the sun’s rays no longer reach the direct surface of the planet, he reported. Geoengineering’s covert programs have been enacted as a means of control, and possibly to lessen the effects of global warming, but these efforts have backfired and become a dire threat to life on Earth, he warned. “At a certain point when you realize can’t walk out the door and breathe without sucking in a lung full of heavy metal,” you know you have to take a stand, he said.

Lab tests associated with chemtrails have found such chemicals as aluminum, strontium, barium, and now fluoride in Europe, and he connected this to soil and water contamination, and the decline of various forms of life. Artificially induced snowstorms are another harmful form of weather modification that has been seen in places where snow falls even though temperatures are above freezing, he revealed. Wigington cautioned that geoengineering could be pushing Earth into a “Venus Syndrome,” in which climate feedback loops are triggered that begin to feed on themselves, eventually creating a hellish climate like that of Venus.

A NOAA scientist told him off the record that they are aware of these programs but afraid to step forward because of no 1st amendment protections. One of the few whistleblowers to come forward is Kristen Meghan, a former Air Force industrial hygienist, who has seen some of the chemtrail operations. At this juncture, Wigington believes there is a panic in the power structure. “Even those who were orchestrating these programs now are realizing that they cannot control the beast they have let out of the cage, and they are now frantically trying to refreeze the Arctic with ice nucleation,” he commented.

Dane also reveals that Environmental Scientists Eugene Franklin Mallove, Juventina Villa Mojica and Dorothy Stang murdered after releasing lab test results linking chemtrails to the mass death of fish, plant and animal life.

Aslo included below are two recent videos that contain amazing presentations by Dane that reveal what the on-going catastrophic geoengineering programs have done to our planet to date and what they will do if they are allowed to continue.

Video: Geoengineering Dangers! (Part 1 of 3)!-Posted on UFOnewsUK-On April  1, 2013:

Video: Geoengineering Dangers! (Part 2 of 3)!-Posted on UFOnewsUK-On April  1, 2013:

Video: Geoengineering Dangers! (Part 3 of 3)!-Posted on UFOnewsUK-On April  2, 2013:

Video: LIVE Updated Presentation - The Most Important Topic of Our Time - GeoEngineering & chemtrails!-Posted on Robert Exter-On June 30. 2013:

Video: Climate Engineering Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization!-Posted on Robert Exter-On January 30, 2014:

Note: The following articles and/or blogs and videos relate to this disturbing and gut-wrenching issue-You Decide:

EPA’s global-warming power grab!-Posted on THE WASHINGTON TIMES,-By The Washington Times-On February 25, 2010:

Mother Nature Becoming More Irritated As Even Geoengineering Scientists Admit They Might Be Making Things Worse…But They’ll Keep Doing It, Anyway!-Posted on March 26, 2013:

Geoengineering, Runaway Climate Change, And The Poisoning Of Life On Earth!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On April 2, 2013:

Mainstream Media Admits Geo-Engineering Problem, Calls for Global Solution!-Posted on Derrick Broze, April 3, 2013:

The myth of ‘settled science’!-Posted on The Wasington Post-By Charles Krauthammer-On February 20, 2014:

Cruz to CNN: Global Warming Not Supported by Data!-Posted on Restoring Liberty-By News Editor-On February 23, 2014:

No Proof of Man-Made Climate Change, Says Greenpeace Co-founder!-Posted on The New American-By Jack Kenny-On February 27, 2014:

Video: Former Greenpeace founder’s ‘reality check’ for liberals!-Posted on February 27, 2014:

Gutfeld: Who should you trust about climate change?-Posted on February 28, 2014:

SURPRISING ADMISSION BY U.N. CLIMATE CHIEF: ‘We do what the governments of the world want us to do’!-Posted on JEROME R. CORSI-On April 1, 2014:

White House Issues Threat To Global Warming Opponents!-Posted on May 6, 2014:

Global Warming Scientists Covered Up Sceptic’s ‘Damaging’ Review!-Posted on Patriot Update-On May 16, 2014:

Yet Another “Peer-Reviewed” Cover-Up for Global Warming!-Posted on Political Outcast-By BOB ALLEN-On May 17, 2014:

Retired officers poised to profit after Pentagon’s alarmist climate change report: ‘Urgent Obama call can funnel funds to projects’!-Posted on The Washington Times-By Rowan Scarborough, The Washington Times-On May 26, 2014:

Pentagon wrestles with bogus climate warnings as funds shifted to green agenda!-Posted on The Washington Times-By Rowan Scarborough, The Washington Times-On June 1, 2014:


The Government, the Devil and the Cone of Uncertainty!-Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On July 13, 2014:

II. Weather Control:

Video: Nexrad Weather Control: Creating Cloud Systems 101!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On February 15, 2013:

III. Biowepaons and genetic Armageddon, to include a pneumonic plague that is more deadly than Swine Flu:

Audio: Bioweapons, Global Upheaval & Strange Creatures!-Posted on November 13, 2012:

Audio: Genetic Armageddon Has Arrived!-Posted on MiesterNice2-On January 29, 2013:

IV. HAARP’s connection to hurricanes and earth quakes, along with causing climate chaos and environmental catastrophes, to include killing animals and sea life world-wide:

Video: What HAARP Is.. And Everything Its Used For.. Full HAARP Documentary!-Posted on Matthew Marley-On August 20, 2011:

Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On January 10, 2012:

Video: What Is HAARP?-Posted on Hugo Cotro-On June 14, 2009:

Video: H.A.A.R.P Weapon: How to make Earthquake!-Posted on autonify-On April 10, 2011:

Video: THE U.S. Government CREATED KATRINA, JAPAN/HAITI QUAKES WITH HAARP & Chemtrails!-Posted on TruthTVIran-On April  17, 2011:

Video: Proof of HAARP Triggered Earth Quake in China and Possibly in Japan!-Posted on Hugo Cotro-On June 14, 2009:

Plasma ball spotted over Mt. Fuji, HAARP attack suspected!-Posted on Weekly geo-political news and analysis-By benjamin-On April 2, 2013:

Video: Did HAARP weapon cause Haiti Earthquake killing thousands?-Posted on ycresistance-Pn January 15, 2010:

Video: HAARP Engineering ‘FRANKENSTORM’ Hurricane Sandy!-Posted on KiLLUMiNATiZ1-On October 30, 2012:

Geoengineering Robbing Rain, Creating Droughts And Fueling Fires!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On July 5, 2012:

Video: THE H.A.A.R.P. CONSPIRACY: SINKHOLES, EXPLOSIONS, EARTHQUAKES EXPLAINED!-Posted on Young Truthers-On February 22, 2013:

Dead Sea Lions Everywhere: CBS LA – “Time Is Short – We’re Next”!- Posted on Before It’s News-By Live Free or Die-On March 30, 2013:

Mass Mortality 160,500 Crabs, 2,000 Common Lobsters and a staggering 635,000 mussels 150 porpoises on a stretch Holderness Coast, England!-Posted on Before It’s News-By xdrfox-On April 8, 2013:

The Malaysian Airliner Is NOT Missing & Much More!-Posted on The D.C. Clothesline-By Dave Hodges-On March 15, 2014:

V.  Chemtrails:

Video: Affecting Everyone Planet Wide: Blowing The Whistle on Geoengineering with Kristen Meghan!-Posted on UniBrowStudioVision-On January 21, 2014:

Video: Save LI Forum - 09: Kristen Meghan - Geo-engineering - When The Sky Turned Poisonous!-Posted on Quent Daniels-On January 19, 2014:

Video: Ex-Military Industrial Environmental Hygienist Kristen Meghan Blows Whistle On Air Force Chemtrails!-Posted on UniBrowStudioVision-On April 10, 2013:

Video: Former Air Force Industrial Hygienist Confirms Geoengineering / Chemtrail Reality!-Posted on January 10, 2013:

Video: Purpose of Chemtrails w/ AC Griffith and all NEW 2010 Video Captures!-Posted on kenjams-On April 14, 2010:

Air Force Chemtrails Manual Available For Download!-Posted on Before It’s News-By Zen Gardner-On March 31, 2013:

Video: “Why in the World are They Spraying?” Documentary Film!-Posted on Truthmediaproduction-On August 18, 2012:

Chemtrails, Wireless and You!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On February 26, 2013:

Chemtrail Flu: Have You Had It Yet?-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On February 26, 2013:

Chemtrails Raining Poison from the Sky!-Posted on March 26, 2013:

Audio: Chemtrails Special (C2CAM)!-Posted on C2CAMDarkKnight-On March 31, 2013:

Questions Mount After Obama Kills Report on “Chemtrails”!-Posted on National Report-On June 3, 2014:

VI. Monsanto, artificial milk sweetener, future flu vaccinations and the cause of Autism:

Video: The Connection Of Bill Gates & Monsanto!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On March 7, 2013:

New ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Gives Monsanto Power Over US Government!-Posted on Prison Anthony Gucciardi-On March 14, 2013:‘monsanto-protection-act’-gives-mon...

PLANS MADE TO HIDE ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER IN MILK: ‘Integrity of food supply poised for another blow’!-Posted on BOB UNRUH-On March 14, 2013:

Video: Monsanto More Powerful Than The U.S. Government!-Posted on March 22, 2013:

Obama Promised To Label GMO’s, Now Poised To Let Monsanto Deregulate All GMO’s!-Posted on Before It’s News-By Green Med Info-On March 25, 2013:

Monsanto Protection Act Signed by Obama!-Posted on Farm Wars-By Barbara H. Peterson,Farm Wars-On March 26, 2013:

How did Barack Obama become Monsanto’s man in Washington?-Posted on Jon Rappoport, April 29, 2013:

Video: Monsanto Protection Act: Dangerous, Blatant Crony Capitalism!-Posted onTheAlexJonesChannel-On March 29, 2013:

Video: Monsanto and Weaponized Food!-Posted on TheAlexJonesChannel-On March 29, 2013:

‘Monsanto Protection Act’: 5 Terrifying Things To Know About The HR 933 Provision!-Posted on Before It’s News-By BARRACUDA-On March 30, 2013:

Trader Joe’s eliminated GMOs from its private-label products back in 2001 - what’s taking Whole Foods so long?-Posted on Natural News-By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer-On April 3, 2013:

Monsanto’s Deception Game on GMO in Europe!-Posted on VT News-By F. William Engdahl-On June 3, 2013:

Future Flu Shots Made From Dog and Insect Cells?-Posted on Before It’s News-By intellihub-On March 25, 2013:

Video: Resurfaced Banned Film Sheds Light on The Cause of Autism!-Posted onTheAlexJonesChannel-On March 27, 2013:

Video: Mass Death Through Soft Kill! Population Reduction Plan Taking Place RIGHT NOW!-Posted on Before It’s News-By Live Free or Die (Reporter)-On April 28, 2014:

VII. HAARP: Illuminati mind control exposed:

Video: HAARP & Mind Control - Just the Facts!-Posted on Jim Lee-On Dec 18, 2014:

President Obama Wants to Get Inside Your BRAIN!-Posted on The New American-By Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.-On April 2, 2013:

Video: CBS News Obama Using Soviet Style Mind Control!-Posted on Ken Rhoades-On May 2, 2013:

Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common... and it's not guns!-Posted on Natural News-By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of April 2, 2013:

Video: Court Documents Confirm ‘Batman Shooter’ was on Zoloft!-Posted on TheAlexJonesChannel-On April 6, 2013:

Brainwashing in America: ‘WHY FEW DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY”!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On March 21, 2014:

VIII. Depopulation:

Video: HAARP and the Depopulation Program!-Posted on raandiya-On August 28, 2010:

Chemtrails to De-Populate!-Posted on iwijkasif-On December 22, 2011:

Video: Top secret Wikileak government conspiracy depopulation via fake UFO attacks!-Posted on edtheball69-On February 13, 2011:

Video: Plans To Depopulate The Earth 80% For Future Man's Survival!-Posted on Mike Hunt-On January 27, 2012:

Video: Lyndon LaRouche: Rapid Population Reduction Policy Implemented!-Posted on TheAlexJonesChannel-On March 20, 2013:

Video: Deadly Virus Missing From Texas Weapons Lab & Possible Connection to Depopulation!-Posted on TheAlexJonesChannel-On March 24, 2013:

Video: FARRAKHAN: FEDS MURDERING BILLIONS WITH ‘FRANKENFOOD’: Claims America dropping ‘depleted uranium bombs’ to poison masses!-Posted on April 2, 2013:

The US Communists’ Ultimate Goal: Population Control!-Posted on Western Journalism-By TIM POWERS-On April 6, 2013:

Senior Scientists Attack Chinese Researchers for Creating New Strai...!-Posted on Steve Connor,
The Independent-On May 2, 2013:

Cancer: the Forbidden Cures!-Posted on Before It’s News-By LavenderRose-On April 6, 2013:

The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda!-Posted on VT News-By Dean Henderson-On June 17, 2013:

The overpopulation myth MYTH!-Posted on Natural News-By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of -On March 15, 2013:

IX. Illuminati and New World Order connection:

New Report Exposes Rockefeller Dynasty's Role in 'Climate Scam'!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On January 5, 2017:

Video: A Rothschild Speaks About Weather Modificfation Program!-Posted on TheFlexEffect-On December 10., 2011:

Rothschild’s (Illuminati), And The Geoengineering Empire!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On November 13, 2012:

Rockefeller Brother Fund: We’re Buying Off Evangelicals, Mayors, Governors… For The Earth!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On February 24, 2013:

Poll: Almost One Third of Americans Believe in New World Order: Survey mixes outlandish ideas with genuine conspiracies!-Posted on Paul Joseph Watson, April 3, 2013:

Vice President Biden Calls for a New World Order!

X. Hiding of geoengineering assault by NASA, weather channels and our spiritual leaders:

BRAZEN PROPAGANDA FROM NASA!-Posted on Clifford E Carnicom-On Octotber 22 2004:

VIDEO: New NASA Disinformation: Cloud Chart for Schoolchildren!- Posted on Geoengineering Watch-By Global Skywatch-On February 20, 2013:

Weather Channel Helping To Hide The Geoengineering Assault!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On December 5, 2012:

Disinformation Through Our Spiritual Leaders!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On February 24, 2013:

XI. Law Suit filed against secret and illegal military weather modification using chemical aerosols:

Climatologist Files Suit Against Secret and Illegal Military Weather Modification Using Chemical Aerosols!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On March 9, 2013:

XII. Geoengineering Watch and Agriculture Defense Coalition Websites:

Geoengineering Watch:

Agriculture Defense Coalition:

Note: My following blogs relate to this extremely disturbing and gut-wrenching issue-You Decide:

The Government-Coordinated CHEMTRAIL Conspiracy Continues Unabated!- Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On February 15, 2014:

How “climate change” is supposedly impacting New Mexico and other southwestern states because of ensuing drought and devastating wildfires!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On February 10, 2014:

Fuku Warning! US Gov’t Orders 14 Million Doses Of Potassium Iodide!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On January 2, 2014:

Could the U.S. Weather & Atmosphere Modification Project (HAARP) be connected to swine flu pandemic & global weather assault causing climate chaos and environmental catastrophes?

Could the oil spill be an Act of War?

Obamanites Get Violent in Support of the Agenda!

Nearly 80 percent don’t trust the government!’t-tr...

Where Is America Today?

“Food For Thought”

Hello: When Are Americans Going To Wake Up?-God Bless America!

Semper Fi!


Source Link:
Geoengineering Dangers: NWO Depopulation!-Posted on No We Won’t-By Jake Martinez-On March 14, 2015:

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Comment by Jake Martinez on March 26, 2015 at 5:40pm
Scientist Confesses: “Global Warming a $22 Billion Scam”!-Posted on Conservative Byte-On March 26, 2015:
“Food For Thought”
God Bless America!
Semper Fi!



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YIKES!!! Chelsea Clinton Emphatically States A Person With A Beard And A Penis Can ‘Absolutely’ Identify As A Woman

  • The one issue Hillary and Chelsea don’t appear to agree on entirely is transgender self-identification
  • In an interview with The Sunday Times, journalist Decca Aitkenhead asked the Clintons about transgender self-identification
  • Chelsea Clinton replied ‘yes’ emphatically when asked if someone with a beard and penis can ever be a woman
  • ‘It’s going to take a lot more time and effort to understand what it means to be defining yourself differently,’ Hillary said
  • Aitkenhead said Hillary became ‘uneasy’ when the question was asked while Chelsea shot a ‘furious stare’ at the journalist as her mother answered
  • Hillary added: ‘It’s a very big generational discussion, because this is not something I grew up with or ever saw’

(Daily Mail) – It may appear Hillary and Chelsea Clinton always see eye-to-eye, but in a recent interview one topic cracked the facade of the like-minded mother-daughter power duo.

The one issue Hillary and Chelsea don’t appear to agree on entirely is transgender self-identification.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, journalist Decca Aitkenhead asked the Clintons if someone with a beard and a penis can ever be a woman, to which Chelsea replied emphatically, ‘Yes.’

However, as Aitkenhead describes it, Hillary looked ‘uneasy’, and blamed generational gaps for being less accepting.

‘Errr. I’m just learning about this,’ Hillary responded. ‘It’s a very big generational discussion, because this is not something I grew up with or ever saw. It’s going to take a lot more time and effort to understand what it means to be defining yourself differently.’

The Clintons sat sown with Aitkenhead to promote the book they co-authored, The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience.

The book features Danica Roem, the first trans woman elected to a U.S. state legislature.

According Aitkenhead’s account, she tells Hillary during the interview that many British feminists of Hillary’s generation have a problem with the idea that a ‘lesbian who doesn’t want to sleep with someone who has a penis is transphobic.’

Hillary nods in agreement, while Chelsea ‘stiffens and stares at me’, according to Aitkenhead.

The journalist then adds that many women of Hillary’s generation are uncomfortable with biological males sharing women’s bathrooms.

‘I would say that, absolutely,’ Hillary nods firmly. ‘Absolutely. Yes.’

That’s when Chelsea begins shooting a ‘furious stare’ at Aitkenhead, who points it out to her.

‘I’m a terrible actor’, Chelsea laughs.

Chelsea then says she is thrilled with the National Health Service’s decision to assign patients to single-sex wards according to the gender they identify as, instead of their biological make up.

‘How can you treat someone if you don’t recognize who they feel and know in their core they are?’ Chelsea says.

‘And I strongly support children being able to play on the sports teams that match their own gender identity,’ she adds. ‘I think we need to be doing everything we can to support kids in being whoever they know themselves to be and discovering who they are.’

At this point Hillary looks conflicted.

‘I think you’ve got to be sensitive to how difficult this is,’ Hillary says. ‘There are women who’d say [to a trans woman], ”You know what, you’ve never had the kind of life experiences that I’ve had. So I respect who you are, but don’t tell me you’re the same as me.” I hear that conversation all the time.’

Despite the clear tension in the room, the pair say they don’t argue about this topic.

But according to Aitkenhead, ‘I get the impression they don’t like to present anything less than a united front to the world.’


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