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Demo Party Leaders Don't Care
About Immigrant Children — Unless...
by Mark Alexander  
{rightwingtribune.com} ~ Russia has successfully tested its new Avangard hypersonic missile, the Kremlin said on December 26... President Vladimir Putin watched the test from the Defense Ministry’s control room in Moscow, saying afterward that it was “an excellent New Year’s gift to the nation.” The missile was launched from a testing ground in the southern Ural Mountains and successfully hit a target on Kamchatka in the Far East, some 6,000 kilometers away. “The Avangard is invulnerable to interception by any existing and prospective missile-defense means of the potential adversary,” Putin said. He also said the missile would enter service with the Strategic Missile Forces next year. The Avangard system was one of several advanced weapons systems that Putin presented during his state-of-the-nation speech in March. At the time he said Russia had developed the weapons because of Washington’s efforts to develop U.S. missile-defense capabilities. Putin said in March that the Avangard has intercontinental ranges and can fly at 20 times the speed of sound.
19 Million Public Employees 
Cost Taxpayers Nearly $1 Trillion
by Bethany Blankley 
{westernjournal.com} ~ About 19 million public employees cost taxpayers nearly $1 trillion annually... That’s according to OpenTheBooks.com, which publishes the salaries of public employees from every level of U.S. government. The online database is free and accessible to the public. “Public service is supposed to be about serving the people,” Adam Andrzejewski, CEO and founder of OpenTheBooks.com, said. “However, the good intentions of America’s 19 million public employees come at a very high price for the people – nearly $1 trillion. In many cases, taxpayers generously fund these employee salaries.”OpenTheBooks.com, one of the largest private databases of government spending, posts “every dime, online” of local, state, and federal government spending in the U.S. that it accesses. For this report, it filed requests and captured data from nearly 60,000 government employers, mapped the information and posted it online over the course of one year. The data represents about 85 percent of all public employment at every level of government, the site states. The data includes employee name, salary, position title and employer for 2017. The search function allows users to view the top 2 million public employees earning more than $95,000. Last year, about 1.7 million government employees earned $100,000 or more per year. State and local governments employed the vast majority of the six-figure earners. Data also show that 105,000 local and state government employees earned more than every governor of all 50 U.S. states, with a salary of $190,000 or more...
President Trump Totally Remakes 
U.S. Forest Policy To Decrease Forest Fires
by Warner Todd Huston
{lidblog.com} ~ After a year of so many devastating forest fires in left-wing California, President Donald Trump has finally thrown out scumbag/liar-nObama’s disastrous, envirowacko forestry policy... and replaced them for practical forestry. There is only one reason that the forest fires were so destructive in California and that is because Barack scumbag/liar-nObama put in place disastrous rules given to him by the envirowacko movement, rules that supposedly favored “the trees” at the expense of human life and property. Indeed, even at the cost of the forests themselves. Well, Trump has finally acted and taken an ax to scumbag/liar-nObama’s terrible, life-threatening forestry rules.  Trump issued an executive order Friday to allow for active management of forest and rangelands, including thinning and removing debris from millions of acres of federal lands. The order also calls on federal officials to streamline regulations and permitting processes to allow the harvest of at least 3.8 billion board feet from U.S. Forest Service lands and 600 million board feet from Bureau of Land Management lands. That represents a massive increase in timber sales from federal lands. For example, loggers harvested 2.9 billion board feet from Forest Service lands in 2017, according to federal figures. But even Trump’s increased allowance for loggers is still about one-quarter of what was harvested in 1973...
{rightwingtribune.com} ~ A federal grand jury has indicted Jerry Ji Guo, charging him with eight counts of wire fraud in a scheme to defraud customers of cryptocurrencies... announced U.S. Attorney Alex G. Tse and Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge John F. Bennett. According to the indictment filed November 15, 2018, Guo, 31, whose last residence was San Juan, Puerto Rico, devised a scheme to obtain cash and cryptocurrency from victims by convincing them he would provide marketing and publicity services as a consultant. Guo convinced potential customers to forward up-front fees and retainers by making false statements about his experience and credentials as consultant. Guo allegedly provided no consulting services and instead orchestrated the unauthorized transfer of cash and cryptocurrency out of supposed “escrow” accounts into accounts he controlled. In addition to the indictment, on November 9, 2018, the government filed a complaint that describes some of the alleged conduct. According to the affidavit, Guo claimed to prospective clients that he would use his company, pressICO LLC, to provide client services as an initial coin offering (ICO) marketing and publicity agency. ICOs are like initial public offerings and are a relatively new way to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and ether to fund start-ups and projects. The marketing campaign generally plays and important role in a successful ICO. The affidavit alleges that Guo convinced clients to forward to him funds by claiming the services he could provide had value because he had an extensive network of contacts within the cryptocurrency industry, he oversaw the documentation necessary for a $100 million ICO, and his company pressICO raised $165 million in connection with nine ICOs. According to the affidavit, none of these claims was true. Further, the affidavit describes how Guo allegedly transferred funds from supposed escrow-like accounts to accounts that Guo controlled. Guo convinced clients to deposit funds into the special cryptocurrency accounts in part by assuring the clients that their authority would be required in two ways before funds could be transferred...  https://rightwingtribune.com/2018/12/27/san-francisco-huge-news/
California Sheriff Blasts Sacramento, 
Says Sanctuary Laws are “Dangerous”

{themadpatriots.com} ~ California liberals claim that local law enforcement officials are fully on board with the state’s new sanctuary laws that prohibit police from communicating with federal immigration officers or releasing inmates into ICE custody... 
But at least one sheriff thinks that’s a load of BS. Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux is blaming the state’s SB54 for a “deadly rampage that could have been prevented” if his office had been able to detain and turn over Junior Garcia-Ruiz to federal authorities. Instead, Garcia-Ruiz was released from jail and allowed back on the streets. Between that time and the point when he was killed by police in Portville the following Monday, the illegal alien committed no less than 11 crimes, including killing at least one person in Lindsay, California. After Garcia-Ruiz’s reign of terror, ICE officials blasted the state’s sanctuary law, saying the alien would have been deported had local officials turned the criminal over to them. And Sheriff Boudreaux says that is exactly the case. “Right now, that law is dangerous for everyone,” the sheriff warned...
Demo Party Leaders Don't Care About Immigrant Children — Unless...
by Mark Alexander:   Demos don't want a solution. They want fodder to undermine Trump's economic policy success before the midterm elections. Oh, what to do?

             Chuck scumbag/clown-Schumer (D-NY) and Nancy Pulosi (D-CA) are scurrying around the congressional chambers trying to figure out how to derail Donald Trump’s highly successful Make America Great Again policies before the 2018 midterm elections. They have their work cut out for them.
               According to current tracking by the reputable Gallup organization, satisfaction with the direction of the country is now higher than at any time since 2005. That’s higher than any year Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s regime was in power. And President Trump’s approval ratings are slowly climbing.
               Making matters worse, first-quarter GDP growth of 2.2% was better than expected. Headline unemployment dropped to 3.8%, the best since 2000. The U-6 unemployment rate is at 7.6%, the lowest since 2001. Black unemployment hit a record low of 5.9%. Female unemployment is at 3.6%, the lowest since 1953.
               And worse yet, the paychecks of American workers are growing at a record pace. Consumer confidence is at an 18-year high and small business optimism is approaching a record high.
               So how can Democrats stop this progress toward “Armageddon,” as Pulosi calls it? If they don’t, it will be Armageddon for their 2018 prospects, as well as for Pulosi’s chance to regain the speaker’s gavel...  ~The Patriot Post  


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SICK: Anderson Cooper Says Demographic Decline Of White Americans Is “Exciting”

“It’s an exciting evolution.”

Embedded video

[Click To Watch]

CNN’s Anderson Cooper said during an interview with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos that he found the demographic decline of white people “exciting”.

“The idea that, you know, whites will not be the majority, I mean, that’s — it’s an exciting transformation of the country, it’s an exciting evolution and you know, progress of our country in many different ways,” said Cooper.

Ramos agreed that whites becoming a minority in America was inevitable and a positive development.

The Judge@V8POW

Anderson Cooper barely able to contain his excitement about Whites becoming a minority.

Not thrilled about being replaced in the country your ancestors founded: you're a "Supremacist"

Understand White People, you're already in a race war.

“There’s nothing really they can do against this incredible demographic revolution. And in 2044, everyone is going to be a minority,” he said.

The media has repeatedly asserted that even raising the “conspiracy theory” of “the great replacement” or the demographic decline of white people puts you on a par with mass shooters and terrorists.

However, it’s apparently completely fine to talk about the issue so long as you proclaim the demographic decline of whites to be a positive thing.

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