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Here Come the Fascists ... and the Communists
by Laura Hollis
The Leftmedia Love Affair With Totalitarianism
by Political Editors:  One of the greatest benefits of living in the U.S. is the constitutional protections of individual rights and freedoms that all Americans enjoy. But it is precisely those individual rights and freedoms that place limits on officials within government. The Left views such limits to government as socially problematic rather than beneficial. Witness the growing sentiment among college and university students who are actively questioning the value of freedom of speech — not only questioning it, but even calling for it to be prevented, with violence if necessary. For these social “justice” crusaders, individual freedom should always be subservient to collectivist “progressive” values.

          It is in such a climate as this that one of the primary Demo/MSM propaganda fronts, The New York Times, is promoting communism (overtly this time), in a series of praise articles including, “When Communism Inspired Americans,” “Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism” and “The Little Red Book for Children.” This series, highlighting the “glory days” of communism, omits references to the countless millions of civilian men, women and children who were murdered or starved under these regimes.
          The latest entry in this series purports to portray how women fared under Red China’s communist regime, asserting, “The communist revolution taught Chinese women to dream big.” When it was not slaughtering them and their children, that is. It praises China’s former totalitarian strongman Mao Zedong for his efforts in promoting feminism. The author, Helen Gao, is an American of Chinese descent, and she writes glowingly of her grandmother’s opportunity to work as a journalist during the early days of the “People’s” Republic. A brief side note here. To have been a journalist at that time in China, Gao’s grandmother would have been obligated to spout Communist Party propaganda without freedom of the press protections Gao herself enjoys here in the good old U.S.A. But we digress.
          Seeking to somehow dispel the obvious objections readers might raise regarding her willingness to praise the vision and efforts of a murderous tyrant responsible for the deaths of 45 million of his own people, Gao quotes her grandmother’s saying, “The communists did many terrible things, but they made women’s lives much better.” There — problem solved. Noting the absurdity, one humorist responded, “NYT next week: For all its flaws, Hitler’s Nazi movement brought healthy vegetarian meal planning to the Reich.” Except, of course, the NYT doesn’t like to highlight that the Nazis were also socialists.
          Notably, this latest example of the NYT’s communist dezinformatsiya campaign comes in the midst of nuclear threats from Red China’s nuclear puppet — NoKo’s communist nut Kim Jong-un. Move on, nothing to see here!  ~The Patriot Post

Calif. Gov. Brown Pushing for Ban on 
Cars With Internal Combustion Engines

by Warren Mass
{} ~ During an interview with Bloomberg in New York on September 22, Mary Nichols, chairman of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), said that the state’s governor, Jerry Brown... has raised the subject of banning cars with internal combustion engines with her. The idea was inspired by similar bans in China, France, and the United Kingdom. “I’ve gotten messages from the governor asking, ‘Why haven’t we done something already?’” Nichols said, referring to China’s plan to end the use of vehicles powered by fossil fuels by 2030. “The governor has certainly indicated an interest in why China can do this and not California.” Considering Brown’s leftist track record, it is not surprising that he would seek to emulate Communist China. In a July 6 article posted by The New American, Alex Newman provided a recent example of Brown’s propensity to work with China against American interests...
Larry Klayman Discusses Mueller's
Investigation & The NFL Protests

{} ~ Klayman joins Bill Tucker and Tom Borelli to discuss the news of the day.
Court to Review liar-Clinton Emails Over Objections
from State Department and Justice Department
by Onan Coca
{} ~ Judicial Watch announced today that a federal judge will begin reviewing the redacted material from emails discussing former Secretary of State liar-Hillary Clinton’s wrongheaded use of iPads and iPhones while she was leading the State Department... The Judge has also ordered the State Department to file an affidavit explaining why they shouldn’t have to search for new liar-Clinton emails that have been recovered in recent months. In doing this, the court has obviously rejected arguments by the Trump administration’s State and Justice Departments. The question is… why have the State Department and the Justice Department continued to cover for liar-Hillary Clinton?...
Opposition wants government to look 
into B.C. charity’s links to Qatar group
by Stewart Bell
{} ~ A Jewish advocacy group said it was “shocked” the government had allowed a Canadian charity to remain registered despite a federal audit that alleged it was “controlled or influenced” by a group in Qatar accused of having ties to Hamas... The Conservatives also called the matter “deeply troubling” and said they expected the government to look into the findings of the Canada Revenue Agency audit of the Islamic Society of British Columbia, which runs a Vancouver-area mosque...
Steve Scalise Returns to Congress Gets Well-Deserved Standing Ovation
NFL Ratings Continue To Slide
Tucker Carlson Responds To Mediaite Charges He Has White Supremacist Leanings
This US Non-Nuclear Bomb Can Destroy an Entire North Korean Army
Clemson Student Senators Sit To Protest Pledge Of Allegiance
Even in MLB Sometimes The Hidden Ball Trick Works

Here Come the Fascists ... and the Communists
by Laura Hollis
{} ~ Not long after the end of World War II, author and economist Friedrich A. Hayek wrote in "The Road to Serfdom" that fascism and communism were really two sides of the same coin.

For this, he was sharply criticized and even mocked. We just teamed up with the communists to beat the fascists, the argument went. True, Stalin (grudgingly) fought alongside the Allies to defeat Hitler. But Hayek warned that this was an anomaly; both ideologies exalted top-down state control and were ultimately antithetical to individual freedom.

It's time to revisit Hayek's warnings.

Arguments about fascism are all the rage at the moment. It's de rigueur for those on the left to accuse President Donald Trump and his supporters of being "fascists." Meanwhile, some of the left's most visible and vocal factions — notably but not exclusively antifa — are accused accurately of behaving like fascists themselves: shutting down speech, vandalizing property, violently beating up people whose views offend them.

Meanwhile, what has slipped under the radar is the increasing advocacy for communism.

Within the past few days, a West Point graduate and current infantry officer named Spenser Rapone made headlines with pro-communist social media posts, including a photo of him holding his military cap with "Communism will win" written on the inside. In another post, he pulls his uniform aside to reveal a T-shirt with the image of communist revolutionary Che Guevara on it.

Lest you dismiss this as the isolated posturing of some fringe goofball, The New York Times has been running a year-long series of articles titled "The Red Century." Using the centennial of the 1917 Russian Revolution as its backdrop, the Times has published nearly three dozen articles on communism and its impact on the 20th century. An astonishing number of these are glowing accounts of the glories of communism.

The New York Times has been a platform for communism's apologists since the days of Walter Duranty. But this is jaw-dropping, even for them.

On Feb. 24, 2017, the article titled, "What's left of communism?" asked in its subhead, "Can a phoenix rise from the ash heap of history?" A better question would be, why on earth would we want it to?

Subsequent pieces praise Lenin as an unparalleled "strategic genius"; look back nostalgically to a time when communism inspired Americans; paint a hopeful picture of an "American afterlife" for communism; defend collectivists' visions as explained to children in the book "Communism for Kids"; characterize Lenin and the Bolsheviks as "well-intentioned people trying to build a better world"; point out the communist influence on popular science fiction and early environmental activism; and — perhaps most absurdly — extol the virtues of communism for women, both in terms of their sex lives in former Soviet Russia and their "big dreams" in Mao's China.

Seventeenth-century British writer Samuel Johnson once described second marriages as "the triumph of hope over experience." Had he lived during the "Red Century" or thereafter, he might well have used the phrase to describe communists, who are still selling their rotting and putrid wares, despite 100-plus years of bloody experience.

Nearly 100 million people died as a result of communism in the 20th century — more than all those killed by fascism and ordinary homicide combined. As Reason magazine author John Walters noted in a 2013 blog post, the worst famines in the 20th century killing tens of millions all took place in communist countries. As for women, Soviet Russia had the highest abortion rates in the world the average Russian woman had seven abortions in her lifetime. China's one-child policy resulted in millions of abortions often forced, under horrific circumstances and widespread infanticide of unwanted baby girls.

Then there were the gulags, the laogai, the prison camps.

Socialism is little better. Communism's blander cousin, it is founded on similar flawed philosophies that the state should be the provider; that people cannot be left to their own devices to order their lives as they see fit.

And socialism is often a precursor to something worse. Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez initially ran on a socialist platform, and then moved steadily left over the years, demonizing business, nationalizing industries and confiscating private property. He died with Venezuela already on a downward spiral. His successor, Nicolas Maduro — another left-wing ideologue — has destroyed whatever was left of Venezuela. Its citizens are without food, medicines, electricity or fuel. Doctors, teachers and other professionals are forced into prostitution to feed their families. Once wealthy and prosperous, Venezuela has been every bit as badly ravaged by communism as the neighboring Caribbean nations were by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Communism is one of the world's most destructive forces.

I'll say this much for the Times' "Red Century" series: It makes clear that the communists are still with us, using every leftist cause as a crowbar to push the country toward their dystopic vision. Those of us who oppose collectivism are right to be concerned when the same people clamoring for socialized medicine are trying to resurrect and rehabilitate communism.

Hayek was right. And the battle lines are being drawn.

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Congressman Calls Trump ‘Psychopath’
For Saying Out Loud What Rational-Minded Americans
Are Thinking About FBI

Democrats have become so unhinged over their hatred for President Donald Trump that they think nothing of calling the commander in chief a “psychopath.”

Case in point, U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz., who took great exception to Trump saying out loud what most rational minded Americans are already thinking when it comes to the FBI.

The president took to Twitter on Saturday to state the obvious, that it’s unacceptable that the FBI failed to follow up on a credible tip about the Parkland, Fla., high school gunman who killed 17 people, and that the bureau has been too distracted in “trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.”

“Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable. They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign – there is no collusion. Get back to the basics and make us all proud!,” Trump tweeted. 
Donald J. Trump Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable. They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign - there is no collusion. Get back to the basics and make us all proud! 

 The FBI released a statement acknowledging that protocols were not followed when the tip that may have saved 17 lives was recieved.

“On January 5, 2018, a person close to Nikolas Cruz contacted the FBI’s Public Access Line (PAL) tipline to report concerns about him,” the bureau said in a statement. “The caller provided information about Cruz’s gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting.”

As for the “signals” the president referenced, the killer could not have screamed his intentions any louder than he did in the weeks leading up to last week’s shooting.

But this proved to be inconsequential to Congressman Gallego, an Iraq War veteran who responded to the president’s post by declaring “America will regret the day you were ever born.”

“You are such a psychopath that you have to make even the death of 17 children about you. America will regret the day you were ever born,” he tweeted. 

You are such a psychopath that you have to make even the death of 17 children about you. America will regret the day you were ever born.

Gallego, who announced in 2016 he was divorcing his wife while she was pregnant with their first child, criticized Trump is a second tweet for commenting on a news conference held by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who said that no Americans had knowledge of the efforts of 13 Russian nationals indicted last week for allegedly meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The lawmaker noted that “children are being buried today.”

Of course, that didn’t stop the hypocrite from tweeting his support for pro-abortion Democratic women running for office on the same day “children are being buried.”


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