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liar-nObama Had British Intelligence Spy On
Trump To Avoid Leaving Evidence
by Rick Wells
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Trump budget: $1.5 billion for border wall, 28% slash to State Department. (The Daily Signal)
Feds hit debt limit — again; Debt now exceeds limit set in 2008 by $8,550,505,000,000. (CNS News)
EPA confirms it will reopen review of 2025 fuel rules. (Reuters)
Ryan: Health care plan must change to pass the House. (The Washington Post)
U.S. indicts Russian FSB agents in Yahoo hack targeting journalists, government officials. (The Washington Times)
Dan Coats confirmed as director of national intelligence. (USA Today)
Admiral, seven other Navy officers charged with corruption in new "Fat Leonard" indictment. (The Washington Post)
Fed raises benchmark rate as inflation approaches 2% target. (Bloomberg)
U.S. military likely to send as many as 1,000 more ground troops into Syria ahead of Raqqa offensive, officials say. (The Washington Post)
Students from immigrant households in U.S. public schools doubles since 1990. (The Washington Times)
Policy: Winners and losers under Trump's budget plan. (Washington Examiner)
Policy: Slow down and fix the GOP health care bill. (National Review~The Patriot Post
The Right to Choose Includes
the Right to Choose Life
by Alan M. Dershowitz
{} ~ There is no conflict between the "right to choose" and "the right to life" in the context of abortion, because the former includes the latter. If the state were ever to require a pregnant woman to undergo an abortion... as China in effect did with its "one child" policy -- there would be a conflict. But in the United States, the right to choose includes the right to choose life rather than abortion. It also includes the right of women to choose abortion for themselves. So, what are the anti-abortion right-to-life advocates complaining about? They do not want any woman to have the right to choose abortion for herself. They want to have the state chose for her -- to deny her the right to choose between giving birth to an unwanted child and having an abortion. They believe that abortion is infanticide -- murder -- not of their child but of the fetus of the woman who would choose abortion. But that woman does not regard the fetus as her child. So, the right to lifer responds: it doesn't matter what you think. It matters what the state thinks. The vast majority -- 70% -- of citizens the United States think a woman should have the right to control her own reproduction -- to choose whether the embryo or the fetus becomes her child, according to a Pew study this year...
FBI to Reveal Truth About
Trump’s Wiretapping Claims...
{} ~ For the past two weeks, headlines have been largely dominated by President Donald Trump’s claims that President Barack liar-nObama wiretapped Trump Tower... in order to listen in on what Trump was saying during the campaign/transition period. While no actual evidence of such wiretapping has been revealed, the FBI sent a letter to South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham responding to his request for a briefing, the U.K. Daily Mail reported. “Apparently the FBI has contacted my staff (and said) that they will be at some date in the future providing us an answer to this in a classified manner,” Graham stated at a hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election, according to the Daily Mail. If there was no wiretapping or at least no proof of wiretapping, why does the FBI need a classified briefing? Something smells somewhat fishy here....
Europe's Turkish Awakening
by Burak Bekdil
Dutch police contain a riot that broke out in Rotterdam
{} ~ Turkey, officially, is a candidate for full membership in the European Union. It is also negotiating with Brussels a deal that would allow millions of Turks to travel to Europe without visa... But Turkey is not like any other European country that joined or will join the EU: The Turks' choice of a leader, in office since 2002, too visibly makes this country the odd one out. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is now campaigning to broaden his constitutional powers, which would make him head of state, head of government and head of the ruling party -- all at the same time -- is inherently autocratic and anti-Western. He seems to view himself as a great Muslim leader fighting armies of infidel crusaders. This image with which he portrays himself finds powerful echoes among millions of conservative Turks and Sunni Islamists across the Middle East. That, among other excesses in the Turkish style, makes Turkey totally incompatible with Europe in political culture...
Tucker Carlson Reveals
the REAL Meddler in the Election...
by Philip Hodges
{} ~ Of course it’s not Russia. People will often accuse us of being Russia and Putin apologists simply because we point out that there is no reason to believe that Russia influenced the U.S. election in Trump’s favor... I’m certainly not a Sudan or Omar al-Bashir (Sudan’s president) apologist either, and I don’t think they had anything to do with influencing our election in Trump’s favor. But if someone were to choose Sudan as a random scapegoat as to why liar-Hillary Clinton lost, they’d probably accuse me of being a Sudan apologist. I promise you, I want nothing to do with Sudan. They are a role model for no one. But that doesn’t mean that they must be guilty of hacking our election, does it? They’re guilty of a lot of terrible things. But not messing with our election. The same goes for Russia. Just because we point out that there’s been no evidence  presented or reason to believe that Russia is behind liar-Hillary’s loss, doesn’t mean we must love Putin. We shouldn’t trust Putin. We shouldn’t trust Russia. Like most countries, they’re interested in what can be done to benefit them...
Trump Strikes Al-Qaeda More in One Month
Than liar-nObama Did in Any Year
by Edwin Mora
{} ~ The number of U.S. military airstrikes against al-Qaeda in Yemen so far this month have surpassed those that occurred during any year under former President Barack liar-nObama’s presidency... In just the first days of March, the U.S. military under President Donald Trump’s watch struck 40 targets in Yemen linked to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), reports Foreign Policy (FP), adding: The weeklong blitz in Yemen eclipsed the annual bombing total for any year during liar-nObama’s presidency. Under the previous administration, approval for strikes came only after slow-moving policy discussions, with senior officials required to sign off on any action. The Trump administration has proven much quicker at green-lighting attacks...
liar-nObama Had British Intelligence Spy On
Trump To Avoid Leaving Evidence
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Martha MacCallum reports that the House Intelligence committee has been in contact with the Justice Department regarding the production of documents related to the assertion by President Trump that the liar-nObama regime had been wiretapping him during the campaign.

Catherine Herridge confirms that the DOJ has requested more time in order “to review the request and determine if documents exist.” She says that the March 4th tweet about wiretapping was not meant literally, according to Press Secretary Spicer, that wiretapping as the President intended it is a general term for electronic surveillance.”

She plays a comment from Rep Adam “Shifty” Schiff, prefacing it with a claim that FBI Director Comey may be eager to testify. Shifty said, “If the press reports are accurate that he asked the Department of Justice to knock this down and they refused for whatever reason he may welcome the opportunity but he’ll certainly have that on March 20th.”

She also quotes a letter from a spokesman for Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) that states in part, “If the committee does not receive a response by then, the committee will ask for this information during the March 20 hearing and may resort to a compulsory process if our questions continue to go unanswered.” She says they were told that specifically issuing a subpoena for any records.

Judge Napolitano is asked for his take on the report, and replies, “I don’t know that the Justice Department has what the Intelligence Committee of the House is looking for, because sources have told Fox that if then-Mr. Donald Trump, the President-elect was surveilled as he says he was, both during the campaign ‘Mr’ and after he was elected ‘President-elect,’ it was done by a foreign intelligence entity from a foreign country, an ally of ours, the British Foreign Intelligence Service know as GCHQ.”

Napolitano says, “That entity was able to then to bypass the NSA, the CIA, The DNI and the DOJ, the entities in the United States that would have jurisdiction over it.” MacCallum clarifies, “So you’re suggesting that ‘president’ liar-nObama went beyond our own intelligence agencies, and through British surveillance received transcripts of phone conversations that the Trump campaign was having?”

Napolitano repeats, “This is what sources within the intelligence community have told Fox.” He goes on to point out that all of the content of every phone conversation is collected by the NSA and that the British spy agency has shared access to those files. He says, “So they could have obtained this information, sources tell us, translated the raw data into actual transcripts and shared it with someone in the west wing. It probably wouldn’t have been with the ‘president’ personally because he wouldn’t want anyone to be able to say ‘I met with a British spy in the White House but it would have gone through someone in the White House.”

Napolitano notes that the source is telling Fox that liar-nObama didn’t order the copy of the transcript directly from NSA because that would have left a paper trail. Instead it was laundered through foreign intelligence agencies, probably more than one, providing plausible deniability for the US intelligence and DOJ officials.


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 After Years Of Stagnation Under Obama 
Household Income Hits 50-Year High

Image result for money

Former President Barack Obama got plenty of praise for shepherding us through the recovery from the 2008 economic crisis. However, those on Main Street, USA, knew the truth — things weren’t any better than they had been when George W. Bush left office.

As The Weekly Standard reported in 2016, median household income when Obama came into office in 2009 was $56,731. In 2015, six years into his presidency, that number was $56,516 — a decrease of just over $200.

By the time he left office, it’s true that media household income had risen to $59,471 — but that was essentially the same as it had been in December, 2007, at the end of the “Great Recession” and just a few weeks before Obama took office, when it was $59,549.

So, how’s The Donald doing?

Well, as Investor’s Business Daily reported, a new study from Sentier Research found that the median household income in April was $61,483 — a 50-year high.

That’s up from $59,471 in January of 2017.

The firm tracks income using census data and adjusts for inflation — so even a slightly weaker dollar doesn’t account for the increase.

Donald Trump Jr.   @DonaldJTrumpJr  

Bad News For Dems: Household Income Hits All-Time High Under Trump … And He's Getting Credit For It!!! 

Household Income Hits All-Time High Under Trump, And He's Getting Credit For It

A new report shows that the median household income has climbed 3% since President Trump took office. It's another sign of a strong economy, and at least one poll shows the public credits Trump for...

That’s great news for the country, but maybe not the best news for Democrats.

“This is just another indication that the economy has notably strengthened under Trump. And polls show that the public’s mood has brightened considerably as a result,” Investor’s Business Daily reported.

“The latest IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index is 53.6. This index has been in positive territory (anything over 50 is optimistic) since Trump took office. The Quality of Life Index, meanwhile, hit a 14-year high in May and the Financial Stress Index is at an all-time low.”

That economic data is followed by a lot of polls that seem to show that the “blue wave” expected in the November midterms breaking and rolling back into the sea.

A new Reuters poll found that a generic Republican would beat a generic Democrat by six points. Back in March, the Democrats were up by nine points. A CBS poll found that Democrats had a two-point advantage on the generic ballot — hardly “wave” material.

The CBS poll also found that 68 percent of Americans believed Trump’s policies deserved at least some of the credit for the economic situation, with 35 percent saying he deserved a “great deal” of the credit.

Sixty-four percent of respondents rated the economy as “somewhat good” or “very good.” In a CNN poll, 57 percent of voters said that “things are going well in the U.S.” In February, that was 49 percent.

Perhaps the most important figure: Under Obama, when Gallup asked whether it was a good time to find “a quality job in the U.S.,” the highest number that administration ever achieved was 45 percent. Under Trump, that number is 67 percent — the highest number in the 17-year history of the poll.

While Trump’s personal numbers haven’t seen the same bounce, they’re still up — and that’s the important thing. Thanks to the relentless campaign of personal attacks against him, Trump’s stated approval rating has always been a lot lower than it probably is.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Hillary Clinton. For all of the personal barbs and attacks, 2016 ultimately came down to the economy. So will 2018 — and that’s not good news for the Democrats.

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