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Senate has the votes to pass GOP tax bill (The Washington Post)
Jury finds Garcia Zarate not guilty in Steinle murder trial; Trump calls verdict “disgraceful” (CBS San Francisco)
Michael Flynn, Trump’s ex-national security adviser, pleads guilty to lying to the FBI (CNBC)
White House plans Tillerson ouster from State Dept., to be replaced by Pompeo (The New York Times)
Matt Lauer wants $30 million from NBC after his firing for sexual harassment (Fox News)
Congress secretly paid nearly $100,000 to settle harassment claims against disgraced congressman (ABC News)
Want to end sexual harassment? AG hopeful says “elect candidate who doesn’t have a penis” (CBS Detroit)
CNN fires senior producer on Jake Tapper show for inappropriate behavior (USA Today)
Abortion issue powerful enough to swing Senate race in Alabama (The Washington Times)
Gun background check improvement bill passes House committee (The Washington Free Beacon)
Pharmacy giant to buy health insurance giant — what could go wrong? (Reuters)
Trump donates salary to HHS to combat opioid crisis (CNS News)
Policy: Four misleading arguments against the tax reform bills (Manhattan Institute)
Policy: Recommendations for a future National Defense Strategy (American Enterprise Institute)  
~The Patriot Post
Scarborough Urges Rebellion 
Against President Trump By Cabinet Members
{rickwells.us} ~ It’s obvious that President Trump got under Joe Scarborough’s skin by reminding the American people that there really was never an investigation... conducted into the death of his former intern, Lori Klausutis, in his office when he was a Florida Congressman. The determination made at the time was that she had heart problems which resulted in her passing out and hitting her head on her desk. Was she pushed by Scarborough? Did she recoil when he attempted to grope her? Maybe, he’s certainly a pissy little hothead, anything is possible. In response to President Trump’s remarks, Joe and his CFR fiancé, accompanied on their panel by CFR president Richard Haas, went into a tirade about how President Trump is supposedly unfit for office and calling for his cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him... https://rickwells.us/scarborough-urges-rebellion-trump/
Clyburn, Richmond – CBC Democrats 
Get A Pass, Can’t Believe White Accusers
{rickwells.us} ~ The depraved elites of the DC Swamp are under fire for their misconduct and malfeasance in some of the nation’s highest offices... Many are also limiting their comments out of caution and the indefensible nature of the transgressions. Rep James Clyburn, a 77-year-old swamp rat from South Carolina, first elected in 1993, seems to believe that members of Congress have a right to that same separate preferential system of justice that liar-Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Hussein liar-nObama and the other DC criminals have benefitted from. Clyburn was asked about sexual harassment allegations against founding CBC member and race-baiting agitating comrade Rep John Conyers (D-MI). Clyburn seemed to suggest elected officials are less accountable... https://rickwells.us/clyburn-richmond-pass-white/
by Joseph Puder
{frontpagemag.com} ~ U.S. voices at the United Nations (UN) and in the U.S. Congress are warning of the dangers of relying on Russia to curb Iran’s incursion deep into Syria... and warning of the treat this poses to U.S. allies, Israel and Jordan. Yet, the Trump administration seems to consider the status-quo in Syria, minus ISIS, acceptable, essentially conceding the field to Russia when considering the future of Syria. In the meantime, verbal combat is occurring between Iran and Israel that might lead to a real war. Earlier this month, the State Department announced a deal with Russia to expand “deconfliction zones” in southwestern Syria. It is allegedly designed to keep Iranian, Hezbollah, and Iranian recruited Shiite militias from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen, away from Syria’s borders with Israel and Jordan. But, if the Trump Administration is sincere about stopping Iran’s advance toward the Mediterranean Sea, or preventing a major conflict in the Middle East, it certainly falls short on this score. Moreover, Russia is using its air power to protect Iranian backed ground forces. The U.S., on its part, plans to end its involvement in Syria and Iraq once the Islamic State is defeated and ejected from the region...  http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/268556/verbal-combat-iran-vs-israel...
by Daniel Greenfield
{frontpagemag.com} ~ How much more? Three simple words. They need to be asked after every such case... How much more can we take. How much more will we be forced to endure. How many murders, rapes, beatings, beheadings, bombings and stabbings? This latest story comes via our friend Grizzly Joe at Pamela Geller's site. It's one of many. Those poisoned jelly beans are everywhere. And they are destroying lives every day. The perpetrators get away with it and the victims of Islamic violence are left to rebuild their lives as best they can. Mohammed Ali Mohammed raped two women at knife point. Now the Somali Muslim rapist will be set loose...What the heck is going on with our law system? The one in San Fran and now this.  http://www.frontpagemag.com/point/268570/somali-muslim-rapist-freed...
Angry Democrat Walks Out Of Meeting – 
Good Old Boys Covering For Conyers
{rickwells.us} ~ Surprisingly, a New York Democrat appears to have a moral component to her character... She is standing against the groping good old boys of the political establishment as they attempt to sweep the issue of their own sexual misconduct under the congressional carpet. Rep. Kathleen Rice actually walked out of the House Democrat Caucus meeting on Wednesday morning prior to its conclusion, telling reporters waiting outside that she was frustrated in her attempts to deal with her colleagues. Now she knows how the rest of us feel trying to get through the thick skulls of globalist Democrats, particularly where their own corruption is indicated. It’s impossible and so was her task of attempting to persuade them to take a more strident position opposing sexual-harassment and holding Rep John Conyers accountable for his proven sexual misconduct...  https://rickwells.us/democrat-walks-covering-conyers/

{wnd.com} ~ Finally, Nancy Pulosi’s faux feminist veneer has fully cracked.

The Democratic “shero” is, and always has been, a sham. But after Pulosi’s incoherent babblefest on “Meet the Press” defending accused groper John Conyers and clown-cad Al Franken, the progressive left can no longer mask her partisan perv apologism.

Pulosi milked her XX chromosomes for all their electoral worth. Her official biography brags about her role as “the most powerful woman in American politics” and her induction into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. Over three decades on Capitol Hill, she has scooped up Ms. Magazine’s Woman of the Year award, Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year designation, Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger award named after the abortion godmother and notorious eugenics champion, and the Alice Award named after suffragette Alice Paul.

So, feminists were aghast when Pulosi hailed Conyers as an “icon” and downplayed news of his secret sexual harassment settlement with a former female staffer – one of three former employees alleging sexual abuse. Blasting D.C. double standards, Long Island Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice fumed this week over Pulosi’s failure to call out Conyers and Franken.

But this is far from the first time see-no-evil Nancy has looked the other way at Democrat dirtbags. I’ve been reporting on her creep-enabling for years.

Let me cure the left-wing political and media establishment’s amnesia:

Former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York. Lost in the aftermath of Weiner’s mucky-yucky nude selfie and sexting scandals is the fact that Pulosi  refused to condemn him until his interactions with an underage girl in Delaware were exposed by conservative bloggers and confirmed by police. Only then did champion-of-women Pulosi rush from behind to lead the demands for Weiner’s resignation.

Former Democratic Rep. Eric Massa of New York. In 2010, the married Massa resigned amid a sordid sexual harassment scandal involving young, low-paid male staffers he allegedly lured to his Capitol Hill playhouse for “tickle fights.” Turned out that Pulosi’s office had been informed months before, by a staffer of former Democratic Rep. Barney Frank, of Massa’s predatory and harassing behavior with multiple congressional employees. Massa’s former deputy chief of staff and legislative director also contacted leading Democrats on the House Ethics Committee. Former House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer also knew of Massa’s misconduct. But Pulosi said and did nothing until allegations went public. A toothless House Ethics Committee investigation went nowhere.

“I have a job to do and not to be the receiver of rumors,” she deflected icily.

Former Democratic Rep. David Wu of Oregon. The seven-term liberal congressman had a longstanding history of alcoholism and sexual skeeviness that broke into the public eye when his own staffers revolted against their drunk-texting, Tigger costume-wearing boss and pressured him to seek psychiatric help. House Democratic leaders, desperate to keep one of their own in office, ignored the pleas. Only after The Oregonian newspaper published allegations by a teenage girl who had complained for months to apathetic Capitol Hill offices of an “unwanted sexual encounter” with Wu did Pulosi make a show of calling for a House Ethics Committee investigation – which went, you guessed it, nowhere.

Former Democratic Mayor Bob Filner of San Diego. Last month, Pulosi climbed aboard the #MeToo bandwagon in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal.

“Your courage is truly inspiring to us all,” she tweeted.

But when multiple women accused her old friend, former Democratic congressman and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, of harassment and assault, Pulosi indignantly refused to call on him to resign. One staffer claimed Filner had ordered her to “work without her panties on.” Others alleged he forcibly kissed them. Another said she had contacted Democratic higher-ups in California about a half-dozen women, but nobody did nuttin’.

“What goes on in San Diego is up to the people of San Diego. I’m not here to make any judgments,” Pulosi sniffed.

The late Democratic Sen. Teddy Kennedy. Of the licentious Democratic lion of the Senate whose public boorishness culminated in the infamous “Waitress Sandwich” with fellow Dem pig Sen. Chris Dodd, Pulosi effused:

“Rooted in his deep patriotism, his abiding faith and his deep concern for the least among us, no one has done more than Senator Kennedy to educate our children, care for our seniors and ensure equality for all Americans.”

The Democratic Bad Boys Club has had no better cheerleader than Pom-Pom Pulosi.

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Foul-Mouthed Vicente Fox: Donald Trump Has
Ruined The American Dream For Non-Americans

Wasn’t that the point of his election? Foul-mouthed former Mexican President Vicente Fox attacked President Trump in a recent Newsweek op-ed.

Fox wrote that Trump has “ended the American dream for hundreds of thousands of Americans and non-Americans.”

The globalists and American left believe US presidents should put the well-being of foreigners above the well-being of American citizens.

Donald Trump rejects this belief.

The Hill reported:

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox slammed President Trump in a new op-ed Monday, claiming that Trump has killed the American dream.

“It has been more than a year since Donald Trump was elected, and since then he has tweeted more policies and complaints than any other political leader,” Fox wrote in an op-ed for Newsweek. “He has put international relations at risk and ended the American dream for hundreds of thousands of Americans and non-Americans. Is there anything he hasn’t done?”

The frequent Trump critic blasted the president for his threats on Twitter, including his recent suggestion that immigration enforcement from Mexico could become a condition in the ongoing North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations.

“Today we continue renegotiating the treaty because of good old Donald’s whims, we keep listening to him whining, and reading his conditions on Twitter; the most recent one is that the Dreamers depend on the construction of the f—ing wall,” Fox wrote.


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