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End the False Israeli-Palestinian Parity
by Daniel Pipes
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Congress joins Trump war on regulations, cuts a year's worth in one week. (Washington Examiner)
Principled conservatives show federalism is more than a talking point by rejecting voter data requests. (The Washington Post)
New York City cop "assassinated" in the Bronx. (Fox News)
Police officer deaths on duty have jumped nearly 20% in 2017. (Fox News)
Illegal immigration from Honduras is drying up. (National Review)
The number of young men not working has doubled in 15 years. (The Daily Signal)
liar-nObamaCare boondoggle awarded hospital bonuses even if low-quality scores. (The Washington Free Beacon)
Democrats' fear-mongering over Medicaid ignores just how bad the program is. (The Daily Signal)
Democrats are moving the goalposts on the collusion fake news. (Hot Air)
CNN tailspin: Network bungles response to blackmail firestorm. (LifeZette)
Policy: Four response strategies for Trump after North Korea's new missile test. (The Daily Signal)
Policy: Trump's chance to seize the moment. (American Enterprise Institute~The Patriot Post
Merkel Setup Trump With G20 Site –
Easy Protester Access, Hard To Defend
by Rick Wells
{} ~ The CNN reporter bucks the network fake news tradition and actually provides some interesting, insightful information about the manipulations of German Chancellor Angela Merkel around the G20... Anchor John King provides a lead in for reporter Nic Robertson, saying that it’s “one of the interesting G20 dynamics this time,” being “demonstrations much closer to the event site than we’ve become accustomed to in recent years.” Robertson says it was a deliberate act by the host nation, saying, “Angela Merkel has chosen to hold this summit in an environment, in a location that can be surrounded by protesters. It’s not as we see some summits, on a remote hilltop that’s, the whole village or a town around it is secure. And there will be protesters here, there were protesters last night, police had to turn a water canon on about 1,000 of them, just sort of rained it on them, didn’t wash them off the streets.” He continues, “There was a women’s protest just out beside here a little while ago, but the essence of the idea here is, not forgetting that Angela Merkel is in a re-election campaign this year, the protesters will be able to get close so that in part President Trump can hear the voices of dissent here in Germany, here in Europe.’...
Trump Admin Authorizes
Strikes on Iranian-Backed Forces
by Adam Kredo
{} ~ U.S. forces have been instructed to take all measures needed to protect American interests in Syria, including military measures... as part of an effort that comes after top officials in the Trump administration assessed that Iran is deliberately probing American weaknesses and reactions on the Syrian battlefield, according to senior Trump administration officials who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon. Iran-backed forces, including Hezbollah, have already initiated multiple encounters with the United States by violating agreements worked out between Washington and Moscow aimed at preventing the various factions targeting ISIS inside Syria from coming into conflict. This is part of a campaign that analysts inside and outside the White House believe is aimed at testing the Trump administration's resolve, sources said...
US Needs Another Corrupt
Globalist Like liar-nObama, Impeach Trump
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Congressional slug Maxine Waters (D-CA) held another of her hateful impeachment rallies, what she likes to pretend are town halls, on July 5th... This latest event was in Los Angeles at the California African America Museum. What better place for a racist museum piece like Waters to spew her vitriolic blather? The babbling Waters ranted to the gathered parasites, saying, “Comprehensive health care for all of our people in this country – because we deserve it.” Really Maxine? What have we all done to deserve it or is it simply by virtue of our American birthright? And since you’re a communist Democrat, are we correct in assuming you’re including the illegals squatting here as also being part of the “deserving ‘we’?” Are you willing to, in the interest of Democrat fairness, give up your special Congressional health care deal since we all deserve the same thing, equally, as Americans, or are you better than us? Shouldn’t you be burdened with the same crap you’re hanging around our necks?...
The Islamic State of Al-Qaeda

Iraqi Special Forces soldiers holding an upside-down ISIS flag outside
the ruins of Al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul
by A.J. Caschetta
{} ~ With Iraqi forces now controlling most of Mosul and the siege of Raqqa underway, many are predicting the imminent demise of the Islamic State... ISIS propagandists argue that the caliphate can withstand the loss of territory, but without a "state" to fight for, many jihadis will look elsewhere for support and inspiration. A patient Ayman al-Zawahiri hopes they will return to Al-Qaeda, his organization since Osama bin Laden's death. When ISIS first burst on the scene, it was widely described as the most brutal elements of Al-Qaeda that had been kicked out, only to form an even more dangerous terrorist organization. Their rivalry led some to hope that a power struggle might weaken both groups, making it easier to defeat both. But many Iraqi analysts have always believed that the fissure was only temporary. Hisham al-Hashimi, an Iraqi researcher of terrorist groups and an advisor to the Iraqi government, predicted in October 2014 that "the Islamic State, regardless of how big or small it becomes, will come back to its mother: al-Qaeda."...
Chief liar-Clinton Strategist:
Democrats Should Abandon the Left
by Mark Hemingway
{} ~ In an op-edin the New York Times Thursday, Mark Penn and Andrew Stein argue that the “path back to power for the Democratic Party today, as it was in the 1990s... is unquestionably to move to the center and reject the siren calls of the left, whose policies and ideas have weakened the party.” Penn is the former chief strategist of liar-Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign and was a prominent advisor to President Bill liar-Clinton. Stein is a former New York City Council president. Their Democratic party credentials are not in question, and yet they all but call for an explicit repudiation of “Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth dinky-Warren and a host of well-funded groups that have embraced sharply leftist ideas” while acknowledging the “need to … adopt an agenda of renewed growth, greater protection for American workers and a return to fiscal responsibility...
End the False Israeli-Palestinian Parity
by Daniel Pipes
{} ~ Indian prime minister Narendra Modi's decision to visit Jerusalem but not Ramallah has prompted much comment.

The expectation of equal treatment goes back to the Oslo Accords' signing in Sep. 1993, when the prime minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin, represented his government in the handshake with Yasir Arafat, the much-despised chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization. No one found it strange or inappropriate at the time but things look differently nearly a quarter century later.

It's now clear that Rabin's vanity got the better of him at that supremely high-profile event on the White House lawn. As the elected head of a democratic and sovereign government, he never should have consented to Arafat, the henchman of an unofficial, dictatorial, and murderous organization, enjoying equal status with himself.

Rather, he should have stayed aloof from him. Appearing together as equals created a dysfunctional illusion of equivalence that over subsequent decades became assumed, ingrained, and unquestioned. In fact, this false equivalence became even more inaccurate with time, as Israel went from one success to another and the Palestinian Authority brought on a reign of ever-deeper anarchy, dependency, and repression.

It's not just that Israelis stand among world leaders in science, technology, the humanities, and the arts, in military power and intelligence capabilities, not just that its economy is 25 times larger than the Palestinian one; in addition, Israel is ever more a land where the law rules for all at one point recently, a disgraced president and a criminal prime minister were simultaneously sitting in prison and individual rights are not just promised but delivered. Meanwhile, the head of the Palestinian Authority, presently in the twelfth year of his four-year term, has been neither able to prevent creeping anarchy on the West Bank nor a rogue group from taking over in Gaza, one-half of his putative domain.

Some would defend Rabin's self-imposed humiliation by arguing that he sought to strengthen Arafat and the PLO through pomp and pageantry. If this was indeed the plan, it backfired spectacularly. Rather than use the prestige of the Oslo signing ceremony to build a constituency that accepted the Jewish state and thereby end the Palestinians' conflict with it, Arafat exploited his heightened standing to develop new resources to reject Zionism and attack Israel. Palestinian "embassies" popped up worldwide to delegitimize Israel, while Palestinians killed more Israelis in the five years after the Oslo signing than in the fifteen years before it. In other words, Rabin recklessly put faith in a historic and barbaric enemy changing not just tactics but goals. Israel has paid a heavy price for this error.

Instead of the prime minister, the Israeli standing with Arafat on the White House lawn should have been someone like the second secretary at the Israeli embassy in Norway. That would have delivered the necessary signal that Arafat's protocol equivalent registers stoopingly low in the diplomatic hierarchy. To be sure, that would have meant no Nobel Peace Prize for Yitzhak Rabin. In retrospect, however, would it not have been better to skip celebrating so exuberantly a flawed, doomed, and destructive agreement?

For good measure, the signing ceremony should have taken place in the modesty of Oslo, not the grandeur of Washington, the imperial capital, the home town of the only hyper-power.

Had a lowly precedent been set in 1993, today's false parity between Binyamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas would not exist; the true imbalance of the Palestinian-Israeli relationship might be more clearly seen. As low-level diplomats, not prime ministers, negotiate with Arafat, Abbas, and the assorted other villains and self-styled Palestinian leaders, the world would be constantly reminded not of a sham parallel but of the vast moral and power gulf dividing the two sides.

Well, that did not happen. But is it too late? Can Netanyahu or a future Israeli prime minister escape the indignity of meeting as equals with the leader of a gangster enterprise?

No, it's not too late. Netanyahu could eloquently explain that he meets his legitimate counterparts; he will leave it to functionaries in the Foreign Ministry to handle whoever the Palestinian Authority throws up.

Imagine the benefits of such a step: Israel would gain in stature while the fetid nature of the PA would be exposed. American presidents would lose interest in the "ultimate deal." Other assorted would-be mediators and do-gooders would have a much harder time trying to revive a quarter century of botched negotiations.

So, I suggest Israeli prime ministers leave "peace-processing" with Palestinian hooligans to low-ranking staff.

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