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Steven Crowder Is On to Something Big 
with 'Devil's Advocate'
by Auguste Meyrat
Friday Top Headlines
by Media Editors:  October payrolls smash estimates with gain of 250,000; ranks of the employed rise to a fresh record of 156.6 million (CNBC)
Trump announces step to stop “meritless” asylum claims at border (The Daily Signal)
Trump announces end to catch and release, says military will fight back if illegal immigrants throw rocks (Townhall)
Operation Faithful Patriot: First 100 troops arrive to serve at border (Fox News)
Size of migrant caravan drops to around 4,000 with at least 600 miles to go (Hot Air)
12 migrants traveling to U.S. sue Trump and the federal government by claiming violation of constitutional rights (Fox News)
Enforcement is working: Births to illegal immigrant parents in U.S. fall to lowest level since 2000 (CBS News)
Three things dummycrats-Democrats will do if they win the House — investigate, obstruct, impeach Trump (Washington Examiner)
Trump says sick-Pulosi subpoena threat is “illegal” and grounds for Supreme Court battle (The Washington Times)
Study: Nearly half of Republicans feel bullied at work (The Daily Caller)
Crisis averted: New Jersey approves “Cory’s law” to let scumbag-Booker run for White House and Senate at same time (Washington Examiner)
DOJ announces $8.7 million grant for active shooter training (The Washington Free Beacon)
Facebook censoring pro-life political ads — again (Washington Examiner)
Promoting adoption, Trump affirms human life for “born and unborn” (The Daily Signal)
Report: Trump offers Heather Nauert UN ambassador job (Fox News)
Chinese company charged with stealing trade secrets from U.S. computer firm (NBC News)
U.S. poised to cave on Iran sanctions (The Washington Free Beacon)
Humor: jerk-Don Lemon: “I apologize if any evil white people were offended by my remarks” (The Babylon Bee)
Policy: Here’s how the GOP tax cuts are helping Americans in every state (The Daily Signal)
Policy: U.S. oil production allows America to crack down on Iran (National Review)  
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Threats of More Tariffs on Chinese Imports 
Hang in Balance as G-20 Talks Loom
by Riley Walters
{} ~ A recent report may shed some light on the next round of the U.S.-China trade war... According to Bloomberg, President Donald Trump will place new taxes on $257 billion of imports from China if he doesn’t walk away satisfied from his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the end of November. However, that contradicts a report last week that the presidents may not even talk trade if China can’t come up with plans for meaningful reform before their meeting at the Group of 20 summit in Argentina. Yet, it wouldn’t be surprising if both stories were true. Since the launching of the trade war over a year ago, American and Chinese observers alike have called into question whether the White House has a strategy in trade negotiations with China. There remains the question of who’s leading the White House’s China policy. Now, reports also point to a list of 142 demands Washington wants from Beijing—a considerable increase from its list of demands in May...
Fox’s Lachlan Murdoch Pushes Back On Rumors 
Megyn Kelly Will Return To Fox News  
by Amber Athey
{} ~ 21st Century Fox Executive Lachlan Murdoch pushed back on rumors that Megyn Kelly will return to Fox News... after her departure from NBC News. Murdoch, who will head up Fox News’ parent company New Fox, said at The New York Times’ Dealbook conference that he is a fan of Kelly’s but that he is happy with Fox’s current lineup. “I am a big fan of Megyn’s,” Murdoch said. “I like her a lot. We didn’t want her to leave Fox when she did.” “Having said that, I’m very happy with our current lineup on Fox and we won’t be making any changes there,” he added.Murdoch also told moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin that he thinks Kelly was damaged by her controversial exit from NBC News, but that he hopes she finds work elsewhere because she is “very talented.”...
dirty cop-Mueller Probe Turns Attention To Conspiracy 
Theorist Linked To Roger Stone  
by Chuck Ross
{} ~ The special counsel’s investigation turned its attention to Jerome Corsi... a conspiracy theorist who has ties to Roger Stone, the longtime Trump confidant who is said to be a target of the dirty cop-Mueller probe. Corsi’s significance to the investigation was solidified this week after he appeared for a second round of interviews with the special counsel’s office. Guest hosts of Corsi’s online political show said this week that Corsi informed them that he was traveling to Washington, D.C. “for another round with dirty cop-Mueller.” It is unclear whether Corsi is a target in the investigation, though ABC News  reported on Wednesday that the former Infowars correspondent is set to appear Friday before a grand jury being used for the special counsel’s probe. dirty cop-Mueller is reportedly interested in whether the 72-year-old Corsi had advance knowledge that Wikileaks was set to release scumbag/liar-Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails... Thats who dirty cop-Mueller should be investigating. He got his fingers in the wrong cooky jar.
What If dummycrats-Democrats Fail?
{} ~ dummycrats-Democrats’ great expectations are transforming into more modest midterm realizations. Polls showing dwindling margins raise a question not thought for months... What if dummycrats-Democrats fail? Having raised the bar so high, going below it could have severe ramifications. Make no mistake: dummycrats-Democrats will win midterm seats. That is the bonus parties get for not having the presidency. Only the most luckless fail to get this consolation prize. However, dummycrats-Democrats have not simply been anticipating winning some seats. For months they thought Congress theirs. Now it appears clear the Senate will not be, and the House might not be either. Like self-assured Powerball players, they mentally have been spending their imagined millions. In their mind’s eye, they have been sporting new wardrobes, driving new cars, and buying new houses. And most of all, dummycrats-Democrats have been rehearsing telling off their boss. Telling him — one Donald J. Trump — that he now works for them. “Take this job and shove it,” does not begin to cover it. Should this “fail” befall dummycrats-Democrats, expect the left to be outraged. This is no problem, because outrage is what they do best. However, what liberals do when they are outraged can be a problem for everyone else — especially dummycrats-Democrats. No group accepts blame. When confronted with a political setback, each imagines the reason is because the effort did not conform enough to their way of thinking. No group does this more than liberals. Partly the left’s refusal to accept blame is a self-defense mechanism. As America’s smallest ideological group, they could not otherwise survive. The difficulty in their predilection is that demanding things be more like them, means making things be less like the three-quarters of America who decide elections. Expect liberals’ acting out to mean the dummycrats-Democratic leadership will be in danger. They will be deemed too old and out of touch. Expect dummycrats-Democrat moderates to be no less so — they will be called “too Republican.”...
Nebraska's Medicaid Expansion Is a Dangerous Fraud. 
Its Advocates Know It.
by Joe Herring

{} ~ There are only two sorts of people roaming this earth: those who just want to be let alone and those who simply cannot keep their hands to themselves... We institute governments to restrain the latter from tormenting the former without relent. Nowhere is the intrusive impulse of the nanny-stater more prominently featured than in the issue of Medicaid expansion. Medicaid expansion is the bad idea that will not go away. An integral leg of the scumbag/liar-nObamacare stool, it was intended to the do the heavy lifting for the promised result of universal health insurance coverage. Those Americans who could not be enticed to buy health insurance with wildly generous subsidy offers would then be coerced into doing so under penalty of fine. The remaining uninsured population would be caught in the expanded Medicaid net, ostensibly achieving universal, albeit unsustainable, coverage. However, the Supreme Court ruled expansion to be voluntary for states, and despite federal offers of mega-dollars, many states wisely avoided this boondoggle.  Nebraska was one such state. For the next six years, Nebraska lawmakers voted down bills to expand Medicaid in our state. This year, funded almost entirely from out of state, with Washington, D.C. lobbyist money, the proponents launched a petition drive to put the expansion question on the November ballot. The question is now up to the voters. In selling their scheme, many proponents of expansion have found honesty to be a dreadful handicap and promptly abandoned it. They claim that 90,000 Nebraskans are in the so-called "coverage gap," defined as earning too much to get subsidies but not enough to afford insurance without subsidy...
Steven Crowder Is On to Something Big 
with 'Devil's Advocate'
by Auguste Meyrat

{} ~ Many conservatives know Steven Crowder, host of the show "Louder with Crowder" on CRTV and a happy conservative warrior against the left.

As one can imagine from the title of his show, and his Canadian-Texan heritage, Crowder does indeed get loud and has a special talent for triggering liberals. He does this in his segments of "Change My Mind," where he sets up a table and chairs and invites people to change his mind on standard conservative positions that outrage today's liberals, such as "There are only two genders," "Rape culture is a myth," and "Trump is not a fascist." What earns the most open hostility is when he goes undercover and crashes the Women's March or joins a socialist protest.

Now Crowder has come up with his best idea yet: "Devil's Advocate."

Devil's Advocate is a new segment on Crowder's show in which he takes on the role of a smug liberal and invites prominent conservatives to debate him. So far, he has had Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro as guests to debate free speech and socialism, respectively. Even though the guests know in advance that they're arguing with an actor pretending to be liberal, they carry on as though they are having a real debate.

At first, this idea seems like more of the same: act out an exaggerated parody of the other side, present a few easy straw man arguments, and score some laughs at how stupid the other side is. This is what liberal AKA mainstream comedians do all the time on shows like Saturday Night Live, late-night talk shows, and most sitcoms.

To his great credit, Crowder avoids the cheap laughs and instead presents an objective debate that educates the viewer on the commonly held viewpoints of the right and left on different topics. True, he is perfectly ridiculous yet quite accurate with his portrayal of the smug liberal, sporting a waxed mustache, vaping an e-cigarette, having a "Coexist" tattoo on his forearm, wearing hipster glasses and a scarf, and speaking in smarmy pseudo-intellectual tones one normally hears on NPR or Pod Save America. All this works to make him that much more credible as a sparring partner for any conservative intellectual. "Skyler Turden" is the liberal every conservative person encounters in his or her life; he is legion.

Like the Christian apologist who knows far more about atheism than most atheists, Crowder demonstrates that he knows far more about leftism than most leftists, and he actually proves to be a much more competent debater than most spokesmen who rely on logical fallacies and biased editing of footage.

In his debate with Ben Shapiro about socialism, Skyler Turden not only cites the common narratives not really arguments about Scandinavia and the supposed economic golden age of the '60s, but also goes deeper, mentioning expanding public goods into education and health care, the richest 1% seizing all capital, corporatism, automation eliminating blue-collar jobs, and capitalism's threat to the environment – which elicits his best retort to Shapiro's claim that solar power cannot replace carbon-based fuel. "Hold on a second! Ring! Ring! lifting imaginary pone to ear Angela Merkel? Oh, it's for you. She says that's b-------."  Shapiro ultimately makes a good case, but not before he has to go into particulars about school choice, the meaning of non-rivalrous non-excludable goods, and the role of social capital in society's economic well-being.

Skyler Turden's debate with Jordan Peterson works out similarly, but Crowder does almost too good a job derailing the debate and foisting the burden of resolving complicated problems onto Peterson. They discuss the meaning of speech and what is guaranteed in the American constitution. Peterson has to go after Turden, who spews out fuzzy definitions and demands that people "accept his reality." The debate ends in a stalemate on what to do about Big Tech companies censoring and banning users, where a conservative consensus on this issue is still pending, some desiring to treat these companies like a utility and others preferring to leave them alone and create alternative platforms.

When watching Crowder's impressive performance on "Devil's Advocate," one senses that all the previous segments of "Louder with Crowder" have led to this moment. Like the method actors who become the character they play, Crowder becomes Turden, an annoying vaping liberal who brings up some important though flawed points and is able to articulate them well without taking every counterargument as a personal attack. In this way, he fills a void that the progressive left continues to leave vacant, since leftists have long since abandoned reasoned argument for mob rule.

The thing "Devil's Advocate" resembles most is William F. Buckley, Jr.'s show, Firing Line, where Buckley would argue conservative positions against prominent liberal scholars. On that show, too, Buckley made a point to incorporate humor while keeping the overall debate serious. The show was key for introducing large audiences to conservative and liberal ideas. The world lost something important when the show stopped airing – though PBS brought it back this year with a new host.

Conservatives and liberals alike could benefit from watching Skyler Turden. Not only will they be entertained, but they will learn more about themselves; one another; and, most importantly, how to have a proper, cordial debate.

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Goodbye 2020: Clinton Ordered By Federal Judge To Submit To Questioning

( – Just when Hillary Clinton began hinting that she’s ready to run again in 2020, she has been ordered by a federal judge to submit to questioning about the use of her private email server to convey classified documents during her time as Secretary of State.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan made the order as part of a lawsuit from conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

“Court rules late today Hillary Clinton must answer more email questions — including key q’s about the setting up of her email system,” wrote Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton in a tweet following the ruling.

Judicial Watch 🔎 @JudicialWatch

BREAKING: Judicial Watch announced today that, following JW's court battle, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruled that Hillary Clinton must answer – under oath – two additional questions on her controversial email system within 30 days.

Judicial Watch: Federal Court Ordered Hillary Clinton to Answer Additional Email Questions Under...

 (Washington, DC) –Judicial Watch announced today that U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruled that within 30 days Hillary Clinton must answer under oath two additional questions about her...
Tom Fitton  @TomFitton

Breaking: Court rules late today Hillary Clinton must answer more email questions -- including key q's about the setting up of her email system. Court denied our request to unseal vid depositions of Clinton aides. Great work by Michael Bekesha!

As a statement from Judicial Watch explains, the ruling is the latest development in the group’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, which they began to discover why former deputy chief of staff to Mrs. Clinton, Huma Abedin, was allowed to work at the State Department while also engaged in “outside employment.”

Clinton now has 30 days to answer two key questions from a list of 25 questions composed by Judicial Watch.

The questions the judge selected are:

1) “Describe the creation of the system, including who decided to create the system, the date it was decided to create the system, why it was created, who set it up, and when it became operational.”

During your October 22, 2015 appearance before the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Benghazi, you testified that 90 to 95 percent of your emails “were in the State’s system” and “if they wanted to see them, they would certainly have been able to do so.” Identify the basis for this statement, including all facts on which you relied in support of the statement, how and when you became aware of these facts, and, if you were made aware of these facts by or through another person, identify the person who made you aware of these facts.

This new development is huge because it means that the two critical scandals from Clinton’s time in the State Department, her private email server and the Benghazi attacks, are facing fresh scrutiny in both the legal system and the court of public opinion.

And while Clinton likely had little chance of any run in 2020, this makes it even less likely she will stand even a shred of a chance.

We’ve have got to hope and pray that at long last, this leads to the long overdue criminal charges we’ve all been waiting to see.

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