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 Fallout From Venezuela's Sham Elections
by Lewis Morris
 Did a 'Man' Just Give Birth? 
"A transgender man and his husband recently welcomed a healthy baby boy into their family in Portland, Oregon," reports The Blaze. You might need to read that sentence again. Or, we can translate: A woman with gender dysphoria has been dressing like a man and taking hormones for years, but gave up the hormones for a time during pregnancy. Because what woman who wants to be a man doesn't still want to be pregnant like a woman? And that's after adopting two children. Makes perfect nonsense to us.
          "I think my body is awesome," says the woman who worked to change what God created. "I feel like it's a gift to have been born with the body that I did, and I made the necessary changes so that I could keep living in it, both through hormones and through other body modifications."
          We thought the whole point of being transgender was because a person didn't feel like he or she was in fact the sex biology determined at formation in the womb. We suppose we're just not fully in line with the new way of "thinking." In truth, this is a tragic story that isn't worth celebrating. Both of these adults are in serious need of help, and that's not to mention the strange world their children are growing up in. Yet we live in a world where even some supposedly conservative news sites like The Blaze accept the Left's bizarre premise in their reporting.  ~The Patriot Post
liar-Clinton Laughing At US,
New Emails Show Pay To Play, Espionage
{} ~ Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch joined Tucker Carlson for an update on their continuing efforts to bring liar-Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin to justice... Carlson introduces Fitton, revealing that they’ve just released a new trove of previously unreleased liar-Hillary Clinton emails from her tenure as Secretary of State. Those emails show Huma Abedin sending top secret classified information over unsecured networks and also show liar-Clinton Foundation donors getting special treatment from the US State Department.” Carlson asks, “First of all where’d these come from, these emails?” Fitton replies that they came from the State Department. Huma Abedin had an email account of liar-Hillary Clinton’s illicit email server, so she was doing all sorts of government business on this separate email account, was a State Department email account.”...
liar-nObama Aide Ben Rhodes Now
Person of Interest in Unmasking Investigation
by Hannah Mayer
{} ~ Former liar-nObama National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes is now a "person of interest" in the House Intelligence Committee's current unmasking investigation... Details were revealed by the committee in a letter sent Tuesday to the National Security Agency (NSA), Circa reports. While those in question, including Rhodes, reportedly had legal authority to unmask in extreme circumstances, it is not common...
Lock up the leakers? Sessions to unveil
crackdown, as Kelly gets White House staff in line
by Barnini Chakraborty
{} ~ Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to announce a major crackdown on leakers this week, in the latest sign the administration is pushing to run a tighter ship as John Kelly seizes the reins as White House chief of staff... One of the first tasks facing the retired general and former Homeland Security boss will be plugging the leaks at the White House that his predecessor struggled to stanch.  "If Reince Priebus couldn't control those leaks ... then he was the one who was ultimately responsible, and General Kelly was brought in to make sure those leaks do not continue," former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday...
Huma Abedin’s Emails Provide Further
Evidence Of liar-Clinton Pay For Play Scandal
by Jack Crowe
{} ~ Former liar-Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin used her personal email account to transmit classified documents and coordinate favors for liar-Clinton donors... according to emails obtained by Judicial Watch Wednesday. Judicial Watch obtained the documents as part of a lawsuit filed after the State Department failed to respond to a March 2015 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The newly-obtained documents include 91 liar-Clinton email exchanges that were not turned over to the State Department, contradicting liar-Clinton’s claim that, “as far as she knew,” she had turned over all of her government emails. The emails reveal multiple instances in which Abedin used her personal account to send and receive classified documents as well as arrange personal favors for liar-Clinton donors and political allies on former Secretary of State liar-Hillary Clinton’s behalf...
Globalist McMaster Fires 3 Trump –
Bannon Loyalists In 2 Weeks...
{} ~ General H R McMaster continues to solidify his power as he eats away at the Trump loyalists on the NSC, bagging his third scalp in just two weeks with the Wednesday firing of Ezra Cohen-Watnick... The now departed NSC senior director for intelligence who was brought onto the Trump team by McMaster’s predecessor and Trump loyalist, General Michael Flynn. McMaster had previously tried to get rid of Cohen-Watnick but had been blocked by Steve Bannon and President Trump himself. It seems now that McMaster feels Mr. Trump has learned his lesson about crossing him, and is giving it another go. Unbelievably, this time Trump knuckled under. Bannon ally Cohen-Watnick was removed from the NSC. The White House statement said, “General McMaster appreciates the good work accomplished in the NSC’s Intelligence directorate under Ezra Cohen’s leadership. He has determined that, at this time, a different set of experiences is best-suited to carrying that work forward. General McMaster is confident that Ezra will make many further significant contributions to national security in another position in the administration.”...
 Fallout From Venezuela's Sham Elections 
By Lewis Morris:  Recent events in that train wreck of a nation known as Venezuela prove indisputably that we're headed back to the bad old days of Latin American dictatorship. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been running the tyrant's playbook step by step, complete with bogus elections to solidify his power and midnight arrests of opposition leaders. All this against the backdrop of widespread unrest in a country that is rapidly joining the ranks of the world's most economically devastated nations.
          The sad, slow unraveling of this socialist state has been taking place for years. Venezuela modeled itself as a socialist paradise during the days of self-anointed revolutionary hero Hugo Chavez. Aligning his nation with Cuba, China and the other tyrannical regimes of the world, the ace that Chavez held was that the nation he ruled sat on top of a sea of oil.
          By the time Chavez died in 2013, his country was already starting to come apart. Widespread corruption, tumbling oil prices and a mismanaged economy sent the nation into a tailspin. Chavez's appointed successor, Maduro, has presided over a nation in chaos. Rising through the ranks of the thug class, Maduro hasn't proved to possess the intelligence or charisma to save his country.
          As the opposition grew, Maduro tightened his grip. He brutally squelched protests, jailed opposition leaders and seized control of the Supreme Court. Last Sunday, he pulled the ultimate power move by holding elections to nullify the National Assembly and replace it with a new body that would answer directly to him.
          The elections held on Sunday were by all accounts, except those of the Venezuelan government, a complete sham. In fact, "sham" is the word UN Ambassador Nikki Haley used.
          The government claimed there were eight million voters, a 41.5% turnout. But independent and opposition monitors reported throughout the country that polling stations remained quiet much of the day. Independent estimates by a variety of sources claim that turnout was somewhere between 9-18%, and the high number is a generous one.
          The true vote count stands at closer to three million. This is considered a realistic estimate because the government's two million-plus workers were threatened with losing their jobs if they didn't go to the polls. Many of the country's poor were also compelled to vote or risk losing their government aid.
          Maduro's claiming victory in his bogus election didn't quiet the opposition. They took to the streets Monday, in some cases supported by the old guard Chavezistas, supporters of the late Chavez. If these people are lamenting the days of Chavez, that's as sure a sign as any that darkness has settled upon this land.
          On Tuesday, two leaders of the opposition were snatched up by masked gunman in the middle of the night. Leopoldo Lopez was Venezuela's most prominent political prisoner before being released just a month ago after serving three and a half years of a 13-year sentence for inciting riots. His declining health drew international pressure for his release, and until Tuesday he was living under house arrest. Now he and Antonio Ledezma are likely headed back to prison.
          American condemnation of Maduro's actions and the election has been swift. Backed by Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Paraguay, Spain and Great Britain, the U.S. is calling for heavy sanctions on the regime. The Trump administration plans to go one step further by placing sanctions directly on Maduro and top members of his government.
          Strongmen like Maduro don't generally leave all their stolen treasure out there to be swept up by the law. He is likely to have some help from Cuba, China and Russia in his efforts to stymy American attempts to bring him to justice. However, swift U.S. action is a good start in finding a way to contain the unrest and bring an end to the carnage.
          History offers many examples indicating things will likely get worse in Venezuela before they get better. The real lessons of what has happened there should not be lost on the American people. Venezuela is an oil-rich country with some of the most fertile land in South America, and yet people are starving to death and the economy is a complete shambles. Why? Because the state controls everything. It promised to give the people everything they needed and wanted. Instead, it took everything they had. Yet one more example of the "virtues" of socialism~The Patriot Post

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BREAKING: Hillary Admits She Was Wrong About ‘Deplorables,’
White Nationalists Only ‘0.15%’ Of U.S. Population

( – Hillary Clinton, the failed liberal presidential candidate who sealed her fate by slamming half of U.S. voters as a load of racist, sexist, xenophobic “deplorables,” just came out and admitted she was wrong, Breitbart reports.

Speaking with Hugh Hewitt on his radio show about her book “What Happened,” he asked her if she actually believes that half of the American population are white nationalists and racists.

“Of the 62.9 million people who voted for President Trump, do you have a number in your mind that you think are actually white nationalist racists of that 62.9 million, a real number?” he asked.

“No, I don’t,” she said.

Still have any doubts? Later in the conversation, Hewitt asked the same question again. “Do you think there are more than a half million, you know, honest-to-God white nationalists running around the United States?”

Clinton: “Probably not, no.”

A white nationalist would like to establish a sovereign country for people of white European heritage, an idea everyone across the political spectrum finds unspeakably intolerable and offensive. Now, the woman who declared that this was the desire of more than half of Americans is saying that virtually nobody wants it. On both counts, she’s completely wrong.

There’s no doubt that Clinton is probably going to try running again for president in 2020 – if she’s even alive that long – and might be trying to absolve her guilt and pander to all those “undecideds” who instantly went MAGA the second she blasted them as no-good racist deplorables for not voting Democrat.

However, Clinton did later admit that there were more white nationalists in America than she had thought. Expressing her worries that the internet and the presidency of Trump is giving them a voice and a platform, she hinted that under her iron scepter, she will attempt to silence them.

“Unfortunately, their views, which used to be quite beyond the mainstream, you know, have a much broader audience now, because you know, of being online and having outlets and media presence that can promote those attitudes,” she said.

How many white nationalists are there in the United States? That’s a question with troublingly few answers, since for some mysterious reason the liberal mainstream media – even though it claims all the time that white supremacy is on the rise – hasn’t actually bothered to take polls and just ask people whether they are white nationalists.

Actually, there’s a simple answer to that. If such a poll were to be taken, our bet is that liberals would be very disappointed to discover that almost nobody is actually a white nationalist, and so there would be no way they could continue scaring people with those fears. A tactic Clinton has apparently given up on.

Left-wingers are entirely convinced that some vague but large majority of people who say they aren’t racists or white nationalists, actually share a lot of views with them – which is why Nazi and white supremacist have become interchangeable with Republican and libertarian.

An article by Newsweek, which polled around 5,000 in order address this very question, came up with this response:

About 70 percent of respondents strongly agreed that people of different races should be “free to live wherever they choose” and that “all races are equal,” and 89 percent agreed that all races should be treated equally. At the same time, 31 percent of respondents said they strongly or somewhat agreed that the country needs to “protect and preserve its White European heritage,” while 34 percent strongly or somewhat disagreed and 29 percent said they neither agreed nor disagreed.

Reality is, it’s a little true that some Americans do have overlapping views with white nationalists, but the overwhelming majority of respondents STRONGLY believe that the races should be free, are equal, and should be treated equally. Sounds like none of these respondents would be joining a lynch mob or waging a second Holocaust any time soon – trying to equate the preservation of white heritage with support for slavery and genocide is obviously one of the Left’s biggest lies, and the very reason why 39 percent of people in this same survey believe white people are under attack.

So Clinton changes her mind, and now says she believes less than one percent of the American population are white nationalists – did she believe there were even LESS than that during the campaign trail? Either way, she’s either just lying or plain stupid.


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