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Let Me Say This Clearly

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Posted by Michael Boldin

dc-area-code-300I know we’re all very upset about what’s happening in DC.  For many people, today’s events are extremely upsetting.  Sadly, though, we need to accept facts.  The federal government is filled with sociopathic criminals.

But we can beat them.  And we will.

Here at the Tenth Amendment Center, we’re in the process of putting together a long-range strategy which helps people understand what needs to be done to advance liberty and the Constitution.  So, as many of our nullification bills are moving forward, we’re becoming quite good at getting things done.  Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime…


Start here.  The ONLY way you’ll ever protect your right to keep and bear arms is by nullification – on a state and/or local level.   No matter how awful your state is, you have multiple times greater chance of getting something accomplished closer to home on a state level, or even city council level – than you’ll ever have calling the likes of Reid or Toomey to do the right thing.

Nullify.  Nullify.  And Nullify.

I include this very specific nullification legislation on the right to keep and bear arms because of what’s happening in DC right now.  But, if a different issue is what’s important to YOU, the message is still the same.

Start here, and nullify.


You may not find hard truths easy to hear or read. But since I’m not trying to win elections or friends, I’m going to share some anyway. My only goal here is to advance the cause of liberty and the Constitution. This needs to be said.

1.  Washington DC is a lost cause.  If you’ve been spending your days calling politicians in DC to support or oppose something, you’ve wasted your time.  If you want to advance liberty, forget DC.  That is a pit of criminals, and you will never, ever accomplish your goals.  Don’t call anyone there.  Don’t send any letters to your reps or senators.  Don’t support their campaigns, or donate your money.  Forget that the 202 area code even exists.

2.  Recognize that the s&!t has hit the fan.  Things are bad, really bad.  And they will likely keep getting worse.  That will never stop until you follow point #1.

3.  There’s no quick fix.  Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, is going to turn this mess around in short order.  Whether it’s guns, or hemp, or health care, farming, money, and everything in between, the People in this country…well, we’ve all let it happen for far too long.  We’ve cared about the drama of national elections, or which political team was winning in congress far more than we’ve cared about our liberty and the Constitution.  So we’ve got a long haul back.  But we have to start working on nullification, and nothing else, right now.  Not tomorrow, now.

4.  Think Nationally, Nullify Locally.  Centralized power is the cause of our situation.  Every time you spend an ounce of energy on their game, they gain more power.  Again, this goes back to point #1.  Stay away from DC, don’t call, don’t visit, and don’t ever count on them to fix the problems they’ve created.  A one-size-fits all solution – centralized – is the game of our enemies.  We win from the ground up, not the top down.


In Kansas, a bill that would nullify a huge number of federal gun control measures is sitting on Governor Brownback’s desk with a veto-proof majority.  In Missouri next week, the state house will be considering an even stronger version of that bill.

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In Maine and Washington State, bills to nullify unconstitutional bans on industrial hemp are moving forward.  And South Carolina’s nullify Obamacare bill just got voted out of committee and is going to the State House floor very soon.

Even here in California, a state assembly committee this week passed a bill to nullify NDAA indefinite detention – unanimously.

This is the foundation.  It will grow, if you commit to it.  The response on both the state and the local level will get stronger and stronger if you put your time, energy and financial resources behind it.  If you forego the soap opera that is the sickos in Washington DC, all our nullification efforts will get stronger – and in greater numbers.

Joe Biden wants to scare us all – telling us that this is just the beginning on gun control.

Well, I’ve got a message too.   Hey Joe, let me say this as clearly as I can.  This is just the beginning.  Whatever you’ve got, we’re going to Nullify it.


–Michael Boldin

Michael Boldin [send him email] is the founder of the Tenth Amendment Center. He was raised in Milwaukee, WI, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Follow him on twitter - @michaelboldin, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.

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