In his annual address to the Federal Assembly President of Russia Vladimir Putin said:
      "With Japan and India, we(Russia) will continue to be friends. But as relations with the United States, Vladimir Putin hopes that steps towards a rapprochement should follow from the new administration of the White House of US. The President said the cooperation between Russia and China a good international experience and a role model for the rest of the world." 

    If Mr. Putin says seriously, and he will adhere to this policy position and will continue to consider the issues of cooperation between the US and Russia in this plane, that is, that the President Trump something someone needs, I am sure that new hope President Trump will not justify. Of course, I can’t speak on behalf of the Trump, but I can only express my point of view, which, in my opinion, is quite obvious. It is quite obvious that the election Trump for President, this change of course on foreign economic policy of the United States, and given the fact that the US is a powerful economy, which affects the whole world, it is changing the vector of development of the world economy. And the sooner Mr. Putin will understand, it better for him, otherwise the relationship between the US and Russia will remain cold. Definitely Trump is a pragmatist and a set of likes or dislikes for him have absolutely no value. All that matters is the economic development of the United States, which will be based on many decisions including tough enough. The economic situation in the United States today is complex and it is influenced not only by internal factors. As ever we continue to face the consequences of the global economic crisis, which in my opinion has long ceased to be economic and has become a systemic crisis. Solutions require not economic but system transformations. And Yes, it is will be tough. It is even recognized Obama when at the opening of the UN Assembly said in plain text that the US not has enough resources to support alone the world economic order. But unlike Democrats and Hilary, Trump and the Republicans have an economic model and sufficient political determination and the necessary stiffness to stay the course. I'm afraid that Mr. Putin has in mind the intoxicating wind of change that ultimately may prove dangerous for him. I think that in light of the upcoming economic transformations, that Mr Putin should do the same first steps to convergence and the timely to take care of the title of a political partner, not Vice versa.

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