Your Energy Costs are Going Up and Why

Go to the website and you will find one of the many organizations responsible for the future of rising electricity prices in La Junta, CO as well as unemployment in the West. As believers in the non-existent man-made climate change alarmism over CO2 rise, they have a mission to shut down current coal fired generation plants and to prevent new ones going online or being built. Coal is currently the most economical means of production of electricity in Colorado. They claim that coal is dirty, pollutes the air, causes asthma, pollutes the water supply, increases CO2 in the atmosphere, and causes global warming.
In Colorado alone they are actively suing the Arkansas River Power Authority in Lamar, CO over the new coal fired generator that they are attempting to bring online. They are preventing new coal mine construction in Colorado. They have been challenging coal leasing and mining in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin where 42% of this country’s coal comes from. They are actively engaged in the retirement of current coal-fired power plants in the West.
Studies are coming out daily about the fraud of man-made climate change and those that want you to believe in it. The science when peeled back to the truth and historical reality, shows the warming trend in the late 20th century was not even as much as previous warming periods of history, including the Medieval Warming ending at 1000AD, the Roman Warming ending at the Birth of Christ, and the Minoan Warming – a period of over 2000 years of warming ending about 1300BC (according to ice cores from Greenland). The fraudulent computer models that use guess work for data over large areas of the world that there have no temperatures or data historically, are the main sources of the man-made “the sky is falling” alarmism. The newer more accurate measurements of ocean temperature and atmospheric temperature have no past to compare with. The idea that the industrial revolution caused climate change is an intellectual falsehood.
What about the health claims, are they equally fraudulent? From the magazine, FORBES, of 2-2-12, an article puts the amount of mercury spewing from US coal plants in perspective. About 0.5% (41-48 tons) of all the mercury placed into the atmosphere comes from those dirty coal plants. 99.5% of the mercury comes from forest fires (44 tons), human cremation (26 tons), Chinese power plants (400 tons), and from volcanoes, geysers, subsea vents, and other natural sources (9-10,000 tons). The Clean Air Act seeks to reduce the 0.5% by nearly 80% by 2018 (actual reduction overall of 0.4%) all at a cost of over $100 Billion and loss of approximately 10% of our current coal plants and electrical generation. So even with the best of technology in the future, 99.1% of the current levels of Mercury will still be in the air; unless of course the Chinese and Indians keep building one coal plant a week like they are today (then it will increase by another 400 tons).
According to the World Meteorological Organization, Nitrous Oxide is increasing by .75 parts per billion in the last 10 years, and most of it is from natural sources. Methane has increased as well although the scientists don’t quite understand the increase as other than biogenic (population derived?). Sulphur Dioxide has been regulated for 40 years and every study I have seen varies from each other study, with man-made alarmists stating higher outputs than non-man-made alarmists make. Volcanoes, geysers, and other natural sources far outweigh the man caused amounts current in the atmosphere given the regulations we have today. The EPA routinely states that emergency room visits for asthma are related to ambient air quality. However, when data from the California Air Resources Board were correlated with actual hospital admissions for asthma in the Los Angeles area, an essentially zero correlation was found. Los Angeles, I think we can all agree, has the worst air quality in the US.
As Karl Marx says, the bigger the lie, and the more frequent you tell it, the easier it is to believe. Our government politicians and bureaucrats, media, and our education system is in the business of telling the biggest lies to the most innocent of our children as well as to the rest of us. It is harder to find the truth today because two generations of adults have never been taught how to distinguish truth from lies.
Let’s summarize the claims at the beginning of this article. Coal is dirty; ever pick it up in your hands? When handled, or burned it gives off CO2, Sulphur, Mercury, and dust particulates all of which are highly regulated already and have been for years. Causes asthma – that is debatable and whatever side you choose, you will have arguments for it, actual scientific evidence however is lacking. Pollutes the water supply, possibly whether in mining, transport, or burning it could – but, there are controls and regulations that limit the amount so it is a straw man argument. It definitely gives up CO2 during mining, and burning just like humans breathing does, but “cause” global warming – not in a thousand lifetimes or even if we burned all the world’s supply of coal all at once. All the man-made causes of CO2 increase combined amounts to 0.03% of the CO2 in the atmosphere.
We are faced with a fork in the road. Continue down the proven and safe road we have traveled economically with cheap energy being the driving force of our standard of living and taking steps to provide that energy with an all the above solution, or, take a hard left turn to alternative energy as we have in the past 3 years, which is more expensive, less reliable, and will result in energy shortages and power outages at 3-4 times the current price leaving a crippled future economy, less independence and freedom, and ultimately a less populated world. Ask the Eastern Europeans that are currently freezing to death how those snow-covered solar panels and ice covered wind mills are working out.
The Wild Earth Guardians are only part of the war on capitalism and freedom. The Rainforest Action Network actively engages school children to write letters to corporations to affect their business decisions. A large activist organization uses children to accomplish socialist goals to destroy business. This is either child abuse or simple mass indoctrination by a globalist organization that seeks the destruction of America (look up Hitler Youth). This organization engages in intimidation of Citigroup, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo. The greens call this plan the Equator Principles injecting their goals into these banking institutions and many others as “stakeholders” the term used by the global agenda to determine policy when they have no share in the company or in a community except as activists that want their agenda imposed on them. Another intimidator, the US Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) a coalition of companies and activists that lobby worldwide for a cap-and-trade scheme hoping that they will be the winners in a world-wide scheme of money laundering and politically enforced regulations taxing companies and their success to fund other companies that cannot be competitive on their own, with middle men making all of the money.
You don’t see much of this information on the news. Why? The media and the Republican and Democrat parties have dishonored themselves and actively engage with these frauds, seeking their support and money. They do not care about your freedom anymore. The Tea Party movement, composed of non-political members of your community and every other, started to look at both parties and how they were destroying America by taxing individuals and corporations that were successful to fund those that weren’t. They looked at the needless and burdensome regulations that now affect every aspect of daily life far exceeding the constitutional authority of our federal government. They looked at our education system that has deliberately dumb downed our population and inaccurately told us we are a democracy that always ends in tyranny. (A democracy was the most intensely rejected form of government considered by our Founders-we were a Constitutional Republic-the first in the world). The current system of taxation penalizes profit, economy, integrity, Americanism, and new ideas, while it subsidizes incompetence, political favors, operating at a loss, and global socialism. There is no party favoritism in the greed, lack of integrity and morals, and power grabs they engage in. If you want to do something to save your country and expose the forces that are creating the crises we face, contact your local Tea Party, 9-12 group, or other patriot group that works actively to be informed and engaged in the war on America.

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Comment by Len Porochnia on March 19, 2012 at 6:17pm

From Larry Kudlow:

“But the best idea I've heard to ease gasoline prices comes from Joint Economic Committee Vice Chairman Kevin Brady, a Texas Republican. He has proposed the Sound Dollar Act, which would require the Fed to monitor gold and the foreign-exchange value of the dollar. He would also replace the Fed's dual mandate with a single mandate for price stability.

A stronger dollar is key. The Joint Economic Committee just put out a study showing that a 10% to 15% appreciation of the greenback to pre-recession levels (before the Fed launched its massive dollar-creation, pump-priming campaign) would lower gasoline prices by 43 cents. So if the Treasury and the Federal Reserve strengthened the value of the dollar, oil and gasoline prices would decline.”

Comment by Paul Plasters on March 19, 2012 at 5:02pm

You do know don't you, that there is a cure for ignorance, but there is no cure for stupid.

If an ignorant person will listen, and learn to figure out things for their self, they will begin to realize that what they thought they wanted will actually do more harm than what they  wanted rid of.  How ever a stupid person is the one that brays like a mule every time an intelligent person tries to tell them the truth, refusing to learn.  But fellas and gals, the truth is still the truth no matter what some ignoramus tries to tell you.  And if you think all that mule headed braying will change the truth, you really are stupid, so learn to live with it.

Comment by Dario Manalo on March 19, 2012 at 4:55pm

I agree with you John R.  In other words, do something if you really care. 

Comment by John R. Lo Re on March 19, 2012 at 4:35pm

If you and the TEA PARTY are so well informed, why aren't you informing everyone and doing something about the CHEMTRAILS in our skies that are poisoning us?


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Romney Handed Shock
Defeat By Own State’s GOP

Mitt Romney is back in state politics, this time in Utah instead of Massachusetts. However, conservatives in The Beehive State aren’t exactly warming up to the 2012 Republican standard-bearer quite the way many people expected they would.

After finishing second in votes at the state GOP convention, Romney will now face a primary in his run for the Senate seat being vacated by Orrin Hatch, Fox News reported.

At the convention in West Valley City on Saturday, Romney polled just behind state lawmaker Mike Kennedy.

Kennedy captured 50.18 percent of the delegate vote compared to Romney’s 49.12 percent.

That means the two will face off in a primary on June 26 to determine who will represent the GOP this fall.

Romney, the first Mormon to head a major party ticket, is considered an extremely popular figure in Utah and was widely expected to have an easy path to the upper chamber.

In a hypothetical matchup with Democrat Jenny Wilson, at least one poll showed Romney up by 46 percent. That’s, uh, slightly more than the margin of error.

However, among party loyalists, Romney isn’t exactly viewed with unalloyed fondness.

The 2012 presidential nominee was always known for being decidedly moderate, particularly on issues of immigration and global trade. There was also the fact that he ran a campaign so bumbling that it almost made Michael Dukakis look good.

And then there was Romney’s war of words with Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, which likely led many to perceive he secretly wished Hillary Clinton would take the Oval Office.

Trump would later consider Romney as a secretary of state pick, although how serious the president-elect was about appointing him is something we’ll likely never know.

While your average Utah Republican is unlikely to let these slights affect their vote, hardcore party activists probably don’t want another RINO who isn’t exactly known for his rapport with the president in the upper chamber of Congress, no matter how famous he may be.

For his part, Romney tried to put a good spin on the humiliation.

“I’m delighted with the outcome. Did very, very well,” he told KSTU. “On to a good, important primary ahead. This is terrific for the people of Utah.”

Dude, you just lost to a guy nobody has ever heard of. However, Kennedy was happy with the results, and unlike Romney, he had good reason to be.

“I’m a candidate with a compelling life story and a unique set of life circumstances I’d like to use to serve the people of Utah,” Kennedy said.

I have no idea what that story or those circumstances are, but I think the key point here is that he’s not Mitt Romney. If he wants to win, that’s pretty much what he should be focusing on. I can see the billboards now. “Mike Kennedy: Not Mitt Romney.” “Mike Kennedy: He didn’t borrow Ward Cleaver’s haircut.” “Mike Kennedy: Because Utah deserves a senator whose favorite food isn’t buttered noodles.”

Utah’s electorate tends to be less conservative than convention-goers, so it’s unlikely that Romney won’t be the GOP nominee for Senate. However, that’s not a 100 percent certainty — and it wouldn’t be the first time he’s lost to a Kennedy.

What do you think?


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