Core Conservative Principles, What Are They?

Can someone please define what are Core Conservative Principles?

Not what they are not, or what they don't do, but what they are.

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Comment by Douglas John Howard on February 9, 2011 at 9:12am

In a word "NO".

I can define MY Core Conservative principles.

Our Constitution is a Constitution FOR the United States or America.

It is not a Constitution OF the United States of America.

It established a Rule of Law based upon Christian principles. Primarily, Do no harm, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and Accept Responsibility for your own actions.

The Constitution does Not Grant Rights. Our Creator did that for all of Creation.

Our Constitution is a list of limitations on what our U.S. Government can do TO us, not FOR us.

And the U.S. Constitution  and the Laws enacted in conformance with that U.S. Constitution apply only to WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, U.S. Citizens.

All others are to be dealt with respectfully and in accordance with the Rights ALL were endowed with by the Creator so long as they, too, are equally respectful.

Comment by james seigfreid on February 8, 2011 at 10:10pm

It's almost funny that you've posted that, and NO ONE has commented!  Slow news day?  Core conservative principles-quickly, as my wife is after me to get off the damnded computer after 7 hours straight-1) Strict adherence, and return to, the Constitutional principles as defined in our Founding Documents and explained in detail in the Federalist Papers ( with additional commentary in the Anti-Federalist Papers, for context.) 2) Fealty to God, the Laws of Nature and Nature's God (SEE

#1)  That should pretty much sum it  up, IMHO.



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Boom! President Trump Issues Warning To Deep State: “You’ll Be Surprised At The Names Of People Involved In The Corruption”

President Trump joined Judge Jeanine Pirro by phone last night for an extensive interview.

The president sounded very upbeat in the interview and hopeful that Democrats will act soon on border security and end to their government shutdown. “We’re doing very well with China. We’re doing well with North Korea. You know I was dealt a very tough hand.” On the shutdown President Trump said, “They think it’s politics. I think it’s very bad politics. I think the country wants to have protection at the border.”

The President also discussed the ongoing deep state witch hunt of him and his campaign and administration. Judge Pirro then asked the president if he has ever been actively working in Russia. “I think it’s the most insulting thing I’ve ever been asked. I think it’s the most insulting thing I’ve ever had written. And if you read the article you see that they found absolutely nothing.”

President Trump took a swipe at Jeff Bezos, “Washington Post that’s basically the lobbyist for Amazon. He uses that, Bezos has bigger problems than anybody right now.”

Then President Trump dropped this bomb. “The whole Russia thing is a hoax… Everybody knows it… Wait til you see how it all ends up. You watch. McCabe, Lisa Page, Strzok.

You watch. Including some others I should not name. I better not. You watch. It would make front page news if I do. You’ll be surprised at the names of the people involved in the corruption.“

Now THAT is some real news!

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