I went fishing on a pier last night here in Rockport, Tx. I had the pleasure of conversing with two men in their mid sixties. Both of these men had retired and relocated to this fishing community to enjoy their golden years. I discovered that both men are now working full time jobs to afford health care for their spouses. One man said his wife has to fill her prescription every three months and the medication is over $1500.00. Having discovered that both men voted for Obama I asked them to rate his presidency. The older man took his cap off, sat down on a bench, and said, " My back has been hurting for years now from carrying the burdens of the less fortunate." He smiled and said he was going to work until he was dead, and said ," Thanks for the change Obama."

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Comment by Keith McCorry on March 22, 2014 at 10:26am

How bout that hope and change now?


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