Bailout & Redistribution Scam 2014 - Obama Doesn't Want You to Know

Sometimes when you blog, it feels like you’re sitting at your desk beating an old dead horse to death.  It seems that even though one wants to talk about the new news of the day, we get bogged down on the same ole, same ole.  That is exactly the way my day feels for I’m back on the Obamacare kick.

A quick run - down of the obvious problems, millions have lost their healthcare, their doctors, their hospitals and their Government.  They’ve been lied to, cheated and been treated like second rate citizens by Obama and his gophers.  But it only gets worse as the days go on…

For days, even months they tried to get on the Obamacare website, but to no avail - they couldn’t even get signed in let alone signed up for healthcare.  Finally after a numerous amount of quick fixes and band aids they were able to sign in, sign up and choose a plan that offered benefits they didn’t want or need, high co pay, higher deductibles and a costly monthly insurance premium. 

After all of these difficulties they find that the website is very vulnerable full of security flaws and not protected against hackers.  Insurers add fuel to the fire informing them they can’t confirm their coverage or show proof of insurance.  The consumer isn’t stupid - they know someone has their vital statistics and their money.  Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse check some of the State Obamacare sites are in deep “doo doo” too.

Many of the State Obamacare sites are coughing, sputtering, chewing up information and sending consumers to unknown places that has nothing to do with healthcare.  Residents in Maryland who tried to access a help desk were routed to a pottery supply store in Seattle.  Exchanges in other States aren’t functioning correctly and in the meantime there are many people who no longer have insurance due to the Obamacare tragedy.

Most remember Obama saying, “You’re not going to have anybody getting in between you and your doctor in your decision making.”  Now that just so happens to be one more lie from this Nations Dictator. 

Section 1311(h)(1)(B) of the health law gives the secretary of Health and Human Services blanket authority to dictate how doctors treat patients. This includes people who are paying for their own healthcare plan and as we speak “they” (whoever the heck they are) are writing the rules for how physicians will care for their patients. 

So let’s get this straight now, we had our insurance and physicians stolen from us and forced to get a Government healthcare plan whether we like it or not and some “A- - hole” in Health and Human Services is dictating what a physician can or can’t do when offering  healthcare to us.

Let’s not forget the IRS “death panel” who will decide if we are eligible for treatment, how we will be treated and when we will be treated.  Right now IRS is begging for some training – they don’t understand medical terminology, nor do they know specifically what they were hired to do for Obama and Sebelius.  Guess IRS could get a few pointers from Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ezekiel Emanuel– the Doctor creep that helped create this healthcare monster.   

Sounds like Socialized medicine to me folks – plan and simple the Dictator did it to us again.  He stole our stimulus money, our jobs, our healthcare, our freedoms, millions probably on the verge of billions to create a healthcare law that we didn’t want from the “gecko.”

But the clincher is this as Charles Krauthammer explains – hidden in the deep dark pages of Obamacare is a neat little guarantee written for insurers.  Charles said, “that buried deep in the Affordable Care Act is a “large government bailout” to cover up to 80 percent as insurance company losses.”  Redistribution just crossed our empty plates again Americans. 

 As Always,

Little Tboca 

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Comment by Darrell Madison on February 2, 2014 at 8:49am

With regards to your comment, "Sometimes when you blog, it feels like you’re sitting at your desk beating an old dead horse to death.", I completely understand how you feel. I recently wrote a book and have sent out a book announcement to virtually everyone at Fox news and I never even got a response back. But, that doesn't mean we should ever give up - for if we do, then it implies that our course of action would have to be either:
1) become a hater and abuser, and start acting selfishly
2) leave this country.

Now for me personally, option number 1 is definitely off the table - because as a logical thinking person, I conclude that would merely lead to the demise of myself and my family (well, that and it is just morally wrong). As for number 2, if our country fails, I'm not sure there will be a safe haven anywhere else, and even if there were such a place, those with much more power and money would have already filled it up and almost certainly wouldn't allow myself and my family to join in.

So that leaves us to exactly what we are doing, namely expressing what we believe to be righteous and appropriate, and sharing these views with others. This can't be wrong, and we just need to remind ourselves of this every day. So instead of me being mad that Fox news ignored me, I'm merely going to share a positive message with at least one person a day. Perhaps this won't change the world, but it certainly can't hurt. We have to remind everyone that the pen is mightier than the sword, and like Mr Obama, the American people also have a pen, and we're not afraid to use it either.

As for my book, here is a blog I posted on this site - look at it if you want. If you went through the effort to post a blog on this site, I think you'll actually enjoy the eBook I published on Amazon. The book will be free for 2 days this week (see the Tea Party blog post for the exact dates). If you don't have a tablet or smart phone, you can still download it to your PC (you just need to download a kindle app to your PC - and obviously, it will require an Amazon account).

Here's a link to the blog post - feel free to comment, share with anyone you want, and hopefully download the free copy of the book.

And one more thing - it is probably more important for our views to be shared externally (i.e., not on Tea Party web sites). This is why I encourage discussion threads on the Amazon site. Now I realize that it will be a much "tougher" audience on external sites, but that is where the message is truly needed. It does little good to constantly discuss commonly agreed upon principles with like minded people.

Anyway, as long as there a people willing to post reasonable blogs which at least attempt to move the needle in a positive direction, I don't plan on giving up - so thanks for giving me hope for at least one more day.

Comment by Frankmusic on January 22, 2014 at 5:46pm



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