They call themselves revolutionaries, they have a tendency to wax poetic about utopias that they have been taught in our schools. The radicalism is inculcated within them starting at grade school level, and unless repudiated by historical and economic realities continue to grow. Academia, entertainment, and the media have worked together since the 60’s to attempt to dismantle all the institutions that made this America great.
The utopias they want have been disproven in the past, and are still playing out today. The average person just needs to look to Venezuela to see the degradation of the way on live in that country by socialism. The theory and reality spoken of in academia today, combined with the bull sessions late at night in college dorms in a haze of marijuana smoke fall apart in the might of day .Each generation falls for the same lies, for the same failures of socialism that all previ0ous generations. Revolution for the sake of taking down “The Man” is pointless if there is nothing to replace it with. Chaos and anarchy is not the answer. There are many revolutions that have failed because those taking down the institutions of the present day have had nothing to replace it with.
Revolutions are messy, leaving a great deal of devastation and destruction in their wake. The Marxists and socialist, along with the secular progressives have done the best they can in trying to destroy the heart of this country. It may work someday, and that will lead to the collapse of the America we all know. The secular progressives have pushed beyond the limits of what America means. Homosexuality has been mainstreamed, and “relative moralism” is now more important than concern for our fellow man Is it any wonder that a vast majority of American think the country is on the wrong track?
This administration has pushed the country into a morass which will take generations to recover. Christians are told they must cater to Homosexuals, that the Bible is passé, and that they must keep their beliefs to themselves. It has gotten to the point that you can lose your job if you still have moral beliefs, or if you call a person of questionable gender by the wrong pronoun. Over the years we have been force fed cultural deviation until anything is possible, and welcomed by the elites who attempt to tell us what to think. We have been forced to accept perverse behavior as normal over the past forty years. You will be made to care, you will be silent as those elites who are attempting to move “forward” in the progressive mindset will continue to tell you what to think.
The culture must be forced to turn back, to admit that there is such a condition of body dysmorphia has always been a given. That should not mean that children as young as five should by damaged by their parents, or that those who have sex changes should be regarded as heroes. I do not understand why people like Bruce Jenner should be considered as a hero, awarded on ESPN for nothing more than being confused about who he is. And he is confused, even he has admitted that perhaps he made a mistake.

The pendulum is starting to swing back. It may take some time and the progressives will turn to violence to maintain the secular deviancy that have forced upon this country. They will continue to give benefits to those who will continue to vote for them. But many Americans are waking up, and starting to listen to the patriots who have been the front line of morality in the country. Outside influences will fight hard. People like George Soros and the progressives in this country will fight hard to continue to move forward on the idea of utopia in their minds.
I have faith that the people in this country, the majority which understand that we are moving in the wrong direction, will rise up and say no more. Those who have degraded our culture and country must be made to answer for the transgressions they have forced upon the American people. Once enough people realize that our country is being turned into a third world hell hole of corruption and deviancy can we once again start to return to the freedoms that are out there for every citizen.
We have been inundated with principles that are contrary to the principles that our country has been founded on. We are constantly told that free enterprise is nothing more than greed and should be avoided. We are told that Private property, one of the founding principle of the founders is an outdated idea. It is that free enterprise that has built the country we have now. The socialist principles were tried at first and failed. But that is not taught in our schools or explained even in college. Our founders never believed in an oppressive central government like what we have now. The Founders set up the principles we have lived under for 200 years to keep control of government. Two points that most citizens need to investigate are
1. According to the countries founding documents, what are the limits on Federal government, and what right are given to the States, and:
2. What can be done now by the citizens to return to the Founders basic ideals of freedom.
We have become victims of the propaganda that is pushed at us y the media, politicians and academia. The fascism and corporatism that is destroying this country will continue to push forward until the citizenry push back. The uninformed public have seen socialist ideas such as environmentalism, excessive regulations, and government intruding into every facet of every life of every citizen to ensure conformity has pushed this country to the breaking point. We see those that wish to destroy the family structure, the Christian ideals that formulated a major part of this country. The schools today are nothing more than progressive propaganda, which is why more and more parents are homeschooling. Is it a surprise that schools no longer teach the basics of American History?
So now the American people find themselves in the grips of a Socialist revolution. We have a first lady that considers Stokley “Burn Baby Burn” Carmichael as a mentor and was never proud of her country until it specifically benefited her.
Even the Chamber of Commerce which whose sole purpose is to protect free enterprise has now declared a public/private partnership as the new free enterprise. It is being forced on the American people with the understanding that only the government can move us forward. The rugged individualism that this country was built upon is no longer a shining example of how this country was meant to work. In the minds of the government, only they, along with the global corporations that they

allow to prosper can make and keep America great. Through special privileges and corporate tax breaks, and the ability to gain access to private property through eminent domain will help the elites to prosper while the common man suffers.
A revolution is coming, the years of leftist indoctrination that started with Roosevelt and picked up speed in the 60’s have caused the American Dream to stumble. State governments are starting to resist, and the people must do more to assure that the pendulum will return to a morality and care for one another that this country has always claimed. Education, media, and projects in research must be given back to the states. The state governments must stop looking to the federal governments for funds, and find a way to be self sufficient. Only local level fights against government overreach will move the bar back to the right and away from the progressive-socialist agenda. We can no longer surrender to the progressive agenda. And we have to elect conservatives who stand up for the principles that are widely held. It is sad that neither party is interested in cutting big government, and both have profited from the time they have spend in government.
It will take a revolution. It will take the American people electing those that understand that this country is in serious trouble and it will take the American people to throw out those who would do us further harm.
The revolution will start in 60 days, choose wisely.

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Clinton Donor And Tax Cheat Tied To Russia

“Do as we say, not as we do.”

That seems to be the slogan for Hillary Clinton and her political allies, and it’s especially apt in light of new information about one of Clinton’s largest campaign donors.

While the left is still trying to attack President Trump and his family over unproven business dealings and largely debunked connections to Russia, a new report indicates that it was Hillary Clinton’s team who were doing those exact things.

“Fox News has learned that one of the top donors to the ‘Hillary Victory Fund’ (HVF) in 2016 was a Los Angeles-based attorney who is alleged to have misused company funds to create his own $22 million real estate portfolio,” that outlet reported on Thursday.

“He has also been considered by California to be one of the state’s biggest tax cheats, and allegedly has ties to the (Russian) Kremlin,” Fox continued.

The man’s name is Edgar Sargsyan. His deep pockets greatly benefited Clinton’s campaign, with contributions of at least $250,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund in 2016.

He was also in charge of an elite fundraising dinner to benefit Clinton, where donors paid $100,000 per couple just to attend the ritzy event. But in true Clinton fashion, the money apparently went missing.

Sargsyan is now “being sued by his former company for allegedly diverting those funds to start his own real estate company,” according to Fox.

Now, people are asking hard questions about Clinton’s buddy Sargsyan, including whether his contributions were part of a pay-to-play scheme and if he had shady connections to foreign governments.

“Nobody gave to the Hillary Victory Fund out of the goodness of their heart or some generalized desire to help 33 random state parties,” pointed out attorney Dan Backer from the Committee to Defend the President.

“They did so to buy access and curry influence — something the Clintons have been selling for nearly three decades in and out of government,” he continued.

Trying to buy political influence is sadly common, especially when it comes to the Clintons. What is raising more red flags than normal, however, is the evidence that Sargsyan is no run-of-the-mill campaign donor.

“The really scary question is, what did this particular donor with this strange web of connections hope to buy for his quarter-million dollars?” Backer asked Fox News.

That web of connections is strange indeed.

The Committee to Defend the President is now alleging that SBK, a major Sargsyan-linked company “is an investment firm that is affiliated with United Arab Emirates president, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, and its international affiliate has business interests in Russia,” according to Fox.

“Among its dealings was a bid to finance $850 million for a major bridge project to connect Crimea with Russia,” the group claims.

“He worked for SBK, and SBK appears to have bid on some Crimean/Russian bridge project,” Backer said. “That’s usually an indicator of political favor and connections.”

It raises several chilling questions: Was Sargsyan paying a quarter million dollars to Clinton for political favors, and — more disturbingly — was that money actually from sources in Russia in order to smooth the way for its construction plans?

Nobody knows for sure. What is clear, however, is that there is a pattern of dirty money surrounding the Clintons, with the “Uranium One” and “Clinton Foundation” scandals just two of the most well-known examples.

“It reinforces how fast and loose the Clinton machine was when it came to ‘Hoovering up’ these megadonor checks, not just from questionable Hollywood and Wall Street elites but potentially from foreign influence peddlers using who knows what money,” Backer told Fox News.

“It reinforces the need to take a long hard look at not just the unlawful money laundering process, but the way in which they were solicited as well,” he continued. “The Clintons have never shown a great deal of concern for whomever it was cutting the checks — whether it’s foreign influence peddlers or Hollywood smut peddlers like Harvey Weinstein.”

If those claims are even partially true, then America dodged a bullet in November of 2016 — and it’s worth keeping the pile of foreign-connected Clinton scandals in mind the next time the left tries desperately to tie Donald Trump to Russia. Perhaps they should look in the mirror.


Washington Post Compares
Jeff Sessions To Slaveholder’

The Washington Post compared Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “slaveholders” after he quoted the Bible on Thursday while discussing his department’s policy of prosecuting all illegal immigrants who cross the border.

Sessions made the statement during a speech to law enforcement officers in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

WaPo ran a story entitled “Sessions cites Bible passage used to defend slavery in defense of separating immigrant families” by general assignment editor Keith McMillan and religion reporter Julie Zauzmer on Friday.

Rather than detailing the statistics Sessions cited in the speech that explain the immigration policy, the story quoted John Fea, a history professor at Messiah College in Pennsylvania.

“This is the same argument that Southern slaveholders and the advocates of a Southern way of life made,” Fea said.

Sessions spent much of the speech discussing the numbers behind current immigration policy, including separating families at the Southwest border.

“I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes,” Sessions said.

“Orderly and lawful processes are good in themselves. Consistent and fair application of the law is in itself a good and moral thing, and that protects the weak and protects the lawful.”

“The previous administration wouldn’t prosecute aliens if they came with children,” Sessions said.

“It was de-facto open borders if you came with children. The results were unsurprising. More and more illegal aliens started showing up at the border with children.”

Sessions laid out the numbers in the speech.

“In 2013, fewer than 15,000 family units were apprehended crossing our border illegally between ports of entry in dangerous areas of the country,” he said.

“Five years later, it was more than 75,000, a five-fold increase in five years. It didn’t even have to be their child that was brought, it could be anyone. You can imagine that this created a lot of danger.”

The U.S. has the “opportunity” to fix its broken immigration system now, Sessions said.

“I believe that’s it’s moral, right, just and decent that we have a lawful system of immigration,” he said. “The American people have been asking for it.”

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