Don't want to be a "Party Pooper" but I am saddened by the direction I see the Tea Party going.  The numerous e-mails receieved from National Directors De and Melony sound more like something from a liberal organization.  What's up with all the name calling and sniveling and acting like the liberals do.  Let's get back to facts and logic without all the crybaby emotion.  What started out with true good intentions is going down the drain fast.  Let our goal be organization and integrity and be more like the NRA.

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Comment by Will on April 22, 2012 at 2:19pm

I'm glad to receive the emails from the directors because how else would I know what's going on in my country. I could never have learned this much. What I think is most important is educating and gathering our troops. Gaining in numbers. And so we need to spend less time bashing each other. And more time recruiting. So that when all this comes to a head we should have like as many members as possible. Members getting educated, so they can make an educated vote. When new people come here and see us bashing each other some of them leave and say bad things to the public. How does that help our cause?

Check out this video. Are these things true about Ron Paul. For once please don't say anything until you watch it. Its Ten reasons not to vote Ron Paul. But the mans funny. I had no Idea What a constitutionally minded man Paul was.

Comment by Michael Fernandez on April 21, 2012 at 10:44pm
I agree with you Sharon. I am bombarded with whine-ass emails everyday. Sometimes, I get around 20. I understand what dee is trying to do but I think there is a better way to go about doing it. Perhaps find a few key issues and focus on those. Follow the progressives model. Take a little bit back at a time. When people are constantly bombarded with this and that they shut off because they are over whelmed. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if being part of the tea party was even worth the title any more. The tea party was, in the past, a way for numbers of people who felt that our country was being stripped from us bit by bit to connect with each other and make it known how we feel. Unfortunately, politicians banded together called themselves tea party candidates and rode out the storm. Since 2010 midterm elections, nothing I've seen has even been noteworthy in the news. I'm telling you, it's become a saddened state of affairs. It's too organized. Too controlled. It had most of it's strength when it was complete anarchy. Which, by the way, is not a bad thing. Anarchy is nothing more than a group of ungoverned people, not unprincipaled or crazy. Politicians lost control and that scared them. It put the fear of god in to them. I would like to see the tea party return to that state. It was good. I'd like to see tea partiers protesting at the gas pumps. Imagine what we could change there.
Comment by Dennis Marler on April 21, 2012 at 9:19pm

Lets get back to what the Tea Party is all about, keeping America a free republic.if you start a land slide it is very hard to stop,so please engage brain befor opening mouth.

Comment by Leslie Rose on April 21, 2012 at 3:30pm

Sharon Peterson... be sure the read the "5000 Year Leap" before it is to late. You will be amazed at the research put into that book and... the facts about our real America... and what was supposed to be.  

We choose not to be "Politically Correct". Thank you Elaine to... for emphasizing how and what "Political Correctness" really is! 

Comment by Sharon A. Peterson on April 21, 2012 at 2:35pm

OK. You win enough of this political correctness.  Let's grab our weapons. Where do we meet. We'll get those guys. Really?  We'll see how that works.  Thank you Leslie Rose for your well researched input. I would be so misinformed without it.  Would you  prefer to stone me now or later?  

  In all seriousness,  God Bless you all.  Glad to see Americans waking up. Prayers are with you.  I'm out of here.

Comment by stephen L. buechler on April 21, 2012 at 2:26pm

Sharon, I'll give you some facts. 1.I just spent nearly $300 to repair my PC for damage that could only have been caused by hackers. It was done one day after I was visited by the Secret Service.2. The SS assured me that they never monitored the internet but they certainly had all the info. about my participation in conversations they deemed questionable. 3. they told me that my owning two weapons looked bad for me. 4. I have had Obama's Kenyan birth cert. for three years with all supporting documents. They knew that.they are checking my mental health records to see if they can confiscate my weapons and CWP. The only ones able to do what was done to my PC are most likely SS agents. I'm no crybaby just a PATRIOT screaming for Obama and Michmash to Disappear. IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT GO REGISTER AS A COMMUNIST LIBERAL. I AM A PAID IN FULL NRA MEMBER AND AM ARMED AT ALL TIMES.  STEPHEN

Comment by James Higginbotham on April 21, 2012 at 1:57pm

Howdy Elaine.

well Ma'am i have been accused of being TO PLAIN SPOKEN over the years but as a 15 year Marine before i was discharged i learned early on it's the BEST POLICY to just tell it LIKE IT IS and if another CAN'T handle the TRUTH THEN PISS ON THEM.


and it cracks me up with Sharon talking about being i  a BATTLE and maintaining their BEARING and not get off TRACK lol.

  when i was i  Battle the ONLY thing i had on my mind and that of my fellow MARINES was in KILLING the ENEMY before they KILLED US so there was just a LITTLE EMOTION involved there lol.

people who want to PREACH all this OH' CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG CRAP are CLUELESS TO REALITY id SUGGEST if she is SO OFFENDED by those of us who become VERY EMOTIONAL WITH THE EVIL SOB'S DESTROYING OUR REPUBLIC maybe she NEEDS to find a group that's MORE CALM  over all this DESTRUCTION.

she is one of those who THINK they can REASON WITH A BULLY OR TYRANT while their doing all they CAN TO KILL HER AND OTHERS lol.

there  is NOT   but ONE WAY to deal with a BULLY you KICK HIS ASS and with a TYRANT YOU KILL HIM at least that's the MARINE CORPS WAY, WORKS FOR ME and a lot of us feel before this year is out it's coming down to JUST THAT.

Semper Fi.


Comment by Leslie Rose on April 21, 2012 at 1:46pm

Go away Sharon Peterson... we have had enough of your types to last us lifetime!

Comment by Leslie Rose on April 21, 2012 at 1:44pm

Sharon Peterson!!! It is obvious what you are trying to do.... you are saying we are not being politically correct! Another so called Tea Party site makes you prove everything you state... and then the trolls jump in and rip up the truth or throw you out if you go against them. I got thrown off for asking members to research the UN Agenda 21. So you tell me... you want to push this site into that also? NO WAY GIRL!!! 

@Dee.... thank you so, so very much for all of your hard work... and INFORMATION!!

Comment by Sharon A. Peterson on April 21, 2012 at 1:36pm

National Director De,  In response to your list. Yes the Tea Party is growing and that is a good thing.  Time is short and we need to act fast but make good use of such strong numbers with strategic, thought out plans. Read some of Ann Coulters books.  Liberals game is name calling. Aren't we better than that? When one is in battle they must maintain bearing and not get off track with emotion even though that emotion is justifiable.  Don't let emotion get us off track from our goal.

  An example of your e-mail sent that is not fact.  You sent a video about protesters mocking the national anthem.  My thought.  Who are these protestors (Who is this particular group of enemies)? Would like to know.  When I watch it I see two drunks at some sort of small public gathering.  Isn't that magnifying a non threatening event?  Most likely those two woke up the next morning not remembering a thing.  It's like getting e-mail from the National Enquire and yes I do intend to block such future distractions.

  I will continue to support such organizations like the NRA that truly make positive impact on our nation.  WRAM as small as they may yet be is developing wonderful plans.  One of their members is developing the first Well Regulated American Militia under the Edwards County, Texas Sheffif Dept. in 98 years.  Now others are working on the same idea for their states and counties.  With information sent to me by you De and Melony it takes a lot of time to sort out the facts from your sniveling.  Have to at this point in time keep working and don't have a lot of spare time for nonsense.  So to answer your question that is where I have been.  At work most of the time.  My spare time has to be used wisely and is better spent with organizations like the NRA who have made positive impact on our nation and will continue to do so. Hillsdale College is offering free classes on the Constitution so citizens are able to have better understanding of how our government is intended to work. 

  If you believe knee jerk reactions are a strategy that will make strong positive change you may be disapointed.  Would have privately replied to your e-mails but you don't allow personal e-mail response according to my messages so here we are.   The last e-mail you sent questions my patriotism if I don't send money and agree with your opinion.   I consider myself a patriot because I love America and truly believe in our constitution.   



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