Obama's resounding victory in spite of incompetent four years, 8% unemployment rate and blatant cover-up  of the truth about Bengazi ... if this does not open our eyes to the shortcomings of Republican party, nothing ever will ! If we really care about the party and the country's direction we need to do serious introspection. 

First I need to point out, Republican party has sound fiscal principles that worked very well in making this nation the greatest ever on the planet. In order for implementing the core conservative principles the party needs people's mandate and trust. No good idea can ever be implemented if the leader alienates majority of its population.

Here are few glaring holes in the party's approach in recent times.

Christian Nation: I get a feeling the party is becoming a seriously narrow minded and intolerant group that refuses to see the new realities of a nation of changing demographics. We can not alienate Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Gays and religious minorities and expect them to vote for us just because we have right fiscal ideas. All these minorities put together are almost a majority in the nation. That has always been the reality of this nation of minorities. The only things that changes is the "color" and "culture" of the minorities and thereby changing the "color" and "culture" of the country. Whenever I suggest this people jump on to the argument saying "This is a Christian nation". Yes, it was founded by white christian men. But, we have given voting rights to blacks - By a republican leader! We have given voting rights to women. Changing agenda based on the new realities of the nation is hallmark of any respectable nation and its leaders.  Move past the idea of our founding fathers being white Christians. Or else you are defeating the dreams of the very founding fathers you are pretending to follow. 

Make very proactive effort to make minorities feel that the party truly understands their values and at least makes an effort to address their issues. For example, in spite of being a openly republican person, so many people ask me "If you don't like our values, why don't you get out of the country and go back you home country?" - It's both insulting and also closes the door for any meaningful discussion.  That question is stupid especially because, values of a specific religion do not represent values of the country.  


Illegals: Shouting slogans to kick every illegal immigrant out of country is not going solve the illegal immigration. Provide pragmatic solution to the problem and make genuine effort to involve the Hispanic community to provide solution to the issue.  I do not see any Republican leader providing any real solution to the issue or any attempt to involve Hispanics to find a solution. Form a non-governmental committee of Hispanic leaders to come with a solution within the Republican party. That way you are respecting the community and building leaders within their community that believe in Conservative principles.

Abortion:  The very assumption that every party member should be pro-life is just stupid. Why don't we just leave it to the individual opinions and respect it? Just like we respect religion. During primaries, if a candidate is not pro-life he has no chance of winning the nomination. It's almost like saying if you are not Christian, you can not lead the country! It is personal moral issue not a governing issue. In my opinion the party should totally drop that issue from the agenda. This is the right thing to do since the separation of religion and state if important for any "inclusiveness" effort by any leader.

Gays; This is another issue I strongly feel that it should not be part of a party agenda. It is OK to differ in opinions and still be in the same party. Again, let us stop trying to make the party a monolithic group that says yes or no to every issues in unison. If someone in the party is against Gays' rights it's OK, and vice versa. Similar to religion freedom this topic should not be deciding factor for anything within the party. Stop being nasty to Gays. That does not mean we approve everything. We can leave the decision to individual part members without penalizing them for being different. For example, I can openly say I am Jewish and get party's support but I can not openly say I am Gay and get party's approval. it is plain old fashioned. 

There can be many other issues like the ones I listed here. The basic thing is to stick to the core fiscal principles as party line and leave the rest to individual opinions. As a party if we can do this, millions of minorities would feel proud to be part of the conservative ideas. I know scores of people I talk to who agree with fiscal principles of Republican party but they feel they will be ridiculed and insulted if they are open about their opinions on other issues. 

We need to make this a simple contest between - "Tax to redistribute" agenda Vs "Feel proud to take Responsibility" agenda. Let the rest of the issues be personal as much as religion being one's own personal matter.  I thought Tea party movement is all about this. But it was again hijacked by religious right that looks everything in term of social issues! This madness cost us a few seats in the senate in this election!

It's time to break the Obama "minority" Coalition and build our own "fiscal" coalition just so we can implement fiscal discipline that s essential for the nation.  Please dump your social agenda to save the nation from the left!

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Comment by Barbara Tamargo on November 8, 2012 at 7:29am

This is a very well put topic, I do not approve of these things, but I do agree with what you have said here. We do not have the right to tell people how to live their lives or what choices they have to make. That is why we are a free nation. We need to let people make their own choices and not attack them for them. We need to just let people do their own thing and not judge them for it. The bible says love thy neighbor, he did not say because of their religion, color, sex choice or nationality. Its time we make a big change in the way we think and move forward. GOP is the government of the people....all people!!

Comment by Dan Galvin on November 8, 2012 at 7:08am

We have freedom of religion and we should have freedom from religion. Abortion and homo-sexuality should not be the question in any election. If your religion leads you one way then follow it . If someone else's religion says it's ok then so be it for them. Do you want Muslims telling you what you should believe ? God will handle it all in the next life if there is a next life so let's get it out of our politics.

Comment by Leon Powell on November 8, 2012 at 7:05am

Why not do like the democrats they are all things to all people, that is what everyone wants. Were just like you. We'll give you everything your heart desires, now that's a winning ticket, but that won't last and everyone knows it. If you give up principals just for votes, I want no part of that. You can go ahead and try to repair the gop but it won't work. A third party is what it will take. When you have to vote three times whether to keep God on your platform, what does that tell you? I really think there is members of both parties that want something different. You can't be all things to all people so get that out of your head. If you like what's going on then sit back and watch if you want something different get to work and change things. 

Comment by van nolan price on November 8, 2012 at 6:52am

Let me say first that your "simple contest " narative is correct. But you are wrong about the "religious right". We believe sin seperates us from God and intolerance is sin. We are here to win the sinner. You and others use the word "religious" to loosely lumping Christians in with bassers. And you are not helping to define the truth. I can not tell you to shut up as dennison did, but it would be nice and helpful.

Comment by robert g warner jr on November 8, 2012 at 6:38am

Bottom line who every gives more stuff AWAY  wins. media doesnt care about fast and furious  Bengasie

you just cant fix stupid ....and you must lie lie lie. In line to vote talking about everything then who to vote for she said romney was going to start slavery again. SHE WAS DEAD SERIOUS....

Comment by Cherokee on November 8, 2012 at 6:28am


Sorry Von, but I disagree with you.

Hard working Americans, as we are, want the illegals to become legal.  I have no desire for them to be "kicked" out of our country if they are willing to follow man's law as I do.

Hard working Americans, as we are, know that the strength of this nation comes from a strong, intact family.   A family with a man who feels his responsibility to take care of his own family by working hard.   He's not a man who looks for a woman to live off of because she receives government money on her fatherless children.

Giving in to immorality and illegality is not worth the win of a political party . . . . Sorry Von . . . but dumping morality issues is not a way to a stronger nation. . . .  .

Hard working Christian Americans, as we are, follow the law of man AND the law of God. . . .

The main reason, we as hard working Americans, follow the law of man is because we are first followers of God's law.   

Publicly "Dumping"  God's Law for the vision of building a stronger nation or uniting this country is not the answer. 

You are asking us, as individuals with a moral conscience, to vote for someone who is more concerned about policy that he/she is about the person.

If a president or any office holder is not concerned about people, he/she will go to extremes to rid a nation of its people in the name of, let's use one example and let's say . . . "population control" . . . .

Come on Von!  Please hear my heart . . .   Social issues are why we are different than animals . . . .

Comment by Matt Medlin on November 8, 2012 at 6:27am

that is taking it a little too far. If you are gay that is between you and God. If you want to pay for an abortion that is between you and God. Our government shouldnt pay for or make either one a legal issue.

The abortion issue could have very well swung the election the other way. Big mouth from mizou and Gingrich speaking up for him the week before the election was not good.

Abortion is murder, however if a woman wants to pay for this and can live with it that is between her and god. if gop had let that one go we wouldnt be wooried about becoming commies today.

Gays doing their thing behind closed doors is also between them and God. making it legal to marry same sex and openly recognizing them in our military would be on all of our heads.

if you make abortion illegal half of the babies will be adopted by gays anyway.

there are some issues that need to be droped.

Comment by Dan Galvin on November 8, 2012 at 6:20am

 We need true fiscal Conservatives and no more bashing abortion and gays .

Comment by dennison hunt on November 8, 2012 at 6:12am

shut up




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“Daytona International Speedway has been privileged to have hosted several sitting presidents of the United States over our history,” Wile said. “We’re honored that the president of the United States has chosen to experience the pageantry and excitement of ‘The Great American Race.’”

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